How Is Trump’s Impeachment Defense Team Shaping Up?

How Is Trump’s Impeachment Defense Team Shaping Up?

Friday President Donald Trump announced his legal team ahead of the Senate impeachment
trial. It includes former independent counsel Ken
Starr and high-profile lawyer and Harvard law professor Alan Dershowitz. The two attorneys are generally known both
for their involvement in prominent legal cases in recent American history, as well as their
regular appearances on Fox News. Starr served as lead investigator two decades
ago in the impeachment inquiry into former President Bill Clinton. Starr’s investigative report served as the
basis for Clinton’s impeachment in the House on charges of perjury and obstruction of justice. The Senate in 1999 acquitted Clinton, a Democrat. Starr had recommended impeachment on 11 grounds. Besides his 1990s role as independent counsel,
Starr is also a former federal circuit court judge who held a senior Justice Department
post under Republican President George H.W. Bush. A Fox News host said on air that Starr would
be parting ways with the network as a result of his role on the legal team. Let’s look at Dershowitz now. Dershowitz has been a well-known figure in
U.S. legal circles for decades. As a criminal lawyer, he was part of a team
of lawyers who worked on former NFL player O.J. Simpson’s murder defense, that was in the
1990s. He has also represented former heavyweight
boxing champion Mike Tyson; Hearst publishing heir Patty Hearst, who was kidnapped in 1974
by a Marxist terrorist group; and televangelist Jim Bakker. Dershowitz has said that he does not plan
to accept any payments for work on President Donald Trump’s impeachment defense team. The law professor said that discussions about
payment have not yet occurred but added that if payment is made, “all the money would
go to charity.” During an interview on CNN’s Anderson Cooper
360, Dershowitz said he was joining the defense team because he strongly believes in the Constitution
and opposes the impeachment. He added that he was concerned about the “weaponization
of impeachment” and that this could be used as precedent in other cases. Dershowitz is among the eight counsels confirmed
to join Trump’s legal team for the upcoming Senate impeachment trial. Dershowitz layed out his plans, he said: “I
will go into the history of the formulation in the Constitution and the history of how
these words came to be, and leave it to others to argue the facts, to make strategic decisions
about witnesses,” Dershowitz’s team said in a statement on
Friday morning that “Professor Dershowitz will present oral arguments at the Senate
trial to address the constitutional arguments against impeachment and removal,”
the team also went on to say. “While Professor Dershowitz is nonpartisan
when it comes to the constitution—he opposed the impeachment of President Bill Clinton
and voted for Hillary Clinton—he believes the issues at stake go to the heart of our
enduring Constitution,” Both Starr and Dershowitz also served as lawyers
for financier and convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein, who was found dead in his New York
jail cell last year, where he was being held on sex trafficking charges. Trump’s defense team will be led by White
House counsel Pat Cipollone and Trump’s private attorney Jay Sekulow, that’s according
to the White House. Also joining the legal team are Trump adviser
and former Florida attorney general Pam Bondi; former independent counsel Robert Ray who
was part of the Whitewater investigation of the Clintons; Jane Raskin, that’s one of
Trump’s private lawyers who was part of the president’s legal team during Mueller’s
investigation; and former independent counsel Eric Herschmann of the Kasowitz Benson Torres
legal firm, which has represented Trump in numerous cases over the last 15 years. The White House press secretary said in a
statement “President Trump has done nothing wrong and is confident that this team will
defend him, the voters, and our democracy from this baseless, illegitimate impeachment,”
The trial in the majority-Republican Senate formally began on Thursday, when senators
were sworn in as jurors by Chief Justice John Roberts. The trial will start in earnest on Tuesday
with opening statements. House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam
Schiff (D-Calif.) heads a team of seven House members who will serve as prosecutors. Schiff is a former federal prosecutor in Los
Angeles. Still to be determined is whether the Senate
will allow witness testimony and new evidence or whether senators will decide the case as
Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) has suggested using only the material amassed
by House investigators. The majority-Democrat House of Representatives
formally charged Trump on Dec. 18, approving two articles of impeachment (pdf) for abuse
of power and obstruction of Congress. No House Republicans voted in favor of the
articles, and a small number of Democrats broke with their party to vote against one
or both articles. Republicans control the Senate with a 53-47
majority. A two-thirds supermajority (67 votes) in the
Senate is required to convict a president and remove the president from office. About 20 Republicans would have to break with
their party and join the Democratic minority to achieve a supermajority. Meanwhile, a simple majority (51 votes) is
required to dismiss the charges against Trump. Please leave your thoughts on impeachment,
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100 thoughts on “How Is Trump’s Impeachment Defense Team Shaping Up?

  1. People are missing the obvious…..we're conditioned to think of two primary parties…GOP and DEM.
    In reality, the trending is more oriented toward: "Establishment players versus Populist players"….think about it…..

  2. Press the presiding Judge (CJ-Roberts) to rule if the articles of impeachment meet the standards Constitutionally. If they don't, that puts the wild-eyed liberals in the House at odds with the WH, the Senate and the Judiciary…….further belittling their initiative.

  3. Both them guys ( Star and Dershowtz) are advisers and no use as live lawyers on any defense team. this is just more Politics and nothing more.

  4. This ‘shampeachment’ is like a court holding a trial against somebody who committed murder without having a body. #nothere-there

  5. Everyone knows Dershowitz is comprised by his association with Epstein. The case will be thrown due to CIA blackmail of Dershowitz. CIA is as corrupt as FBI and the Mofia.

  6. Ken Starr has experience on how an impeachment should be done as well as the constitutionality of the impeachment push as a circuit judge, early in his carreer he served with the 5th circuit and as a judge with the DC circuit. Mr. Alan Dershowitz will deal with the historical perspective of Impeachment and he knows its history very well, as a result the ability to justify an impeachment will not be there, it in fact isn't existent. At times the personal views of both individuals have been questioned but they're due respect for their degree of expertise in their practice, both are very experienced and knowledgeable.

  7. Dershowitz isn't part of the defense team, he is defending the office and misuse of impeachments. He has stated in interviews that he will testify for about an hour and then he's done.

  8. This is not the impeachment of Trump but rather Trump's impeachment of the Democratic Party and they still haven't figured it out

  9. When are people gonna realize the Nazi's who saw they were gonna lose crept into the Shadows and aligned themselves with certain Muslim groups thus no peace in the Middle East.

  10. Patty Hearst, now there is a name I haven't heard in a long time. If I remember correctly she was kidnapped in'74 by the Symbinese Liberation Army and ended up joining them. Stockholm syndrome was her defense . Dershowitz might be giving up names on the side. He was connected with Epstein. We'll wait and see. Keep your friends close and your enemies closer.

  11. I hope Ken Starr has learned not to disclose evidence before taking depositions, and I hope Dersh is not pedo, dammit.

  12. Alan Dershowitz has tried to make clear that he is not exactly on President Trump's team, but will be representing the Constitution.
    He is still very much a retro Democrat. At least retro
    Democrats can reason and work with Republicans. God bless!

  13. News for next week… Each of these men will be accused of rape or some other unspeakable crime in traditional Democrat rebuttal…

  14. Patty Hearst was kidnapped in 1974 not 1994. You're 20 years off.
    Sauce :
    Peace Y

  15. Any one that votes to impeach the president in the Senate, will be voted out of office at the people's earliest convenience.

  16. What an unseemly mix of swampy characters this whole fiaso calls into play. The house managers are obviously a sleezy crew of nardowells. A few on Trump's team have a clean record of past associations, but others…defending Epstien? That is some low company to keep no matter what the principle one is defending. My guess is that they were paid a significant sum.

  17. Being there is no actual crime and the democrats proceeded with impeachment anyway, shows the democrats are trying to interfere with the 2020 elections and should be criminally charged for it

  18. I despise Derchuwitz. but, he is the perfect scumbag lawyer to fight scumbag leftist as*holes.. OJ is complete scum of the Earth..

  19. Thanks, Gina. I would like to have seen Jonathon Turley and Greg Jarrett on his team, but let's see where this goes. Always good to see you. Welcome back.

  20. Those who vote to impeach will pay a price and so will our country.We are on the precipice of the survival of our country and possibly the next civil war. That would be something the Democrats, the Globalists, and Satan would like to see.

  21. Fantastic reporting Gina…I really enjoy each new edition and your concise, accurate account of events…keep up the good work and all the best in 2020…!!!

  22. The Democrats just keep breaking laws, a dozen or so at a time!!! This whole impeachment hoax was illegal and a fraud from day one! Prominent, respected Democrat Alan Dershowitz knows this and that's why he's protecting the office of President of the United States for free. If this many laws can be broken by Democrats and none of them is forced to resign and/or sent to prison then this same illegal process will be used against every Republican each year from now until eternity!!! And it will also be used against every Democrat for the next 8 years just to hear those lying hypocrites squeal. I'm more concerned with all the new mass killings The DNC has on its schedule than a fake impeachment trial! We must ALL watch Virginia closely until November 2020!!!

  23. What a clown show…………..I will never think of this as an Impeachment but as the overthrow of a President. If they get away with this, Impeachment will happen a lot in the future………..what a disgrace for the Dems to be doing this because they were not happy with the 2016 election results.

  24. There are no high crimes, only misdemeanors. Apparantly the president pulled Nancy's pigtails during the lunch break.

  25. The U.S. Constitution itself is being "impeached" by the unhinged rabid socialists. Indeed, even the U.S.A as a nation-state is under serious threat, and not a single measure should be spared in defending The United States of America against domestic terrorist organisation number 1: The democrat party.

  26. Every right minded American should be signing this Judicial Watch petition to impeach the real crooks.

  27. One can only wonder how many people Schiff framed when he was a prosecutor? How many innocent people has he put in jail?

  28. DERSHOWITZ is a really bad choice…….VERY BAD……Epstein island and conflicted……this will follow Trump like his choices such as Rosenstein, Comey and Sessions…… Dershowitz will just feed back to the DNC……I have no confidence, Dershowitz is doing it only to get more parts with MSM and take down Trump.

  29. Get this entire BS scam to end ASAP let the President get on with continuing making America Great! Throw all the coup idiots in prison.

    When he had 7 FELONY CHARGES ON RECORD …?????

  31. I sincerely hope the American taxpayer/voter is paying attention to this dog & pony show. And, I hope they respond in November and shove this entire, unnecessary shitshow up Pelosi's useless ass.

  32. The Democrats are Anti-American Socialists. And this Impeachment of President Trump is the only for way for them to redirect their corruption away from the American people.

  33. I wish Alan Dershowitz was not involved, yes he is an excellent lawyer, yes he is considered by his peers as one of the top lawyers in the US, yes he was a Law Professor in Harvard and has taught many politicians such as Ted Cruz, the current CNN Legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin and even former President Obama but he is very much involved in the Epstein scandal, he was one of his frequent customers and sooner or later it is going to come out and I think his interest on this is to get a Presidential pardon from Trump….

  34. Partisan Democrat hack job impeachment is a cover-up of the 4-yr ongoing coup and spying scandal to remove Pres. Trump from office by DNC/HRC, Obama admin, FBI, CIA, DOJ, State, and Fake News. Damning IG report was released and soon far worse Durham report. Crush crazy leftists in Nov. 2020.

  35. Welp he should have had all of them rounded up for treason and hung. A broken system does not have the ability to fix itself.

  36. I want to hear the President's witnesses. Hunter Biden, Schiff, 'the so-called whistleblower' Alexandra Chalupa for starters. if the Dems want six then the POTUS gets six.

  37. Eh, Patty Hearst was kidnapped in 1974 – you stated 1994!? I trust your presentations, but was a bit thrown by your misstatement.

  38. DemocRat should be charged with treason for the coup attempt against the president . There are no reason that he has to go through this bs.

  39. The Democrat Crime Syndicate [Party] should be forced to pay, out of their OWN pockets, [Not steal from Taxpayers] all the costs of this soft Coup. also pay for Trumps Legal fees, and then ARRESTED, and sent to Gitmo, for a Military Trial, then EXECUTED

  40. I get the print subscription of the Epoch times, finally a paper that doesn't slant the truth, just tells it like it is…A real news paper!!!

  41. In his statement to the House Jonathan Turley wrote:- “…, a president can be impeached for abuses of power. In Federalist #65, Alexander Hamilton referred to impeachable offenses as “those offences which proceed from the misconduct of public men, or, in other words, from the abuse or violation of some public trust.”101 Even though every presidential impeachment has been founded on criminal allegations, it is possible to impeach a president for non-criminal acts.” SEEMS THAT IT IS CONSTITUTIONAL!

  42. The spying on Trump and making up evidence to impeach Trump started the day Trump announced his run for the presidency. You can't be more exposed than that. Not only is President Trump going to be completely exonerated, But indictments are going to the exposed. The Deep State no longer has televised MEDIA powers to hide their crimes. Patriot News networks along with the original Wikileaks has opened the eyes of the world.

  43. Hopefully this will quickly come to an end! The President is Not Guilty. The Democrats will now hear from The American People in November!!!

  44. Those say the Dems will squawk if full trial is not completed! They will squawk no matter if Trump remains as President! End this crap!

  45. Sanity may eventually prevail but the Medias Ignorance of the Constitution and pure Hate for being so wrong in the 2016 election is driving them to manipulate the morons with D's behind thier names to commit hara-kiri with a butter knife. As long as the media CONDONES lawlessness it will exist. See Open Borders for a primer.

  46. The two “articles of impeachment” aren’t even crimes. A toddler could try this case and win. Looking forward to four more years of President Trump in charge of the country.
    WWG1WGA…MAGA…KAG…Under God

  47. The two “articles of impeachment” aren’t even crimes. A toddler could defend on this case and win. Looking forward to four more years of President Trump in charge of the country.
    WWG1WGA…MAGA…KAG…Under God

  48. Dershowitz is compromised to the max. His name is on the Lolita Express manifest several times. His defence of Epstein was a power play to protect himself from prosecution. His actions to deny those girls justice was atrocious and was totally against what's right.

  49. I should have such a team to defend me. I have for a very long time concluded that Ken Star should have been on the Supreme Court of the United State. I would love to see President Trump going after these folks for Treason, and many other reasonable crimes. The Supreme Court Chief Justice should have the Dimwitted arrested by federal marshals. After all; the Chief Justice should know and uphold the constitution, without any further misconduct by these scoundrels. The Senate should bring back caning : For that I would turn on the hearings to see Schiff get what he deserves. For you younger folks historically caning was stopped by congress because some of the representatives were beaten with canes. What do you think???

  50. A total waste of tax dollars and time.
    Prosicute and remove house democrats that started this crap.
    Major prosicutions of DNC for collusion with a fourgen power, including Hillary for security violations.
    That's what I think.

  51. ADDING MORE WITNESSES to nothing impeachable would serve what purpose ? What ever John BOLTON would say, he would not ruined his chances for high level of advisory positions. He knows the meaning of the fifth so, no miracle there dems. Ya right, Mulvany would hang himself. As Parma, the Minister of Ukraine defined him as a chronic lier and a self serving so, they expect what of him ? It's with excellent reasons that Schitt and Nadler, been put on the team of accusers, it's a good protection. Now, to have the Bidens on, would certainly put some spices on the steak. Burning to see them intervene but, no anticipation of any wrong from the President. Gerry

  52. The democrats managers are making a full projection case against themselves for their impeachment.
    Stupid is as stupid does!

  53. oh good more news and keep it up, it wonderful you follow up. This is important to get ahead of the latest news. I am glad you gather and listen to everything . I am positive you will get award for best news worthwhile .

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