How To Deal With Social Anxiety | 5 Tips To Overcome Anxiety

How To Deal With Social Anxiety | 5 Tips To Overcome Anxiety

38 thoughts on “How To Deal With Social Anxiety | 5 Tips To Overcome Anxiety

  1. When i challenge my negative thoughts with such questions i always find an answer to all of them and it gets worse

  2. This sounds hella dumb

    A cute girl smiled at me and for some reason my legs felt weak and i was in pain my head stated to hurt and i felt like throwing up.


  3. Just follow tyler1's advise. Look at yourself through a mirror and scream "HAHAHAHAA YOU REALLY THINK THATS GONNA BREAK ME!!??? WRONG IM ALPHA AF!!!"

  4. I never struggled with this until my girlfriend came along. She has it bad but somehow over the years it developed in me and now I literally just want to stay home all day and not deal with anybody. I even hate going to Walmart because of all the people, i use pick up so I don’t have to go in. This is bad because i am a project manager for construction so my job is mainly communication. I fake it pretty well for my job but inside im freaking out. And i tend to talk just business when i am on site because i want to communicate as little as possible so no small talk. I come off as blunt to everyone and my guys don’t think i care about them but i do. Sucks i want to have small talk and form a better team and relationship on site but my brain just won’t let the words come out. This vid helps alot and I will try my best. My brain tells me that everyone knows me as a quiet straight to the point no bs guy so I think if i just randomly start being talkative they will think it weird. I don’t know how this developed in me so fast, maybe from being with a negative person for 8 years just made me think just like her

  5. If you wanna kick your social anxiety, don’t try to escape situation that provoke you rather take risks and to out of your comfort sone, try to chat and laugh that might sound crazy

  6. I hear that taking a improv acting class helps with social anxiety. Does anyone else know anything about that? If it help I would give it a try!

  7. My social anxiety makes me scared of my own family. I wait for them to leave the kitchen, to cook my own food, and they get mad at me for cooking late then I start to break down and hate my life …

  8. Ye, ik theres great things out there but I can't go out for my anxiety, soo…. knowing that, only makes me more anxious 😀

  9. Therapist are fake they won't help u if u don't pay I understand I have to pay but when I'm saying that is fake is because they won't help if u don't pay

  10. Yeah. Dude, I agree w/ everything that you're saying. I try so hard to overcome this that I have to push and force myself just to face my fear but for me, this is actually not social anxiety. It's because I'm autistic, have Autism and also have P.T.S.D., etc. that I may never get treated for and recover from.

  11. Yesterday I blacked out in front of the whole class…. I didn't even feel nervous… It never happened to me before like that. Sometimes I felt like I was going to pass out but I always stood my ground and made it through….. This time not…. Now my arm hurts…. F**k:)

  12. Note: If you are naturally social anxious(Because it is mostly genetic) and you were able to overcome in some way, you need to keep doing the mental and behavioral activities that made you confident or else you will revert back to the way you were.

  13. My social anxiety started at the beginning of year 9 (9th grade for those Americans) because my voice started to break. Every time I read out in class my voice would go squeaky and loud and it felt terrible and this one prick started laughing and made a lot of the class laugh and kept doing it each time I read and I got really shy and then developed into social anxiety (btw this happened 2 years ago). Before this I could confidently raise my hand in class to answer questions and read out loud but now it's just not the same. In year 7 I would socialize with the popular kids but now I can't and always talk to the unpopular kids who have the same problem as me. I want to go into teaching but my anxiety will kill me.

  14. Im a fucking loser who shouldnt be, i hate that i can be so much more but i will always hold myself back

  15. It's so hard to have a crush when I'm struggling with social anxiety. I feel like he hates me and when he looks at me, i feel like he judging me. It keeps me up at night just worrying about it. 😭🙁

  16. Judge me come on try it….
    With this attitude I reduced the thought 'what others will think' to almost negligible, now I have mindset meeting new people that the other one is shy and then talk comfortably. Don't judge (or do it come on) but I was a awkward shy boy back in school but now I'm in college and it doesn't feel the same like it was in school. Walking and thinking what others are thinking. Now I laugh that what an awkward idiot I was.

  17. I have serious social anxiety bc I always think ppl r making fun of me but these tips actually helped a lot and I appreciate this man for his advice he helped me get over my fears thank u

  18. 1) No people are actually harsh in real life and are constantly judging by you.

    I've already been rejected by some guys because of this and social anxiety. I get social anxiety because of 1).

    2) And I am not fat, ugly, stupid, or in unreasonable amounts of debt.

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