17 thoughts on “How to create a successful social enterprise | Marquis Cabrera | TEDxTeachersCollege

  1. The power of a tragic life story that turns into doing good in the world is very common theme in those starting social enterprises. The key to success lies in the alignment with purpose, the monetization model and capturing the hearts of the target audience.

  2. this talk deserves a better title for more view like "my 2 dead moms and 2 dead dads made me change the lives of millions"or … "how dead parents helped me succeed in life"" great talk btw this man deserves a medal

  3. thank you for this, i am interested in social entrepreneurship and i was looking around to learn more about it, and this talk has inspired me to look into working with foster kids as well.

  4. Thank you for sharing your personal ideas. This gave me motivation to push my social enterprise forward.

  5. Thank you for sharing your personal story! Thank you for giving a frame of reference and a guide for creating a social enterprise. Now I just have to find your BIB method and follow it! 🙂 Much continued success to you Marquis!

  6. Loving the concept of Social Enterprise (SE) and I will use his BIB methodology to share it in my toastmaster club tomorrow inshallah 😀 but if i had to share an insight i learnt from Marquis Cabrera is this " Life is too short to bulid things that don't matter" 
    1) Find a problem to solve ( Just ask What & Why) to bulid your Business Model
    2) Create an impact ( just ask what value are you creting and how much ? 
    3) Build your brand with supportive Network and superstars to make it happen

    There is 860,000 Seconds in a day. What are you going to do about it ?
    You better get yours because I am going to get mine

  7. There are only 86,400 seconds in a day …and 'BIB' is not a methodology from what was described here

    having confidence, being likeable, and trying to do something meaningful goes a long way though

  8. Marquis is a tactful and skilled advisor to all types of businesses – BIB isn't his only acronym! Awesome talk Marquis! 

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