How politicians troll the media

How politicians troll the media

38 thoughts on “How politicians troll the media

  1. The GOP is FULL of NOTHING but NARCISSISTS! & their SYCOPHANTS! If YOU are a US Congressman or A US Senator & YOU’RE PROMOTING Conspiracy Theories-then YOU are ALSO a DELUSIONAL NARCISSIST who believes in BULLSHIT & PROPAGANDA & LIES! You never hear that coming from ANY OTHER PARTY but the GOP!

  2. Putin has taught Trump all he knows. This is how he got the stupid Americans to believe false news.

  3. So kinda like the news with the Mueller report, jussie smollett, and the white Christian school boys?

  4. They all know better but want the clicks. They can’t let someone else get it…. so I must write about that too so that other “news” person doesn’t get the view instead of me! That’s the problem. 24 hour news and begging for clicks

  5. Invest some money, buy some property, live ya life, love ya folks. Our world will go back to the light one day.

  6. When the vid was showing examples of hacks and trolls the perfect example are any of these vox fools.

  7. I am a democrat but seriously. Don’t ever show MSNBC. They are so left biased. And I support left. I want accurate and unbiased news like the Washington post or Politico

  8. McCarthyism right? A far right politician in post-WW2 America kept saying how he has a list of hundreds of politicians that were in power and were secretly communists. The red scare started and it helped conservative politicians a ton, even though this 'list' of his never was released and over time it went from hundreds, to tens, to dozens, and so on. Yet it was too late and even though in the end it was realized this list was fake, it had already hurt so many political careers and even actors in Hollywood too when the blacklist was made

  9. That's why talk show hosts are smart: They can call out "THAT"S BS!" while the big news argues over it as if it was an existential philosophy. I want to see how much longer can the administration "call wolf" until the news realize they were being played all along, or will there be a real wolf, in the end, to rip those senators, reps, and spokespeople into pieces.

  10. “Variety Studio: Actors on Actors is an American television
    series of one-hour specials that premiered on December 21, 2014, on PBS SoCal.
    Hosted by Jenelle Riley, the show features various actors discussing the most
    popular television shows and films”. Excerpted from Wikipedia… This televison
    program in its conception is very interesting, held a viewing promise for me
    until I watched only two episodes, then realized its in the nature of the
    occupation discussed, bathed in deceit, by way of self-marketing and promotion,
    which I now believe has bled into the political and television journalistic
    arenas as a new kind of ‘show business’. What politician or journalist has not
    altered their appearance, seemingly to cut a more perceived pleasingly appearance?
    As they go about marketing themselves or as a representive of their employer.

  11. Politicians and journalists that regularly appear on
    televison in dyed hair, if they suddenly stopped this frequency, hair dye companies
    would soon go out of business, it’s as if their integrity is tied to this duplicity.

  12. The idiots in the mainstream media keep falling for the same tired stunts. Fool you once, shame on me. Fool you twice, shame on you. They should fire all journalists who hype these questionable stories as well as everyone who gave Trump free publicity in 2016!

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