How India’s Far-Right Hindu-Nationalist Movement Uses ‘Hate Politics’ to Gain Power

How India’s Far-Right Hindu-Nationalist Movement Uses ‘Hate Politics’ to Gain Power

It’s The Real News, I’m Ben Norton. This is part two of our discussion here with
Prabir Purkayastha. Prabir is the founder and editor of the website,
NewsClick. In part one, we discussed the recent General
Assembly election in Karnataka, a major Indian state, in which the far-right ruling party,
the Bharatiya Janata Party, the BJP, surprisingly did quite well and won dozens of new seats,
while Congress, the Indian National Congress, which has dominated politics in much of the
country, lost dozens of seats. In this second part, we’re going to discuss
the politics of the BJP, which Prabir describes as a “politics of hate.” And we’re going to provide information for
viewers who might not follow Indian politics as to what exactly the BJP is and other related
groups, like the RSS and the Sangh Parivars, and how their politics is dominated by a far-right
Hindu nationalism known as Hindutva. This is a very interesting formation, that
the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh, what you are calling also the “Sangh Parivars”- the
RSS is actually the political organization. The electoral front of this political organization
is the BJP. It has a number of other organizations, which
all form a part of what would be called the Sangh Parivar or the Sangh Family. And this has RSS at its core. And RSS, from the beginning, has had an exclusionary
nationalist agenda which identified India with Hinduism. So that’s, Hindutva is what it talked about. And it’s not a party which ever, RSS was
never a party, organization, which participated in the national movement, the fight for independence
of India. So for a long time it was illegitimate, and
the fact that they were implicated in the murder Mahatma Gandhi, the assassination of
Mahatma Gandhi, meant also their illegitimacy continued for a very long time. It’s unfortunately the Congress which gave
up its nationalist agenda and followed the neoliberal agenda that allowed BJP to come
back, or RSS to come back, into Indian politics, arguing that if foreign capital and nationalism
are not the issues, this is not, economic nationalism is not how we identify India,
then obviously cultural nationalism is the only thing that identifies India, therefore
Hindu identity is the only basis on which Indian nationalism can form. So this has been the argument of, shall we
say, the narrative of the BJP. And at the core of this BJP narrative is really
the RSS, which controls many more organizations. And then, finally- I hate to ask fellow journalists
to try to predict what will happen, because you know, we frequently report on it, but
I think it’s good to have this perspective. Looking forward toward the 2019 general election,
with the rise of communal violence, of violence against women and the rise of, as you mentioned,
this politics of hate, these far-right political forces, do you predict BJP doing even better
than it did in the 2014 election, or what do you see coming down the road? I think the waning, shall we say, attraction
of Modi- the fact that he’s no longer being taken that seriously, though he still maintains
a certain credibility- the fact that more people are laughing about him, that more people
are talking about the fact that he makes all these grandiose promises and claims that are
substantiated by work on the ground- is something that’s going to go against that. It’s also the fact that hate politics has
a shelf life. That you can do it for one year, two years,
maybe five years- how long can you do it? And a lot of the Northern states have been
doing it for quite some time now. So, I think this is also been leading to consolidation
of different kinds of forces who are against the BJP, particularly the social network. And it will take, also, the fact that a lot
of the, shall we say, oppressed classes in India, castes in India, are feeling the pinch
of demonetization, as we talked about it, joblessness, various other things. If you take all of this account and also the
big bank scams that have taken place, which all have taken place in Modi’s regime as well. So, if you take all this into account, I think
you are going to see at least a loss of majority of the BJP. In the 2019 elections- as you said, crystal
ball gazing is, of course, a very good pastime for journalists, and I do it all the time. So, I’m not ever going to be the exception. But I would say, yes, I do expect BJP to lose
seats, to the extent that it will not be a majority after 2019. Can it run the country with other coalitions,
can it run the party with other parties coming forward to support it, is a question mark. But will they accept Modi, who has shown himself
to be extremely autocratic and authoritative even within the party and outside the party,
even with its allies? Will they agree to Modi, then, being the prime
minister? These, I think, are open questions, and I
think 2019 elections, which can now be brought forward, they said, because BJP may not want,
and Modi may not want to have three electoral defeats in the three northern states. Before the general elections, they can try
and bring it forward. They have that option and have combined elections
of the three states, as well as the national elections in 2018 end. So, we have to see how this pans out, but
I do think you will see a reduced majority of the BJP. Whether that leads to defeat or its political,
larger political agenda, of hate, that is something that we have to think about. And I don’t think that is going to be defeated,
only because of the electoral setback that BJP will have in 2019. So, I think we have difficult times ahead,
not only electorally, but also at the political level, to beat back this politics of hatred,
the politics of divisiveness, which is what the BJP is promoting. Well, unfortunately we’ll have to end our
discussion there. I was joined by Prabir Purkayastha. He is the founder and editor of the website,
NewsClick. Thanks for joining us, Prabir. Thank you. Reporting for The Real News, I’m Ben Norton.

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  2. Why is it always the far right using hate to gain power? Using fear to roll over the meek, and peaceful, it has to stop.

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    Trump is helping this process along with his war provocations which is really all he and ilk know what to do. An honorable decline of power demands humility the man in office does not have. The last chance to restore world dominance according to all his advisors to which Trump appears to be persuaded by is war.

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