How Gender Politics Play Out on the Red Carpet | The New Yorker

How Gender Politics Play Out on the Red Carpet | The New Yorker

14 thoughts on “How Gender Politics Play Out on the Red Carpet | The New Yorker

  1. Regarding Donna Brazile on Fox, I just found an article online by "The New Yorker" where they asked Brazile: "Do you think there is a specific role that Fox has played in terms of racism, in terms of Islamophobia, in terms of blindly supporting this President, who practices both of those things and others—" She replied: "I have very strong views about Fox News that I can put in writing and post on their Web site, because I am a contributor. I took into consideration the heat and the backlash I would experience once I put my name on the dotted line. I understood that. And with that came the responsibility to speak truth to power, which I am prepared to do." Oh brother. So The New Yorker honestly thinks that Trump is racist and Islamophobic. This is a major publication and she gave them an interview!!

  2. It's never fun watching people who are uncomfortable on screen awkwardly talk to each other. New Yorker I believe you can do so much better than this.

  3. 0:35 – "In 2012, there was a nun on the red carpet…" Well, doesn't it seem like every year, there are just a plethora of 'nones' on the red carpet . . . ? – j q t –

  4. The New Yorker outNewYorkered itself with this thing. Could the two nerdy staff writers with faces for radio that get to discuss the cool kids be any less of big city Jewish stereotypes? Seinfeld without the jokes.

  5. Brie Larson set the example during the 2017 Oscars by not clapping when she presented the Oscar to Casey Affleck. She is the flagbearer of this generation of young actresses who will stand up against the commodification of their identities. It's very obvious why she has become the prime target of the sexist and racist trolls online. Go Brie Larson, you're awesome. #CaptainMarvel

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