How donuts have benefitted America's immigrants | The Economist

How donuts have benefitted America's immigrants | The Economist

America has the biggest immigration population in the world the country has long attracted people in search of a better life among them are Cambodian migrants who fled war and genocide at home and have found an unlikely route to prosperity doughnuts it's 4:40 a.m. and most people in this city are still fast asleep but when Los Angeles wakes up Theresa tango needs to be ready she's the co-owner of Blinky's donut Emporium as soon as I get in I threw all my stuff aside and I start packing her boxes I feel like it's a contest every day I'm just trying to beat myself so every day is very different is this when we sell a few hundred this days when we sell a few hundred boxes these days that we sell thousands of donuts Teresa and her dad he bought Blinky's in 2003 that is very delicate what he's doing he treats them like they're his babies I don't think it was that gentle with me growing up but he's definitely a lot like he was a lot TLC in his donuts working with my dad this pros and cons I mean he's gonna be my boss regardless even though I think I'm the boss he still thinks he's the boss but we do have a great relationship and I'm blessed to be able to work with my dad every day you like working with me no comment making donuts is a long way from where Hugh started out his life so my parents escaped Cambodia during the Khmer Rouge in 1979 early 1980s it was a genocide it was a tol genocide where we lost a lot of family members they were lucky enough to be able to immigrate to France and they were there for 20 years but in a cruel twist of fate Teresa's family was subjected to a violent attack we had to leave unfortunately because my friends were again victims of an attack where we were robbed at gunpoint and my parents were beaten they didn't feel safe living in France anymore so they moved to LA arriving in the USA was another huge change for the ingo family Ellie was a third new start for my parents that was the third country in their life and for me it was my second one it was so different we didn't speak the language we didn't know how to drive here so everything was new between 1975 and 1994 nearly 160,000 Cambodians were admitted to America as refugees one of them was Ted and goy he became known as the donut King the entrepreneur made his fortune through a chain of stores by the mid 90s inspired by mr. enjoys success there were as many as 2,400 Cambodian owned donut shops in Southern California la was everything California was everything so it was just like a dream come true just to be able to be here so I never thought I would be the owner your donut shop I thought it was just gonna be a stepping stone for me but because of the connection we've made with our customers and the community now it just makes it whole I love that it's a total neighborhood community donut shop I know the owners the owners don't like kids Los Angeles has a reputation for healthy eating but that hasn't slowed the steady stream of patrons at Blinky's donuts are bulletproof they're what makes your happy the little go-to snack that you know you can have on cheat day we have a lot of bodybuilders that come in they have a lot of moms are super healthy but they still bring their kids for that they'll touch of sugar it doesn't matter how healthy the craze is you're still gonna want to donate at the end of the day blinkie's is now one of the top-rated donut shops in Los Angeles for me blink uses everything about the American dream it's not a big dream I'm not you know driving Rolls Royces or anything like that but I'm living the dream I'm here I'm safe I'm selling an American product I'm making an American product for the Americans so yeah it's a it's a blessing it's a privilege for me

22 thoughts on “How donuts have benefitted America's immigrants | The Economist

  1. This is pure echoberg yellow press. You are making these garbage videos in order to promote mass migration while forgetting that Europeans made this country and were actually invited here whereas the garbage coming with visas and through the border are not.
    How about you make a video on how israel is truly made of immigrants and push for mass migration there first?

  2. Donuts is the only food that had made me fat. I used to weighted 92 pounds but after eating my favorite donut sugar twist every morning I gained around 10 pounds. Hehehe 😋 delicious

  3. Most interesting comment is that this family lived in France for 20 years but moved to the USA to be safer
    No doubt Europeans won't like hearing this
    Also the desire to be in business and not be state dependent is very unEuropean

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