HOW TO GET MASSIVE CAPITAL FOR 2019 (reinventing banking)

HOW TO GET MASSIVE CAPITAL FOR 2019 (reinventing banking)

hey everybody Matthew pull more here again welcome back to the VIP financial aid Channel if it's your first time here consider subscribing we talk about a lot of very very cool things I mean if you're nervous about what the economy has in store like many people are I'm anxious excited for it because there's going to be a tremendous amount of opportunity when that happens if you are more comfortable with a lot of peace of mind and stability if you like control over your money if you're tired of overspending on banking like payments to your mortgage for example if you haven't taken one of your mortgage slips out recently and looked at the ratio between what you spend an interest to principal each month it might be a good time to do that start reflecting on where you can start to plug leaks inside your overall strategy and if you become more proactive with your banking I assure you very very cool things can happen to you as well so on this channel we focus on credit where we start looking and sounding the way the bank's want us to and that isn't always going to match up with logic believe me these are very highly analyzed decisions and that go into banking rules it's much like a casino and very psychologically these banks are strategizing to extract your money from you so we are here to do everything we can to counteract that and today I'm going to share with you a way that you can get access to a ton of extra money I've shown previous examples of this and I think the more I can continue to demonstrate how much opportunity you have when you are liquid when you get debt weapons and you begin to stack them up now if debt weapons is a new term to you that's something that we teach about on this channel and essentially these are tools that come in hundreds of different types of shapes and sizes perhaps even thousands because they change regularly and for the most part the most popular debt weapons that I personally have relied on over the last say decade and a half while investing in real estate investing in businesses and just simply maximizing my personal financial position they've changed all the time and most of them have come through the banking institutions now private money lenders can also provide access to various types of debt weapon and again they come in all shapes and sizes it's almost like saying tools tools to a carpenter can mean a lot of different things so keep in mind that these have to be narrowed down to the one that serves your purpose the best a tractor doesn't necessarily serve you on a day-to-day basis unless you're a farmer and so not all of us have the same need for all the same tools in fact every single one of our roadmaps ultimately ends up being different and the same is true financially so I'm gonna share with you here on the screen a debt weapon that I've had available now for some time and I've used it recently and we've generated a significant amount of additional income as a result of investing with the money we have available and imagine what you could do with that in fact I actually just got a voicemail from my friend JP who has a very interesting business model set up where I'll probably end up putting money in and and imagine if you had done that same thing with Bitcoin now I'm not here to try and encourage you to invest or not invest in crypto currencies or anything for that matter I don't consider myself an investment advisor this is not to be confused as investment advice what I'm here to try and convey is that you have substantially more opportunity in front of you when you have access to money compared to if you didn't you have twice as much opportunity arguably when you have access to twice as much money than if you didn't so it's impossible to disagree with the concept that more money equals more opportunity and I'm a big believer in leverage maybe you are maybe you're not certainly I always get backlash on videos like these had a really nice feller post a comment not long ago calling me some various profanities and I think idiot was involved in that accusing me of being mentally disabled because I am a subscriber that you can get significantly further significantly more quickly for significantly less money by relying on other people's money than not that was a concept that was taught to me at a very young age by people like Robert Kiyosaki we talk often him on this channel and so if you don't believe in leverage that's totally ok but that's what these debt weapons are for so let's go ahead and take a look at how we can use this to leverage and first and foremost the question is let's have an experiment I would like to actually go to a bank there's a branch directly below me on the main level of the building I'm in right now I'm gonna actually use a debt weapon that was provided to me by that bank and the first thing I'm going to do is to transfer the availability of that into my checking account which remains mostly unused in fact this debt weapon we've used from time to time and you can see some of that activity here okay this activity will clearly kind of share with you the the recent use we just used a small amount of it made a small investment it exponentially returned we rapidly pay it off and you can see the minimal amounts of interest that were paid over the last handful of months right so we've got about $6.95 in total interest costs over the time that we used this account now one fact that I think is important to remind you about that you may have seen me teaching on some of the other videos on this channel paying higher interest rates over a very short period of time will result in potentially substantially less total interest costs than paying very low interest rates over a very long period of time say like a mortgage so keep in mind that interest costs are what matter most it is not the actual interest rate that you should be paying closest attention to so while you attack and eliminate your balances very quickly as long as we compress that time table for which we repay our balances through debt weapon utilization the amounts of interest cost that we pay to get access to that money in the first place becomes very very minimal so let's go ahead and take a look and see whether or not we can do this you can see as I scroll up on the screen here that the account is current no payment is due the existing balance on this is zero we've got eighteen thousand six hundred dollars available at this particular moment in time and the easiest thing to do here is to go ahead and transfer using the functions on their website now I'm used to doing this through a mobile device one thing that I've become very appreciative and grateful about is the technology advancements that have happened since we were first taught about this stuff way back in the mid-2000s we didn't have access to all the apps that we do now so if this process was a little more time intensive and today we can do this very very quickly so I'm gonna go ahead and transfer to checking there's a small current balance in the checking account and with the eighteen thousand $600 available credit I'm gonna go ahead and do a an $18,000 total and then I'm gonna go downstairs and see if we can get access to this money right away I'm not going to put any memos here for the time being I'm gonna go ahead and just continue and it looks like I need to just submit and it has now given me a confirmation transaction has been made and it shows me that I have an available credit now of $600 on the debt weapon and the balance in the checking account is now eighteen thousand three hundred and eighty seven dollars now again imagine if I was able to take $18,000 and go out and buy a property with it as a down payment imagine if I was able to take $18,000 and go and invest it imagine if I had invested $18,000 into Bitcoin back in 2010 or 11 it would be a very different scenario today let me assure you imagine if I could take $18,000 and go out and pay off really high interest credit cards imagine if I could take $18,000 and apply it towards a mortgage do you realize that applying $18,000 to even historic low interest rates meaning you have say a three for four and a half percent interest rate on a 30-year fixed mortgage and you apply an $18,000 lump sum amount to that mortgage you get in most cases either dollar-for-dollar all the way up to five times the face value of that specific lump sum payment in future interest costs eliminated okay so you will eliminate as much as two to five times the face value of that lump sum amount in future interest costs on that mortgage that is remarkable and you can see that in some of our other videos make sure you go out and check those out but in order to keep this video short I'm gonna go ahead and we're gonna take off and go down to the bank and see if we can't just get access to this money now so let's go for a quick walk all right so we're gonna go ahead and walk down and see if these guys can't help all right guys so I'm sitting outside the bank downstairs and I'm gonna hop in there we just want to do this experiment I've never gone in and tried to get almost a hundred percent of the debt weapon availability in in just one withdrawal moments after making the transfer from one account to the next so I'd be very interested to see if this Bank is willing to do that so let's go ahead and pop in there and see what they're willing to do I'm gonna try and keep the camera down since I know they don't want me filming while I'm in here yeah yeah cash is fine – what does this say under here interesting what's your favorite word in Farsi thank you what'd you get I like that place the other way yeah no that's right there's nowhere to park hey thanks for your service by the way yeah appreciate that we're we're really I mean I think they were coming in with seven and one though Tilly so we didn't have much hit stand a chance thanks for all your help all right let's you see you ladies back simple Thanks appreciate all your help alright guys so in under 18 minutes 18 grand 18 minutes 18 grand money that wasn't mine that I can go out and invest with and make substantially more money again it can be used for absolutely anything it's my cash so that just goes to show you how powerful a debt weapon can be for you if this is your first time on the channel like I said we'd love it if you considered subscribing make sure you hit that like button if you want to see more videos about how we go out and get cash but just so you can see what they gave me here I'm gonna try and do this without getting mugged this is the beauty of living in Denver you couldn't do this in too many places but these are all 100 dollar bills let's uh let's do something together guys if you haven't yet gotten on the calendar for your one-on-one consultation you can do that by using the link in the description below that consultation is anywhere between thirty to sixty minutes long and basically we just take you through a process of what would it look like for you if you started to manage your credit and your capital and your cash flow differently how quickly could you pay off all your debt not just your non mortgage debts but pay off all of your mortgages as well how much more quickly could you do things like invest in real estate if you had access to lots and lots of money so guys thank you for checking out this video hit that like button if you want us to do more videos regarding debt weapons and how they're used and make sure you subscribe we'll see on the next video until then make it a great day and take care

38 thoughts on “HOW TO GET MASSIVE CAPITAL FOR 2019 (reinventing banking)

  1. Really cool stuff Matt. I can't wait to start being able to use these techniques. I'll send you an update email to let you know what's been going on since the last time we spoke. I also scheduled a coaching session for this week. 😀

  2. 1st timer here. I wish you would’ve explained how to get the debt weapon. All we saw was a balance transfer😣

  3. Hey man I better put this money back into savings for the wife get home or else I'll be sleeping on the couch/ back porch😆

  4. New sub here. Trying to absorb as much of these videos as possible. I'm a 56 yr old who went through health issues over the last 2 years which left me unemployed and without a car, plus a divorce. Now I'm healthy, employed, but still no car or money as most of my income goes to child support and alimony. Looking for vehicles where I can develop passive income, with $0 out of pocket. Did I mention I have a 545 FICO?

  5. you don't mention what debt tool you used and what the cost to borrow that money was nor what IRR you received for the investment?

  6. Absolute waste of time. Transferred credit line to checking-what a genius, not. Still have to pay off the 18k loan. At what percent? What investment is going to cover the interest and have extra left over. It's possible, but very risky. He is not showing everything involved with this type of plan. The details are of extreme importance. For 95% of people this is a ticket to bankruptcy.

  7. This is a very very risky decision. So you max out your credit card and cash advance it. And then invest it in somthing to hope you make a bigger return than your 24% interest rate on your card?

    You better hope your good at guessing the market

  8. I have one question about my mortgage. I had a fixed mortgage the amortization was sitting at 25 years. My payments have always been and weekly and advanced, which had dropped it from25 to 16years and 3 months.
    My question, Would it be better if I paid a monthly mortgage payment and the remainder as extra cash flow each month towards like you have talked about putting a lump sum like 20,000 towards to the mortgage like that and pay it off. or does all my weekly and advanced increases workout with roughly the same goal. thanks

  9. Help please….

    I have now acquired a few debt weapons (cc and plc) but how does do I use them freely as if they were my checking acct? For the plc, if i want to use it after directing my entire deposit check into that acct, I will need to transfer the money back into the checking for personal use… seems like a hassle but is this how that works with the plc?

    As for the cc, now if i applied my check into that dw, how do i use the cc to pay bills such as auto, mtg, insurance and so forth? I can not seem to figure that part out.

  10. Hey VIP I have a question, you said that your checkings account goes mainly unused, what do we do In a situation where a bank needs bank statements? Thank you!

  11. I m trying to get my first home but I've already paid off my debt thinking it would boost my credit score but instead it now shows that I have a n/a score meaning I have 0 on my credit report ,it suggests that I get a credit card which I don't really need I've always used prepaid cards to pay everything and so what do I do

  12. Interesting.
    Pre gained credit allowed successful transfer transaction from one of your cards to the next account.
    Now why not tell people the most important part of why this helps with building not just a cash flow but also credit…
    Money going in any personal accounts is great. It's when money goes out of your accounts like a smoke screen and then later appears in forms of investments, more importantly money coming into your accounts after transactions or payments back. Jump boosting your scores.

  13. Pretty sketchy at the bank though… overly kind, is over compensating. I would’ve thought you were scamming an account

  14. I wonder if that was a HELOC or a Personal Line of credit. Either way, I know it's possible because I have done it too. Looking forward to learning more.

  15. I just started watching your videos and they are extremely helpful. Especially this one in regards to utilizing other debt weapons for cash.

  16. I don't think you mentioned the particular cost of that money, would have made the vid more meaningful. thanks

  17. What are some good investments to make when you use borrowed money like this, that needs to be repaid back very quickly?

  18. So do you have to pay back the 18,000.00? If you take out 18,000 in credit are you not in debt 18000.00 now? I'm very confused. I live in Colorado and I just bought a house last year. I have barely any debt, no car payments and make 45K-60K a year. I want to introduce this plan into my mortgage payment so I can reduce how much interest I am paying on it but I need help. I know you offer a free consultation on line, but is there anyway to sit down with someone one on one?

  19. Sure looks like the secret is to just take a cash advance transfer from an existing line of credit. Better already have some multiplying plans in mind.

  20. Mathew I would really like to ask you some questions about what you would like a one on one conversation if possible through phone I'm in a really really financial situation and need help I'm a husband and father of 3 boys need to get out this gutter plz help

  21. I want to consolidate or get a loan for my credit cards. I get turned down because of my score and a couple missed payments. Can u help

  22. Ive been trying to get a great credit score for two years. The more I try, nothing changes, but I have more money today than I ever had. Not going into debt ever is a punishment from credit score companies. I tell the youth of today to leave the system, it's doesn't have your interest at heart. It's self defeating. Break the banks. Revolt against the banks.

  23. Money money money is that all you people ever think about you make me sick with your money there's more to this being alive and stinking money we kill each other for you think it's okay to have it blood money all of it you can have it you can have mine you can have all the gold and silver to I want none of your crap go away go to another world and have this s*** go away

  24. Okay but that’s pulling off a credit line or card. The question is how to get access to that to begin with.

  25. Matthew – you focus on the primary residence first since it’s a non performing asset? Rentals we use as much leverage as possible to grow

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