How Steve Bannon sees the world

How Steve Bannon sees the world

When talking about the world’s 1.6 billion
Muslims, American presidents are traditionally very careful to differentiate between the
vast majority who practice the religion peacefully and the small minority who don’t. There’s nothing in there, in Islam that condones
the kind of brutality that we’ve seen Our actions today were not aimed against Islam,
the faith of hundreds of millions of good, peace-loving people. We are not at war with Islam, we are at war
with those who have perverted Islam. President Donald Trump has not continued this
tradition. Do you think Islam is at war with The West? I think Islam hates us. There’s something, there’s something there
that’s a tremendous hatred. To understand why Trump is breaking with his
predecessors, you have to understand his chief strategist, Steve Bannon. Before he joined the Trump campaign, Bannon
ran the far-right website Breitbart, where he hosted a daily radio show. The face of terror is not the true faith of
Islam. Islam is peace. If you listen to Bannon’s radio show, and
watch his speeches, you start to get a sense of how he sees the world. Bannon believes that the US and Western Europe
are in the middle of an historical struggle against Islam itself. Bannon isn’t talking about the American
founding fathers, he’s talking about European leaders who fought off Muslim conquests in
the 8th and 16th centuries. That is the context in which Bannon approaches
policy today This context also helps us understand Bannon’s
views about refugees from the muslim world. In a 2015 interview, Bannon and then-Representative
Ryan Zinke of Montana discussed Obama’s plan to take in10,000 refugees from Syria. Bannon seems to think Syrian refugees are
incapable of adapting to the American way of life. Before Breitbart, Bannon made documentary
films. In the outline for one film, which he didn’t
end up making, Bannon warns of an Islamist takeover of the United States. The opening scene features the call to prayer
and a flag of the Muslim star and crescent flying over the U.S. capitol building. Though his current focus is on Muslims, Bannon
has expressed a desire to keep all foreign-born people out of the U.S. In a 2015 interview, he disagreed when Donald Trump said we should keep high-skilled immigrants in the US. Less than 14% of Silicon
Valley CEOs are Asian. But the fake statistic supports his view:
that legal immigrants are just as problematic if not more, than those who are here illegally. The number is closer to 13 percent, but Bannon’s
point is that immigrants somehow make America less American. He believes they don’t share American values,
and that, even when here legally, they take jobs away from native-born Americans. And, in this view, Bannon is way out of sync
with mainstream Republicans, who, along with business interests like the
Chamber of Commerce, have long said they welcome legal immigrants. We’re gonna need more legal immigration. Immigrants are an economic engine of vitality
for our country, they make things happen. We need to figure out how to have more legal
immigration. Immigrants are the lifeblood of our society. I think probably, you know, the most dedicated
Americans are those who come here as immigrants. Bannon blames legal immigrants for what he
describes as a bleak economic landscape for native-born Americans. If you’re under 30 years old, your children
are going to be poor, and your grandchildren are going to be paupers. The only way to stop this from happening,
Bannon says, is to rise up against those whom he calls the ruling political class, those
who allow immigration, legal and illegal, to continue. Think about it. If the elites are so good, how did we get
in this jam? This is the fourth great crisis in American
history: we had the Revolution, we had the Civil War, we had the Great Depression and
World War II, this is the great fourth turning in American history Bannon’s views have already started to influence policy. Multiple news outlets have confirmed that
he was behind the executive order temporarily banning travelers from 7 majority-muslim countries
and almost all refugees from entering the US. A federal judge has temporarily halted the
ban, but with the president’s ear, and a seat on the National Security Council,
Bannon’s vision of a closed America, at war with Islam will continue to influence policy.

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  1. In America short minded xenophobia is a mean and an end. Profiting off stupidity and while saying education is indoctrination.

  2. Islam declared war on Israel, America and the Western powers … They are calling people refugees but they are forcing or kidnapping women and children to make themselves look like refugees … They are indeed truly militant enemies and Cartels, and Cartel like gangs … Just look at what is happening in Europe and at our borders with Mexico … Tijauna has been destroyed … I feel for the Mexican people who work long and hard for what they had … There have been women and young girls RAPED and MURDERED !!
    There have been
    home invasions, robberies and Drug trafficking into Tijauna … This is an INVASION … WAKE UP PEOPLE ✝️🇺🇸

  3. But immigrants dont value the American tradition. Its just a fact. Look outside your front door. What type of propaganda is this channel spreading? Shame on Vox.

  4. Bannon knows what he is talking about. We will not get on with certain groups, period. Why are we wasting time trying.

  5. Islam is definitely not a religion of peace:

  6. US Military has the biggest budget in the world, 3 times more than that of China’s. USA is the biggest war mongor. USA started close to 30 wars against small and weak countries ever since WW2. USA created millions and millions of refugees and deaths to these countries. How could kind Americans of democracy allowed their government’s atrocities?

  7. Islam basic doctrine is to convert the world to Islam by any and all means possible . The word Islam means submission, and their goal is to enforce sharia law in all countries where they have a majority.

  8. At 1:53 the narrator claims Bannon was talking about the Crusades. No, Bannon was referencing the first war the founders of America had to face. It was with the Barbary Pirates, aka Muslims. The Muslims were pirating our ships, holding the cargo for ransom, and terrorizing our merchant sailors. Thomas Jefferson made the decision to form the Marines and send them over to Tripoli in Lybia to put an end (research how the Marines were so effective) to the nonsense. It worked for almost 200 years.

    Remember the first words to the Marines hymn, “From the halls of Montezuma to the shores of Tripoli”.

    Don’t you hate it when under educated folks try to educate others.

  9. He thinks they're coming in too fast and he's right. Look what's going on up in little Arabia with that congresswoman Omar. There are so many Muslims up there that came into the country during the Obama administration that they want to get Sharia law legalized. What does that tell you? I'll tell you what it tells me and that is that they are already living by Sharia law. If we keep letting Muslims from the middle East flood into the U.S. we're gonna have the same serious issues in America that they are having in many European countries. Women being raped because their heads aren't covered they way Sharia Law says that it should be. You also have female circumcisions, honor killings, homosexuals being killed, & more.

  10. Small minority means 50%+ in some countries, now they don't try to kill you they just have beliefs that are disgusting.

  11. Oh yeah lets let them all in so we can have cities that nkt even police are allowed to enter just like Britain am i right fellas?!?! #MakeIslamGreatAgain

  12. It's past time for the world's people's to see Islam for what it is – look around; be HONEST. The practitioners of this so-called religion are in 3rd World countries BECAUSE of Islam. The behaviors it demands are keeping it's adherents in the 12th Century.
    Something HAS to remove the scales from the eyes of it's followers – AND, knock some sense into the minds of the PC "Progressives" that want to destroy Western Civilization.

  13. The moment he knows that the historical Muslim Empires have been more religiously tolerate than Christian ones

  14. Steve Bannon "After his military service, he worked at Goldman Sachs as an investment banker, and left as vice president"
    Steve Bannon "He has referred to himself as a "proud Christian Zionist" in reference to his support of Israel"

    He is jewish agent.

  15. Small minority of 1.5B.P. is still a loooot of people. U make it sound like its nothing… even 5% is too much and there is more than 5%…

  16. Ironically, he himself was a descended from immigrants bloodline. If he's talking about the native Americans weree ruined. He's right. And it's because of the white. Like him. White supremacist talking a white lie and living in white hypocrisy.

  17. Islam has stated its at war with the west…. they want to populate the entire globe….look at Michigan……

  18. Bad Guy Bannon "The invisible hand"
    He creates conspiracy theories and then he believes in it.
    America that was founded by British colonies which is practically illegal immigrants exploiting another country resources now saying that they hate any immigrants?
    Kinda hypocritical ain't it?

  19. Have you noticed wherever Islam goes you have problems: Thailand, China, Europe, Africa. So like it or not, you do not hear about this with Sikhs, Bhuddists, Christians. Where am I wrong ? This is not saying ALL Muslims. The ones that get it first from the extremists are the moderate Muslims. Have you noticed that ? In fact have you noticed anything, or do you just like living in your virtue signalling naive fantasy world, that you can wear your little 'I am morally superior' badge. Not addressing extreme Islam, is not doing the moderates, let alone anyone else, any favours.

  20. I didn't mind immigration until some North Koreans moved in next door. They stuck pictures of Kim Jong Un all over the commons parts and kidnapped my Japanese neighbors. Filthy North Koreans.

  21. Fun fact you Americans are not American infact you are the imagrints of countries like Brittan so please stop talking about being American I don't want to hear it.


  23. Steven bannon is the one of many funding HK riots through NED together with the most wanted Chinese criminal Guo Wengui. why just give these tax payers money to people in US.

  24. It's interesting to see that Bannon who has an anti-immigration stance recently became a chairman on the far right Hindu American foundation…. Is that a 180 degree turn? Any thoughts on that?

  25. There’s brutality in both the Christian Jewish and Islam books. Sounds more like Donald Trump hasn’t read any of them which is probably so when you talk like that and act like that Donald Trump isn’t The type a Christian that I think Jesus would approve. Such as apparently being crazily in denial of the slaughtering that happened between the Catholics and the protestant as peaceful right because there’s no hatefulness there Ha.

  26. but all of our ancestors going back to the Native Americans would’ve been considered at one time or another as from another country so Maybe I’m still not understanding what he’s meaning but he’s in sane.

  27. Those European forefathers didn’t fight off Muslim conquests in the 8th and 16th centuries. They did it in the 8th THROUGH the 16th centuries.

  28. islam is not just some immigrants !!!
    islam agenda/ideology is to conquer any non-islamic land and occupy it,
    if by violence, over-populating it or any means necessary,
    our democracy is used as a shield for them to conquer us,
    its up to us to recognize and stop this
    for the sake of our future, children and humanity as a whole

  29. I love all these white Western Islam apologists who have never stepped foot in a Muslim country in their entire lives nor know a lick of history behind the religion/cult.

  30. White american are descend of Europeans. Moreover america is land of black.

    Most of important thing if you just kick out all immigrants then I believe the end of great america will meet its end.

  31. It's ironic that Google, Facebook and when Steve Jobs was around and Microsoft. All their CEOs are from immigrant families. None a native American. Something that Steve Bannon and Trump should see. All these people are proof that an immigrant can become something big and influence world views.

  32. Nobody studies history anymore it seems. What they do now we did hundreds of years ago.
    Ireland expanded population on one item namely potatoes. The potato failed and there was a huge economic problem.
    We starved but learned.

    Now countries like Iran have become about 5 times as populous as they were in 1950. All this based on oil prices kept artificially high.

    They are most ungrateful for this gift from European civilization and for all the others too numerous to mention.

    They want nuclear weapons.

    Now oil technology has changed the game. This was predictable.

    We can not be reasonably blamed for bad decisions made by nations making their own choices.

    Now it is their turn to learn their errors.

    So sad.

    When will they ever learn?

    Don Hansen

  33. Lol who along with business interests like the chamber of commerce

    The same chamber of commerce that wields visas like a machete to maim older white, black, asian and latino american citizen workers
    These american citizen workers are thrown out of their jobs like human garbage so 100,000 mostly indian docile workers can replace them for far less money.

    Generally the way the chamber of commerce likes it is to have young males who can't get pregnant, can work long hours and won't ask questions. That chamber of commerce is not "Mainstream republican"

  34. Yeah, that vast majority is here now and will use their vote to deny people who lifestyles disagree with their iron age book their inalienable rights.

  35. Even though that's not right to say in politics, realistically, Islam does hate christians and jews, and yes guys they desperately want to submit you to Islam no matter how manner is used they want an Islamic constitution in the U.S. I am from a muslim country and community so I understand how things work here, I am not lying!

  36. 4:11 13.9% in executive roles, 18,8% in management roles… true it isn't equal to 27,2% in the professional work force in "these five companies". But it's neither equal to 5,6% of US population they constitute. So one can speak of Asian dominating US tech sector. For good or for bad, depending on how racist one is…

  37. 0:39–0:41 Oh Shut up! You are an extremist. Leave islam alone. Islam does not hate anyone. I loves everyone. Islam is a religion of peace, not a terror threat.

  38. Let me see why the Middle East don’t like western society…

    Stealing there oil
    Toppling there governments
    Invading there country’s
    Bombing there civilians
    I can keep going…

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