How To Build A Social Circle & How To Tell The Difference Between Real And Fake Friends

How To Build A Social Circle & How To Tell The Difference Between Real And Fake Friends

what's up fellas so today we're here to talk about how to meet friends how to get friends alright cuz this is a question that been coming up for a while you know I've been putting off putting off but I guess I need to put up there cuz a lot of guys since my video I was talking about my guys gave me social proof when I X that girl out on that blog guys been asking me more and more I've been getting a couple emails about this so I'm gonna go in the dressing so here's the thing guys mean friends is just like meeting women all right it's the same fucking thing and you're gonna feel a lot of same symptoms when you fucking with them as you do when you de not women asking women out shit like this hell so let's hypothetically say it's a guy you wanna you that's I possess a you in school and these guys that you want to hang out it's the same way you would ask a girl if you see a girl that you're interested in alright now here's the thing here's the thing guys it's come you're gonna get the same kind of response as you would if you ask a woman out as you would if you asked a dude out that you want to hang out with you're gonna get the same type of response are you gonna get the same type of bullshit all right so let's hypothetically say it's a guy that you say I wanna hang out with this dude right here you say man what's going on what's up what you got going on this weekend he might say some shit like not much what's up let's go shoot some pool or whatever the case may be now if he wants to hang out with you or something like that write down cool it's a cool man let's hang out or whatever the case may be but let's say hypothetically just like a female and he don't want to have a direct response and he don't wanna reject you right down or whether the case maybe he'll fucking say yeah cool man take my number down let's hang out a Weber case maybe and he'll do just like a fucking female you'll never catch up with him he'll be just like a fucking female something came up oh let's try it another time or whatever the case may be or whatever that's time protector say he rejects you right to your face he'll say something to the effect of aw man I got an arm change my mood out on my car some boys just like a woman some bullshit I got changed my car but how about next weekend all right ain't got yeah yeah man I'd let you know me I'll know you know somebody come up with a case maybe it's the same thing guys it's the same thing now here's the thing they guys that you want to hang out with are just like females right now I'm not to my cold approaching women screen that's hypertext I'm I like a girl at the gym or a girl at your school or women that you work with well the case may be they observe you guys all right this is why I try to tell you guys about holding the masculine frame and shit like this real because people observe you all right now if nobody likes to hang out with a topper to the ass corn ball I'm gonna tell you that right now I don't know one person I'm you can take a person wink got no fucking friend in the world and they don't want to hang out with some fucking talk with your fast corn ball somebody who can't shut a fucking mouth all right nobody likes nobody like that all right guys now I'm not trying to turn you guys into some fucking hummus and mutes and all this other shit where you don't say man but just understand guys if you're talking to fans loud mouths – dude they just run your fucking mouth on just blab blab blab blab blab case shut the fuck up you'll be hanging out with somebody like that you be like man I will shut the fuck up nobody likes to hang out with nobody like that guys I'm just letting you know read off the off the back now so when if you up an act somebody some an object it's gonna be somebody that you know you're not gonna have some strange on the street no shit like this so I'm just gonna be somebody at work at school or the gym or something's gonna be somebody they already observe you guys they already observe you now you need to understand this about friends once people get up in age like 21 22 23 guys a lot of these people sometimes man they are closed off to making new friends that they already got a closed circle all right you need to know that right off the bat this is the whole point of kindergarten and now there's another shit they trying to develop social skills guys I so you need to understand that that the older you are the harder it is to make friends because as people get older they close off their friends all right people people naturally especially as you get older you get wild and you realize a lot of people ain't worth shit so a lot of people as they've aged like specially if you time are my age and shit like that most people realize that most people ain't about shit and so they just not trustworthy all right now if you somebody watching this and you 16 17 18 you more inclined to meet somebody that's open to making friends and stuff like that because they haven't experienced the world but if you talk about 25 30 30 five forty years old man most people most guys Maneki days man ever had enough simple of the world to know that most people are bullshit and so they just not open to making friends I so that's the body you need to understand that down a lot of guys are now open to me but it can't happen now here's the thing guys you're gonna call them y'all go out of whatever the case may be it's just like dating guys y'all basically on the fucking date all right except you don't want to fuck him hopefully but if you go that route hey I don't know a judge nobody I got gay friends so I don't want to say that I actually trained get clients also and I love them to death so if you go that route then you go that route but hypothetically saying you just want to have a plutonic friendship with somebody it's just like a date guys all right if they don't enjoy your conversation and they don't enjoy your company dang I wanna hang out with you so you doesn't got them out to hang out to shoot pool or whatever the case may be just because y'all got both of y'all got penises don't mean that they just don't want to hang out with you just because both y'all got penises you think that just because both y'all are men that they entitled to be you're entitled to be their friend they probably want to hang out with you they probably just don't like you guys guys it's just like a date you go on a date with women not all women are gonna like you now it's funny because guys understand what most guys understand this with women then you know some women you're gonna go out don't like you some women else but when they hang out with guys in a guy don't like them they don't they just accepted that something's wrong with them guys you just ain't gonna connect with every fuckin body that's the bottom fucking line you just not gonna connect all right and some people if they don't connect with you they just don't want to fuck with you all right it's just a bottom fucking line guys so if y'all don't cook if y'all don't click y'all just don't click but you don't give up guys all right this is a big problem while a lot of guys don't have friends they go out they meet guys they hang out with guys and if a couple of them go bad and they just give up and all I'm a piece of shit nobody wants to be my friend I'm a loser I'm just gonna be alone all my fucking life it's funny guys do that what when they try to make friends but they don't do that when they try to find a girl if a girl reject them they keep going on I'm not a girl with jack I'm gonna keep going if another reject them they keep going they go out and hang out with two guys the guys didn't want to hang out with them again and they instantly just be alone with the rest of their fucking life it's crazy so guys you got to understand it's the same thing with women you wouldn't give up trying to approach women you can't give up when you're trying to make friends all right you just have to keep meeting guys all right so that's the bottom fucking line with that guy's now here's the thing let's hypothetically say that y'all went out y'all had a good time y'all connected whatever the case may be you still can blow a friendship by being too fucking needed so we went out Saturday and now you Sunday you like hey man what's going on a date man what's up what's up today y'all just went out last night and now you want to hang out again today see it's just like with a woman that's too fucking meaty nobody want to be around a needy ass person all right so it's the same fucking thing guys the same thing with women the same thing you got to let things build slowly you can't be all up and down you can do that when you've been friends with somebody for 10 fucking years yeah you can do that then but if you've been friends if y'all went out one fucking time and you call them the next fucking day wanna hang out again guys that's way too much way too soon all right so you're gonna turn them off like that's too way too fucking meaty all right so that's the bottom line with that guys don't give up you gotta meet a lot of guys to find guys that you connect with y'all guys don't give up when you fuckin with women you expect that when you go out with women you expect that you're not gonna connect what's the same thing with guys you're not gonna connect with everybody I'll hang on just fucking click and guys this is more important to what I said about holding your masculine framing it's shit like this it's the same thing with women nobody want to hang around a goofy ass cornball I know I don't I don't nobody who does all right so please understand that when you driving around and being goofy and corn and shit like that and then you want to go out and hang with somebody wanna hang up an old cornball alright guys and please understand that the older you get the harder to get because the older people get the more wild so they get in the more they realize people ain't shit and so they just naturally I'm not inclined to make a whole lot of friends right now guys I'm just tell you that right now oh why old as I am wise man I already know people stab you in the back the first chance they fucking get guys I'm gonna tell you that shit right now so you know just understand that guys all right so all right and then somebody had asked me how to know real friends from fake friends well that's easy guys do they initiate contact and what I mean by that do they ever call you all right do they ever text you hey man what's up do you have the ignition so basically you know just like with a woman do you have to initiate all the fucking contact all the fucking time and if you never call them you wouldn't never hear from them again that's how you can tell a fake friend I really want to say I'm a fake friend they probably trying to leave us alone you won't leave them alone all right so that's one way you can tell if a friend do they reciprocate generosity so let's hypothetically say y'all go to the club together and you say man you know I got the drinks tonight do they reciprocate that shit all right do they set off for the next time hey man the drinks on me and shit like that all right so that's one way guys people when they do generally friend y'all reciprocation I buy lunch this time you bought lunch that time I came your way this time this time you come my way I general friends they reciprocate generosity all right another thing guys do they talk about other friends behind they back all right so let's hypothetically say y'all talking and then they send up a bad-mouthing the other friend well what the hell you think they doing when you ain't around all right they talking about your motherfucking ass all right then lawyer to nobody so if they can't be friend to that person what the hell make you think they could be friends with you all right they're gonna backstab your ass too guys all right another thing your nose do they greet you warmly and what and I greet you warmly guys I mean like do they be like hey what's up man doesn't it guys that's not that's not your friend all right I don't know what the hell that is they're just somebody who just tolerating your ass yeah what's up man you drive feel smart then you turn around and you'll see them it you'll see them at the school later on hey man what's up all that love and shit with them and then it come on would you get a little dry as fishball little like like I'm tolerating you like I don't really want like I don't really wanna say that to you but for real but since I don't want to be rude guy that's not your friend all right when you have friends a true friend y'all greet warmly what's that's how true friends green I known this dry handshake Drive fix bump another thing guys is when y'all come up there start a conversation alright when somebody like Jim your friend they might you know get your fist bump or something like that but they don't try to initiate conversation alright it's pretty much like you need a fist bump like a your heads on alright so that's how you can tell guys they do shit like that then you can tell they treat you warmly they don't talk about all the fucking friends they reciprocate generosity and all that shit guys alright so but me it might me at my age guys you know I ain't really helping me I'm making friends that's just the bottom fucking line all right I think I got everything covered but guys getting back to the first type of guys on making friends guys it's just like mean women I it's just like meeting women y'all guys y'all go out y'all have two bad experience with a couple guys and y'all just fucking give up on the shit but y'all don't do that with women when you want some ass alright and you're gonna go out guys and you're not gonna connect with every fuckin body there's just a bottom fuckin line all right and so what what you gotta keep doing this keep asking other guys out guys all personalities are not meshed alright let's hypothetically say you are cornball what else a cornball out there for us alright it's the same thing with women you have to just keep meeting people that like you for generally the way you are is another cornball I doubt y'all could sit on the date just talk each other off yeah and y'all will be happily ever after all right it's somebody for everybody guys alright I'm not really interested in allowed talking the person that somebody that can't shut the fuck up but it's somebody for everybody guys alright you just have to meet that person that likes you alright that's just the bottom fucking line it's just like me and women and you'll see when they don't want to fuck with you they're gonna treat you just like hot woman treat you guys you'll see the exact fucking same thing you can never catch up with them you call them hey man let's go do this let's go to the club they nail all man off let me I'll hit you back at five man I got this thing going on and they never call you bet you never can hang out with my shit like that right guys alright let me know I'm gonna fuck with you alright and that's fine keep going that's the bottom fucking line guys all right just keep fucking going keep asking guys I'll keep introducing yourself to new people just keep on going and hold on you'll have your nice little group of friends alright guys like the video comment down below what you want to see next holla back

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  2. Times you're building people see you as a boring person, but when you picked the fruits from the tree people come at you like lil hungry dogs. People, don't trust no one seek the real (alpha) ones to spend time with eachother and keep ya head up by everything you're doing. Thanks AMS your vids starting to get better and better and I understand that shit better. I need to check out your Patreon because I like the way you working and how much you love your work and it must get a reward. Never settle 👊

  3. Call me bitch if you want, but this one actually hit real close to me. I actually teared up a bit. My thirst for friendship actually caused me to have none. Phone can go days without anyone hittin me up. Thanks AMS. Time to find my purpose

  4. Too many times I come across niggas who seem to be my friends but it always seems like I gotta be the one make contact, let's just say I'm over that shit. On top of me losing my best friend to cancer last year and the story with all that this shit works both ways…just I haven't hit you up don't mean you can't hit me up. You got my number just like I got yours, what's the move? Where the bitches at? Yo just making sure you straight bruh ain't heard from you in a while let's link up. At this point I'm totally fine if down the line I ever get married and don't have anybody but maybe close cousin to line up with me as my court I'm cool with that.

  5. the difference when your not trying to "fuck" other dudes but they reject you …they are rejecting you (as a person). at least with woman you can say to yourself "they weren't attracted to me" —like you always say the female has to have an initial physical attraction to you.

  6. This man have to teach other men every single thing? 😂Yet the men who obviously need help figuring everything out deserve to lead a woman without question? Then you might wonder why a woman won’t submit.🧐you obviously don’t know anything and obviously she can sense that. Should a woman submit to a man that has to ask another man every single thing?

  7. Hey AMS. I’m curious of how I go about dodging disappointment from people. People tend to let me down and show their true colors when sh!t hits the fan. I always feel like people aren’t loyal unless it benefits them. How do you dodge the phony’s and be around the real. (The phony’s for me are usually females I thought loved me or had love for me; but male friends as well are included).

  8. bro… hadn't made friends in years. I followed your strategy and added 2 like minded dudes to my social circle. I notice the more people I meet it keeps bringing higher quality prospects in my path.

  9. Got a question AMS. Back in the day I use to gang bang so that was my social circle. After I fell out with them I had no homies and because of the situation I don't trust MF!! What can help me get past this and build a social circle??

  10. Identifying real or even best friends is easy. Are they there to comfort you (no homo if dude) in your time of need? Are they willing to stand up for you if someone threatens your ass? Are they there to see if you're ok if your ass passed out on the sidewalk (happened to me once)? If your answer is yes to all of those, then you have a true friend.

  11. i have a friend, the friendship was too strong , i cooked the woman , they ate em up! leaving me with nothing to eat

  12. Im 16 and i already wised up about shit like that i barley talk to anyone at school keep my headphones in. Im not weird im cool af i just would rather not be friends with these weird ass niggas 😂😂

  13. I make friends but when they find out I’m not into sports it gets kind of weird, so I have to find other things in common, but I’ve been a loner all my life I don’t need friends really, when i meet people I have things in common I connect with them instantly.

  14. I have business friends, entertaining friends, and proximity friend. I don’t consider any of them friends more like acquaintances because i can’t find someone that’s just kewl and calm

  15. There are so many videos on "how to get the right girl" but here I am, a 19 year old girl, I am a model and I have built a software company and right now searching for videos on "how to find friends, build connections and relationships" .. this makes me so sad and beyond lonely, all the success I'm having cannot mask the lack of a relationship and the fact that my sister stole my ex, where we both loved each other very much and destroyed my friendships as she was too jealous and envious of that, especially of the fact that I had a relationship where we truly loved each other … life can be very very rough and gives you people such as siblings who hurt you extremely bad .. it took me about 2-3 years to heal from the emotional trauma and because I wanted to avoid thinking about it I worked very hard to build my company and quit college. Working very hard is my attempt to escape the absolute horrible experiences in my life. I pray every single day that my personal life will get better in the future and that I will have a beautiful relationship and not guys who want me because of being a model or because of my company

  16. Lmao this is a funny ass video man because when ever i feel like dudes are being too friendly to me and wanna chill man if it doesnt feel natural it just comes out as gay

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