25 thoughts on “How the Narrative Favours the Left

  1. yes, the left today wants nothing more than to reduce the size of gov't.

    Pull the other one, Endeavour. What a hot load.

  2. *decadence

    Funny how the list of presuppositions of the left are also taken for granted by all new atheists: materialism, individualism, progress, and egalitarianism. Atheism is just another form of leftism.

  3. Basically this entire video is just a false dilemma dressed up in despair. There is nothing contradictory about rejecting the blank slate AND thinking of people as individuals or rejecting the expansion of the state (something the left doesn't do, as much as you want to claim they do) AND thinking that a multi-ethnic society can exist peacefully.

    Yes, Deneen is right that there are some really crappy parts of liberalism, but he's also right that we shouldn't necessarily throw it all out. Adrian Vermeule wrote a great review essay of Deneen's book (link below). I agree with his point that we can have a non-oppressive, non-liberal society, but we're not going to have that here if we can't change minds at the margin. It's like y'all are anti-revolutionaries who want a revolution.


  4. there are three competing narratives of history, and two of human nature. Of history there is the idea of progress (often favored by the left), of cycles (often favored by the right), and of no overarching narrative at all (invented by the post-modernists). Of human nature there is the idea that man is innately good and it is his circumstances which cause him to do evil (favored by the left), that he is innately evil and can only act good in order to avoid retribution (favored by the right).

  5. I don't see anything wrong with being against (actual) racism and sexism. Also, Sargon doesn't believe in the blankslate, and many "new righters" accept the biological differences between the sexes.

  6. The king of Buthan created a new alternative to the OECD IHD index. The National Happiness index. More relevant…

  7. If you accept your country to be based on a contract society, you are a liberal. There is no right in the USA, only two flavors of liberals.

  8. Advocating for the idea of individual rights is nothing like the radical left of today. What bullshit.

  9. You cover these concepts in such a straightforward and concise manner that it's better than any content I've seen yet for introducing normies and the uninitiated to these subjects.

    Keep it up.

  10. The narrative favors the Left because left is always pushing more universal humanitarianism while liberal system is centered around a "human".

    So within this framework, the left is always correct in theory. Even when discussing communism you'll hear conservatives saying "it would be wonderful if it worked but it just doesn't" – acknowledging the more correct intention but rejecting it because it's manifestation is faulty. They are saying "My vision for how a "Human" can exist is better for "Human" than yours" – and if they had no historical examples, these conservatives (insofar as they are not discarding the concept of humanity due to heavy religiosity or ethno-nationalism) would hope that this new experiment of communism would indeed work.

  11. Yeah, but let's be fair, boomer arguing works at least when it comes to popularity.

    Antisjws videos get seen by about 500k people while yours only by 1k. At the end of the day people like simple arguments and the idea that everything wrong with the world has been something leftist: monarchy, fascism, etc.

  12. Did you just notice that maybe the unbridled accumulation of wealth for its own sake is destroying culture and atomising individuals in a way that might be harmful?? You might be in your way to becoming a good leftist. Remember, there are left leaning liberals and there are socialists. Very different things. I think you might actually like a lot of what socialism has to offer. Gotta drop the racist bullshit though.

  13. I'm a liberal in the more traditional sense. But in 2019 it apparently means someone who wants no more national identity or sees no differences between men and women or free and open borders. I always thought a liberal was someone who believed in individual freedoms and a person who accepts people as they are. That would be thankful to live in America here with the excellent form of government. Also one who would not jack people on their religious beliefs but let them seek Spirit the way they want or not.
    Today the meaning of liberal is something completely different. Today's liberal is on the same page as the 1984 thought police the sad thing is they don't even realize it.

  14. Jesus man! Youโ€™re describing my philosophy teachersโ€™ lecturing completely- especially that white guilt concept.

  15. Ok so I was trying to hear you out but you completely lost me on the video where you are supporting Monarchy as a legit form of gov albeit ,โ€ an unrealistic goal for you or anyone on the dissident right to strive for.โ€(0:40–0:43) https://youtu.be/kFvSs8PCVf4
    You openly say that Monarchy would be a good goal for society… โ€œdown the road.โ€ (1:11–1:20) Putting that kind of power into the hands of any one human being will inevitably lead to corruption and oppression of their subjects. I am in fully agreement that the Left represents a rampant degradation of western culture, but opening society to an active monarchy would be simply disastrous.

    You are a good speaker, but you have some twisted views. Excuse me while I start my subscription to PragerU.

  16. 1. White people exist. 2. White people have the RIGHT to exist. 3. White people have the RIGHT to exist AS White people in White Communities and Nations.

  17. I honestly want to write a paper on consumerism/modern advertisement and Capitalism. Because I think there is something here which can further the agenda of the Neo-Reactionary movement, and provide a blueprint for how we should think about consumerism.

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