how I really feel about social media + life as an empath

how I really feel about social media + life as an empath

good morning and happy Tuesday so I just went when I work out I just have to get groceries I think as I mentioned before video is it because a lot of the well first I want to say everyone who's on body my PB and I don't I hate saying like you're starting it because it's like a lifestyle change it's not like I've said it a challenge it's not like a something that you're just gonna like it's not like a fad we're just gonna eat a certain way for a little or do a cleanse or something like that and just like go back to your normal ways of eating it really is a lifestyle but those of you who are starting I have messaging these such amazing results aren't like I mentioned how amazing you feel on it if you started it I'd love for you to leave in the comments again like I'm very transparent like leave your experience every single message I've gone people on it have been feeling incredible have had such mental clarity or seeing saying that they are ready just feel their body transforming and I promise that like it's not like it's like Tesla because I've lived my life with this method so to say so I know what works and yeah so like thank you so much if you are if you're on it and you're starting it sorry I look relieved because I was sweating and also I mean I was also gonna sweets my skin work I was clearing up now but like right here there was a spot he's no saying if you started it and whatever you want to message me I would love obviously always to hear how it's going for you everything like that um I'm so excited I'm sorry just a meaning of those videos I gotta do housekeeping stuff so I was like and that's like a term where you just go over kind of like random announcements in case you know I'm sure you know but okay so that's gonna stand but basically because I caught most of the food for everything is kind of like you a lot of it is kind of you keeping it you only have a swap-out cert once he becomes like your lifestyle you'll see you're not going to ever go for like a run and get everything the grocery when it's coming the first time you get a lot of stuff and then like as things run out like your mother or not out of like avocado is lemons the Ezekiel bread salmon like big things Oh like smoked salmon like quicker you know I mean and then like them when you have like your frozen fish or you have the you know for like the rich ramen recipe like you have those ingredients you end up keeping them so I'd not go in the grocery store like every body so just to pick up fresh things and I'm running out of for my recipes obviously so I went to Whole Foods after my workout also to be honest I'm feeling really I was basically I went on and won it's like what – I wanted a half day technically like get away I even get it like two hours it's called Palm Springs from those people who aren't in LA it's kind of like you know it's like a very it's like it's in the minutes in the desert and it's like this if hot springs there people know known as Palm Springs it's just a lot of really cool hotels and like Airbnb is and houses and stuff there I personally like wanted it for like a retreat purpose and it was just nice I mean it was literally a day it didn't and I kind of if I could sell it to work was like I have to do emails and stuff so genuine I mean I just can't I just I mean I just I can't not do work like I can't just unplug like I just don't know my mind I don't I don't know like I know I should but like and I for me okay so so much to say sorry I'm like getting so it's like I feel bizarre like I'm like I can't just like not be my because I feel like my purpose is to share things with you guys and talked about ideas and do things like that and so it's like when I'm not doing it I don't feel like good like I'm like oh I want to be sharing this are why don't talk about this I want to be posting this because that brings me like joy it's almost like creativity is like downloaded it into me and then I like share it out to you guys and that's how it makes me feel fulfilled otherwise it's just like all this is coming in and I was like not you should sharing anyone I just feel like it's all bubbled in me so even though like I'm still upset my phone and posting a lot and sharing things with you guys Club that's like what brings me drug that's not bringing fulfillment it's to share experiences and talk about things with you guys that's why I like write everything they want the whole monthly astrology guide that's why I wrote the entire body my PV guy that's why I have a podcast every week and I post like four to five vlogs every week that's a lot of content for someone to produce like you know I mean – like creatively channel out and I think I've said this before but like I yeah I took that's definitely the video but all my kind of work depends on me feeling in my like prime so to say are a lot of it because like the more amazing and eyes I feel the better content produce because like literally everything comes like the videos I've gotten not if I have no energy there's no vlog like what am i I'm just like sitting the exhaust so there's no con if I'm not in a good mood my writing isn't flowing like they would there's not there's gonna be not monthly guide won't be good if I'm not in creative state like Clyde's the client won't have exciting new designs Angelia line I won't be able to record a podcast like all of my kind of things are all like an extension of my creativity so to say and that's I'm very protective over my entertaining a pug but this before like I'm already an empath and reading a super intuitive or the point like I can tap into some of energy like even remotely if someone were to show me like a photo of someone I know it's like kind of creeping in tens but I can like I can feel how they're feeling in that like if I watch it for example in Instagram summer this is the craziest thing I can like immediately sense well move that person's in kind of like how they're feeling how things are going in their life and different aspects I like a pretty intense empath and I finally started realizing it I started realizing it's really draining if you're not about to maybe understand this but like I have to turn it off like I just sometimes like my mind's eye just like tune in tune in tune and I can turn into a bunch of stuff and then I drained all my energy because like it takes a lot of energy it's kind of like I'm used as an example I'm not saying that I'm at all like this but in stranger things like you know when the girl when she fell has to focus our energy to do something then she feels drained after her nose bleeds just an example like I have to sit there like focus my undergo something to figure something out it like genuinely drains me significantly like let's say my batter was at 100% I'll feel about going on 90 but that's 1% a lot of your battery to weighs just think you had something for 10 minutes you know so I've learned to be really careful with it I also have this thing where like if I'm in a group of people I know exactly how everyone's feeling so I feel the need to like over accommodate and that's like another big lesson I've learned I'm gonna talk about that on my podcast this week it comes out every Thursday it's literally on every podcast platform you just search my name Paulina bear go but should come up so yeah but it's just crazy like I wish I could explain it's just I have unless you this happens to you it's someone that puts into words it doesn't make sense because I heard a lot of has talked about this and I just it the far and we like sort of like all clicking from you and I was like oh my gosh that's literally yeah it's the same thing and so I have to whatever I'm gonna group like over comedy like me like oh like I should fix this I should do this you do this and like basically like sacrificing myself because I can feel that other people because I can feel that they maybe aren't comfortable in something but most people aren't like that most people aren't most people are definitely intuitive and can develop their skills but a lot of people aren't in deep and pasture they're gonna sense like most people I like to say honestly if I'm not trying to be like insane but I can I don't think any of my friends could tell if I'm in a bad mood except for like because I can be really good at just like faking it like only my mom would be able to tell us something's off I don't think that anyone wouldn't be able to tell in my life that something's off like me talking to that I mean I know maybe I'm just good because I'm naturally energized I'm actually funny and like it's like how my personality is and so like I think if I'm feeling down like it's not really really difficult to tell I'm honest I'm gonna ask me but that's difficult to tell but for me so then basically why I'm saying that is that so then when I mentor people know someone else is gonna be really like tuning in because I can even tell if someone's acting fake happy and I said I can tune into that so that's what I also when I'm doing coaching sessions it's really easy for me to work with people because I can tell what's going on even just initially and then also they give me details like more visions come to me so yeah but basically mine but what I was why I was telling this whole tangent is like the energy aspect of it right like it's when we will who aren't past they're not wasting all their energies over commenting seeing how everyone feels like if you're going out a group of friends whatever no most people aren't like it's everything okay and like to try and accommodate and like do things and so I've learned like a big lesson was I need to stop because like I'll because I can tune to how people feel like I'm responsible for how they feel and I'm not responsible for how someone feels you know I mean obviously like you were control of your actions behaviors whatever but I know ago you know I'm very mindful I try to be my actions behaviors whatever it may be but also we have to remember that like everyone like this is a big thing that people I feel like it's a big lesson for everyone to know that everyone's going through their own life and like sometimes like and how they act or treat you is little just how what it's like reflection of them like you and I'm saying like if obviously there's like case by case scenarios like I'm just like so analytical so I'm like okay well what if someone was like a bad person and someone else was like hey you're not doing the right thing like I mean I mean I was like very general examples but for the most part let's say someone's just being like nice you're not going to for no reason assuming that assuming that you are a good person you're doing the right thing okay this is like what that's what this emption is someone's like rude or nasty or never like its reflection what's going on in their life now I feel like that's maybe something that I've learned earlier because from being online like listen like I've been called every single thing in the book like something you just thought of something I've heard that seven years ago and I've never I've always had like a really tough I just don't care I don't know it's just like what loves hear it let's hear fake bitch one more time like this isn't cool but but like once he realized like how people literally interact or even if someone's being nice exact same thing I'm honestly I generally like very nice person unless there's a someone does something to me I am confrontational which I'm not cuz I'm not gonna be like walked all over on like I will say something but I'm a nice person you know they mean and so like what someone's nice also is a reflection of how they feel I think what no one who's happy is gonna be like it asshole to you so back to going sorry this is a little tangent a full circle the energy thing it's like I still I like my getaway was really really nice but I still because I was like I didn't fully disconnect as I stopped posting and I still like looking at stuff so I was like still tuning into energy and like I still I just think I still expended a lot of energy on my trip easily like one day and it was so amazing and I was like so happy to go but I do feel like a little bit drained because you know with my friend and so like you know you're talking to someone all the time like a lot you're like what someone's energy a lot like it's a lot for me to hang out with them I'm not crazy but like for three hours like that's like a lot because I like to be in my energy because my okay I'm sure you feel this way too like mine if you very cultivate yourself and you ground yourself and you meditate you really cultivate your energy it's extremely powerful and so I feel like 100 percent battery and then when I like go interact with someone most of the time I if they're I'm they're like they're not they're usually are like a lower vibration than me I'm not looking at badeley butts because I've spend lots of conscious effort to develop my frequency to where it isn't to feel the way I do you know I mean not I was doing that and there are amazing people whore and even higher vibrations that me and it's like so inspiring I hang out with my mom it's like oh my gosh like it's amazing I feel recharged hanging out with my mom the most people I love hanging out them but I definitely its me letting go of energy and so I don't do it like clerk said in periods of time because I want to sustain my injury so that I can I can first of all feel good energized and most importantly so I can continue creating right and so I still feel like oh my troopers have to expend a lot of energy talking and you know it was so fun and so incredible and I like I'm so so so happy I wept like I took a lot of energy out of me and so now I'm like oh my gosh I need to like recharge yeah I got groceries I also got like I saw mmm meditation yesterday these flowers I smell flowers like this so it's a yellow inside I don't know what those are called like there were these exact like this exact pedals but the inside was yellow I saw like really really my meditation and so I saw James what Whole Foods and I saw there's three bottles I only got two cuz I don't think I need more than two but like I and I walked and passed on – almost any of them so my morning beverage if you know you know I was sleepin just water bail from Amazon by the way people asking me like they're like oh you have the rose gold oh I don't see that one this is baby pink I know it's not baby pink I know I'm fully aware but like that's what they listed I was like I thought I was gonna get a baby pink ones and I got the rose gold but I do like the rose gold so I'm not mad a little bit of this book I have a facial today at three because well I it's my like scheduling like once a month it's actually passed actually I was a month out Norma I do like a little bit earlier and my my skin really needs I just need her to like extract everything I need to do like a mask and like Mike returned my face like I'm I'm that's a like I'm not eating like I just ate so like I just had they told her that one dessert last week I could you like one I eat out meal a week like learn to eat out loud I can't even write I'm like okay I'm gonna go and do a meal out I still look for the food will do something really close to what I normally but then for all to get dessert and it was so heavy and my skin liberal got right away I know I'm talking about it still but by some work to do and then this evening I'm gonna go pick up me and for my parents house so honestly I guess I could just X it at home all day like it was so when I woke up I was exhausted and I still and I was like I want to go to my workout I don't want to go get groceries after I don't want to do any of that I just want to lay in bed and I was like no I'm gonna go so I went I worked out I got my groceries and we're gonna do this thing come back home let's do a haul also morning I took a little bit low energy so if I don't see you guys like energized I'm just tired hi Koko Bubba I can't have you crawl on me because it hurts me okay um so first a naught is 1 red pepper so you know shooter think we're like I will already pick up what I need like I will pick up one pepper in time I just like don't I don't like throwing stuff away I when I do it I really do feel about it like like you like bought it you just like didn't use and use threw it away it's like is that how men feel nice girl I don't know but it's just yeah so I need one pepper so I got my pepper kale I think it's already washed look at a lot of good support to my recipe is amazing we're the best greens I got a thing of organic avocados oh Joey say hello oh dang okay I'm so I got a bag organic avocados right and one up a clutter that was actually soft for today to make my lunch so this one's soft so I could actually use it today but these are all hearts perfect estates often really quickly go through order yourself tomorrow the day after I got one for today I got two things of smoked salmon or like in one at a time but I realize like velocity like honestly three days so I go just like have another one ready if I know I'm going to use it you're gonna mean to like I'm right way so it's but just got to wild-caught obviously I got two of these open looks I love it because I use I use these for coffee and for my magic smoothies so I use them I use a lot of open every single day and this is honestly this one and then they her sprint or my favorites and this one's always for some reason sold out at Whole Foods like literally all the time so when I saw it I was like first I grabbed one and I was just like oh y'all if I run out I'll grab three days and then I was like honestly no like I'm gonna come back in three days I'm not gonna have it so I just got to I'm sort of looks like by the way I mean I'll probably see it always hold shift we've kind of been just like why they had this deal it's not even that wild of a deal it's 2 for 4 when one is 3 so it's like why would I not do that and you know chips isn't great for when you have a guest over and don't make them a meal you're like can I offer you a kettle chip we do offer someone a cattle chip mr. jalapeno they love you so these are the two have so got these some organic bananas I also got these for like a snack these are oven baked lentil crackers little duck this I honestly just have them and maybe put a little smokes however I want like a snack and love these types of crackers I don't like even know I'm trying to wear my hat Olivia's okay I don't even know those are these like our tip artisan chips cranberry and cashew made with like you know Himalayan pink salt extra virgin olive oil thanks had yourself I'm the extra virgin olive oil oh I just love not these fan ships with like a bunch of stuff in them like like it's the quinoa the nut but they're not sweet or not white like a salty it's like really it's a equilibrium it's so satisfying and because it's like it's not like you do like a sweet tree and it's actually going a chip just oddly satisfying like my paper my saying up without you are things these are organic strawberries so I want the Pink's Liam to the cut up strawberries and like maybe drizzle some honey over them because I like have this thing or like I'm not I know nobody just a good dessert once a week my god yeah I just can't do that you know her honestly I can't do any more like the way it would have did to my skin if Craig's like it's been like four days I've been like hardcore and getting it back so I just can't do it anymore I'm gonna start coming home tonight dinner and cooking some strawberries and drilling that with a little bit of honey and then if I'm really feeling like I really losing it off my peers coming up so just I can do I need to help these these checkerboard cookies I love dipping them in coffee unless I buy the round jovial inherently good corn nature's original wheat organic in corn cookies crafted by Italian artisan artisan Baker's organic only we never hybridized three grams of protein per serving less more satisfying cookies I'm gonna need one in the morning just as it in coffee everything it's my furious I need that that's why guys picked up some small simple my work outfit in a second I'm gonna make coffee and I make my Magic's nothing I need coffee like I'm just so tired of guys looks like a lot of it I'm giving workout for today so this top is from fabletics it looks like it because it's like I like how my tattoo perfectly aligns were like were this part of it is so that's that and these pants I honestly like I like it this topic with a little leaven top like that free to be top I think that that with these in like black gym shoes would look really really good so I don't know that's that these pants are a low and their new flex their Fall collection they also like a perfect fit like the length fits me perfectly there really is they're like pretty sick like I don't like the others legs that are on the thinner side you can feel their thing these are like pretty thick the band's really nice and they have these really cool patterns all over the lack of the vibe like there's like lines that go all the way through like so and then there's like lines across here a minute can see them here right what it looks like that's pretty much that and another really really comfortable there that was fingers so like there's thick and I think I know this year but they're like comfortable they're not like you know some leggings and like latex if a material is just fun for sometimes like I love those as well they're like pretty thick and just like comfortable like you wear you're not you don't feel like suffocated or like really good for like tight like I love that material like that like spandex material because you feel like you're so fit with these like come dude you've been really I'm like a different I'm like a non workout

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  4. I’m an empath too and now realize that’s why I can’t watch your videos all the time with how genuine you are … now i know why I’ve stayed subscribed for years even tho I only watch your videos sporadically … ly girl haha!!

  5. Life as an empath. I relate to that.

    Someday soon the word empath in my text here won't be underlined with a red squiggly line that I see as I type it.

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    Greetings, cutie! ✌😉❤😘

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