38 thoughts on “How fear drives American politics | David Rothkopf | TED Talks

  1. 19 Islamist extremists most of whom came from Saudi Arabia flew those airplanes into buildings that killed thousands. You miss a key part of the story if you leave out that in the minds of those 19 individuals they were doing God's work. I agree with you that the wars and trillions US spent did not solve the problem of Islamist extremist killers that want to kill those who do not believe as they do – including other Muslims.

  2. If you want REAL change, and to kick these Internationalist pretenders who are pretending to be American's, out of Our Country, now is the time to act… I'm running for the 2020, anyone wants to know what I'm about, Google Harold McBroom In Reverence to Thee click on obvious link, when page loads, click on Candidate Harold J. McBroom

  3. Poor guy got an audience that was dumb as f:ck lol then again he's not the best pubic speaker

  4. this makes it more clear, that the attack could have been created by those that want the NWO. my very government.

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  6. Reuniting science with government is not complete without incorporating the humanities. Knowing what we can accomplish needs to be tempered by knowing if we should. Our values are not adequately represented by science or government alone.

  7. Am I the only one who finds it hypocritical for a Jewish man to be blaming the American government for the never ending wars after 9/11/2001, when Ariel Sharon stated on October 3, 2001, “Every time we do something you tell me Americans will do this and will do that. I want to tell you something very clear, don’t worry about American pressure on Israel. We, the Jewish people, control America, and the Americans know it.”


  8. It's true that American government that entered The Jewish into Palastine and took it from it's people and act to be innocent. so fake America

  9. He doesn't need to admit at the start to being Jewish ? people can work that out from the lies in this speech !

  10. Or rather, how the media is used to initiate, catalyze, produce, and advertise fear for Big Gov and Big Bus to get what they want, together.

  11. If you do not understand, that is okya. The one and only thing that is being said is, Think for yourself, understand what you can, and fight for what you believe in. THE MOST IMPORTANT THING IS FOR YOU TO KNOW, IS WHAT YOU KNOW IS WRIGHT. THERE IS A RIGHT & WRONG. By the way, the spelling was intended.

  12. PLEASE READ THIS AND UP-VOTE IF YOU CARE ABOUT EFFECTIVE PUBLIC CONVERSATION: No one seems to think about this or care (especially Youtube), but the fact that Youtube sets the comment-sort setting default to "Top Comments" instead of "Newest First" (a setting that probably 95% of people don't even notice) essentially KILLS real conversation. It reduces the possibility of real conversation to hundreds of people barraging the select few (who got lucky enough to comment and get an up-vote or 2 early after the video's posting) with comments and disproportionately large amounts of more up-votes, simply because they were there early on. Everyone else, regardless of how valid or insightful their comment is, gets buried in a sea of comments never to be seen, simply because most people aren't aware of, or don't understand the true utility of, switching the comment-sort to "Newest First." Don't believe me? Switch to "Newest First" and you'll see that hardly any comments have even a single like (because no one saw them). I don't know why I'm still going on, because probably no one will ever see this. Please message Youtube if you see this and care.

  13. The U.S. obviously destabilized the middle east under the W. Bush administration. There's nothing more important to Americans, at the moment, than the threat, in America, posed by islamic terrorists, hence the popularity of Mr.Trump. Cyber-nationalism sounds good to me. We need "fortress-America". Get rid of the enemy within, don't let the enemy from without get in. It is unacceptable, to most Americans, that murderers are going to come, or even be from here, and kill Americans. If there's much more of it, I'm afraid that it will get quite ugly.

  14. the problem with this country is that we've allowed multinational corporations have took our jobs to foreign countries. Instead of investing the 600 billion dollars on infrastructure and etc. The U.S is building schools and etc in the middle East. were being condition to think that ISIS is the enemy when you have a better chance of getting killed by a bee sting than you do getting killed by Terrorist. Check the numbers. There are 44 people dying everyday in the U.S. but I don't here any politician talking about that. ISIS isn't as powerful as they claim. We spent 4 trillion dollars on two wars and have lost 5,000 soldiers. Companies like Haliburton and others are the only one that benefited from this. Just think if we could have invested the money here instead of building airplanes we don't need. We are our own worst enemies because we fight amongst each other instead of going after the one who have lied to us. Another problem is people don't vote.

  15. I've had arguments with Americans on YouTube about gun control and all there argument seems to be is 2nd amendment and they are "free." Do some Americans think the British are coming back or something? I don't see how guns can be more important than free universal healthcare and the fact when u see American media outlets drive this irrational fear of let's be honest everything, makes people think around the world think that alot of Americans are irrational eccentric Christians who have a problem with everybody. FYI I'm Christian

  16. Internet and electricity a fundamental right? No. No one's rights make a positive claim on the product of someone else's labor. Great talk.

  17. So…what's the point here….TED has really gone down. It used to be good. A good philsophy show is Stefan Molyneux. Watch it!

  18. No freedom to privacy & freedom of expression. That is what 9/11 means to me. As it applies to most people yet as a Canadian, I would say we`re halfway there. But a native Canadian, more than halfway..

  19. "on September 11, 2001, 19 GUYS took over 4 airplanes and flew them into couple of buildings" wow he is joking right??

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