How the American Media Fuels A Cycle of Violence

How the American Media Fuels A Cycle of Violence

So, before I start, I just want to say One: This video isn’t monetized. And two: This isn’t about guns. That whole debate over gun rights is not what I’m talking about here. If certain policies could work is kind of irrelevant to the point of this. You’re probably watching this video because another school slash public shooting happened. You know how the cycle goes already. It feels like the United States has been in this cycle for decades, and it’s only getting worse. I’m not talking about gun violence in general, but a particular type of violence. A lone gunman against unarmed people, in a confined space. The cycle is turning faster and faster. What used to be a year between tragedies has now gone to months, and weeks. What is fueling someone to go out and commit this violence? Why is this cycle spinning faster? What I want to cover is one factor: How the American Media covers mass shootings in the first place. Before I do that, I have to explain. Journalism is a business. For newspapers and news channels to stay afloat They rely on companies buying ad space on their papers or sites. Journalism relies on advertisements just like any YouTube channel does. Cable news, newspapers, even news websites. All of them need views. Clicks and subscribers are crucial, because when more people watch the news the more valuable their ad space becomes. It’s easier to convince businesses to advertise if you get a lot of traffic. There’s nothing wrong with that. Newspapers and cable news are businesses and without money, they die. The problem began when people stopped watching. And it’s all thanks to the internet. American media has been in a sort of spiral for the last decade. People started getting their news online, and this left newspapers and cable news in a tough situation. They needed to keep people reading or advertisers would leave. Most newspapers couldn’t really adapt to that. And they died. Cable news survived because it’s more accessible, but the scare of losing viewers to the internet changed the survivors. It changed the way that cable news works. How do you keep the attention of people who get information online? More and more people are cutting their cable packages and cable news is feeling that. So what do they do? They try to make the news interesting and entertaining to watch. And you can’t always do that. Sometimes, stuff just isn’t happening. This is why it seems like CNN and Fox News are just padding for time. They make up dumb and pointless controversies. They have dumb arguments with random people who have a certain credential. And it’s because they are. They are padding for time. Most of what Fox News and CNN does is basically just filler until the Cialis commercials. Cable news can’t afford to be boring in America. Controversy sells, violence sells, debate sells, tragedy sells. It’s horrific events that keep our attention. We need more information to understand tragedy, and cable news, fully knows this. And that is why one of the greatest jackpots for media, is mass shootings. Shootings provide a who, why, where, and how. They have motives. They have numbers. Emotion, to them. Information unfolds on an hourly basis, and the media provides that to viewers. But at the same time, viewers are watching advertisements. They contribute to ratings that keep news outlets afloat. So that padding for time takes on a darker side, when mixed with shootings. Cable news, which is normally just filler, has something to talk about. Shootings are fantastic rating boosts and they provide content. For weeks after the shooting this is why we always see the event talked about in detail. Who the shooter was. This was his face. This was his weapon. This was his social media page. These were his victims. This was his motive. And this is where his kill count is, compared to other past shootings. This, by accident I’d hope, inspires copy-cats. Cable news, by milking the tragedy, makes a celebrity out of a creep who nobody knew about before. Now you say: What kind of sick person would be inspired by that? Oh buddy, go on 4Chan and some places on Reddit. Many of them exist. And all it takes is one of them to not care about anything anymore, and just want to leave that legacy. This is the problem with showing the killers face and motivation. It inspires others. It tells creeps on the edge that they’ll get the same treatment for doing these acts. Kill count cements a legacy, and the media is keeping score. That’s why this video isn’t monetized. Or has shown any killers specific face. Because doing otherwise, is profiting, off of tragedy. No matter if CNN, or Vice, or Fox News talks about the gun debate, no matter how much they say these shootings are horrific, at the end of the day, they are getting content. They are profiting off of this. They ask kids right after a massacre how they feel. Because it helps ratings. And effectively created a brand new trend in America, that will be a reliable rating boost, every couple months. So, limit guns or don’t. I’m not giving my political opinion. I think we can agree that something has to be done about how we talk about shootings in America. But I don’t think we will. Because for many, tragedy is now profitable.

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  1. It seems the same with Brexit, the media didn't do it's due diligence pre Brexit in getting the facts out and informing people properly and they are getting so much out of the mess now.

  2. We're beyond their concern for profitability as private corporations. Media is an institution of the agenda for world communism.

  3. What a ridiculous 'proxy war' on the media when the focus should be on the epidemic of gun violence and how the NRA – the majority of its members are gun manufacturers – now owns most of the voting members of Congress. The gravitas of the moderator would make this hilarious if it weren't for the evidence in the comments that some people actually believe this "conspiracy theory" all wrapped up in the cloak of serious commentary/quasi journalism. Big hint: The author himself prefaces this piece with this: "Needed to get this off my chest." And thus, becomes part of the problem he bemoans. He does EXACTLY the same thing for which he criticizes "the media". Let's put our energy where it will make a difference: Universal background checks (85% of GOP supports this), mandated training for and licensing of guns (as we do for cars, motorcycles, and boats), and a ban on assault-style, military weapons. That would be a good beginning.

  4. left out social media and the hate mongering and pandering for likes or just attention. either way, it is a media problem.

  5. Its gotten down to hourly. There have been 249 mass shootings in America alone in 2019 by the 3rd of August. That’s 215 days into the year. That’s more than 1 a day. WTF

  6. Quite obvious that your intention is to divert blame away from USA gun culture. All Western countries have a tragedy vulture media sector but not all Western countries have constant mass shootings.

  7. Hey Reddit. This video was created a year ago. So if you wonder why I don't talk about the influence places like 8chan, general political dogma, racism have on some of these shootings, well, its cuz it was before Christchurch and El Paso. This at the time was about general mass shootings, not nationalist terrorist attacks.

  8. Am I the only one who thinks these shootings are organized?
    It looks to professional to be some random idiot.

  9. It went from years, to months to weeks, the as of yesterday Sunday August 4th and the day before Saturday August 3rd, days, keep your hearts and minds with the people of El Paso, Texas, and Dayton, Ohio.
    And if you were affected by any of this, stay strong, things will get better. Stay strong folks, be kind to one another, have a good time, and enjoy it to the fullest.

  10. No. Thats too easy. In all of western europe american mass shootings are also covered extensively, yet there are very little domestic mass shootings. The media provides an important element of a FREE society, because it drives the discussion and creates debate. Just that in the U.S it has now ended up at both extremes of the argument a lot of the time.

    The real ROOT cause of all mother of root causes for this in the USA is too HIGH INDIVIDUALISM. The pressure is out of control. It's okay to be on a diet of capitalistic cake all day, but it's so dry right now that people choke and cough up on it all the time. Sprinkle that shit with some socialistic values where it makes sense, like in healthcare. It has worked for your Police ,has it not? Or do you dial the Police up and they say if you want us to come right now you need the Premium response package at 99$. You have the same problem with the war on drugs, fighting the SYMPTOM of SUPPLY and not the cause of your OWN DEMAND.

  11. The media has known what causes mass shooters for over a decade, they are fully aware that the fame they give to these horrible despicable people, is what motivates even more people to do it. They do it because they can make money off of it, and they desperatly need money in the age of the internet.

    Todays media is also heavily warped, it doesnt cover news anymore, they need to make people hooked on their content, so they create mass hysteria about things like climate change, or racism, or immigrants or whatever really, just so they can sell their poison again and again and again. Just look at how the media around climate change has changed over time, it used to be "this is what we think will happen if we dont act in 20-25 years" to "if we dont act now the planet will literally kill us all in 10 years time" and people eat it up and believe it. They dont even cover the actual science anymore.

    Just look at how everything that happens today is due to climate change, which completly ignores that local factors outweighs global factors, always. Which is why we understand that just because its winter doesnt mean that climate change is false. But now they make that argument over and over again, in the case for the bad effects of climate change.All

    Some stranded whales = climate change

    Some dead birds = climate change

    A heatwave = climate change

    Bee decline = climate change

    All of which doesnt follow, you need to link them together first but they never do. Because they want to sell us these things to keep us hooked on their content.

  12. I think the problem comes from society and from the people not from cable and from channels dude. This is so stupid. This way this problem will never be solved. This stupid video suggests that crime happening because TV advertises it. False. Don't be ignorant.

  13. You hit it on the head the media is dying and they are willing to help create more and encourage it by immortalizing these freaks

    It is disgusting

  14. The media's motto< "IF it bleeds , It Leads" Truly a sad state of affairs. This Motto was used in the 80's. now look where it has gone and become. This can go all the way back to Don Henley's song "Dirty Laundry" (The bubble headed bleach blond that comes on at 5, Can tell you about a plane crash with a gleam in her eye , People love it when you die, That's dirty laundry they need dirty laundry) sad very sad…

  15. Call up your bank right now and demand that they immediately stop processing payments for, and approving loans to, any business which incites violence.

  16. The worst things to happen to this country in the last 20 years …The Internet, Common Core, Smart Phones, Children growing up without Fathers, Lack of respect for Preachers, Teachers and Law Enforcement and Violent Video Games!!

  17. They also put out a lot of fake information right at the beginning to get you hooked. "Multiple shooters, possibly hundreds dead, fully automatic assault weapons."

  18. Does anyone else feel like when some kind of shooting happens, that everything feels almost sarcastic or fake? We live in a society that celebrates and glorifies death/violence at every turn and then acts surprised when someone actually does it.

  19. Liberalism is a mental disease and there is no cure possible.
    The recent El Paso and Dayton shootings were false flags funded by Soros and planned by the Obama deep state cabinet including Valarie Jarrett, Brennan, Kitty , Clinton Rice and ex DOJ Holder-Lynch clowns.

  20. "they have motives"
    y'know, unless it's the Vegas shooter, responsible for one of the largest terrorist attacks in American history, who the FBI gave up on figuring out of the motive of.

  21. “Times have not become more violent. They have just become more televised.” — Marilyn Manson, “Columbine: Whose Fault Is It?”, Rolling Stone, 1999

  22. Funny they DON'T talk about the Murdered Reporter. HMMMMM I Wonder why?! OH! cause people will start shooting reporters! BAD FOR RATINGS! If they are dead!

  23. I watched this video when it was released a year ago, I watched it now and I will watch it again when the next mass-shooting happen next month or whatever it happen.

  24. it is people who are being paid $ toward their families to commit these crimes in order for the US Gov to push taking away all of our means of protecting us from ….THE GOV!…..that to me is what this is.

  25. There have been so many shootings in the news that I've become completely desensitized to them. Of course, if one happened near me, I would panic and hightail it out of there, but when I see the fourth school shooting in a month in the news, I just turn the page (yes, I still read a newspaper). I know that sounds horrible, and shootings are the very definition of horrible, but there have been so many, that I get bored of them. I mean, if avalanches happened every other week, you would get tired of hearing about them too.

  26. A few days ago, on Sunday August 4th, 2019 there were 3 mass shootings within 24 hrs. And you bet the media had a field day

  27. Add an agenda to push to all of this and you have CO-conspiracy with the shooters and the news that is dividing us. They’re all garbage.

  28. My view is that the MSM's political messaging (very Leftist & progressive in the most hyperbolic & usually racist way possible) is also how the media is contributing to these mass shootings.

  29. Man I came to rewatch this after the Festival, El Paso, and Dayton shootings because I felt that I needed to.

  30. When the rule of law isn't respected anymore, people will provide the means to establish their own justice.

    The people you called creeps will be more understandable for you in the future.

    Your "if the snake doesn't bite me, let him live a thousand years" attitude will bring your own destruction, because the snake will bite you in the end.

    And trust me YOU will become a creep as well.

    You, the person who reads this comment, mark my words. You will be a creep as well.

    Enjoy what's left yof your civilization.

  31. The only "compromise" Americans should have in regards of background checks is the inclusion of juvenile records. Most of this shooters had some sort of violence history. Anything else would scratch the anti-constitutional

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