How To Completely Lose Social Anxiety – It's Quite Shocking

How To Completely Lose Social Anxiety – It's Quite Shocking

39 thoughts on “How To Completely Lose Social Anxiety – It's Quite Shocking

  1. idk if its even social anixety anymore, i think i just dont know how to act around other people probably autism or caused by some trauma in childhood maybe ptsd im not affraid what others think, i just never know what to say and that is all manage to think about is not knowing what to say and if its right to say or what ever

  2. I want a positive healthy perception of myself. Emotional maturity. I don't want to default to painful stories about myself. I don't want to suffer.

  3. People are mean if you don't meet their standards. That you don't fit in. No money, no grooming– this matters. Lose all your teeth, Noah, and see if it is only your thoughts that are bugging you.

  4. I hope you make a blog post for this video so we can read it and take in the information more slowly. We absorb more when we read. Would be handy for the hearing impaired aswell.

  5. You tried to indicate the main source of the problem with logical reasoning, and implied that logical reasoning to the silly head talks is also the solution of the problem. However, it takes considerable amount of time to make yourself to able to think in logical way as we have been accustomed to think in a particular negative way.
    So, whenever the feeling of social anxiety comes up then try to deal that with the logical reasoning such as; self image or actual reality. In long run that attitude will help us to be the way we want. Thanks for your perspective, I will try to implement it in my life.

  6. Systemic exposure therapy.

    You can't give yourself the rule "my heart shouldn't race, I shouldn't be anxious", it'll only lead to cognitive distortions, disappointment, frustration and a sense of ineptitude. It's really okay to be anxious; in fact, it's a sign that you're facing your fears in a social setting.

    It's hard, but the best way to overcome anxiety is to keep being exposed to the experience(crowds, social situations) without the negative stimuli (self-attacks, magnification of faults, disqualifying the positives, etc). Once it clicks that the negative consequences of social encounters aren't devastating or catastrophic, your fear will slowly go down and you'll finally have room to breathe, grow, and think clearly.

    Keep facing your fears, and prove to yourself that you're okay as you are, you're lovable, and the social encounters you have aren't half as bad as you think they are! Wish you the best.

  7. It's in my head only because i'm feeling it, it's always the same, I can feel a good feedback exactly as not so good, so it's not irrational like you should take only positive and skip negative – you are taking them both. I think it's very personal case. Everything from experience and not just kinda stupid bug in your head, I'm not a child to think so oneway direction like you explain it

  8. I wish he’d stop talking about what he’s going to talk about and just get to it. Sleazy little man in his sleazy little sweater. Ugh

  9. Here in 2019. This guy is so happy. I need to get on his level. Social anxiety sux…especially at work. Everyone I work with sees I have a problem cause we all have to eat together at lunch and I haven't said anything for over a month. Only when I'm self medicating do I realize how messed up my mental state is. And how it affects my work life and everyday life. Haven't had a friend in 10 years. Consume my days with work even after work to hide from my problems. And tell myself that if I make enough money I won't have to work with ppl. So I just keep working. It's getting to b unhealthy. Feel alone and feel trapped. Thinking about trying better help. Don't know what do do at this point.

  10. You don’t know how relieving it is to know I’m not alone…. can we all hangout and laugh at our most embarrassing stories

  11. One of my friends told me that I have ego problems because I don't talk to new people and I come off as rude. How do I explain to her that I don't even have an ego. I hate myself too much and on top of that social anxiety and depression sucks

  12. i have social anxiety
    and for me is really hard because i'm going through in this everyday
    and i'm tired
    I can't do or say something because i'm already blushing
    I don't like when I'm in the spotlight
    even if only one person looks at me
    i don't know what to do….

    i want to stay home without socializing with anyone and stay inside for the rest of my life

    orrrr people can leave me alone a period…to stay quiet

    (sorry if my english is not really good but i try my best.)

  13. okay so I do have one question. I do get that when you are free from your self image life can indeed be much more fun but there's one more component to be happy in life and that is satisfaction. And as humans I believe we have needs. So this advice can heal one part of the problem but how about the fear of being alone. Nobody wants to be alone. Or wanting to get to know people you like but knowing that due to their stories in their head if you do something wrong they'll reject you pretty quickly. That also brings me massive anxiety. Also with seeing my dad with social anxiety his whole life and having no friends. So basically my biggest fear is not losing my self image but to be alone. And you might tell me that being in the moment will free me from the stories in my head about what might happen in the future but that is actually constricting because you have to always control your mind because as soon as I get a fearful thought about the future especially of being alone I get anxiety attacks. So social status and relationships does not only feed your ego but it determines your quality of life even the money you make and the people you are able to keep around you. I think we've heard it a thousand times before that humans are a social species and we are hard wired to associate social life with survival and that's reasonable for the reasons I explained above. Simply put nobody likes to feel pain. People simply prefer to have positive people around them and only the pressure of having to be happy for people to stay is making me sad. So these are my thoughts on the topic I'll search for the answers within my self and also on youtube haha. But I'd be super greatful if you could maybe help us with that one or if you have some existing video that talks about this topic. I'll look it up. Thanks!

  14. Wow I loved this man… You basically talk about what they call the ego in spiritual terms… But ego is such a triggering word and it sounds super scary to lose it… but the way you named it self image and the way you explained it was so meaningful and impactful rather than hearing it from a guru and having no freaking idea what they even mean. Thanks!

  15. I have social anxiety, and I'm trying like hell to beat this. This video is a good place for me to look at some things differently. Thank you all for sharing because as you all know SAD makes you feel all alone, and to hear that others go through it too helps a lot to show it's not just you!!

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