22 thoughts on “How economic inequality harms societies | Richard Wilkinson

  1. the jews divide us then claim racism when we stand up to them. the only thing that hinders us is government and jews and the freemasons. any questions??? economic unequality is great, makes us work harder. go away you little jew trolls. if you didnt have a rigged economy, we would be doing fine. any questions???

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  3. " ..If you are free you are not equal – if you are equal you are not free…" (Solzhenitsyn). Go figure !

  4. I love you, Jesse – I loved the combining of Colin Flaherty's books – too bad you didn't get confirmation of that right away! Keep it up!

  5. The big mighty dollar…too big?
    Inequality has been the main influencial ingredient to our economy. The modern system was originally designed with a purpose of the manipulation by a few over the mass. It worked beautifully for many years…not so much anymore. Our immensely flawed economical and political systems have grown to a uncontourable state of capitulation…the are falling.
    How is this possible that a supposedly advance specie like us allows a system base on inequality and consumption, resulting in the destruction of our planet, to thrive? Money along with the implementation of junk economical values are the perfect tools to keep us in the dark…untill now that is. As a society, our backs are against the wall, time to choose a different approach to our methods of existence
    …co-existence. It comes a moment in the development of our history when things have to take a quite different significant turn. This planet belongs to every single one of us and we must realize our responsibility to keep her intact and flourishing…our existence depends on it. We now possess the knowledge, the technologies and the resources to redesign a sustainable system that work for everyone and preserve everything that we depend on, to exist harmoniously as a intelligent civilization. All we need now is the will to do it, which is growing among us for the simple reason that we have no other choices…evolution.
    The scale is tipping.
    It's time.

  6. I would argue that the level of totalitarianism and corruption in a society have a lot to do with quality of life. Hence the bad data from the US, among other countries. And now with the globalist agendas, the world is moving in the wrong direction at a rapid speed. This downward spiral needs to be stopped, or humanity will not survive.

  7. The law locks up the man or woman
    Who steal the goose from off the common
    But leaves the greater villain loose
    Who steals the common from the goose.

    The law demands that we all atone
    When we take things that we don't own
    But leaves the lords and ladies fine
    Who take things that are yours and mine.

    The poor and wretched don’t escape
    If they conspire the law to break;
    This must be so, but they ensure
    Those who conspire to make the law.

    The law locks up the man or woman
    Who steals the goose from off the common
    And geese will still a common lack
    Until they go and steal it back!

  8. Correlation is not causation. Just because countries have income inequality does not mean it causes these social problems. Look at Japan, a place where people are much more hardworking, uniform, conservative, it is not surprising they have a more equal population. On the other hand, the USA is much more racially, culturally, intellectually diverse, liberal place, you expect more difference among people, which will lead them to different outcomes. You either have liberty, diversity, constant progress, accompanied by vast inequality, or you have uniformity, conservation, and constant performance, accompanied by stagnation. It is naive to say one form of society is absolutely better than the other, or it is possible to have both.

  9. Does he control for poverty? Because there will be a strong correlation between the 20% R/P inequality measure and the poverty levels

  10. So let's just all become socialists and get rid of the free market according to this guy. I guess success is bad

  11. Sweden and Japan are the same in the one key point – as nation, they are homogenous mostly one culture why prevents social problems.
    He admits that Japan and Sweden do not have the same economic policies, therefore this health stuff is not about having "high taxes".

  12. True, they should move to Denmark, because being entrepreneur is easier in Denmark than it is in the USA

  13. Well, he showed a chart of all developed countries in the West and said look, there is no correlation between life expectancy and economic wealth. Why there are not African countries?
    Because if he did, it would not matter anymore whether to shrink economic differences…
    Wealth means better life expectancy. Chart of Western countries prove it. There is a little different if life expectancy is 72 or 78 years, you are old enough. But the difference is when you die at 72 ok at 35.

    If equality would be a solution, why not just take from the rich and burn that money? It would make everything more equal, therefore better life expectancy, right?

    No corelation? I see the poorest Portugal having worse social and health problems :).
    No, equality is wrong objective. The wealth is the thing we should pursue!

    USA comes bad in the charts and Scandinavian good. Why is that? First of all, USA is not homogenous country, there are many many nationalities and culcures which brings some clashes. There are no crips, there is not KKK in Sweden or Norway.
    If you took a chart how homogenous is a country and and compared it to well-being you'll see that it correlates.

    I'd love to see chart of homocides in "more equal countries" like HOnduras, Venezuela etc. etc. I guess it should be zero, if they are equal! 😀

    This whole video will take USA as rich country and compare it to other as if income equality would be only factory that has influence to well being. It's surely one, but out of thousands.

    It is so easy to disprove it, just show the opposite – more equal states, more healthy etc. should they be, but they are not…

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