How Fascism Works

How Fascism Works

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  1. Trump is DEFINITELY a fascist. His entire campaign slogan is fascist in nature. ‘Make America Great Again.’ Great is about power, and again is about a mythical past.

  2. How does fascism work? You get a bunch of cucks to believe in an ideology that works against them and you brainwash them in the process, it’s quite simple.

  3. Yes, that is one form of fascism, but it's not the only kind of fascism. Fascism literally means absolute government control which means a lot of things can be defined as fascism.

  4. Whoa. That was a terrible interview. Two questions, each with a rambling circular answer. Somebody train the guest and try again.

  5. What happened to fascist that claimed that their got to the top by struggle and then kick out of the group since they power depend on the collective. Without the collective the fascist is powerless.

  6. Ive downloaded this video for a future video. This description of fascism could be painted onto a lot of ideologies. Im thinking the title is "TYT proves X group is Fascist."

  7. That's why I've been saying that contrary to their own claim, the far right is all about being 'bet4' rather than being '4lph4':
    F4scism needs masses of people who RESPECT and OBEY hierarchy, be that under G0d or under the Fvhrer or under the family patr!arch. In a f4scist society, there's only a handful '4lph4s' at the top… while almost everyone else is 'bet4' or below.

  8. Fascists always deny being fascists and project their crimes onto everybody else. The only good fascist is a dead fascist and killing fascists and nazis is an American tradition.

  9. But if their country thinks they're losers and not worth anything then won't they "betray" the country siding with whatever side sees value in them?

  10. "Librarians say it's the individual so they aren't fascist" so my villains are librarians and not fascist then 🤔 I don't want them all to be the same race or gender because that would look bad so my villains are diverse like my heroes

  11. Some are in favor of fascist ideology, particularly if their perceived group is favored within the meritocracy. But what happens if in the process the bar is then moved and their group is now considered obsolete? Without safeguards no one is safe, even those at the pinnacle of power within the hierarchy can be toppled.

  12. In America Fascism has always been directly connected to Conservative Christianity! Look at the souths history it's always been Conservative Christians,regardless of party,DixieCrats,Democrat and now Conservatives last 58 years solidified! That's part of why they call it the bible belt.

    But slavery,oppression,sexism racism inequality has OVERWHELMINGLY thrived in the south and Red States to this day . They willing ELECT FLAMING SEXIST PEDOPHILE RACIST. IOWA,FLORIDA,ALABAMA,MISSISSIPPI,FEDERALLY,ETC. THEN SAY THEY'RE CHRISTIAN LMFAO. Yeah so were Colonizers aka terrorist,Slave traders and Slave Owners.

    Just look at states at bottom of list of budget,education,lack of diversity,healthcare,infrastructure etc. Very few exceptions

  13. Trump represents the clownish fascism. Outside of comedy, he is really the dumbest and most ignorant person I have ever seen. On top of that, he is textbook narcissist. The guy is one in a million when it comes to bad personal traits.

  14. Fascism is a Leftist Idealog….Hitler was a Socialist and Musolini used Socialist Economics.

    Musolini also said "Fascism would better be called Corporatism.

    You know Corporations like YouTube, Google, and Apple etc.

    All whom like to like to censor and administer social justice to whatever THEY deem wrong.

    Nationalism no more equates to Fascism than Capitalism equates to American Liberties.

    For example look no further than China for that bastard mix of Communism/Capitalism.

    And one other thing, when it comes to Democracy….It was Ben Franklin who said "Democracy without a Republic is nothing more than two wolves and a sheep, deciding on what's for lunch.

    That's why we're a Democratically Elected Constitutional Republic.

    The President's stance should be Nationalistic, he's The President of The U.S. not the world. America and The American people should always come first to that Excutive Office.👀🇺🇸🐸🔫

  15. Hitler is the poster child for fascists the world over. We can assume that Hitler speaks with authority on what it means to be a fascist. Trump fits perfectly with Hitler's fascism.
    Some strange coincidence?
    Pareidolia, perhaps?
    Just a big misunder…

    He's a fascist.

  16. I love fascists. They put their country first, much better than politicians who want to depend on foreigners to get them elected.

  17. If anyone wants to learn what Fascism is, the best book to begin is "Origins & Doctrine Of Fascism" by Giovanni Gentile

  18. Fascism is our Tyrannical White Male Patriarchy. The goal of Progressives is to dismantle this Patriarchy. Progressives will use Feminism and Socialism to dismantle the cis-gender white Patriarchy. We must make Gender Studies mandatory in Universities so that Progressives and Antifa can correct our society. Progressive must use the law to make everyone EQUAL. We need to break the will of young white men to achieve this.

  19. There is one big flaw in this video. From the beginning, you talk about everything but a fascism. The speech is opened with a few sentences about a book that is the foundation of a different ideology. From the beginning, Jason Stanley discredits himself by misunderstanding the basics of those different ideologies.

  20. Is there such a thing as the consistent libertarian? What does he mean by that? Certainly, as a whole, libertarians are all over the place in ideologies. That's why the movement failed, and will always fail. It lacks consistency. I just see highly intelligent thinkers consistently reinventing libertarianism for the tea party like dolts at the ground level of the party. The libertarian intelligentsia lost focus. Give it up.

    Libertarianism; nonexistent since 1971

  21. One way it works is a soon to be congresswoman abusing her power,threatening supeonas just because someone critized her socialist ideology with a meme. AOC already acting like the Gestapo.

  22. Wow this ivory tower academic is off the charts batshit crazy. He's essentially saying meritocracies are inherently fascist. For him to believe all groups and cultures are equal in terms of ability to obtain success, he is either being intellectually dishonest or is woefully ignorant. Trump is fascist because his view falls in line with "nations are defined by ethnicity and a common language" and he's engaging in "explicit tropes of European fascism"? I wonder if this academic thinks Israel is fascist, ha.

  23. Fascists manipulate social and economic factors to benefit their tribal "in" group and denigrate all others. They want their group on top, by ANY means. Libertarians then blindly champion achievements of individual fascists, ignoring the tactics those "achievers" employed to gain their success, and claim the achievers won entirely on their personal merit. The wilful ignorance of libertarians allow them to be easily used by fascists as their unwitting allies.

  24. Well Nazism is a subset of fascism , especially since Hitler took a lot of Post Drexler nazism from Mussolini and then forced upon his racialism on Italian fascism, be that Mussolini re Margareta or Borghese.

  25. Interesting and refreshing definition.
    Lots of Fascious on U tube advocating for a revolution, bragging about how many millions of guns the right has, talking about how they inherit this land from their ancestors.
    Hahahahaha. The blood land taken from native Americans.
    And talking about how less smarter are inmmigrants amf how they have nothing to offer but worry that they are been replaced..

  26. This bloke Jason Stanley is talking intelligent-sounding bollocks. "Liberal Democracy is based on equality and liberty" he says at 1min 05secs. Where on earth did he get that idea from? Liberal Democracies are a particular form of capitalist political and economic social structure and they are always about 'Liberal economics' first (in the proper sense of the word and not as the Yanks use the term), with democracy coming in a very poor second – and being ditched altogether whenever convenient to do so. Liberal Democracy has nothing to do with equality and only protects particular kinds of liberty (the liberty to exploit, to accumulate, to own property and to concentrate wealth).

    Fascism is also not as easy to define as Mr Stanley claims. It is an ideology with no founding texts or list of principles that can be consulted, unlike Socialism or Marxism, or even Liberalism. Mr Stanley does correctly identify some common characteristics of Fascism (the constant struggle for ascendancy, the notion that truth is an entirely subjective concept, the mobilisation of fear of 'the other' – usually foreigners or immigrants or racial or cultural minorities – to encourage solidarity among the dominant group, etc.) and he also correctly labels Trump's tactics as fascist. But Trump is not an ideological fascist himself as he has no ideology apart from venal greed, narcissistic personal agrandisement and the bully's instinctive contempt for those he considers weaker – usually expressing itself as crude racism). Some of the people who have latched on to Trump are ideological fascists and the more astute of these people are no doubt utterly frustrated by Trump's lack of any principles or core beliefs. But Trump is quite prepared to use fascist tactics, such as demonisation of minorities and opponents, intimidation, inciting hatred and violence amongst his supporters, constant undermining of the idea that there is any such thing as objective facts and attacks on press freedom. These make him a fascist in practice if not in an ideological sense.

    Mr Stanley also identifies group loyalty as a key component of fascism, although he doesn't mention authoritarianism, aggressive militarism, xenophobic nationalism or hatred of independent organs of Civil Society (like an independent press, Community Associations, organised labour etc.). Loyalty is also demanded towards the leadership, which may be an individual Fuhrer/Duce type figure, or may be a leadership group, like a Junta, or even an institutional leadership such as a military officer class. In the USA you also have a very powerful Clerical Fascist Movement in the Christian Right, which has allied itself with the atheist Trump for short-term political goals. And in addition I would argue that some US Randian inclined politicians and organised groups have developed a kind of Ultra Right Wing Libertarianism which is essentially fascist in that it pretends to promote the role of the individual but in fact paves the way for more corporate power and control.

    Fascism is broader and more diverse than Mr Stanley seems to imply and it has long been a major factor in the politics of the US Republican Party as it is hard to draw a clear line between fascists and reactionary conservatives on many issues, and in practice they often ally with one another (as they did in Germany before the Nazi takeover and as they did in Franco's Spain and Salazar's Portugal). By all means discuss this issue in more detail but please don't just accept Mr Stanley's simplistic and facile definition just because he sounds like he knows what he's talking about.

  27. Fascism is an authoritarian, pro military, pro nationalist, they exploit people's fears, they scapegoat individuals they see as inferior, as the source of the people's maladies. Fascism stresses blind loyalty to a charismatic leader, collectivist mentality to support the state. Business & labor working to support the state, & the leader is the manifestation of the state. Donald Trump is a Fascist! 😡

  28. Trump has continued the draconian practice of detaining undocumented migrants in Concentration Camps like any Fascist leader would, because Trump is a racist, he sees a "Brown Menace ". He even said he likes Europeans (aka Caucasian peoples).😐

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