How To Get A Job In Development Aid | NGO Career Advice

How To Get A Job In Development Aid | NGO Career Advice

20 thoughts on “How To Get A Job In Development Aid | NGO Career Advice

  1. Hope this video helped you! If you want to know how I got into humanitarian aid click here:

  2. hello im from india and i have complete master of social work degree, i want to job in social work out of india can u help me

  3. Hi, @Danica Christin!!!
    Thank you so much for your positive and inspirational video!
    I have a question and if you have some time, would you please give me some advice?
    I graduated with BA in International relations, spent one year in Lebanon volunteering as an elementary teacher for syrian refugees at school. Spent another year in Jordan, improving my Arabic, and then went back to Lebanon, to the same school for another year. I definitely see myself in humanitarian work, that's what i enjoy the most, but i can't really decide what to study for my masters, i was thinking to do masters in internatinal development, but i feel i'm missing out the "hard skill," that you mentioned, what do you think, is it better to go for masters in marketing or management instead? would it be more useful at the field?

    P.S. sorry if there are some mistakes, English isn't my native language. Thank you for your responce in advance!

  4. Hey Danica, I found this video very interesting and have been thinking about working in this field. I will be applying to universities in the near future, and I was wondering if a degree in psychology would be a good idea. Would it help me get into humanitarian work?

  5. Would research and writing be considered hard skills? I’m graduating with my BA in Child Development and while I have some valuable social service experience in the area of trauma, I’m looking to gain some hard skills. I’m considering going to law school as well. Any advice?Thanks for your video!

  6. Hi thanks for your helping. I graduated my bachelor degree BA department of Management how to get a job in humanitarian NGOs thanks Madam

  7. Thank you for the advice and this useful video. Im older, a veteran of Iraq and Afghanistan and found I was really attracted to the development and aid side of things during my time serving. After leaving the military I went to China to teach English and learn chinese, really hoping to return to development with an NGO in the near future.

  8. Thank you for the video, im from Zimbabwe and have a degree in development studies, any advice on which international organisations can employ me

  9. I have done masters degree in social work (MSW) and have some experience in an NGO please suggest me how to job in international humanitarian organizations , please reply

  10. Thank you. I would like to ask you if you know any educational programs in the field of humanity and disasters, and give certificates, and free, I live in Syria, a disaster area, I work hard to become active in the humanitarian field

  11. Hi!Just wondering if having a military background be a plus to going into this line of work?Thanks!

  12. I am going to be 21 yrs old in one month. I will graduate in 2020 with a B.A. in international studies here in the US. I want a career very similar to you. In 2019 summer, I will go to Dhaka and volunteer in aid and humanitarian works (June and July). You’ve mentioned a hard skill. How about a minor in English? I’m pursuing a minor in professional writing simultaneously.

  13. I'm wondering how you feel about learning multiple languages. I'm currently in Paris and I just finished my Masters degree (unfortunately I'm only at a A2/B1 level of French) but I'm finding it very difficult to find job positions in the humanitarian field without fluency in French and/or languages other than English.

  14. Hello Danica, I'm a senior high school student interested in humanitarian work and I came across your videos!! And I want to ask you some questions. The thing I'm worrying the most about is what to study in university. What is the most common degree you think people have in ngo's? I would really like work in ngo corporates as well (I'm not necessarily only looking for field work). Also, do you think volunteer experience is crucial to even getting an internship? I got interested in humanitarian work quite recently, so I don't have much experience in that. I also don't think I would have much time to volunteer during college… do you recommend taking a gap year to go volunteer abroad first? If you have any advice for students like me I would really appreciate it. You have a new subscriber!!

  15. All I can say is Chapeau, you have all my esteem and admiration. Al those people who give of themselves to help others in the humanitarian field are the best 🙂

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