How the Jets crashed and burned after back-to-back AFC Championship appearances | Collapse

How the Jets crashed and burned after back-to-back AFC Championship appearances | Collapse

On January 16 2011 the New York Jets defeated
the New England Patriots to advance to their second consecutive AFC Championship game. Becoming the first team in NFL history to
win back to back road playoff games in back to back seasons. This cinderella story all started two years
prior, on January 19, 2009 when the Jets hired first time head coach, Rex Ryan. Three months later, Rex got his signal caller
when the Jets traded up in the 2009 draft and selected USC’s Mark Sanchez with the
5th overall pick. With the jets 7-7 in his first season, rex
proclaimed they were eliminated from playoff contention. Two weeks later, I imagine much to Rex’s
surprise, the Jets clinched a wild card spot with a win over the Bengals. A Bengals team they then defeated again in
the wild card to advance to the Divisional round. Early in the 4th quarter, against the Chargers,
Mark Sanchez hit tight end, Dustin Keller, to take the lead. Endzone. Caught. Touchdown! The Jets sealed their win with a 53 yard touchdown
run by Shonn Greene. The backup running back behind aging workhorse,
Thomas Jones. There goes Shonn Greene. Touchdown! Despite an early lead in the AFC Championship
game thanks to an 80 yard touchdown pass to Braylon Edwards, New York fell to the Colts. But they’d be back. In the offseason, the Jets were the subject
of HBO’s Hard Knocks, where the world was truly introduced to the charismatic, bombastic,
Rex Ryan. He even took the time to write “soon to
be champs” on the training camp bus. A prediction he stuck to for the season. Adding fuel to the hype fire, the Jets signed
Hall of Fame running back, Ladanian Tomlinson, replacing Thomas Jones who signed with the
Chiefs in free agency. They’re ground and pound offense paired
with one of the best defenses in the league, led by the best corner in the league, Darelle
Revis, propelled the Jets to an 11-5 record in 2010. A game winning field goal, by Nick Folk, as
time expired in the wild card sent the Jets to Foxborough to face the Patriots in the
divisional round. A touchdown pass in the corner of the endzone
to Santonio Holmes and a 16 yard touchdown run by Shonn Greene helped the Jets secure
a 28-21 win and a date with the Pittsburgh Steelers in the AFC championship game. This team surprised everyone the last couple
years and were hell bent on making their first Super Bowl appearance since 1969. They didn’t. The AFC championship was immediately terrible
for New York. Rex Ryan deferred after winning the coin toss
and handed the ball to Ben Roethlisberger who led Pittsburgh down the field on a nine
minute drive that ended with a 7 – 0 lead for the Steelers. This Mark Sanchez sack fumble gave Pittsburgh
a 24 – 0 lead in the waning minutes of the first half, all but drowning the hopes and
dreams of a fanbase married to the physical embodiment of disappointment. The Jets did their best to make it a game,
they scored 19 unanswered points and held the Steelers scoreless in the second half
but the hole was too big to fill. Rex Ryan’s crew was headed home without
a ticket to the big game. In the offseason, Braylon Edwards, the team
leader in receiving yards and touchdowns left in free agency. To sure up their passing attack, New York
signed Plaxico Burress, who was making his NFL comeback following a self shooting incident
at a nightclub in 2008. Burress proved to be a very solid addition
to the team and contributed immediately, scoring in the teams first game of the season en route
to a win over the Cowboys. But even though most starters returned in
2011, this was not the same team. With LaDanian Tomlinson in the twilight of
his career, Shonn Greene was handed starting running back duties. He played well but in no way did he make up
for Tomlinson’s now limited usage. With the two headed running attack now a one
and a half headed ground game, the Jets had to place more on the shoulders of their third
year quarterback. They shouldn’t have. Sitting at 8 – 5, with control over their
own playoff destiny, the Jets entered a week 15 matchup against the Eagles. The first touchdown of the game came off a
Santonio Holmes fumble returned 47 yards and really set the tone. Sanchez, taking Holmes’ lead, threw two
picks and lost a fumble on the way to demoralizing 45 – 19 loss in a game that really mattered. The following week, Sanchez had a bit of deja
vu, and once again threw two interceptions and lost a fumble against a Giants team also
playing for their playoff hopes. Entering week 17, the Jets needed a lot of
things to happen in order to make it back to the playoffs. But perhaps the most difficult of them all
was winning a football game. Frustrations hit a boiling point and in the
final minutes of the game, team leader and top wideout, Santonio Holmes mentally quit
on the team. He began arguing with teammates in the huddle
before ultimately being pulled by an assistant coach. Rex claimed that Holmes took himself out of
the game, but that’s only because he wasn’t aware of what was going on. The Jets finished the season 8-8 and missed
the playoffs. They then did the only reasonable thing they
could. They traded for Tim Tebow. The Jets were already a bit of a circus but
when they brought the QB in as competition for Sanchez they turned their little circus
into the cirque du soleil of the football media world. But instead of awe inspiring acrobatics, they
just played football poorly. The season was engulfed in quarterback controversy
talk and the looming threat of Tebow shattered Sanchez’s confidence as fans chanted for
Tebow anytime Sanchez made a mistake. Which was often. To make matters worse, Revis, the crown jewel
of the defense, entered the 2012 season openly unhappy with his contract. This lead to a lot of uneasy feelings amongst
fans, who worshipped the island he put his opponents on. Then in week 3, he tore his ACL. He was traded to Tampa Bay in the offseason. But really, the 2012 Jets season can be summed
up in one play. In week 12, on Thanksgiving in primetime,
the Jets faced off against the rival Patriots. With nine minutes remaining in the first half,
down 14-0, Mark Sanchez set a new low for the entire franchise. I’ve never seen anything like this before
in my life. The butt fumble as it would come to be known,
replaced back to back AFC championship appearances as the defining moment of the Rex Ryan, Mark
Sanchez era of Jets football. It was so bad that fireman Ed, the Jets self-proclaimed
mascot retired in the middle of the game. After this video you can watch me deep dive
the butt fumble in an episode of Rewinder. But first, lets see if the Jets were able
to turn things around. Spoiler, they weren’t. The following week, Sanchez threw three interceptions
which finally prompted Rex to make a change. With Tebow inactive with broken ribs, the
Jets trotted out Greg McElroy to finish the game. And in his first career game, McElroy threw
a game winning touchdown, inching by the Cardinals 7-6. Sanchez was back under center the next week,
and with a win over the Jags, there was still a glimmer of playoff hope wrapping its arms
around the slowly rotting corpse of gang green. The following week, the Jets had the ball
deep in Titans territory, in the fourth quarter, down only four. Prime timing for Sanchez’s fourth interception. They’d get another shot only to watch him
fumble away the ball and the season. That’s the way this game should end, that’s
the way the Jets season should end. Ugly! The Jets slank their way into the offseason
with a 6-10 record, prompting change. On December 31, 2012 they fired GM Mike Tannenbaum. He was replaced by former Seahawks executive,
John Idzik. Tight end Dustin Keller, Mark Sanchez’s
safety blanket, signed with the Dolphins as a free agent and starting running back Shonn
Greene inked a three year deal with the Titans. But Rex Ryan? New York wasn’t quite done with him yet. Idzik and Ryan pulled the trigger on west
virginia QB, Geno Smith in the second round of the 2013 draft and felt confident that
this time, the quarterback competition would be beneficial. But they never really got a chance to see
how it played out. Rex made the mind numbing decision to send
Sanchez out in the 4th quarter of a meaningless week 3 preseason game behind a practice squad
offense line. On his second drive, Sanchez took a hit that
resulted in a season ending injury to his throwing shoulder. The 2013 season now laid squarely on the shoulders
of rookie QB Geno Smith. And it worked out! Until it didn’t. Running back Chris Ivory, signed in the offseason,
breathed life back into the Jets ground game alongside 2011 draft pick and emerging talent,
Bilal Powell. With a running back and a solid defense, the
Jets showed flashes of promise. Following a win over the Saints, the Jets
entered their bye week with a 5-4 record. Fans once again felt the gentle embrace of
hope. But the smartest among them knew what would
come next. They lost their next three games as Geno Smith
threw six interceptions and zero touchdowns. The last of this three game stretch was a
week 13 matchup against the Dolphins in which Smith was benched for Matt Simms. Smith exited the game with a passer rating
of 8.3. That’s bad. But it could be worse. Smith had trouble putting two consecutive
good games together and his up and down performance led to an up and down season for the Jets. They were eliminated from playoff contention
following a week 15 loss to the Panthers and once again finished the season 8-8. Santonio Holmes, who missed most of the 2012
season with a lisfranc fracture, returned in 2013 with lackluster results. He was released in March of 2014. March also brought an end to an era. Three years after quarterbacking the Jets
to their second consecutive AFC championship game, the man once dubbed Sanchize for his
franchise quarterback potential, was released. To replace the now vacant qb roster spot,
the Jets signed veteran Michael Vick. He would back up Geno Smith. As for Rex Ryan, despite another season of
turmoil and disappointment, he was given yet another chance as it was announced that he
would return for the 2014 season. GM John Idzik was holding onto 12 draft picks
in the 2014 draft and planned to plug the teams holes and set Ryan up for success. Those draft picks would go on to be known
as the Idzik twelve. As in, holy shit Idzik, how do you fuck up
twelve times. To be fair, it was more like eleven times
as sixth round wideout, Quincy Enunwa would go on to be a serviceable receiver for the
Jets. But he was the only player from that draft
to still be on the team by 2019 and eight of those twelve were out of the NFL entirely
by 2018. Many people expected the Jets to use the truck
load of picks to trade up in the draft and Rex Ryan even lobbied Idzik to trade up to
select an LSU receiver by the name of Odell Beckham Jr. But no, one by one John Idzik threw the picks
into a pit of despair while the fanbase gathered around and screamed into the abyss. There was hope surrounding first round pick,
Calvin Pryor but he failed to live up to the hype. Third round pick, Dexter Mcdougle never really
got his chance to prove himself after tearing his ACL in the preseason. But the most egregious of those picks came
in the 4th round, where they selected two wide receivers. The first was Jalen Saunders who made one
reception in his NFL career, as a member of the Saints. Their second pick of the round was Shaq Evans
who never played a regular season NFL game. My personal favorite, however, was 6th round
pick Ik Enemkpali, who was released in 2015 after breaking Geno Smith’s jaw over a $600
debt. Anyway, after a week one win over the Raiders
to start the 2014 season, Geno Smith finally found some consistency, losing six straight
heading into a week eight match up against the Bills. It was here that Geno threw two completions
to his teammates and three completions to the opposing team, in the first quarter. He was benched with a passer rating of zero. Zero. Mike Vick finished the game and pushed the
losing streak to seven before then starting the following week and extending the streak
to eight. They finally notched a win in week ten and
entered their bye with a 2 – 8 record. After their bye week, Vick lasted three quarters
before Rex decided to give Smith another shot. They lost some more games and then in week
17 Geno Smith posted a perfect passer rating in a win over the Dolphins because why the
hell not. The Jets finished with a 4-12 record, the
worst under Rex Ryan, who was finally fired despite the team collectively lobbying in
his favor. The joy and excitement of those AFC Championship
game appearances felt as far away as Namath’s Super Bowl win in 1969. The Jets had become the laughing stock of
the NFL, partially unwarranted. When they were good, they were everything
you want from a football team. A loud, charismatic, no bull shit Head Coach
and an underdog team writing a cinderella story with smash mouth defense and a young
gun quarterback. But in the end it was all a joke. A fan base starved for success was shown a
bright light, and as they stared longingly at its beauty with open arms, they forgot
for a moment, that they were standing in the middle of the new jersey turnpike and that
sound wasn’t cheering it was a blaring horn shouting warnings at the delusional people
standing in the middle of the road.

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