How to Fix Our Broken Political Conversations | Robb Willer | TEDxMarin

How to Fix Our Broken Political Conversations | Robb Willer | TEDxMarin

20 thoughts on “How to Fix Our Broken Political Conversations | Robb Willer | TEDxMarin

  1. The only way to understand politics is to understand YOURS and OTHERS interests. Usually they all are financial

  2. He's speaking to a Liberal crowd. Using his own logic, which I think is solid, he's framed his discussion in Liberal values. But everything he says could be reversed to help Conservatives make more effective arguments to Liberals. If you want to move a Liberal to consider a Conservative policy, like Voter ID, for example, you will get nowhere if you don't show how these laws can enhance equality and fairness. How is a Voter ID law compassionate and inclusive? In fact, making sure that our votes are counted accurately is the definition of fairness. If your party votes honestly and the other party cheats, your rights are being violated and your political views and values are being suppressed. To make this point clear, imagine a country where radical Conservative activists flood the polling places with illegal votes. In that world, Liberals would be the ones fighting hardest for Voter ID laws. Suppose the KKK organized a campaign to skew voting toward white candidates by having their members vote multiple times. Liberals would be outraged by this, as they should be, and would insist on finding ways, like Voter ID laws, to make the system "fair" again. I believe this is the point Robb Willer is making here.

  3. This talk isn't so much a lesson in how to fix broken political conversations as it is a lesson in how to use rhetoric to win an argument. This talk seems to advocate tapping into others' values to manipulate rather than to understand and communicate meaningfully as equal parties, which would truly lead to the resolution of issues or at least lead to a less angry and divided nation. It might even demand that politicians become better thinkers and leaders instead of panderers. So much of current conversation isn't motivated by our values, but fear of losing those values, a way of life. And the fear backs two opposing people against opposite walls, and suddenly they are polarized. Speak with others as neighbors, as fellow citizens, as friends, as family, as people trying to survive in this mad world, just like you. Do not speak to others as political stereotypes. We are all much more complex than that.

  4. The point they've made is it's party over all else. Had the democrats run Bernie Sanders I probably would have voted for him. The difference is the DNC showed the leadership not to run him.

  5. Not impressed. He's preaching conservative conversion therapy instead of showing people that we need both sides of the spectrum. If we're all conservative, nothing will evolve but if we're all liberals, everything will fly apart. If we can recognize that we depend on one another for overall balance, then we will be more open to a dialogue.

  6. I think we should all calm down and see his reasoning and his purpose, I see his obvious bias but at the same time try to see his reasoning, the bickering between ideologies needs to be quelled because this polarization only promotes hostility towards each other. People must stop being quick to assume things. Just have an open mind and be courteous, I know all the problems occurring in our country but bickering and arguing about it isn't going to fix things at all. Admit your own faults and then try to come together.

  7. I agree with the principle but there are some intransigent people responding below. I can get a look into their paradigm but how can I speak with them? My dad used to mock some people saying their mind was made up and they didn't want to be confused with facts. I guess Motivational Interviewing. I haven't read The Righeous Mind yet either.

  8. "Compromise" is a political tactic which aims to make the other buckle under the weight of social proof without logical proof. Nothing more. This video is nothing more than a call to compromise. We will not and neither will you. Learn how to win or get used to losing.

  9. Your conclusions sound like the movie The Great Debaters. Our parents and grandparents were expected to learn this in school and called it argumentation and debate skills. Maybe next time you could address more detail on when you don't believe in a value or define or apply it differently, such as fairness or patriotism. Presuppositions and definitions are key to dialogue.

  10. In the "purity of our land and water" example, was that really "moral reframing"? Perhaps in the essay which stressed "harm" and "protecting our environment" those buzz words were recognized as the language of the opposition. I noticed conservatives scored the "harm" essay even lower than the control essay. The conservative viewpoint has been inculcated so strongly for the last THIRTY YEARS , that if you mention the word "climate change" they HEAR "one-world-government-coming-to-take-away-your–personal-liberties."

  11. Climate change cannot just be a left-wing issue, it needs to be a global, cross-party one if we are to have any chance of combatting it.

  12. If you were 20 years older, you would have a higher altitude vision of the almost total deconstruction which illiberal progressivism has done to the mindset that literally turned the lights on for the world. I consider modern so called liberalism the most fantastical, unsustainable, parasitic, patricidal, suicidal movement in world history.

    Why were castles built in medieval Europe? Why were they ever necessary? Do you think they were necessary to protect the lords from the serfs? Try again.

    Life experience is going to disabuse you all of this infantile assumption that we Europeans are so much more virtuous and wise than our ancestors.

  13. If conservatives didn't complain about everything all the time like whiny little bitches then maybe we could have some positivity in this country. Always blocking Obama or telling blacks and other minorities need to get out of their cities. Every Republican city is in utter chaos and now Republicans control everything and they will blame everyone but themselves.

  14. Jonathan Haidt discovers that conservatives have a broader sense of morality and all liberals can do is try to design propaganda around it.

  15. "Equality" what a joke, let's call it what it's become: cultural marxism, victim culture, anti-meritocracy, long list!

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