How To Actually Cover Stories About Antifa – Some News

How To Actually Cover Stories About Antifa – Some News

– Hello, I’m a special newsperson
and here’s some special news. You may have been hearing a lot about an activist group known as ANTIFA. – ANTIFA. – But who are they? Why are they systematically
razing the countryside and burning entire cities to the ground? Are they for fascism or against it? – Why not classify ANTIFA
as a terrorist group? – Very violent group of protestors that call themselves ANTIFA. (melancholic music) – To answer that last question, we must examine their name. ANTIFA stands for anti-fascist. Anti is a preposition
meaning in opposition to and fascist is a word meaning fascist. Good, but are they really anti-fascist or is their name, like
inflammable, an oxymoronic word invented by the illuminati to confuse us into self-immolation? A recent protest and counter protest at Berkeley has generated
some alarming headlines. A Washington Post article
retweeted by President Trump described the
situation as, Black-clad ANTIFA members attack peaceful
right-wing demonstrators in Berkeley. There were other alarming
headlines as well. Masked anarchists
violently rout right-wing demonstrators in Berkeley,
claimed an SF Gate headline and PBS reported
the disturbing news that, Black-clad anarchists
swarm anti-hate rally in California. If you read these headlines, you get the sense that thousands of angry chaos-goblins are attacking peaceful anti-hate
protesters for no reason. But that PBS headline
is misleading because ANTIFA wasn’t attacking
an anti-hate rally, rather, they were part of the anti-hate rally protesting a right wing group called Patriot Prayer and their
rally was called No to Marxism in Berkeley. The news stories I
mentioned did very little investigation into this
group and its motives. They call them peaceful
right wing protesters and go as far as to say that their leaders consistently
denounced racism, which sources are telling me is now somehow a very brave thing to do. Fox News and The Mercury News cited Southern Poverty Law Center, an organization that tracks extremism, as proof that Patriot Prayer isn’t categorized as a hate group. Cool, let’s take them completely at their word, no need to actually read the statement that SPLC released about the rally and oops too late I did that. It turns out that SPLC released an article ahead of the Berkeley rally and the first sentence is, Joey Gibson’s Patriot Prayer has trolled the Northwest with a series of rallies designed to provoke violence and populated
with extremists, but he says he’s changed his approach. They write that Patriot Prayer organize with the clear intent of attempting to provoke a violent response from far-left ANTIFAscists. They also point out that
Patriot Prayer often shows up with armor and bats and
often instigates fights. So, they’re trolls
specifically looking to get into fights with ANTIFA. But at least they’re not racists, I mean, Joey Gibson, Patriot
Prayer’s leader, openly denounced neo-Nazis. Except whoops, he’s doing a really bad job of it because White supremacists keep showing up to his rallies. And that’s exactly what is drawing ANTIFA to counter-protest. According to the SPLC, White nationalists, skinheads and other
identitarian activists have been involved in all of Gibson’s
rallies in Portland, though generally without
announcing their presence. Interesting that Fox and
the other news sources we quoted didn’t mention this. They also didn’t mention
that one of these neo-Nazis at Gibson’s rallies later attempted to attack a Muslim woman and her friend while shouting racial slurs and ended up killing the two men who came to the women’s defense. You might say, Well, it’s not fair to judge an entire far-right group whose troll of a leader publicly said he disavows neo-Nazis
just because a few of them are neo-Nazis and one of them committed a hate crime. But the media is all about judging the entirety of ANTIFA over
the actions of a few and doesn’t hesitate to present Patriot Prayer as a completely peaceful, non-racist group. Also, Gibson himself claimed that discriminating against Muslims isn’t bigotry but, you know. He disavowed racism! So. I’m not saying ANTIFA did no wrong during the Berkeley rally or that it’s good that they’re allowing alt-right trolls to bait them into fights. These fights are used to create
a false-narrative of fringe lefties committing violence. This false narrative is a historical tool used by fascists and our media is falling for it like Elmer Fudd in wabbit hell. Using violence, even to counteract violent fascist ideologies gets into very tricky territory. At what point is it necessary? Is it effective? Does it actually make things better? And if it’s not in self-defense,
what does it accomplish? In fact, take a look at
this clip from the rally. (blows whistles) – Get out, get away, you. Out. – Why are you guys beating us up for? (screaming over each other) – A far right protester runs up to a group of ANTIFA and pepper sprays them a few times and ANTIFA rushes over to knock him down with their shields. The Trump supporter is clearly trying to instigate violent confrontation. But why is he bringing pepper
spray to a shield fight? Probably because he thinks
that once the crowd of angry protesters descend upon
him, he’ll look like a peaceful, hapless victim. And judging by the way
the media interpreted the rally, he was right. And sure, he instigated
the altercation, but ANTIFA gave a disproportionate response, one that isn’t justifiable as self-defense. But even if these protesters felt like the pepper-sprayer deserved it, they’re still giving him the martyrdom and victimhood he was trolling for in the first place. This is a common tactic of the far-right and of hate groups. That fun video of a crying Nazi is actually sinister when you
think about the intentions. – Everybody and their mother
wants to ruin my life. If I wanted violence it’s not a difficult thing for a guy like me to find. – That dude’s not crying. Here’s him before the rally. – I carry a pistol. I go to the gym all the time. I’m trying to make myself
more capable of violence. The amount of restraint that our people showed out there I think was outstanding. Whatever you think of my opinions that’s going to be something that puts you in danger. I think that a lot more people are going to die before
we’re done here, frankly. We’re not non-violent. We’ll kill these people if we have to. – And let’s see the tears. – And so. Yeah. There we go. – Literally none? Cool. Neo-Nazis, like Nazis, want to appear like victims, not only to help recruit their base, but to appeal to the media. They’re just rebranding
themselves for the mainstream. These aren’t your grandmother’s
Nazis, but they’re. They’re still Nazis. So even though ANTIFA can
be criticized for some of their methods, the media still has a responsibility to portray the events in an accurate and objective manner. Remember the news stories
we just discussed? Probably, it was very, very, recently. With headlines like
Black-clad ANTIFA members attack peaceful right-wing
demonstrators in Berkeley and Masked anarchists violently rout right-wing demonstrators in Berkeley. Compare those to the more
restrained headlines that preceded the White Supremacist rallies
in Charlottesville, such as 1 dead, 34 injured in clashes at Virginia or One dead as car strikes crowds amid protests of White nationalist gathering in Charlottesville. These headlines are ambiguous about where the violence is coming from, in fact, they don’t even specify who was killed and by whom. It’s hand waved as a clash. But it wasn’t a clash that killed Heather Heyer, a young leftist woman who died while protesting the White supremacist rally. It was a car driven by
a White supremacist, who intentionally drove into
the crowd of protesters. And DeAndre Harris didn’t get injured amid protests, he was beaten
up by White supremacists. Imagine if these stories
were written in the style of the post-Berkeley
news stories, they’d read something like, White Nationalists storm peaceful left-wing
protests, killing one or Hat and polo-clad Neo-Nazis
violently attack minorities. It’s important to note this
lopsidedness in reporting, where ANTIFAs are explicitly labeled
and blamed for violence, whereas White supremacists
are labeled as victims. This helps contribute to
the all sides narrative. Recently, there was a Washington Post op-ed called, Yes, ANTIFA is the moral equivalent of neo-Nazis. The author echoed the same lazy reporting that claimed ANTIFA attacked peace-loving right-wing protesters and equates
violence to totalitarianism. Now just as we examined
the word ANTIFA to arrive at anti-fascist, let’s examine fascism and totalitarianism, which are
specific political ideologies. Fascism is an authoritarian, nationalistic government that uses
undemocratic force to suppress opposition and control wealth. Totalitarianism describes
a government in which there are no balances to power, that can have absolute control over all aspects of life. Simply being violent, even
though it’s valid to argue that it’s morally wrong and
unproductive, is not the same as being totalitarian. Drinking seven Four-Lokos
and trying to start a fight with a mailbox,
while violent and mean to mailboxes, isn’t totalitarianism. Violent protests aren’t
fascism and you can make coherent arguments against violence at protests without
forgetting what words mean. Journalists, your name has
journal in it, a thing you put a bunch of words in. So maybe you should be
more particular about how you use words, rather than making up things that sound sort of right. If it feels like the media is devoting as much time criticizing ANTIFA as they are actual fascists, it’s because that’s uh. That’s how it is. Fairness and Accuracy in
Reporting or FAIR, hey! Did a review of op-eds and editorials in the wake of Charlottesville, comparing the frequency of criticism of
ANTIFA versus actual fascism. They found 27 opinion pieces
denouncing Neo-Nazis and White nationalists and 28
pieces that denounced ANTIFA. It’s as if for every 27 articles about how harmful cancer is, the media felt they had to devote 28 to explain how some people who are fighting cancer are actually holes. This isn’t isolated to news about the Charlottesville protest. Recently, there was another protest in Portland, which the Washington Post described as, ANTIFA,
Far-right protesters clash again in Portland,
disrupting peaceful rallies. First of all, there’s
that word clash again. And second of all, this peaceful rally was another Joey Gibson affair, who we’ve established is a violence troll who can’t stop attracting
White Supremacists like they’re cat hair. Also, these reports makes it sound like ANTIFA and neo-nazis were
roughhousing with each other like the Jets and the
Sharks, except the Jets believed in ethnic cleansing instead of being a Jet all the way. The story describes how ANTIFA
attacked police officers by throwing bottles and rocks. Well, that’s not good. It’s actually bad and it’s a great way to undermine your own protest. Nine people were arrested and charged with interfering with police officers and disorderly conduct. So justice served, we can all pack it in and nope, buried deeper
in the article is this little nugget, a man drove
a car into a group of protesters. Luckily, nobody was injured,
but it was a close call. People had to jump out of the way as the car accelerated in reverse to target protesters. The article didn’t specify
whether the man was alt-right and the only clue we have is that his car was festooned with Confederate flags, so I guess that mystery will never be solved. This has been our new
segment Foreverly Unsolved Mysterious Doings. Well, at least the guy
who attempted to murder protesters was arrested
like the ANTIFA people who threw bottles, wait, what’s that? He wasn’t? Well, okay apparently he wasn’t arrested. He was detained and then released because purposefully putting your car into reverse to try and mow down
protesters is one of those slap-on-the-wrist kinds of things. Yay. And since this was a kind of downer story, here’s a bit of fun, after the wannabe terrorist driver was arrested, a group of chucklenuts called the Proud Boys made an appearance. The Proud Boys describe
themselves as a pro-western fraternal organization, AKA Diet Nazi. I prefer Pepsi. Join the conversation. The Proud Boys, apparently cranky that their friend got detained, drove around and blasted pepper spray at protesters from their car. Police stopped them without
detaining them because boy Nazis will be boy Nazis. After they were allowed
to go, they crashed into a Police car. Do we have a clip? Dang. Do we have an audio clip? That’s exactly how it sounded. Splendid. Anyways, this story would be
even more fun if it wasn’t about casual acceptance of low-carb neo-Nazis by police. So let’s talk about something cuter. Horses! Well, horseshoe theory at least, which admittedly is less cute, but we’ll keep rolling footage of horses being cute and dumb. Aww. Horseshoe theory is the idea that radicals on both sides of
the spectrum are the same. Thus, Neo-Nazis are somehow the same as the counter-protesters and ANTIFA who oppose them. This isn’t new. – There’s blame on both sides. – No, further back. – My dearest Martha. Battle rages on and
that is no good for me. Weirdly relevant, but too far. I’ll just. During the civil rights
era, politicians equated civil rights activists with the KKK. Dwight D Eisenhower
himself criticized what he called extremists on both sides. If that sounds uncomfortably
familiar, we may want to rethink this idea that
Donald Trump’s awful rhetoric is unprecedented. There was even a headline during the 1950s that said, Integration Extremists on Both Sides Urged by
School Head to Keep Quiet. Remember that old saying about how we definitely shouldn’t learn from history so we can keep repeating it because reruns are fun? Recently, the FBI and Department of Homeland Security assessed and labeled ANTIFA activities
as domestic terrorism. Surely there’s no historical
precedent of the FBI targeting protest movements. Wait, what’s that? There totally is? Oh boy. Well, apparently the FBI sent Dr Martin Luther King Jr a
letter urging him to kill himself. So. Remembering this is
important, especially now that anti-protester legislation is on the rise. That’s right, there are
30 new anti-protest bills that were proposed and six
legislatures have approved harsher penalties and
fines for protesters. Gasp, our free speech is being suppressed? I’m sure there will be a bunch
of far-right think pieces outraged over this. What? There aren’t? Cool. Yeah, I know. Have you not seen this show before? Geez. Anyways, Oklahoma just
increased sentencing for trespassing, which could now result in six months in jail, as well as property damage as a result of protesting, which could be met with 10 years in jail which is too long in jail, for a
person breaking a thing. Some measures are specific,
like upgrading the charge against those who block
the interstate from gross misdemeanor to a felony, but some are more vague, like anti-loitering bills that give police more freedom in determining whether protests can be classified as unlawful loitering. And maybe we shouldn’t be giving too much unchecked power to police because while some, I assume, are good people, a lot of others are like that cop who tried to illegally collect blood from a patient
and arrested the nurse who tried to stop his weird
cop-vampire routine. If you think this kind of
legislation won’t be used by already great judges of the law to clamp down on protesters, it already has. 212 protesters were
arrested after anti-Trump inauguration demonstrations, some of whom now face up to 80 years in prison. Even if these people
were all guilty of thing damage, this seems
excessive, but even their guilt isn’t clear. The Office of Police
Complaints is reviewing the conduct of the Police
Department during the protests. Lawyers have launched a class
action lawsuit that claims police made false arrests
and used excessive force. Even journalists were arrested. One of whom is Aaron Cantu,
a writer for the Santa Fe Reporter, whose charges don’t even include property damage, but merely being present while damage occurred. He faces a possible 75 year sentence. Look, property destruction
is bad and sometimes looks extremely dumb and getting into a fight with police isn’t good, but facing life in prison is excessive punishment, especially for someone who may have just been adjacent to the incidents. And for those that were directly responsible for the vehicle damage, broken windows and an officer’s broken wrist, they should face legal consequences, but also, maybe they don’t deserve decades in prison? Maybe? People, more valuable than property? Maybe? I dunno, just a thought. Just a thought. On the other side of both sides of violence at protests, remember the guy who tried to drive his car into protesters and how he got off without even being arrested? Republican lawmakers in six states are trying to make it so even if he ended up hitting protesters, he could still be legally protected. Representative Keith Kempenich of North Dakota decided that the Water Protectors and pipeline protesters
were leading too cushy of a life, being legally protected
from cars running them over. Protesters who intentionally
block and challenge motorists are quote, the
definition of terrorism, according to Kempenich. Running over protesters
with a two ton metal motion machine that can easily pulverize the human skeleton, is apparently not terrorism. They just, felt challenged, got mad and used their kill tool
to try to kill people. Kempenich isn’t alone. Like I said, the Department
of Homeland Security has classified ANTIFA activities as domestic terrorist violence. Compare that to the measures
recently taken against far right-wing groups, which the SPLC and Anti-Defamation League’s Center on Extremism say are responsible
for the lion’s share of extremist-related murders and violence. But don’t worry, Donald Trump,
somehow the president of an entire county. Country, has slashed funding for organizations that fight far-right extremism by over 10 million dollars. And according to the
SPLC and Anti Defamation league far right
extremists are responsible for most of the politically
motivated violence in the country so, wait, I
thought this was good news? No? Groups that exist to curb
the violence of right wing extremists have lost funding? Good, good, great, yay. Good, yay. So the next time someone says we should be opening dialogue instead of
protesting, remember that these effective local outreach
programs and nonprofits that sought to target and
intervene with extremism have been de-fanged. The vampire guy from before. Fangs. To lighten the mood, I want to quote. (stummers) Jean-Paul Sartre. The quote comes from
1944s Anti-Semite and the Jew, about antisimetism, but broadly it’s about hate and where it comes from and interacting with Nazis or alt-Nazis. Never believe that anti-Semites
are completely unaware of the absurdity of their replies. They know that their remarks are frivolous, open to challenge. But they are amusing themselves, for it is their adversary who is obliged to use words responsibly, since he believes in words. The anti-Semites have the right to play. They delight in acting in bad faith, since they seek not to persuade by sound argument, but to
intimidate and disconcert. If you press them too
closely, they will abruptly fall silent, loftily indicating by some phrase that the time
for argument is past. What the Sartre-man is saying is that anti-Semites and hate groups, such as neo-Nazis, the alt-right and White nationalists, twist the rules of decency and
engagement to their advantage. They cry victim while
calling for the subjugation or murder of other races. They march in paramilitary gear and carry semi-automatic weapons, then complain about the violence of the left. And when they feel
cornered, they rip their little nazi-Polos. – [Man] You can’t just
take your costume off. – And refuse to engage with questions. I wish there was a good quote about. – [Man] So you just came here for the fun. – Never believe that anti-Semites are completely unaware of the
absurdity of their replies. – [Man] Yeah yeah, so you’re
not a real White supremacist. – They know that your remarks are frivolous, open to challenge. – [Man] Which part? – But they are amusing themselves, for it is their adversary who is obliged to use words responsibly. Since he believes in words. The anti-Semites have the right to play. – [Man] When’s the fun part come? – They delight in acting in bad faith, since they seek not to persuade by sound argument, but to
intimidate and disconcert. – [Man] for what? – The time for talk is over. – [Man] This is the guy who took his White supremacist uniform off. – If you press them too closely. – [Man] You were a White
supremacist until people started chasing you and then
you took the uniform off. Are you gonna put it back on? So it’s like cosplay? – They will abruptly fall silent. Loftily indicating by some phrase that the time for argument is past. Nailed it. Also? Yes. That was fun. But what’s insidious about this is they get to shed their dumb
little shirts, hats, khakis and Tiki torches
and blend into society, while the minority targets of their violent rhetoric do not. They know that the
media’s default setting is even-handedness and civility
regardless of context and they will use that to their advantage. Whenever an ANTIFA
protester throws a punch, they’ll use that to justify
murder and they know there will be as much news coverage
of the punch or thrown bottle as there will be of the
murder, or, like 28-27. They get to be both victim
and victimizer, using our good faith in freedom of speech and
laws to continue to push for more mainstream acceptance. So we have to keep countering their protests and calling them out on their dogwhistle tactics and their lies. At a Berkley protest of Ben
Shapiro, the alt right spread the news that a woman was stabbed by ANTIFA, except she fell and
according to the police, there was no stabbing in the
city of Berkley last night. Here’s the Chairman of
Trump Students and Fox News contributor Ryan Fournier spreading the news that Here is the ANTIFA terrorist who was arrested last night with a weapon at Berkley pictured with Hillary Clinton. Wow, I wonder if Hillary
gave her the weapon. Oh the weapon was a sign that
she brought to the protest? Cool. Tweet’s still up, Ryan. Great, you suck. Wait, what was I talking about? Right, it’s 2017 of course
I’m talking about Nazis. There are ways to counter Nazis
other than punching them and that starts with the media
doing a better job of holding fascists accountable for the
crap they do and say and to actually do research
into groups who claim to be sheep in wolve’s clothing. Journalists have a responsibility to look beyond what alt-right and White nationalists brand themselves as and lay bare the fascist violence their rhetoric implies. We can’t completely dismiss protesters because some of them are violent and we can criticize the violence without taking the morally lazy perspective that in terms of fascists and ANTIFA-ascists, both
sides are equally bad. Wish there was a better way to say it. – There’s blame on both sides. – Nope. Oh! Here’s a cool life hack for
determining which side is worse, is one of them Nazis
then it’s the Nazis the Nazis are worse, lifehack.

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  20. Overall, I really enjoy most of your videos. They manage to be funny and relevant, and humor is a tried and true method of peacefully exposing problems in society which I think Cracked often uses well. I especially enjoy those Roger Horton satires. This video, unfortunately, had a few issues. You have to understand that your every criticism voiced in this video is equally applicable to both groups. What you have here are two radicalized political extremes, both with fascist tendencies, both guilty of every horrible tactic and action you decried in this video, violently attacking each other. You were this close to neutrality, but, just like the news articles you were criticizing you displayed a bias. You accurately outlined the idiocy of the alt-right lunatics, but then did your absolute best to gloss over the equally moronic actions of the extreme-left. You mentioned the violence eagerly committed by ANTIFA, and to your credit did not support it, but each time you did you practically tripped over yourself to downplay or justify it, which makes it seem like you favor the one you were easier on and saps a good bit of credibility from your expressed opinion. The fact is, the best defense you managed to mount for your preferred flavor of admittedly militant and demonstrably violent hate group was to say that they call themselves "Anti-Fascist." If a person goes around calling themselves an Anti-Theftist while robbing banks, that doesn't mean they're not a thief. You repeatedly complain about people trying to blame both groups as if holding every violent individual accountable regardless of political leaning were a bad idea. In the end, this video came across as hypocritical. Your points were valid, but they were equally valid toward everyone who showed up to an allegedly peaceful protest with any sort of weapon and committed any sort of violence, and by failing to focus your criticism everywhere it was deserved, you undermined those points even as you made them. Don't fall into the trap of defending or downplaying the actions of one group simply because they claim to represent the same ideals you want to uphold. It's easy to claim one thing and do the opposite, and plenty of otherwise good people have been duped into supporting terrible groups by that sort of bait-and-switch. You clearly hate this when you see it done by the alt-right, but by failing to criticism the same actions when it favors your own beliefs, you taint honest criticism with hypocrisy. The majority of people are not stupid. They pick up on these things whether they can put it to words or not, and this turns away a large percentage of your potential audience. In the end, the only people your message reaches are the people who share your bias, and even they only hear the parts they want to. You end up doing little other than preaching to your own choir and affecting absolutely no change in the overall political landscape. To be clear, I don't want you to stop criticizing anyone. The points you made against the alt-right were poignant and intelligently made. What I advise is to apply that same talent equally toward any group that advocates violence, and to apply the same journalistic integrity which you rightly demanded from the news outlets you criticize in your video.

  21. Judge the whole because of a few vs the because of a few riots…. Starting a few fights bad… Starting a few fires… Hmmm

  22. The right isnt viloent they want discourse the left is trying to shut people down. If a Nazi asshole wants to speak they can. Protest but violence not okay on either side. And this whole if your white and on the right your a white supremacist… Read history cause Republicans have made all the progessive legalisation. Freeing slaves, womans right to vote, civil rights…. Hmmm

  23. All the property in the world is worth less than the life of a single proletariat. Antifa ate American heroes. Nazis are inherently violent, and thus deserve to be met with violence. It's self defense.

  24. I always wondered what happened to cracked bc I unsubscribed 3 years ago bc I got bored of their after hours episodes. I went to watch and old video and saw they dont post anymore. After looking at their content I realized why. Theve gone full crazy mode and decided to go political. And political in a bad way. Too bad though, they were a good channel

  25. My horse is an arabian, by far the most intelligent of horse breeds. He is at least as intelligent as most humans. Don't assume horses are dumb although your reporting should otherwise be the mainstream media model.

  26. 100% of all terrorist acts in 2018 were committed by right wing extremists, a figure that surprised even me.

  27. Antifa and the far-left want to silence voices opposed to them by throwing a hissyfit and act all offended someone remotely right tries to speak. They want to patrol the internet and ban all hate-speech, a broad term that can mean anything and has also gotten many youtubers demonitized.
    The only speech that should be censored IMO is if you openly call for violence, not if you like most on the right oppose mass immigration from Muslim countries because of Islam's incompatibility with western society.
    And in Europe everyone opposed to mass migration and is critizing Islam (a religion not a race so stop calling it racist) are fascists according to these ideologues. Even when they are for more democracy and about as far removed from totalitarianism as you can be like the guy I voted for Thierry Baudet.

  28. Can't be racist against a muslim woman because muslim= islam and islam=religion not a race. Therefore it would be bigotry not racism further. Most right wing supporters denounce the racists/bigots

  29. Wow….I used to like this channel.
    Yes the Proud Boys are not what they seem and I am no fan, but ANTIFA and these left protesters are outright wrong and the true fascist. Every time you try to talk to one they get angry, abusive and sometimes violent (multiple personal experiences)
    This is not a balanced article.

  30. I love watching these videos because no matter how fucked up politics are in Europe, it's always worse in the USA

  31. That messy shirt and loose tie still doesn't take away from that receding hairline, thinning hair and huge bald spot.

  32. White antifa members calling black people uncle tom and house n****rs, but they're not fascist or racist.
    What a fucking joke.

  33. Hey commenting from 2019, and guess what antifa is being taken advantage of again as an anti-establishment boogey man. Just sayin.

  34. No, the only thing is to always denounce ANTIFA no matter what. Otherwise there is no difference to the far right. Violence is violence. It is either wrong or it is not.

  35. Like to see your take on the attack on the journalist last week that clearly shows these guys throwing crap at him and spraying him with foam and beating him up. etc. I guess that’s right wing extremist inaccurately reporting it right? The video I saw must’ve not shown him instigating it in the first place. Right….

  36. AntiFa employ fascist tactics. They exist to shut down opinions they don’t like. ……. that is all that counts. If it walks like a fascist and talks like a fascist , its a fascist. Saying they are only being fascist ‘too’ does not change the fact.

  37. I watched a great video from cracked and subscribed. Not even half way through this, I've unsubscribed. Woke, dickhead ANTIFA apologists.
    Is Andy Ngo also a white nationalist, cracked?

  38. Cody is a socialist who is probably putting on the black garb and participating in antifa activities. All of his statements are pro-antifa, pro-property destruction, and pro-domestic terrorism. He quotes the SPLC, a money grubbing law group, that attacks and sues any conservative group and creates lawsuits and hate rhetoric on their website to further fill their anti-moral evil coffers.
    Now, new-nazis are complete A-holds. They do not represent conservative values. However , they share their anti-semitism with the leftist democrat party of today. It’s the democrats who have tried to introduce legislation denouncing Israel (home of the Jewish people and state).

  39. Oh, and Cody it’s wrong because you’re full of 💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩

  40. “Designed to provoke violence”, “instigate fights”, and “trolling” isn’t a justification for violence. Those are opinions. Physical responses are never an acceptable response to non-physical action. The white nationalists you’re referring to are not members of Patriot Prayer, yet somehow violent acts by unaffiliated individuals are linked to them.

    In fact, it isn’t until just recently, in 2019, that the MSM and leftist journalists have begun to admit Antifa is a wildly violent terrorist organization. This video was published in 2017.

  41. Well antifacist are anarchist activist (that is not an insult, look up what anarchy means) and police man are kind of their ancestral ennemies (you know, they're class traitors in the first place, they are the violent mean the elite in power uses to keep the population in check, they have an unofficial judicial immunity, and – I don't know if that's the case in your country, but in mine it is, and I fear it is even worse in yours – they have far right political opinions, which makes them the natural nemesis of any far left activist, especially anarchists). Also about violence, antifacist are not supporters of freedom of speech at any cost, and consider that intolerant preachers should be afraid of speaking their hate because, and that is not so dumb, if the intolerant are left free to speak and ultimately win, the tolerant ones won't have any freedom of speech. Thus they consider that one cannot be tolerant with the intolerants.

  42. As it has been said before it takes two to tango but hate starts on the side that wants conflict and tolerance is still less than what tolerance is because some nonbelievers have maga hats but are otherwise descent but don't see hate in it are treated badly as the ones who have hate in their hearts so I say we must keep our hearts in it for them that think they are on the side of good because antifa should take good people in and help educate maga hats that want to be on the side of good but don't see the situation

  43. Watched the whole video. It was a DISGRACE to all Americans !
    Why doesn't he just wear a black mask ?
    ANTIFA is a terrorist organization !

  44. Are u kidding?!?! I just found y'alls shit and was really liking the content and actually thought u were smart but after this u deserve to be beat down with the rest of antifa!!!! Funny how yall dont come fucking around with the leftist shit down in bama or anywhere around here besides gay ass Atlanta and Auburn 1 time each and we shut that shit down!!! And on top of that ur not showing anything they started the left have started way more violence and block roads and keep people from going to work!!!! And if they continue to fuck with anyone else we will continue to fuck them up yes after they start the shit with the mask on! Damn Ur a fucking idiot I saw a few videos and thought yall were smart but damn ur a dumbass!!!

  45. Three arrows made a frighteningly relevant video called "how societies turn cruel".
    I would highly recommend everyone here to watch it.
    It just left me speechless when I first watched it.

  46. Wow, where to start on this one…

    First of all, we all know what kind of game the media plays and who they support and what agenda they push, as Cody has proved in other videos. Twisting the facts is nothing new to them, and it's been used all around the globe. Always protecting the right-wing (and whatever is right of that) because they ultimately know that in that way they are protecting their own bosses. You can't expect or demand from the media to do their job ethically when at the same time they are promoting all this garbage and giving them alibi while framing the other side, what are you blind or stupid or just romantic about how the journalists do their job? There's no need to go further into this subject, but it's worth mentioning.

    Antifa isn't something new, that started with Trump's election. Antifa comes from Antifaschistische Aktion an organization which started in 1932 in Germany. Although it started as part of the Communist Party of Germany, it has since then changed and in the majority of the antifa groups have no official connection to political parties. Nowdays, and for many years, antifa is a general way of thinking or practice against fascists, racists, neonazis and so on. From printing stickers to confronting them in the streets. Being a member of a political party or just a supporter or a voter doesn't mean that you can't be part of the antifa movement, although many will argue (including me) that there are many political issues that arise from such moves.

    And so we come to the anarchists. Anarchy is inherently antifascist, there's no way around it. And with this come many problematics. Anarchists are against any form of hierarchies or vertical structure decision making or assignment of power. That's a big thing when it comes to collaborate with other antifascists that are not anarchists, but I digress. The "black-clad" anarchists a part of the Black Bloc, a tactic that is been used since the 80s, although if I remember correctly there was no organized Black Bloc in these protests. (just to add a little context)

    As for the violence now.
    It is, at least, unfair to focus only on one or two incidents in which there were physical violent events. I think it's more fair to see this phenomenon from the start. What is violence? Who starts it and in what form? Who is attacking and how? You can't just see a protest (or two) and come with a definitive conclusion on what is going on.
    Isn't the wage slavery, the murders of workers in modern-day work (baptized as "accidents" by the bosses), the over-intensified work with extremely small benefits or the unemployment and constant insecurity about whether to eat tomorrow, considered violence?
    Isn't the constant competition among people, which capitalism puts forward as the only means of advancing and prospering humanity (and ensuring that it is properly educated from infancy). For the "war of all against all", imposed by the very anti-social and inhumane nature of capitalism, and which in times of economic deprivation, is turning into social cannibalism, consider violence?
    Isn't the lack of (medical) care, the exclusion of people who are in urgent need of medical attention which leads to poverty and marginalization and uninsuranced work that intensifies the wage-slavery terrorism, as the worker is even afraid of getting sick himself or his family, considered violence?
    Isn't the plunder and the destruction of nature in the name of economic growth and maximizing profits of the bosses and living in a choking, unsustainable environment, considered violence?
    Isn't the force-feeding from an early age in schools and colleges, of the cultivation of competition, the depreciation of multifaceted knowledge, the constant evaluation and stress it entails, the compulsory compliance with rules and standards of conduct, punishment and stigmatization of the derogations, the forced acceptance of the authority of teachers and teachers considered violence?
    Isn't military drafting (and the way it is commercialized), falling in line with the national patriotic ideals, the cultivation of intolerance, the suppression and subjugation to the superior, the preparation for submission to the bosses, the participation in an institution that can be used for suppression of the "internal enemy", considered violence?
    Isn't the capitalistic practices of the state or businessmen in societies of the countries of the so-called "third (and second) world", practically robbing them of everything, imposing juntas and leading them to hunger and poverty. Something that is still waged on destitute refugees and immigrants who are being persecuted from their countries struggling to survive. And even if they escape the mines, the shielded borders, their miserable modes of transport, they will be faced with economic deprivation and exploitation, marginalization, continued hunt, beatings, torture and displacement by all sorts of police forces and fascists, considered violence?
    Isn't the suppression of movements, actions and proceedings, both on the street and through legal persecution, imprisonment or the killing of social fighters, considered violence?
    (*loosely translated excerpts of a text by a greek anarchist group called "Kath'odon" [ trans. "on the way"] published in 2012)

    The state engages the violence every single time. Legally with cops or illegally with fascists, as they always are (and will be) the long arm of the state, proven numerous times in history. (for example in 16.13 in the video).
    Standing against the aggressors isn't violence, it's self-defense which includes of counter-violence.
    On the other hand imagine what would the fascists and neonazis do if they walk the streets with noone physically against them. Pogroms and murders would become a routine for them. And no, the cops will not do anything about it, there are a part of them, plus new laws would be put in place to protect and justify all the atrocities. (Something that it's been already done, for example 13.50 of this video)
    …While everybody else is been labeled a terrorist by the FBI. How convenient….

    A good read for all this is "How non-violence protects the state" by Peter Gelderloos

    "Trolls" (fascists and neonazis) are going to provoke the antifascists just by being there and the antifascists are supposed to do nothing because the public will see things as it was going to see them anyway, regardless of what happens. The fascists, except from "trolling", want to control the streets. Want to not have anything against them when they march. Want to show themselves as the "alphas" that nothing can stand against them. "Trolls" are people that support ethnic cleansings, eugenics, race and gender inequalities, authoritarianism and totalitarianism, executions of enemies (like dropping them off helicopters) and many other happy things. And when people, yes Antifascists, are standing against all these and counter-act and defend themselves and use counter-violence you say that the "fall for the bait"?

    People need to see that there is an active resistance to all this. That there are other people out there that will not allow the fascists to turn the parks into publics slaughterhouses. And the way to do that is by not letting the fascists go out of their holes. Whenever they gather they must (and ought to be) smashed. Even Hitler and Goebbels had admitted that. (Hitler: "Only one danger could have jeopardized this development — if our adversaries had understood its principle, established a clear understanding of our ideas, and not offered any resistance. Or, alternatively, if they had from the first day annihilated with the utmost brutality the nucleus of our new movement.” – Goebbels: “If the enemy had known how weak we were, it would probably have reduced us to jelly … It would have crushed in blood the very beginning of our work.”)
    The fact that the reactions to this were not as harsh as they should gave Hitler more momentum and strength, simple as that. Plus this

    To conclude.
    Violence can be met only with violence. If the enemy you face is violent, you can't do anything else, if you want to even just survive. As George Carlin once said "pacifism is good but it can get you killed". If your opponent is willing to battle only in the marketplace of ideas, then ok. But reality check, they are not, never have been and never will be.

    You know what dropped significantly the attacks of Golden Dawn (the neonazi party in Greece) members against their enemies? The retaliation they got after murdering an antifascist (Pavlos Fyssas), which was an attack on one of their offices leaving 2 neonazis dead.
    Neonazis and fascsists have used such rhetoric "only bullets will stop us", and from what it seems they are right (no pun intended)

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