100 thoughts on “How Jair Bolsonaro brought the far-right to power in Brazil

  1. >Murder rate up 3 times since the military dictatorship

    I mean, I'll take some censorship and a few political dissidents being shot or exiled if it means dropping the murder rate down by three times what is now. How can a liberal whinge about the so-called brutality of a dictatorship when liberal democracy can't even protect it's own people? I say, bring back the tanks.

  2. The socialists were on the road to destroy Brazil just as Chavez and Maduro destroyed Venezuela, one of the richest countries in South America. Socialist policies enforced by military coercion had failed in the Soviet Union, China, Cuba, Venezuela and many third world countries. Central planning relies on politicians to make huge bets for society often with disastrous consequences. A free economy allows small bets to weed out bad ideas and good ideas to rise and scale. History has many examples of failed socialism in the 20th century that will hopefully provide lessons for the future.

  3. 0:48 The translation is wrong. It should be "I would never rape you because you don´t deserve it".

  4. I think it matters very little lol Brazil has no military compared to the US, they are mostly poor even if they elected a dictator it was their choice… stop acting like everyone must be left leaning all over the world…

  5. 2019 I can see the rise of autocratic regimes, religious leaders, and far right nationalist parties gripping the power of each and every country. Soon there will be a great war! Probably it will be the last one for whole mankind. And PEOPLE only People are to blame. Have fun with your religion, nationalism, flags and badges…soon there will be nothing left to be proud off.


    we are Proud of our President

    He hate Drugs
    Elitist Government

    Fly Philippines
    Fly Brazil

  7. All the people that were interviewed were chosen by the interviewer to be against Bolsonaro. They didn’t know anything about Bolsonaro’s projects and who he really is.
    I’m so sorry…. now we see how Brazil is standing up and getting of from the mud.

  8. Sexism, bad rethoric is always far right now. It's just like what he did, this video does distort the views out but not too much to clowd the big picture.
    Now, it's not what is said but who said it

  9. Good video… Could have been better…. When 55% of the people vote you into power, it means they're seeking change…. And given Brazil's history of corruption and violence, while also being part of BRICS and the world's 9th largest and rapidly progressing economy which has been stalling for a while, I think that's the reason why Bolsonaro won the election…. Far right or far left leaders dont win elections unless there is a major crisis.

  10. Liberals have ruined many parts of the world and people are fed up with it which is why more & more people are in favor on conservative candidates.

  11. Wisdom begins there where you call things by their real names. Nobody cares for „offense“. Offense isn’t given, it’s taken.
    Bolsonaro isn’t responsible for people who attack him with a knife. You folks are clearly sick.

  12. edited out of context clips of Bolsonaro what would you expect from VOX anyway
    56% of 200 million people elected the guy and you pretend to know better from out there
    get bent


  14. Sem paciência pra ficar debatendo com bolsominion em inglês… Tô só curtindo comentário de gente mais sensata

  15. Bolsonaro has been in office for 7 months now
    unemployement fell 12%
    crime rate fell 20%
    turism increased 14%
    I im sooo afraid by this "far right" treat to democracy president

  16. It seems unfair, because half the population vote left and the other half vote right. Could a liberalist party win over the voters?

  17. Can we not just accept that both parties have had a negative impact on Brazil? It's a sign that there needs to be a new forerunner in Brazilian politics, no question about it.

  18. Passados esse tempo todo estou aqui para dizer que com a vitória de Bolsonaro já estamos no primeiro mundo, acabou a pobreza

  19. 6:36 uma grande mentira, o único caos foi o golpe da Dilma, que desacelerou o progresso. O PT, partido que mais beneficiou a população, tirando o Brasil da miséria e da fome, que mais gerou programas de apoio à educação e às diversidades culturais. O que menos alienou os brasileiros, pois nos ofereciam todo tipo de informação possível. Jair Bolsonazi é um fascista, preza pela desigualdade e violência, finge estar ao lado de Deus, falso patriota, mas só pensa em prosperar pisando em quem puder.

  20. Why did the blue collar working mob switch from extreme leftwing which they massively supported from the 50s to the extreme right in the 90s ? Because they have not the brains to be moderate and long for more money.

  21. "We're afraid of everything." The start of dictatorships worldwide. Being afraid of something and giving power to ONE MAN that promises he'll do whatever it takes.

  22. I wouldn't trust this guy ( Bolsonaro ) a hundred meters away !! His a total psychopath .
    It stinks big time for Brazil right now ..

  23. Worry not, it’s just Brazil’s Donald Trump. Nothing THAT bad. What hurts me the most is the massive deforestation that Brazil’s government has been doing for years.

  24. The thing is, you can only push a people so far. When violence and drug related crime is as widespread in Brazil as it is, it is really no wonder that the people become desperate for literally anything that can calm their fears. When you live in constant fear your #1 priority becomes lessening that fear, and that is nothing less than human. Is this government right for Brazil? maybe. Have the previous governments done an abysmal job of keeping the peace? Absolutely 100% YES.

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