50 thoughts on “How to Make $100,000 as a Financial Advisor (#likeaboss 😎)

  1. Great video!! I appreciate this video so much. I’m official starting as a Financial Advisor in 2weeks💕

  2. These 'advisors' will take about 30+% of your funds while it is growing or dying when it is SUPPOSED to be making money.

  3. Thanks for sharing your story. Its May 7th, 2019. Your story is inspiring thanks for sharing. I am the first to graduate from a low income family. I have an interview in about an hour for ML. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Man, I just Started watching this Video, but it is really inspiring. I've got an M.B.A. with Highest honors, 25 years of experience in Stocks, Bonds, Options (including uncovered Puts & Calls!), I'm credentialed as a Master Trainer Specialist, and I am also fully-registered on State and Fed. level. I am eager to start my own R.I.A. in the near future. Trying to learn how to get Started.

  5. Quick question for you I am extremely interested in entering the wealth management/advisory space but I do not have a finance degree I do however have a degree in biomedical engineer How would you suggest I go about entering this profession I was thinking of getting my series licenses and just approaching a firm with that as my anchor

  6. Обучаю бесплатно, как можно получать каждый день до 55 дол. на свою карту. Посмотрите вuдео на моём канале

  7. Why did you start your first firm? How do you do that? Is it licensing? Is that when you started making 6 figures+ or were you able to do that before?

  8. @wealth hacker I am a financial consultant and I haven't been able to make appointments due to a overwhelming phone anxiety. I'm worried about what I will say, what the client across the phone will say or ask and what if I stammer and say something which is incorrect. I picture a thousand negative outcomes and eventually hesitate to even make that call. I end up leaving a text which does not do justice to what I wanted to say or speak about.

    Every day is like that and now its been 4 months. My peers are performing well and I am here on You Tube, watching empowering videos to help myself. What must I change? How can I overcome this phobia and make these calls and fix these appointments?

  9. I start my new job as a financial advisor in two weeks and this video really helped me not knowing anything about the business.

  10. Your video came across my feed. I'm in the midst of a career change and the information you shared is right on time! I appreciate your candor and transparency.

  11. I wouldn’t call what you describe as a financial advisor. You sell products for commission. That’s a broker.

  12. Great message, Jeff! We're launching a Wealth Advisor Residency Program at the Bauer College of Business at University of Houston. I'd like to use this video as part of our training. Your journey was a lot like my experience at Morgan Stanley. Thanks for the great video!

  13. What do you think about econ majors ? Can they get hired as financial advisors as easily as finance majors ?

  14. Hey Jeff, excellent video, so I'm a 35 year old man, who is just about to graduate with my finance degree and find it hard to get interviews because I don't really have the work experience as I collect SSD and my only job is driving for Uber, do you have any recommendations that will get me through the empty work history on my resume. I feel I'd make a great fit because I'm hungrier than most 21 year olds, but just not having that break yet? I've filled out over 200 resumes and only landed a couple interviews.Any thoughts?Thanks.

  15. Having trained many new + older Financial Planners on college debt. I think TRUST is your biggest hurdle. When you master college debt you lessen multiple meetings and gain the trust to get assets coming toward you not away from you! More client struggle with College Debt than you think and we have mastered that topic a www.PivotalCollegeYears.com

  16. Jeff this helps me a lot because I'm only a freshman in high school and my dream is to become a financial advisor and I'm just trying my best chase that dream everyday.

  17. Great advice Jeff! I have a similar starting point to you. I am starting out of college with some experience and I am doing my best to leverage my skills and knowledge to bring value to my clients.

  18. I just got hired as a financial advisor.. turning 18 in a few days youngest in my team😳 I’m excited

  19. I’m considering getting my CFP and being an independent contractor for a firm. I know many people that make good money that aren’t investing well or at all. I wasn’t a finance major but I have been studying investing, managing my own assets and learning a lot over the years. I feel I would love to do this job PT. What company would be best work for as an independent contractor and what licenses are needed?

  20. Some firms don't give you any extra commissions or fees until the firm has recovered what they've already paid you. Some call it a "draw." And they usually don't let you go in the hole for more than a few months. In other words, if they pay you $1,500 in month one, you "owe" them $1,500 and won't receive any extra money until you've paid them that $1,500.

  21. Thank you so much for this. I am so glad I stubbled upon your channel! I am in the process of a career transition to a well known firm and I was a little apprehensive at first as I have always wanted to pursue my passion in educating myself in wealth management as well as advising others. Its just one of those scenarios where you've been in a career for 8+ years doing well but don't feel content nor feel this is the path God set out for you and you're not living with purpose and then you turn 30 and yell "PLOT TWIST". haha! I truly appreciate the time you took to share some background about your experience starting out. Any advice/effective study tools used to ace the series 7 and series 66 on the first try? Thank you for your transparency and feel free to check out my channel #beautyrunswild. I can't wait to watch all of your videos 🙂 Thank you!

  22. So it sounds to me as if you have to start with one of the big companies for experience etc and not make any money. Knowing what you know now, would you have stayed away from the big guys or is that the only way?

  23. Yes! Once again I love your videos! Jeff you break it down so almost anyone can understand “act as if.” Love that movie….. hoooahhhh!

  24. Hi Jeff, thank you for the video, great insight. I'm starting as a financial advisor, just passed my series 65, and will start working with a small RIA that's not in my home state, so I'm looking to establish an office to meet with clients. I've met with estate planning attorneys and CPAs to partner up with but haven't found one that would allow me to share an office / expenses, so I'm leaning towards getting a Regus co-working space that will allow me to meet with clients in a conference room, not sure if you had any insight on office spaces for independent advisors starting out. thanks.

  25. hi Jeff… awesome tips. Im also a financial advisor in the making Ill be taking my licensure exams soon. I hope I could open up to you and get some tips maybe we could exchange emails, Id like to hear from your insights and further knowledge with regard to this new journey of mine 😀

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