37 thoughts on “How Nationalism Goes Mainstream

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  2. After Trump was elected, it became clear that this was the beginning of the end for the left. One can only hope that the change of fundamental ideas will occur without blood.

  3. It’s really embarrassing to see the pope say and do such things. I’m Catholic and I’ve been a nationalist for as long as I can remember. The people of the faith seem to think tolerating a sin and forgiving are the same thing. They aren’t. Tolerance is letting bad behavior continue while you put up with it. Forgiving is knowing they do wrong but still need to face consequences for their actions. The Dalai Lama is a man of wisdom and we need to listen.

  4. "our own saviour in this fight. " like the Boers of Southern Africa realised fighting the British and wave of communism Against the Cubans and Africans they realised they themselves are their own saviours this is very well stated in the Motto With God and Mauser they will set their people free. We face even more trials and tribulations more now then ever again we need to remember this fact no one will come to the rescue we need to save ourselves yet again.

  5. I like what the Dali Lama had to say about mass immigration, makes sense, much wisdom. I find it interesting , as the Buddhist meditation groups and retreats I have attended are highly left-wing, they talk about 'climate change' and we are responsible for it, 'white supremacy or 'white privilege. as if it is a fact and a huge problem, Transgenders welcome in opposite biological sex bathrooms, pro immigration, anti capitalist, 'people of color' as victims, Maybe it's just the Buddhist groups I have been exposed to which is primarily insight meditation and Thich Nhat Hanh groups. Go figure.

  6. You and the Dalai Trauma are both shallow thinkers. As part of human nature, for survival, man has been migrating since he left Africa. I wouldn't call y'all racist…I'd call you stupid.

  7. Dalai Lama is legit – look into the intense process of past-life memory testing used to identify and confirm the divine one…..
    and bugger me in 2018 he's a conservative!
    Wouldn't believe it if I wasn't living through it 😀

  8. Is us becoming all Muslim perhaps the best thing for humankind? Imagine as we head for the stars we are all united as religious fanatics dedicated to a greater cause, ready to lay down our lives for Allah as we turn the entire universe muslim. Lmao just a shower thought

  9. Nationalism is great it's great for all there is nothing wrong with having an identity having culture having a history to be proud of and proud of who you are and where you come from having Pride is good having Pride does not equal hatred

  10. As a devout Christian, I agree that our spiritual leadership has utterly failed us, trying to be so "loving" that they forget that even Jesus said that the law must be followed, and many of his followers and disciples paid for their lives for breaking the laws of the times. Jesus did not condemn this. They do not understand the consequences that are to come, they do not understand the misery and violence that will be the result of their failures up front.

  11. The Dalai Llama understands human nature better than any leftist.
    WOTW, great job, keep up the good work.

  12. Well, even one of the most peacloving creatures in the World knows, that the muslims should not be trusted.

  13. Religion is a way to blame someone else or ask for forgivness if you have ever done something your conscience cannot handle. Well if you're that fragile u need a therapist not religion. Religion is the cause of every struggle mankind has ever had, religion have caused more death than any political builder-block, religion do make people dumber because you eventually so strongly believe in your religion that it can cloud your judgement, religion is nothing more than bed-time stories you tell your children to make them realize that this world is a hell-hole "and please my child, try to survive".

  14. I'm waiting for the day the pope tries to give away all the wealth Catholic church has. That will be a day to remember.

  15. Incredibly ironic seeing as the Dali Lama is himself a refugee in exile.

    How interesting that you don't want him to go into more detail.

    I'd also like to point out that Globalization is one of the main functions of Capitalism.

  16. Isn’t there a part of Tibet occupied by India? The Dalai Lama could live there.. (if he isn’t already).

  17. The creation of industry attracts from everywhere the Industrial Culture, based on trust, co-operation and willingness to share. This last trait attracts very different cultures who will form communities within communities that can 200 years later have the dominant values that caused them to flee their own country. As they force their values on a culture based on trust, the industrial culture leaves and industry is forced to follow the industrial workers.

  18. Economic migrants are “pulled” by two things: welfare and better jobs.

    If you stop issuing work permits and make migrants ineligible for welfare, they can’t possibly live in the West. Cost of living is so high there compared to the developing world.

    The Gulf States for example were founded on oil back in the seventies. They all suddenly became very rich but very sparsely populated. So they had to import labor in mass.

    But GCC states have no welfare state and they offer no freebies, no free healthcare, no free education. They also don’t naturalize. They are open only to expat workers. Once an expat worker looses their job or retires, they have to leave.

    Expat workers in the Gulf come from India, Pakistan (largest expat community), Philippines, other Arab/Middle Eastern countries and some Western expats. In all GCC countries, expats actually outnumber natives by various margins.

    But all GCC countries favor the natives in work, pay and benefits. Foreigners – whether workers or business ppl have to have a native sponsor.

    Because they know they can’t stay there permanently, most expats travel there intending to work, save money and eventually go back home. They build homes in their home country, they send most of their money back home. Single men who don’t earn above a certain limit aren’t allowed to bring their families. They know the host country only wants their labor. It’s not their home. For those who can’t find work, deportation is immediate and living there as an illegal is pure hell ending with hefty fines and sometimes jail time. Employers don’t dare hire illegals because fines are ruinous. There are no amnesty policies at all. So most expats accept they have to leave someday.

    The result has to a very large extent been beneficial to both sides. Expat workers contribute to the host country what it needs, earn more for themselves and their families and benefit the economy of their home country. Remittances by foreign expats in the Gulf constitute a major source of hard currency for their countries.

    There are no assimilation issues because they’re always temporary. They just have to respect the laws. Those countries are not democracies so there’s no space for political activism or cultural tensions. Expats just work.

    In contrast, migrants to Western countries either live on welfare or if they are working, they are unable to save because living cost is so high and it’s more of a debt economy. People live on credit. They send much less money back home. They don’t plan their finances for going back home on retirement or even much earlier than the way expats to the Gulf do.

    Migrants to the West contribute less to their home countries BECAUSE of the practice of naturalisation. They are more likely to lose their ties with the home country, thereby tearing apart families and communities back home. And they’re more impacted by the politics of assimilation in the host country i.e. multiculturalism, protected groups and affirmative action, white guilt and anti-white hatred. They become politicized because in the West, everything is politicized.

    And yet, they don’t assimilate very well into their host country either. So who is this benefitting exactly?

    I would guess it is benefiting the interests of some employers in the West looking for cheaper labor and some other interests which are political in nature.

    Europe and North America are much, much more expensive to live in than the Gulf countries – or virtually anywhere else in the world that I can think of. There’s no way they would attract this level of mass migration if they didn’t make it a policy to. And the simple question is, why didn’t migration come before the West decided to embrace this policy in the 50s and 60s?! Was the Third World developed then?!

    Interestingly, globalist institutions have been pressuring developing countries to liberalize their economies i.e. float their currency and cut subsidies. But there is no equivalent pressure towards free market or transparency. In countries where the economy is controlled by corrupt, government-tied oligarchies, subsidies are often the only thing governments actually contribute to their populations. Cutting subsidies results in inflation and unemployment with no corresponding growth in job creation or wages or ease of doing business.

    What this does is trigger economic migration. People who lose welfare back home are driven to Western countries where the welfare state is ironically alive and growing.

    But this has the clear disadvantage of attracting to the West those who were dependent on welfare back home i.e. those who were less productive back home to start with. The sectors that are most impacted by the loss of welfare back home will be the first to move when faraway countries open their borders. Those people wouldn’t head towards the Gulf States for example because there’s no welfare. Only those who want to work hard go there.

    I agree with the Dalai Lama. This is insane and stupid. It will destroy the West with very little benefit to anyone.

    Personally, I wouldn’t be open to something harmful to my people even if it did benefit others. But I can’t find a single, “noble”, explanation for this that withstands even cursory scrutiny.

  19. And the Technocratic elite believes it can manipulate the young into believing it can support itself by invading and dominating the oil and minerals from said countries in order to support yet another version of a vision of utopia ….

  20. Bring the Dalai Lama to Britain and make him head of our government, it is great to see a head of a religious order who actually has a very high level of common sense. Somebody who is genuine and honest which are not a trait in British politics.

  21. The words of the Dalai Lama about migrants were not published in the official media here in Germany, although the leftiest honour him a lot. All official media here are already influenced and controlled by the leftiest government. Yes, Ms. Merkel is a leftiest in reality.

  22. He knows from first-hand experience how the influx of Han Chinese into Tibet is decimating his country's national character, their religion, their customs, their deep, deep culture and their language. He knows what awaits us. He is a wise man -and we should heed his wisdom.

  23. remember reading that from dalai lama it was unexpected .but no fuzz from the media,that was strange

  24. ~ A Jewish man standing in Sweden laughs, and yells to the Jewish man standing in Germany "Are you a German now?" The Jewish man standing in Germany laughs, and yells back " Only if you're a Catholic!" ~

  25. I am an atheist but a proud white european. I do not however belive that westeren cvilisation and its moral is based on christianity I belive it is based on secularism and science and in those I see a bright future.

  26. I’ve listen to 7 of your videos and I find them very thought provoking! Excellent content! Keep up the good work!

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