How Nazis Stole the Word “Aryan”

How Nazis Stole the Word “Aryan”

In 1786 an English guy named William Jones
gave a speech that essentially founded the modern field of linguistics. Unfortunately, that same speech was instrumental
in creating the idea of an “Aryan race.” Jones’ speech is known today for proposing
the existence of the Indo-European language family, the idea that most of the languages
of Europe, Iran and the Indian subcontinent are all variations of what used to be one
single language. But at the time it wasn’t clear what to
call this language family. “Indo-European” eventually became the
standard, for obvious reasons, but some people wanted to call them the “Japhetic languages”
after a character from the bible, and some people in Germany wanted to call them the
“Indo-Germanic languages” because of course they did. But some people noticed that at least some
of the authors of ancient Sanskrit texts called themselves “Aryans,” and from there inferred
that the original Proto-Indo-Europeans also called themselves “Aryans,” and thus they
preferred to call it the “Aryan language family.” At the same time that people were fighting
over what to call this group of languages, people were also arguing about what the nature
of this grouping was exactly, and some pretty weird theories were getting thrown around. Now, what I’m about to describe will make
more sense if you think about the intellectual climate of the 1800s. It hadn’t been that long ago that the enlightenment
had called into question the literal accuracy of a lot of biblical narratives, and science
was in the process of suggesting a lot of new ideas about the history of the world and
origin of humanity. But, at the same time, the out-of-africa theory
for the origin of humans and our modern understanding of our evolution from chimpanzee-like ancestors
was still a long way off. Mix all that uncertainty together with the
idea of an Aryan language family as well as a big old heaping of racism, anti-semitism
and nationalism and you get some weird ideas. Ideas like:
Maybe the original speakers of proto-Aryan were all white people, and all white people
are descended from those original Aryan people and that’s where white people come from! Maybe those Aryans conquered India but then
interbred with the native black population, and that’s why modern Indians have brown
skin! Maybe this sacred Indian religious symbol
was actually a symbol of those ancient Arians who invaded India! Maybe Aryans interbred with other races in
Europe too but who interbred with who in what ratios produced all the different modern European
nations, except for Germany which is the only place where there are still pure Aryans! Maybe Jesus, even though he was born to non-Aryan
semitic-language-speaking Jews, was miraculously an Aryan because miracles! Maybe Christianity actually has nothing to
do with Judaism and is actually a direct descendent of Germanic paganism and is a pure Aryan religion
and maybe we should get rid of the Old Testament because it was written by Jews and the entire
Catholic church is just a Jewish conspiracy! And so is communism! And so is capitalism! And so is EVERYTHING aaaand you can probably
tell where this is going. Now, we’re talking about a lot of different
people over the span of more than a hundred and fifty years who were all toying with ideas
like this and they disagreed with each other a lot on the specifics, but these were the
kind of ideas that were being thrown around in the century leading up to rise of the Nazis. But before I talk about them, I’d like to
just point out real quick that the whole idea of an Aryan people ancestral to Europeans
never made much sense to begin with. Remember how some Sanskrit speakers called
themselves Aryans? Well, for one thing it was only the Indo-Iranian
branch of the Indo-Europeans who called themselves that, none of the others did, which makes
it look a lot more like this was an innovation of one branch and not something that can be
traced back to the root. For another thing even at the time they used
it more as a sort of cultural signifier to refer to anyone who spoke their language and
practiced their Vedic religion. Loads of people in the Vedas are called Aryan
even though they clearly have non Indo-European names, so they obviously didn’t think of
it as some kind of racial category. Alright, now let’s talk about how the Nazis
used the word: which is to say, surprisingly little. Like, they did use it and today we might associate
the Nazis with the term very strongly, but for a lot of their purposes the word was just
too inclusive. On one hand, Nazi academics really didn’t
like it because it referred mostly to a linguistic group and they knew perfectly well that connecting
language to race was not straightforward. Besides, if anyone who spoke an Aryan language
was an Aryan then that would include German-speaking Jews, and they couldn’t have that. They preferred to use more specific terms
like the “Nordic Race” or the “German people.” On the other hand there was Nazi propaganda
aimed at the masses, which used “Aryan” a fair amount more, but still not nearly as
much as I thought it did when I started doing research for this video. Mostly they used it in a vaguely pan-European
sense but in a way that specifically excluded Jews. The usual spiel went something like “Aryans
are responsible for everything good that ever happened in history, Jews never did anything
useful and that’s why Jews suck.” Maybe the most ridiculous example of this
is how they used it in a legal context: two laws from 1933 literally defined non-Aryans
as “anyone with at least one Jewish grandparent.” Funny thing, though, the Nazis mostly stopped
using the term “Aryan” in a legal context after 1935 because of those objections from
academics, and when I looked for it in Nazi propaganda it was actually a lot rarer than
I thought. As far as I can tell, Neo-Nazis actually like
the term “Aryan” way more than Nazis ever did, and for the same reason: Aryan has pan-European
connotations. That fact made Nazis kind of hesitant to use
it, sense, remember, they were German nationalists who really hated French and Slavic people,
but it makes modern white-supremacists love the term, especially in the US where most
white people have ancestors from all over Europe. So, besides Neo-Nazis, the word is still used
in a couple other contexts today. The word came to mean something like “noble”
or “honorable” in India and is still used there, mostly in religious contexts. Meanwhile, in Iran, the word developed more
specific ethnic connotations and eventually morphed into the modern word “Iran.” Linguists mostly stopped using the term to
refer to language with the one exception that they still use the term “Indo-Aryan” to
refer to a family of Indo-European languages centered around India. Besides that they’ve felt a strong desire
to distance themselves from the word, for obvious reasons. Thank you Patrons, here are some sources,

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  1. All the people from the sub continent and Iran should take an initiative to spread the real meaning of Arya and what it means to be one. It will be a good blow to those Neo Nazis fake Aryans prevailing in North America and Eastern europe. Their ancestors were living in dirty caves when our ancestors had the best and richest of the civilizations on Earth in Iran and India. I think the bestest way to address Nazis is the American way i.e. FUCKIN KRAUTS.

  2. How loosely and ignorantly the words "White" and "Black" are thrown around by this clown talking in the Video… The idea of "White and Black races" is a purely Talmudist invention. But there is no such thing, Blacks are Negroids aka Sub Saharans, Whites are Nórdics aka Scandinavians and Germanics. We Greeks, Italians, Spaniards, North Africans, Levantines and Anatolians (Turks) are THE MEDITERRANEAN RACE.

  3. Yes, Aryans did exist and they were very white. Different races don't just randomly decide to speak closely related languages. That doesn't just happen.

  4. Absolutely 100% wrong! The Swastika isnt an Indian symbol originally, it was introduced to India via the Indo-European/Indo-Aryan – Northern India confluence of cultures,,. what others call the Aryan invasions. The oldest known Swastika was found on a carved Ivory spoon in the Anatolian region of what it now Turkey 12,000 B.P. during a time when it was occupied by the Indo Europeans, if you can find an earlier Indian example, Id be keen to see it.
    The "Nazi's" also didnt steal the word Aryan, it was derived from the base language for most Western European language groups Indo European, which is just the politically correct word for Aryan. If I may quote Michel Gerald Boutet –
    "The Sanskrit name Arya finds its origin in the Proto-Indo-European root *ario-s meaning:, "master, lord," and is akin to the Old Irish aire (Old Celtic arios, thus Ariovistus < Ariouistos, a Celtic chieftain of the Germanic Suebi tribe) and airech "nobleman, of noble people, suitor," can belong to preposition air- "in front of," thus "standing in the first place," thus Gallic theonym Areianos, "watcher, keeper" (Pokorny, Thurneysen, Monard); mythical Irish ancestor Е́remón < Ariomanos, "nobleman," from PIE root ari̯o- "lord, god, master" + manos "man." See also Irish Bóaire, a "free-holder, cattle owner," from the compound bou- "cow, cattle," and -arios, "nobleman." According to the Rig Veda, the children of Danu were a technologically advanced race called the Danava. This fact has been brilliantly demonstrated by David Frawley in his book, The Rig Veda And The History Of India. The Danavas were described as children of Danu and Kasyapa and sometimes reckoned as forty in number. The Maha-Bharata refers to a number of Danava tribes at the origin of the Indo-Aryan peoples. According to the Vedas, these were the Danava, the Manava, and the Sudanava. The Greeks and the Celts saw themselves as descended from the goddess Danu thereby calling themselves the children of Danu, or Danawoi in Greek, and Danunas or Danauoi in Old Celtic, henceforth, the Old Irish Danônn or Danann. In Sanskrit, Kasyapa was the eponym of the Caspian Sea and its region. This is exactly where the old Indo-European Aryan culture was said to begin."
    Also see Survive The Jive YT channel and also Simon Harris YT channel for more information.

  5. I saw people in Iran blond and with blue eyes similar to German&Nordic…they are pure Ayran race!.Hitler was not wrong.!

  6. We Indians(_all) are Aryaputras.
    Those who stole this word were called Mlechchhas by Aryas.

  7. Wow can you stop frothing at the mouth with your political bs and stick the facts please…I can see why you haven't posted in a year you probably fell off the deep end somewhere and never resurfaced.


    The reason that we indians are brown-black because our india belonged to the africam continent. When the continental drift took place… India got separated from Africa and joined asia… And that made the Himalayas (due to the force of the colliding land maybe) And then many Asians migrated to India. (because we were the most richest country of 17th century, then British came) This way 62% of Indians are generally white and the rest are ebony, light brown. 9% of those who are totally african from their origins are black… That's why every asian country is mainly white… But not India…

  9. Actually, the Andronovo culture (originally proto-indo-European peoples), did in fact have blue eyes and lighter skin.

  10. 4:15 Goebbels reference from the movie Valkyrie of Tom Cruise.. When he's getting arrested by the Wehrmacht.. He's about to pop up the cyanide but luckily papa Adolf called

  11. The swastika was not originally from India. It is the oldest known symbol found all over the world. No one stole it it calm down. Another judeo centric video. What did Hitler and Jesus both have in common… they were both hated by jews.

  12. Whites are Aryans not south Asians ..south Asians are a mix of brown Veddoids,white Indo-Europeans ,brown AustraloMelanesians,Negritos ,yellow SinoTibetans not Aryans that why south Asians are ligh brownish to medium brownish the hue of Adam the first man on earth,Lilith the first woman on earth and wife of Adam and Eve the second woman on earth and wife ,the children of Adam and Eve ,descendants of Seth the son that came after Abel was killed by Cain ..

  13. Hey here's a fun task for you, rebut these two clips, in detail;

    Protip; you cannot.

  14. Hey Xidnaf! I hope you’re doing well. Miss your uploads! Hope to see more from you my friend!


  16. Fuck you Hitler and Himmler for cultural appropriation.

  17. So much bullshit in this video. Why do you think northern Indians are lighter in skin colour? It’s because white tribes immigrated there 2,000 BC. And eventually mixed themselves into nonexistence. They brought over the Sanskrit language. They were a sun worshipping tribe that also brought the Swastika to India. The swastika is a symbol of the sun. All this has been proven with dna testing and fossils.

  18. modern indians are not aryans. Aryans settled in modern afghanistan and pakistan. And they absolutely hated the native dravidian population. Modern indians aside from Brahmins and Punjabis/Kashmiris are not Ayrans. The Vedas decribed modern day indians as sudras .

  19. If you ain't an Aryan, you ain't a Nazi. It isn't communism to be exported, it's a race specific doctrine.

  20. They didn’t steal it, they just used it, but nowadays some of these fucks nowadays can’t understand context.

  21. Prety good, but there is more to it. Aryana = country of Arians= meaning something like rightieus/noble/honorable is historic country of before 5.000 years go of North-Afghanistan in the region of bactria/oxus civilazation (2.300 – 1700 BC).

    The Aryan referest to a group who setteld in this region (~35.000) with its first vilige (~15.000) and later first city (~7.000 years ago) currently knowed as the old city of Balkh in Balkh moder city of Balkh province of Afghanistan.

    From modern genetics research it would seems around 10.000 to 15.000 years ago of the current 2 to 3.5 (from completely to partialy) billion people decend from one enthicity (in original meaning of race). Whould seem to refer historically the people of Balkh rigion who domesticated cows and developed lactose tolerence even after 6 month after birth.

    Though there still need to be propper modern researches done to actually prof conclusively to be so.

    As for nazi-germany had to include their theory of high nordic to include Afghanstan. Who defited in battle British and Russians (basically whole world of 19 century) Has much of modern civilization had been co-created, originated and pioneerd by Afghans.

    Many of the argumentation for supposed supremecy would be lost if they exclude Afghanistan.

    Side note: most Afghans do not really consider themself Afghan. It is an islamic name of last ~250 years for an ideal islamic country. Since Afghanistan made Islamic golden age possible. As well as bodhistic upgrade to world religion, birth place of polytheism (Vedaism) and monotheis (zoroastrianism).

    Even creation of monotheism paredise = pasagarde garden [in modern day Iran]

    Latstly its contribution to science, origin of all worlds mystecism (incl. Egypts/Kemet), pionering of army and war of civiluzation age, even hidious slavery system followed by human right and diplomacy to win wars without spilling blood.

  22. Most cultures through out history used the swastika for a symbol of peace, including hitler and the Germans. But the winners write the history books. Now the swastika is the opposite of truth representing “hate” now. And the Germans weren’t all “blonde hair blue eyes” stop with the propaganda and do some actual research.. most Germans had/have darker hair.. 🙄 drink up that koolaid

  23. The first name of Afghanistan before Islam was Ariana. After the Arab invasion, the name of Ariana changed to the great Khorasan
    And in the British war, the name of the great Khorasan changed to Afghanistan
    The Tajik tribe of Afghanistan is Aryan and the Persian language was taken from the Avesta. Zoroastrianism appeared in Bactria, and now it is the tomb of Zoroastrianism in Mazar-i-Sharif.
    At the time of the Kushani Empire, they named their land, Ariana, and also Alexander, the old name of Afghanistan, Ariana Vijay, and also called the old name of Afghanistan, Ariana, during the time of Bactria.

    And in 1935, Mohammed Reza Shah, the president of Persia, renamed Ariana of Persia a little by name, to restrict the entire Ariana geography to Persia, and the name of Iran lasts 76 years.

  24. dude Aryans left India!!! theyre europan hindu, they landed in Iran.they have big eyes,up chins.thin eyebrows.and white can see them in mountain cities in Iran.

  25. Iranians have referred to themselves as Aryans in Avesta too and from what I've studied in Avesta, There was a migration to both India and Iranian plateau, you can not claim "Aryans are from India", with a simple comparison between Iranics and Indians you can assume that there was a population migrated to lands and because of the local populations such as elamites and Dravidians in Iran their features differed.

  26. i loved that im kurd ( iranic ) im proud to be aryan —- also aryan is a common name here in Kurdistan region

  27. In Sasanid empire we called our country IRANZAMIN it means the Land Of after that in new age it changes to IRAN..

  28. What is the Yiddish term for German? What is the Yiddish definition for smuck. BTW jew boy that swastika was global and ancient long before the Bible or the fake Jew tribe came to exist in the 1300's. Nazi and askeNAZI all Yiddish for hiding the cuckoo bird ideology of a group of parasites. Yiddish or khazarian race hate is that word Nazi. Instead of saying Nazi why don't you say German, huh? Won't have the same desired effect, right. Your not fooling everyone.

  29. hey, did you run out of anxiolytics? …No more clonazepam, huh?? how bout some weed then? no?…. Bach flowers maybe? …. Are your Thyroids ok??? No hyper?? …. Maybe you need to do exercise?? ….. Or…go outside? have a girlfriend?? orr, boyfriend, whatever???? I KNOW!! Meditating?? Yoga? Play music or Paint????

  30. Aryans the "Aryavartha" are hindus from India.. and that nazi symbol is swastik they just removed the dots and slanted a bit..
    apprently money is not the only thing the europeans stole from us
    & these lazy fuckers wanted to rule the world😕

  31. The term "Aryan" just means "noble", "of noble character" and was originally used for the society of Kumari Kandam which consisted of different races. According to Herodot the Egyptians, who's first dynasties of gods are identical with the gods of the Vedas of the Hindus, translated this term to "Piromis" which means the same and was used by them to describe 345 Generations of priests (!) (Histories II, 143). So "Aryan" describes a religious attitude.

  32. 'Nazis' (National Socialists) did not steal the word Aryan. German is an Indo European Language and derives from the same Horse breeding culture of Yamana as all other Horse breeding Aryan people. Do you deny this fact? Or is your video just a personal rant against National Socialist Germany? The Aryans of India became degenerate when they bred with inferior races. The India of today is a genetic swamp.

    We analyze 25 diverse groups to provide strong evidence for two ancient populations, genetically divergent, that are ancestral to most Indians today. One, the “Ancestral North Indians” (ANI), is genetically close to Middle Easterners, Central Asians, and Europeans, while the other, the “Ancestral South Indians” (ASI)

  34. I really liked this video it was super informative but I hear your voice and not associate you with spirit science sorry

  35. The Swastika originated from the Indo-European (Aryan) culture which originated from the Steppes. The Swastika is present in Viking and Slavic art, it was not "originally from India"

  36. the Stoneheads..
    Aryan means not race.
    But the korean father's mixed bloodline lineage…
    The last A bloodline of the european is house of Hapsburg From Aragaya kingdom In korea..
    the last A bloodline of china is Qing dynasty,Jin(kim) dyansty =Agolta built..
    A bloodline >> A sh(ssi) >>Asia word..
    Agolta,Atilla,Arther king,Adam << A lineage….

  37. @Xidnaf The swastika is not originally from India. The aryans brought it with them into India, and the aryans originally spread from the Pontic Caspian steppe, centered around what is modern day Ukraine and southwestern Russia. There are much much older swastikas found around the world than the ones in India. Ancient anatolian swastikas predate the Indian ones, and the oldest swastika ever found was uncovered in Ukraine and was carved into a piece of mammoth bone carbon dated to 15,000 years ago.

    The Germans did not "steal" the word aryan. More like India tries to claim it all to themselves. In reality, modern day indians have very little Aryan blood left in them. However, they have inherited the remnants of aryan culture and religion in the form of Hinduism, sanskrit, etc. The Germans used the term Aryan as another word for 'white', basically, not exclusively for German people.

    This video is not academic at all. You need to redo it, if you have any integrity. I can provide sources if you need.

  38. The original proto indo europeans were white, they had R1b and R1a genomes, when they entered iran they mixed with the natives, they were already mixed when they entered India but they were originally white, do some research before uploading your videos

  39. According to conspiracy theories,the Aryan race is actually a race of reptilian aliens from the constellation of Orion.



    go to white nation tlak to them xD

    they are retarded all of them…, all they talk about is sex and drinks..

    they have no REAL LIFE IDEAS NOTHING….. its insane .. xD most of them are just robots repeating things they heard..

    MOST OF HTEM SAY THEY THINK but trust me, they have no ability to think..

  41. as an iranian i gotta point out when we say we're aryan, its not a racial thing, its more about culture and language and our people, regardless of race

  42. This is a really, really bad "Victimhood" video. There are educated, less hysterical, and sober scientific ways of annalizing the origins and history of Indo-Europes speakers!

  43. Lots of false information here. The Nazi did not hate the French people. The French people are of Kelto-Teutonic origin. Descending from Keltic Gauls, and Teutonic Franks. It was Hitler who first proposed the idea of a United Europe built around Germany, Belgium, and France at it's center. He declared a "Permanent state of peace, and friendship" between the French, and German peoples, in 1940. Nor did they hate Slavic peoples; in fact many were considered "Nordic-Aryan" and a system of "germanization" was set up so that these racially approved Slavs could become fully integrated into the new Greater German Reich. To this day, Poland has one of the highest concentrations of blond, blue-eyed people in Europe.

  44. Majority india people brown skin and hindu i think iran pakistan,afghanistan is real aryan india people is tamil or negritos

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    jk good video

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