23 thoughts on “How social media makes us unsocial | Allison Graham | TEDxSMU

  1. honestly people think their introverts and like to flaunt it because it makes them feel o so unique guess what take away social media, tv, video games, and anything to do with living through a screen and guess what will happen bam extroverts? funny huh? lol

  2. or you can just pay for minutes and text and no internet plan if you have a flip phone there is plans where you get like 500mg of internet then slow speeds can’t do much with that lol

  3. What do you want me to tell you? People want to be inundated with intrusive, invasive devices that dehumanize us. It's the new thing.

  4. Easy to walk away from my phone for a hour, if the waves are good then 3 to 4 hours…
    However I stop all social media accounts in the last 5 years

  5. Sad to see people in my life who insist that they are being interrupted when someone attempts to talk to them while they are watching TV, scrolling Facebook, etc.

  6. Decent message but it’s presented, and arguably aimed at older generations… which are likely not the ones experiencing the majority of the things she’s speaking about… (know your audience) this is borderline an old woman complaining about young people on her lawn at this point.

  7. people have forgotten to enjoy life,they actually do stuff,take pictures to show off….seeking validation at all times is disastrous….

  8. ….The only time i don't use my cell phone is when I'm at work, the boss says, NO! Otherwise, I would be on it all day, thank you boss….lol.

  9. My coworkers are in their offices uploading from social media and god forbid you interrupt them. Lol. I have one good friend because I hate people. Seriously.

  10. The fact is, socializing is a part of our nature, humans are supposed to communicate that’s a part of who we are. Although when we do socialize we find people who are toxic to us, but this will happen to everyone so you can’t just be alone because you have ran into a few toxic people. Running into these people will just teach you lessons and better you, try to stay positive about everything and don’t be negative about lessons you have learned.

  11. These comments are all people on social media, patting themselves on the back for not using social media yikes

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