25 thoughts on “How the Three Financial Statements Fit Together

  1. You're the BEST ! I now know how to run my business by the numbers. I spent aday in understanding the past 3 years of these three books and there isn't a thing I don't understand in it.

  2. this is by far the best explanation of the relationship between financial statements! thank you!

  3. Mr. Glassey, thank you so much for simplifying everything. You sir, is a gentlemen and a scholar! Cheers!

  4. Great video, simple and straight to the point even for a lay person to understand.. Thanks Great work

  5. Got an interview tomorrow and this was a much appreciated brisk and clear run through of accounting and finance. Wish your videos were around back when I was in college!

  6. Thanks for these in-depth and comprehensive explanations. I haven't done accounting for three years (and then only one unit), but was able to follow thanks to your fantastic guidance.

  7. why is it accounts receivable not accounts payable that is the only part i dont get it. Nonetheless, great video with simple explanations !

  8. great video ! Could you please also explain how we paid our gerneral, administrative ,sales and marketing expenses if our cash at starting period was zero ? i guess we paid with the common stock ?

  9. Nice Video. I just wanted to know in the statement of cash flows – how did you come to know that the Accounts Receivables for month of Jan $2500 was received to us in February? I have trouble understanding that area most of the time :S

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