How to Avoid Being Sucked into an Ideology | Jordan B Peterson

How to Avoid Being Sucked into an Ideology | Jordan B Peterson

41 thoughts on “How to Avoid Being Sucked into an Ideology | Jordan B Peterson

  1. The idea is not to abandon all ideology. It's to breathe life into ideology, to continually update your understanding and structure.

  2. As Russell Kirk wrote, one of conservatism’s most important insights is that
    all ideologies are wrong. Ideology takes an intellectual system, a product of one or more
    philosophers, and says, “This system must be true.” Inevitably, reality ends up
    contradicting the system, usually on a growing number of points. But the ideology, by its
    nature, cannot adjust to reality; to do so would be to abandon the system.
    Therefore, reality must be suppressed. If the ideology has power, it uses its power
    to undertake this suppression. It forbids writing or speaking certain facts. Its goal is to
    prevent not only expression of thoughts that contradict what “must be true,” but thinking
    such thoughts. In the end, the result is inevitably the concentration camp, the gulag and
    the grave.

  3. This is what plutocrats fear more than anything else: an informed, self assured, independent generation of responsible adults.

  4. I watched this whole podcast twice now. It is overflowing with deeply thought provoking knowledge that I've spent the last week trying to process. I highly recommend you sit down and watch the full thing on Joe Rogan's channel if you find the chance.

  5. The idea is not to keep any particular ideology away per se, but to look inward and have the integrity to apply critical thinking on yourself rather than accepting ideals just because they feel good.

  6. Free Speech is Still Ideological & Pointless Since No One Wants This, Even Peterson.
    Free Speech At One's Own Risk(Free Speech with An Asterisk They Should Tell Us). If
    There Was Truly Free Speech That Peterson Wanted, Then There Would Be No Laws
    Against People Talking Over Him in Class. Any Restriction Of Speech Destroys The Ideal.
    We Just Want People to Listen to Us. The Righteousness is The Hypocricy. Nor Would
    Peterson Have Much Of An Audience Without SJWs Attacking Him. It Gives Him
    A Purpose. Without Them, He'd Have Nothing to Resist.

  7. Strong individualism is an ideology in right-wing capitalism. It's an idea that people get what they deserve, but as we know it's not that simple. We always live in a society with other people and what we already have becomes important in inequal system where you are born into a social class. The irony is that your own individualism is even less important if you can't fight against the odds in the first place. Sure, you can be as free as you want, but you can also be left homeless and die of hunger in that race where government and the society is not helping weak people or those who simply ran out of luck.

  8. Well I'd have to disagree with that assessment. When I became more invested in nationalism I got my life together.

  9. This is very incomplete, obviously, due to the amount of time he had to diagnose the issue. Anyone interested in reading an in-depth philosophical explanation about the individual's tendency toward authoritarian collectivism should read Eric Hoffer's The True Believer.

  10. I like Peterson but hes completely ignoring the work of others that contradict some of his beliefs. For example the work of Dr. Martha Nussbaum in philosophy and Dr. Robert Sapolsky in neuroendocrinology.

    Nussbaum shows that the decent people ARE DECENT precisely because they are extremely fragile. Not because they rise to the top of some mythical competency hierarchy. Sapolsky shows that Petersons beloved hierarchies are one of the more destuctive structures to come out of society perpetuating havoc with physical and psychological health. Sapolsky also showed that alphas ( those at the top of so called competency hierarchy ) were the first to die when exposed to certain kinds of external threats.

  11. Here's a man deserved of a governor general's award , ha ha ha ha like that would ever happen with
    the wiener we have running the country right now .

  12. I fully get JBP's drift on the evils of political ideology, gender ideology, etc, etc. But I think he ignores or passes over the truth that some ideologies are not fixed, bigoted, self-limiting, and socially negative. Some ideologies are in fact enlightenment inducing.

    The term ideology comes from the Greek of ithea and logos, etymologically alluding to theories, ideas, concepts and the rules/laws/doctrines which exemplify them. Therefore no ideology is INHERENTLY bad, per se. But the evils of any ideology depends far more so on the peculiar brand of the ideology and the enacting of it in society. Sure, ideological fundamentalists of any colour are a disaster -religious of secular. But let's face it, many modern day ideologies (ie, theories with accompanying doctrines of behaviour) have taken humanity out of the dark ages – eg science, medicine, psychology, humanism, freedom of speech, democracy, British justice, and more. Beware of any philosopher who pidgeon holes any thing into a black-white duality … eg "all ideologies are bad" and "only individual liberalism is good".

  13. Personal responsibility is fine but ultimately what we need is a 21st philosophy in this computer/information age. A philosophy that challenges what I call the language problem-(multidimensional cultural problems cannot be solved with a poorly defined linear language system)

  14. I just started university this year after a few years off high school, and I'm glad that I found Jordan's videos before hand, because my very first class was a sociology class and my professor was a such an aggressive ideologue that his lectures were actually incoherent because of how often he'd break to reinforce unrelated ideological topics. I probably would've just suffered through his class if I hadn't been educating myself on how dangerous ideologues are.

  15. I don't think having an ideology is avoidable, unless you're an invalid or have no ability to think. Any political position is an ideology, even an adherence to neutral centrism.

  16. Cultivation of the individual is not enough in a country hellbent in bringing in tribal cultures. Solution: legalize Marriage and kick the Muslims out

  17. The individual can do all he wants to improve himself and avoid "ideology",tidy his bedroom etc..but know this,your bedroom is in a house whose name is ideology.The powerful groups on top are dictating ideology.Culture IS ideology.What do we call empire,hegemony,militarised capitalism,neo-liberalism(nothing new or liberal) ? What do we call the constituent supports of the frame – the totalitarian security and surveillance complex,the heavily invested century of propaganda to maintain the docile subjects of the bewildered herd,the control of workers in time and space – fordism,Taylorism,panopticism,the wholesale exploitation the system is predicated on,the prison industrial complex ,the intrinsic structural and institutional corruption that is the foundation of concentrated capital etc etc
    Peterson cannot avoid the bias of his concerns – his decidedly middle class students and their route into the professions,as opposed to an authentic political agency.His thought is essentially bourgeois inasmuch as he has to redact so much for its pollyannaish perpetuation.He`s offering a new platform for a decidedly blinkered subjectivity.

  18. If you read the Analects of Confucius, you find what is I believe a similarly well-developed model of the individual whose mere mode of being is an antidote to the corruption of civilization …and of course China has been far from perfect these last 2,500 years …but so has the West since Socrates.

  19. You're kidding yourself if you don't think you're ideologically conservative, through and through, Mr. Peterson.

  20. l – very respectfully -disagree. Pleanty of people push old time values but kids are hearing JBP: why?

  21. I think the west is getting more and more feminine, therefore collectivist. Balance is of course needed.

  22. I'm back in the gym full time, I've swapped smoking for vaping, I've cut down Alcohol from 2 times a week to once every other week and I'm on Nofap. It's amazing how much money I've saved already. For the first time in my life I'm starting to save money rather than blow it down the pub. I feel great and I'm going to do this for myself.

  23. Including yours right? … I've heard that you can't stop an idea who's time has come (googling it now … humm? Victor Hugo? – might make for a good read? :-).

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