How to Make a Difference in Politics

How to Make a Difference in Politics

many people support big Lobby organizations to fight for their constitutional freedoms many of these groups are unprincipled and corrupt but people support them anyway because they think it's the best option they think that all of these fights are expensive are tough and are only for the experts but a t-rex arms we believe that all it takes to influence politics are small motivated groups of individuals and that every citizen has a responsibility to be involved so earlier this year we tried an experiment in our home state of Tennessee and on July 8th 2019 the governor signed our bill into law eliminating a 82 year old unconstitutional tax on ammunition in this video we'll explain how he went from casual conversations about politics to getting a tax cut signed into law our story basically starts when a bunch of guys and girls from tier X got together and started discussing what we wanted to do in Tennessee politics basically in order to accomplish anything you're going to need some people that are willing to commit time energy and money to making a political objective a reality the second thing you need is a political objective now one problem that we see a lot of people run into is they start talking about legal reform and they say I want to make this law or that law or do this or that and they really are ignorant of the legal framework of the state in which they live this is to the Tennessee Code Annotated this is effectively the law of the state of Tennessee originally we had several different laws that we were looking at changing or or making but we ended up settling on title 70 chapter 3 Tennessee's ammunition tax there are a couple reasons for this some of the ideas that we had for laws we just never were able to to hammer out the language well enough to actually make it something that could be passed whereas this one had clear constitutional problems taxing a right it also had clear unfairness as in it where everyone was being taxed for ammunition that was bought but the money was only being used to support basically hunting programs all we were seeking to do was delete this chunk of the Tennessee code Tennessee representative clay Doggett was willing to help push this bill and became its chief sponsor they were taxing our right but yet calling it a privilege and so if I could do anything to change that I would and I was very thankful we were able to get this through the tax was basically a stamp that was applied to every box of ammunition that was put up for sale in the state of Tennessee this generated about four hundred and fifty thousand dollars last year for the TWRA but that was not pure profit the TWRA had administrative costs they had to print the stamps ship the stamps they had to put agents and stores regularly to do audits to make sure that they were actually stamps on boxes of ammo they had to train those agents so they were cost that that came off of that 450 we also discovered that retailers were spending something around two hundred thousand dollars a year mostly on employees to just physically take the stamps and put them on individual boxes of ammo as they were put up for sale we took all these points that we had on the costs of this the revenue that it brought in the states costs costs to retailers because that's all ultimately cost to Tennesseans and we put it on our list of talking points basically our arguments for why the bill should be passed so the way this works generally is a special interest group comes up with an idea for a bill that has something to do with money they go to a lobbying firm pay them a lot of money and then lobbyists go to politicians and the lobbyists are mercenaries that are only interested in the money and most politicians are also only interested in money so that's the poll David Tucker was one of our very first employees this year we registered him as a lobbyist and we sent him to Nashville to work on repealing the ammo tax at the beginning of the year I anticipated it would cost us about fifteen thousand dollars to work in politics for the year it ended up coming in just below eleven for us the main costs were in personnel it was about seventy five hundred dollars to hire me for three and a half months of full-time work fifteen hundred dollars to hire a part-time researcher and about twelve hundred dollars in other expenses if you can find a politician who is a real Statesman who was interested in helping his constituents and upholding the Constitution that guy actually is gonna want to work with constituents that are interested in the same things and they're very excited when they meet someone who is genuine about these goals but to me what was most exciting it was it was eliminating attacks on Tennesseans that have a constitutional right to have their their arms to have their guns I thought it was a great idea most of the legislation in state houses come from think tanks because Representatives simply don't have time to research out the issues most people's suggestions to their representatives are basically I have this problem you need to make a law so when you come you need to have better solutions to bring to the table most lobbyists they get you for five minutes ten minutes tops they just want to bend your ear tell you about this for that and then go on to the next member David was very you know if I needed something research whatever you know give me some numbers on this he he would do it once you have a sponsor they'll need to get the bill drafted and conformity with state laws and then you'll often want to get outside legal counsel to look over that bill before it goes into law you need to make sure that it says exactly what you want it to say when you go through because it's real easy to get it turned back to you from the attorneys and you say well it's close enough close enough is that only counts in horseshoes and hand-grenades and then when it comes to legislation they could be something that could turn into a constitutional challenge or completely destroying your idea and it never passing out of a committee so I think the language is extremely important in most states Bill's gonna have to make it through four branches of government to be able to pass the House of Representatives the Senate the governor and the bureaucrats and unfortunately any of those groups is special the bureaucrats are gonna be able to stop your bill when you watch stuff on TV on the news and you hear about the bureaucrats and the swamp and at the state level it's I think it's the same if not even worse people that work here in state agencies that they were here before we came and they'll be here after we're gone and they know that when it comes time to talk about taking money away from an agency they'll come out the woodwork to pay your visit in order to help your legislation gain momentum you'll need to get other legislators to co-sponsor with your initial sponsor and you can also have people call in and go around and just try to convince the other legislators that this bill is a good idea the next thing you'll have to do is work your bill through the committee process our bill being simple didn't have a lot of switching or backstabbing but normally you'd have to meticulously watch your bill and count votes as it goes through that process politics doesn't really have to be cutthroat even though issues are important in people's lives hang in the balance it doesn't have to be fights to get media attention for example even though we had t-rex arms have disagreed with the NRA in the past on how things are run at the national level they're Nashville lobbyists was a tremendous help to us and it was great to work with her you might be thinking why all the bother over a small tax ten cents a box four hundred thousand dollars a year it's just it's a drop in the bucket compared to everything else but for us it was a training operation we wanted to see if it was possible for political amateurs to get in there and actually make a change we discovered it was and second and this is the more important part for us this was about principle if it's lawful and right for the state of Tennessee to put a ten cent tax on ammunition they could just as easily put a ten thousand percent tax on ammunition effectively banning it by just taxing it out of existence so Americans tend to be very focused on politics at the national level and there's reasons for that we have a presidential election coming up which is looking pretty crazy a lot of our freedoms are being lost at the federal level and the federal government is bigger than it should be but that's no excuse for neglecting local politics for several reasons number one battles that are won and lost at the local level is those are all ammunition ironically enough for the fights that are happening in Washington but also because the national players tend to come from local legislatures and so this is our opportunity to make allies but also present fights to these local reps fights that force them to take hard stand so that the voters can see where they stand on issues and make sure that they're actually doing the right things our experiment worked we forayed into politics we had a small victory and we learned a lot of good lessons so why does this ammo tax repeal matter because it proves that you can do something there's nothing we had that you don't have or can't get eleven thousand dollars is less than eight NR a lifetime memberships with patient effort and teamwork you can accomplish something and just like we believe that all citizens have a responsibility to protect themselves and others we also believe they have a responsibility to protect the Constitution so I pulled the good laws and also abolished the bad ones but don't think this work is gonna just happen on its own you have a responsibility to get involved and one of the biggest problems we have in our society today is all people do is complain vote and complain so be sure you communicate with your reps make sure that the people fighting against our freedoms know that you are watching but also so that our friends who are fighting for the right laws know that they have allies politics is volatile and things change very quickly but there's a lot of opportunities if you're ready for them and if you want good changes made in state government you're probably going to have to do it yourself we'll continue to monitor politics and get involved where we can dedicating time and effort to make America a better safer place and we trust you all will do the same you

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  1. This is why T.rex Arms is my favorite company and i will forever support them and use their gear. They are for the people not themselves. Keep up the great work guys!

  2. ….. WOW im an Australian and i loved this Video …. i Love all your Videos . Handgun Videos has helped me understand and improve . i was number 1 in IPSC at my Club last year . i put it to watching and Learning Speed Control Thanks ..

  3. Only allow those with a vested interest in the United States to vote again. This would solve many problems within one election cycle and improve our soft society.

  4. I'm 16. There's not much I can do to help besides, well, tell other people to help.
    So… You guys… H e l p

  5. As much as this process seems tedious and infuriating I’m gonna have to get a couple of my friends together and head down and see what we can change in my home state of Arizona.

  6. I doubt the efficacy of this in legislatures where we are outright hated, but shit, where it works, it works. Good work.

    Out where I am though it’ll just get my name on a list for the door kickers…

  7. Awesome stuff — great work guys/gals at TREX — excellent production value, first class — keep it up, definitely inspires. #2A

  8. Shut up. Just SHUT UP. You had me at "statesman". No doubt, statesmanship is what's missing from those politicians who are hogging all the media attention these days. What about the men and women who are doing the work of government of, by, and for the people? Here's a good example… good work guys. BTW, every time I watch a T.REX vid lately, a new Botkin emerges. How many are you!!! Plus, I gotta go find some other political vids I missed.

  9. As they mentioned, most bills die in committee. This can be a good thing if you are in an anti-gun state where they are constantly pushing gun control bills. Please show up to Judiciary Committee Meetings and testify orally or in writing against or for bills. "Nip them in the bud" never rely on your representative to "vote your way" because people who are for garbage laws also live in your district most likely and the rep may choose to appease them.

  10. So you guys abolished a 10c per box tax on ammo – where the money was earmarked for conservation and game protection? Good job, assholes – a fellow Tennessean.

  11. Man this was amazing! Massive kudos to you guys and it was really cool to see the "behind the scenes" of getting a bill passed. I gotta ask though, Lucas are you wearing jeans with that suit jacket??

  12. Florida has a Republican Governor, two Republican Senators and still nothing gets done, not one pro-2A bill is introduced. These guys are right, if people want change, they need to take action.

  13. Great job. Again. Thank you. Seriously. Thank you so much for standing while most sit. And complain and sit some more. We the people hold the power. Period. We the people

  14. This is the greatest mother f-ing company in our country. Your principles are far outside anyone I’ve ever seen. Free education. High quality equipment. Knowledge and research driven. Now motivation for others to fight for their states and union. Incredible, Team TRex!

  15. Great work 👍
    Wish we could pass constitutional carry. One shouldn’t have to think about passing through a non-free-state on a road trip and weighing security vs legal hassles.

  16. Really impressed and inspired by this. I hope we can tackle similar legislation at the federal level soon.

  17. Another reason why I will continue to support your business. Your company has come a long way and it shows. Great Work!!!

  18. Can we also get a step by step guide to shooting a handgun for very first time shooters? I have recently purchased my very first handgun a Glock 19 gen 4 and I love it…. but I am very confused where to start. I’ve read about trigger control and grip and dry fire practice. I’m sure you can imagine I only get out on the range once every two weeks. I’m just lost. Where to begin learning to control the weapon like you and shoot consistently like you. I’m a lefty so most of the time my shots are down to the left because I’m “jerking” the trigger but I also see that I’m flinching when I shoot. It may sound like I know everything I am doing wrong but I still could really use a step by step guide. Like “if I had to start over and relearn how to shoot again I would first practice blank…. after that was pretty well mastered I would then move onto blank” that would be so helpful and useful for a lot of people. I find myself going to the range and trying to shoot like you and I’m nowhere near as accurate or fast and I understand that takes time. Anyways I really love all your videos and find them extremely informative. Keep it up!!!

  19. Great Work!… One more reason to buy and use your products! Wow… I am beside myself, the caliber of citizen you guys are is awesome and inspirational!

  20. Awesome work guys, keep it up!
    However, I got to ask, where are they going to make up the tax revenue? The gov never "gives back" without taking the same or more elsewhere.

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