How Islamist militant groups are gaining strength in Africa

How Islamist militant groups are gaining strength in Africa

These are violent attacks recorded in Africa
in the first 5 months of 2018. Many are by groups fighting in the ongoing
civil wars in South Sudan and the Central African Republic. Others are riots against governments in southeastern
Africa. But these are different. They’re attacks
Islamist militant groups. Some claim to be branches of the Islamic State. While others claim to be al-Qaeda; Both groups are usually associated with the
Middle East. But for the past decade, Islamist militant
groups have been spreading across Africa, where they’ve continued to find places to organize
and launch attacks. Their success has pushed these fragile states
into deeper turmoil and it’s made the region one of the most dangerous in the world. To understand how these terrorist groups got to
Africa and why they’re so successful there, it helps to start in Nigeria. Nigeria has the biggest population and economy in Africa. Wealth, industry, and major cities are mostly
in the south. While the north is poor, marginalized, isolated,
and home to most of Nigeria’s Muslim population. It was here that a radical Islamist group
called Boko Haram took shape and turned violent in 2009. They started razing villages, slaughtered
men and women, and kidnapped children who were forced to carry out suicide attacks. The Nigerian government cracked down, but
the group continued to grow. In 2014, they got international attention when they kidnapped close to 300 school girls in Chibok. Bring our girls back! 276 are out. By then, they controlled a huge swath of territory
in northern Nigeria where they imposed strict Sharia law and declared it an Islamic caliphate. In 2015 they became affiliated with the Islamic
State, which had a caliphate of its own in Iraq and Syria. Within a few years, the group killed
nearly 25,000 people, and was on track to become the deadliest terror group in the world,
eventually surpassing ISIS. 5 African countries backed by the US, UK,
and France formed a task force to battle Boko Haram. By April 2015 they’d liberated major towns and
seemed to push Boko Haram out. But three years later, Boko Haram is still
active. The group had shifted its focus to the Lake Chad region, one of the poorest places in
the world. The lake touches the borders of Nigeria, Niger,
Chad and Cameroon , but none of the state governments have any real presence here. This is where Boko Haram is operating. They’ve been raiding local villages for
food and capturing men to serve as fighters. In 2016, the group split into two. As Boko Haram’s attacks grew more and more
violent, this group, the Islamic State West Africa (ISWA), started offering protection
to villages in danger. They also provided stability and even water
supplies to a region collapsing under a food crisis, in exchange for a tax and recruits. In the absence of a strong central government
— they’ve moved further into Nigeria and Niger where they’ve launched attacks of their
own and are officially affiliated with the Islamic
State. Exploiting and terrorizing locals in ungoverned areas has become a successful strategy, keeping these militant groups active. But it doesn’t stop here. The strategy is being used by terrorists all across the continent. Lake Chad is part of the Sahel; a narrow band of territory that stretches across north-central
Africa. The conditions that make Lake Chad ideal for
Boko Haram and ISWA extend across this whole region. The population is mostly Muslim and vulnerable. Ethnic conflicts are rampant. Food is scarce. Poverty is rife. And most importantly, there’s almost no
presence of a government . Islamist militant groups have been filling
these spaces at a staggering pace. 7 years ago Islamist militant groups took over
northern Mali and declared it a caliphate for 10 months before a French military intervention
drove them back into the desert. Today, they’ve banded together and are affiliated
with al-Qaeda. A group called ISGS broke away and is now
affiliated with the Islamic State. This part of Mali remains ungoverned and violent
7 years after the intervention. Both of these groups are fighting for various
militias in the conflict. Meanwhile, both are also attacking foreigners,
including the French Embassy in 2018 and the 2017 ambush of US Special
Forces in Niger. Fox News is learning that 12 US soldiers, mostly Green Berets, were ambushed by a larger force of ISIS-linked militants. Islamist militant groups are finding success
in other ungoverned spaces as well. ISIS claims to have launched 10 attacks in
2018 in Libya, where a civil war has raged since 2011. In Somalia, an ISIS-affiliated group split
from al-Shabaab, an al-Qaeda group. It’s made this whole part of Africa one of the
most dangerous places in the world. The US and France have both stepped up their
presence with several military bases across the Sahel. But drone strikes and Special forces alone
are not the solution to the Islamist terrorism in Africa. As long as there are places with poverty,
conflicts, and no government terrorists groups will be here. will be here.

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  2. All these fanatical jihadi groups i.e. ISIS, Al Qaeda, Hamas, Hezbollah, Taliban, BOKO Haram, AL Nusra Front, Al shabaab are all fighting for supremacy all while causing pure chaos and violence wherever they reside.

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  6. They probably distribute voices of missions among top ranked leaders or commanders of groups that decide by themselves whether or not to carry on. It probably works just the same as for security, intelligence or military cells or groups. So the top question is how the spreaded voices get to those top ranks or command centers in the first place.

  7. The only way Islamist gaining power is by the support of liberals who speak on their tlbehalf in the cities to protect them and stop Governments to take take actions

  8. Any one who is a terrorist is not a muslim because islam ☪️ and prophet Mohammed ordered humans to live peacefully and not attack people for no reason like terrorist do therefore they are not Muslims they just claim that

  9. I don't Understand why Terrorism is always linked to Islam. Does these can STFU & Live Calmly.
    'Live & Let Live people'
    I will pray daily this Radical Ideology should be eradicated from this world.

  10. No doubt Boko Haram is using facebook and twitter. And what is facebook and twitter doing? Focusing on de-platforming conservatives, of course.

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  13. Boko Haram were not created because of poverty but because they are followers of ISLAM. You neglected to say that the school girls they kidnapped were all CHRISTIANS. Terror groups will be here as long as ISLAM is here. All the groups you mentioned above have one thing in common- ISLAM.
    P.S. Bin Laden, leader of Al Queda was a Saudi MILLIONAIRE.

  14. They are not terrorist they are mercenary working to destabilise the Sahel it's all a part of the economic crisis due to the growth of investment of China and Russia in Africa ,almost every African country have a foreign base to protect there investment and to enforce there presence , if you want to know the source of any war follow the money 💰

  15. Mate don’t worry any white who has never been to Africa won’t know how beautiful it is,
    They won’t understand, all they do is talk about the Bad side. The only thing we need is good Governance, the Government in most African countries are idiots filled with greed and lack of sense, if we take away all the corrupt government and its system I promise you we will be one of the greatest. We are still the Richest, just that the idiotic government only care about themselves and not the people and they’re easily deceived by western government ( e.g just tell one of them I will give you an aeroplane ✈️ just send your oil to my country, the idiot will foolishly agree). Do you know if you’re a senator in my country you get paid more than the president of America.

  16. It’s a promise, I WILL CHANGE MY COUNTRY AND AFRICA AS A WHOLE. all I do is work hard and pray I achieve my goals and my dreams come true.

  17. I am not dumb enough to overlook the ideology behind Boko Haram, namely islam, and to blame the rise of terrorism on poverty and hunger.

  18. Islam is a serious problem. The amount of radicalization in Islam makes me wonder about the true intentions of that religion.

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    Whatever happens, it's a win-win situation for Netflix always.
    For example: Today's Narcos.

    I'm not negative about it. It's just a random thought.

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  24. US, UK, France did not back the five African Nations that joined to battle Bokoharam. Certainly Good Luck Jonathan’s Nigeria which, created the African coalition to fight Bokoharam received no help from the US, UK or France. On the contrarily, Nigeria was sanctioned by these nations. Obama’s America repeatedly thwarted Nigeria’s efforts to buy weapons in the international market to fight Bokoharam. Jonathan’s Nigeria eventually had to turn to Russia and China for weapons to battle the terrorist. Some South Africans also helped Nigeria. It was with the help of Russia, China and to some extent South Africa that the coalition Nigeria put together pushed Bokoharam out of the vast territory that they occupied in NE Nigeria. The West did not help Nigeria. We will not foget.

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    So they can concentrate on buildings walls and extracting oil.

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