How Ghana's Capital Accra is Quickly Modernizing under Fastest Economic Growth

How Ghana's Capital Accra is Quickly Modernizing under Fastest Economic Growth

49 thoughts on “How Ghana's Capital Accra is Quickly Modernizing under Fastest Economic Growth

  1. Wow beautifull Mother Ghana all this from NPP Grovmant they're hard work's we thank God for gave as NPP they are very good Grovmant Nana and cool God bless you all

  2. Stop filming ROADS!!! I watched 4 vidoes you made for cultural interest, but all I saw were ROADS!!!~!!!!!!!

  3. Alright… I'm sure you have camera, you can start that crusade. I'll be waiting for your first video

  4. Nice one love ghana 🇬🇭💯👍👀🐅🐅🐆✔️💖🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  5. Putting alucobon panels on unfinished buildings, and still open gutters… Show what the fuck is Newtown, Agboboloshie or Madina, not only the center of the town. Liars

  6. Why you're showing only the good places. I'am working in accra ghana, and ı'we work at a lot of diffrent countries. Ghana ıs baddest place…

  7. Still have some ways to go compared to numerous other African countries. Progressing though 👍 check your WiFi too… extremely patchy.

  8. Thanks to AI for showing us more but hey, can you please give us drone shot of Tema, Ghana. Thanks so much. We looking up to see more of Tema, ghana

  9. I'm loving the progress my motherland Ghana is making, but please, we need more paving and trees to beautify the place more, to make the air cleaner and subdue the earthy red dust which is still too abundant, and pavement to make it safer to walk by the roadside – take a leaf out of the books of other African cities like Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania or Kigali, Rwanda for example.

  10. Congratulations on the development in Accra. However, too few trees on the High roads, trees needed to absorb the toxins from cars as well as to emit oxygen. The health of the nation as well as rain fall depends on trees. Additionally, the trees beautify the area.

  11. I love Accra Ghana 🇬🇭 from Cote d'Ivoire 🇨🇮 much love Ghana we are brothers 😍😍 it looks like Abidjan

  12. please lets wake up ,its still a village,look at nigeria Abuja,just our own nigeria,botswana,namibia,south africa,kenya,ethiopia,are they not africa countries,how did they make it? big shamme to the world,constructing just normal roads and putting them on youtube,shit hole country..ghana

  13. Brautiful! Just beautiful! Now I know why my mom keeps telling me that Ghana was/still is her dream country to live in ever since she was a child. Aside from the fact that she remsebles Ghanian women indefinitely and she'd blend in seemlessly, she freaking adores this country. Way to go Ghana. Gambian representing from Cali State🤗

  14. So Ghana people never seeing photos before..why this president showing photos of Japan and he never started doing nothing in Ghana and the people happy to see photos

  15. The first country in Sub Sahara Africa to gain independence. NOT the first country in Africa to do so. Make a correction @publisher of video

  16. Travel along with some African inspired socks, stay connected to the culture. Designed In Ghana 🇬🇭🥰

  17. Whatever "place" Ghana may have had in the world was solely due to the vision and efforts of Osagyefo Kwame Nkrumah. Period. No other government after him has had leaders with his vision or love of country!

  18. NPP Gorvmant have a lot for mother Ghana NPP all the way well well done Nana God bless you for your good work's

  19. Ghanaians are really well spoken with very good manners and also intelligent. Love you city, Accra, Ghana, will be visiting soon.

  20. The only real democracy in Africa is the Republic of Mauritius where general election is held every five years.

  21. Look at this what called a capital city of Ghana,,,, even Tanzania Kenya and binin are more beautiful than this shetoole

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