How The Impeachment Inquiry Is Impacting Independent New Hampshire Voters | NBC News NOW

How The Impeachment Inquiry Is Impacting Independent New Hampshire Voters | NBC News NOW

46 thoughts on “How The Impeachment Inquiry Is Impacting Independent New Hampshire Voters | NBC News NOW

  1. “The most brilliant propagandist technique will yield no success unless one fundamental principle is borne in mind constantly – it must confine itself to a few points and repeat them over and over.”
    ― Joseph Goebbels 
    collusion, impeach, quid pro quo, border…pumped 24/7/365 by NBC/PBC/CNN…simple yet very effective as we can all see (if we have enough sense to open our own eyes) over the past 20+ years

  2. Can't trump get away with this again he will only get worst he may shot someone to see if he can get away with it he's criminal watch the impeachment investigation

  3. It was a charade, a bad play rehearsed in the basement of the Congress behind closed doors, directed by the head of the intelligence who has absolutely no intelligence, looks like the rehearsals went better than the actual play , the Dem's are toast but the FAKE NEWS just keeps rolling along !

  4. Republican politicians are spineless and insultingly willfully ignorant as they repeat verbatim whatever conspiracies the Russian secret services devise.

    Thanks to Trump and Moscow Mitch the GOP now works for Putin rather than the USA.

  5. well done to this woman.. she is making sure that she is informed…. I'm confident that woman/men like her will vote in the right way and vote Trump out of office

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  7. This inquiry was only launched to influence the 2020 presidential election, democrats are wasting valuable time and money politicking on the taxpayers dime.

  8. I'm watching the, Quid pro quo, turning into, Coup d'etat.

    I get that you hate Trump, get over it! Fix the road, bridges, debt and health care.

  9. If the Russians were trying to influence our elections and divide us, well they succeeded. But why are the Democrats helping them ???

  10. SORRY but [he] has already implicated himself in the recording 😒…….the polls are wrong! Dems don't need to "sway," anyone!!!
    independents believe the truth & they will side with the courts bcus @ the end of the day
    December 09, 2019

  11. Neither party stand for what I stand for, so to vote I have to vote for the lesser of two evils, so I'll go Democrat, independent never wins.

  12. Anyone that thinks this is a 'nothing burger' did not watch the hearings or even ONE live testimony! I decided to go Democrat after listening to Fiona Hill. She put it all in perspective for me.

  13. The average citizens in the United States don’t realize how dangerous the situation is to our future way of life, our democracy, our freedom. If we don’t remove Donald Trump from office everybody better learn how to speak Russian because as it stands right now, Vladimir Putin is now OUR Dictator

  14. As an unaffiliated citizen of NH I will not vote for any republican who supports the corrupt regime now in office as for the democrats thats up in the air. Warren's out she's a proven liar, sorry bernie too far left, as for the rest two look good and rest should just go home

  15. With all the evidence out there, WTF is wrong with Americans????? They must be the dumbest electorate right now on this planet. Not even in Africa are the voters that stupid.

  16. Ugh who's this fake Pink journalist. I'm surprised they didn't bury this report, it doesnt bode well for Democrats even with the heavily biased reporting style.

  17. the voter sounds phony, or she only listens to CNN. The more the hearings went on, the more clear it was the president didn't do anything wrong. Especially someone who is keenly aware of the partisan politics they play would focus on that and express outrage that they are wasting time on an impeachment instead of doing their job.

    I am totally sick and tired of politicians putting their party first….and all of them do. They are elected to work for the people, not fight the other side. Pelosi especially is one of the worst frauds in congress. The most important job she had this entire year was passing that trade bill. She had an opportunity to help over 200,000 americans get high paying jobs and raise the entire economy 1 to 5% and instead of working for the people and the good of the country she put her party politics first and has blocked the bill. She is really a low life skank, the worst of the swamp scum.

  18. NBC should be ashamed, or indicted, for false news. This poor woman doesn't realize that what she saw as "solid proof" was manipulated material only PART of the actual data was presented. She doesn't realize because she says the "aid was withheld" when, in actuality, it was delayed and for reasons that have to do with the Deep State swamp as well as the unknown quantity of the new Ukrainian president, not because it was being used to manipulate the Ukrainians. SHAME, SHAME SHAME on the main stream news! Shame on NBC, CBS CNN and the rest of the liars and falsifiers and deleters and with holders of the real, whole news story.

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