How should we respond to those who say that the Reformation no longer matters?

How should we respond to those who say that the Reformation no longer matters?

SPROUL: One noted British theologian has made
that comment in print, that the issues of the 16th century aren’t the issues any more
today. That all of a sudden, the division has been
restored, and has been healed, and all the rest… That Rome doesn’t teach indulgences anymore,
it doesn’t have a treasury merit anymore. What are they thinking? What are they reading? Read the Catholic Catechism of the 1990s and
see whether there’s any treasury of merit, and see whether there’s any indulgences, and
see the rest… No. If anything the issues are greater today. Partly because of the impact of 19th century
liberal Protestantism. That if anything has moved the Gospel back
in the darkness. It’s that. And that heresy came out of Protestantism,
not out of the Roman Catholic Church. And yet, we are being destroyed in the world-wide
sense by the residual unbelief of the 19th century liberal destruction of the Gospel. NICHOLS: You know when I hear these questions,
“Was the Reformation a mistake? Is the Reformation over?” They tend to be phrased and framed from those
in the sort of Anglo-American contexts. It’s very interesting if you go into Latin-American
contexts, or you go into context like Brazil or other places, they’re not asking that question. Is the Reformation over? It’s a very clear distinction between what
Roman Catholicism is teaching and Protestantism. We are very much partners with a wonderful
ministry in Brazil called “Editora Fiel.” And when the founder of that ministry went
to Brazil, and began the ministry, the local catholic church hung a banner outside of their
church praying to Our Lady of Fatima, meaning Mary, deliver us from the heresies of these
Protestants. Sometimes in our settings, and I think because
of generations of liberalism, we’ve become theologically numb. And when we put ourselves out of our settings,
we just see how distinct and how clear and what a true difference there is. Between the Protestantism and the upholding
of the Gospel, and the Catholicism—which really is obscuring the Gospel.

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  1. St. Andrews is such a beautiful church. If you ever have the opportunity to check it out, do yourself a favor and do so. It’s quite inspiring.

  2. In the book of Colossians 2:8( revised standard version) says.." See to it that no one makes a prey of you by philosophy and empty deceit, according to human tradition, according to elemental spirits of the universe, and not according to Christ." If the bible ( holly scriptures) warns us about philosophers or philosophy, then we must beware of these kinds of teaching and beliefs in the church. What we see and hear today is not a pure gospel written by the holly apostles but preachers imaginations, ideas and personal feelings. Church now ( christians) must come back to the original holly path of God, and abide only to what is written. No any denomination in the world is going to heaven, by the way people who are going back with God are holly, for it is written blessed and holy is he that have a part in the first resurrection ( revelation 20:6), and not baptist, Pentecost's, catholic, Lutherans, seven days adventist etc, for they are not written in the scriptures, all of them are founded or invented by men after spirit of confusion entered in the church. And our God is not the author of confusion ( 1 corinthians 14:33). Real christians should have the same Spirit as the holly apostles had. In 2corinthians 4:13 says.." Since we have the same spirit of faith as he had wrote, I believed, and so I spoke, " we too believe, and so we speak." There is only one church in the bible, and in order to avoid this hypocrisy we should find out what was the name of faith of the apostles in the scriptures, and what is the church that Lord Jesus established and how many lords, baptisms etc. and finally when we build a place to worship or gathering what Name or athourity should we use! The Name of the Lord Jesus or Jesus Christ according to Colossians 3:17, or our personal preferences.

  3. Gen Z Protestant here. I think most American protestants such as myself underestimate the threat Catholicism and more importantly Atheism pose to our country, to Christianity, and more specifically our culture. Protestantism isn't just a trivial matter, this is something people fought, bled, and died for. This is something my ancestors fought tooth and nail to preserve against Catholic armies. We have a duty and a right to preserve Christianity the way it was meant to be, not only for ourselves but for our children.

    Catholics have little to no respect towards Protestants from my experience. They regard us as simple heretics. Atheists too, absolutely despise religion. If we continue to do nothing, if we let our churches continue on a path of Modernism and projector pop songs, if we allow Catholics to utterly out-debate and out-think Protestants, we will disappear, and there will be no Christianity left. We need to engage these people in the open, with fanatical, religious devotion. If we do nothing, we will not only lose our religion, but our culture, history, and existence as a distinct people.

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