How Expensive is TALLINN? Exploring the Capital of Estonia

How Expensive is TALLINN? Exploring the Capital of Estonia

50 thoughts on “How Expensive is TALLINN? Exploring the Capital of Estonia

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  2. Dear Gabriel, I'd love to watch your videos more, but your camera gives me motion sickness. Please consider longer shots and steadicam.

  3. I've been to Estonia seven times, all of them to Tallinn. I love it there, and there's more I have yet to see! Wouldn't mind going out of my way to explore other parts of the country.
    On the downside, alcohol prices have gone up in recent years so it's not quite the haven of cheap alcohol that it used to be. Good thing the duty-free on the ferry to Sweden has good prices! 😉

    I visited the Christmas market once in 2014, but the weather was terrible and I had a hangover, so I didn't really enjoy it! 😂

  4. Woah, just found this channel. We were in Tallinn at the same time! The chances we walked by each other is pretty high. That guy singing at the beginning was there almost every day. Awesome place.

  5. Old town is for tourists so off course its not cheap, but outside the city its more affordable, Tartu the university city is cheaper. When EU sanctioned Russia they stopped coming as tourists & the economy has suffered.

  6. Old town = tourist prices. I have been in Estonia several times and you can find places that are way cheaper when it comes to food.

  7. why are your videos always so extremely long? I start watching and I wish you could edit them better. There's so much information on Youtube so everything like your videos that are not edited and too long won't be much appealing.

  8. Definitely, the best city of ex USSR 👌🏻 There are a lot of old buildings, churches, and interesting places like Depeshe Mode‘s Cafe, and There is the highest life level in Estonia )) Must visit everybody !!!!!!!

  9. While Lithuanian and Latvian languages are cousins and not so distinct as it might seem from start Estonian language is Finno-Ugric language group member and thus it's more cousin to Finnish language than to Baltic languages (Latvian and Lithuanian)

  10. Damn from somebody from Houston, this place is expensive but not crazy expensive like UK or especially Sweden

  11. Love the singer, he was epic. I drive an old Benz, its cool to see how many are around the world in all of your vlogs.

  12. if you had waited a little longer… now it is all covered with snow and we have real wonderland here. In winter it is cold here under white blanket of the snow, in summer it is hot, in spring you see and feel how life begins, in autumn you can see more colors than you ever knew existing… So come again and stay longer to see why we are really blessed here….by mother Nature.

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