How Donald Trump Answers A Question

How Donald Trump Answers A Question

But isn’t it un-American and wrong to discriminate against people based on their religion? But, Jimmy, the problem Uh, I mean, look, I’m for it… But, look… We have people coming into our country that are looking to do tremendous harm. You look at the two- Look at Paris. Look at what happened in Paris. I mean, these people, they did not come from Sweden Okay? Look at what happened in Paris. Look at what happened last week in California, with…with, you know, fourteen people dead. Other people going to die, they’re so badly injured. We have a real problem. There’s a tremendous hatred out there. And what I wanna do is find out what- you know, you can’t solve a problem until you find out what’s the root cause. And I wanna find out what is the problem what’s going on. And, it’s temporary I’ve had so many people call me and say thank you. Now, if you remember, when I did that a week ago it was like bedlam All of a sudden — and you watch last night and you see people talking. They say, “Well, Trump has a point. We have to get down to the problem.” The people that are friends of mine that called, they said, “Donald, you’ve done us a tremendous service, because we do have a problem and we have to find out what is the — -and we have to find out what is the–
-those might have been prank calls -those may have been prank calls
-No, no One of the things I find fascinating about Donald Trump is the way he uses language differently than other candidates for political office, especially president of the United States Whereas his opponents and the political class in general seem hyper-aware that their words would be picked apart and used against them Trump willfully disregards this fact. As a lifelong salesman, he has a huckster’s knack for selling a feeling even if the ideas and facts that underscore it are spurious, racist or just plain incomprehensible so I thought it would be illuminating to look at a Trump answer to a simple question In this case Jimmy Kimmel asking Trump whether or not it’s wrong to discriminate against people based on their religion referring to Trump’s proposal to temporarily ban all Muslims from entering the United States This 220 word, exactly 1 minute answer displays I think, a range of the things that Trump uses all the time in his speech The first thing to know is how simple this language is Of the 220 words, 172, or 78%, are only one syllable and often they come in a rhythmic series like a volley of jabs ending with one of his buzz words we have to get down to the problem 39 words, or 17%, are two syllables long only 4 words have 3 syllables, 3 of which are the word tremendous, tremendous, tremendous and just two words are 4 syllables long California, which he’s forced to use because it has less syllables than San Bernardino and temporary, which he swallows and it’s temporary, I’ve had so many people this breakdown fits with the study done by the Boston Globe that put all 2016 presidential candidates’ announcement speeches through the Flesch-Kincaid readability test to determine their respective grade level rankings Donald Trump’s speech came out at the 4th grade reading level Now for reference, Ben Carson came out at 6th grade Hillary Clinton and Jeb Bush were speaking at an 8th grade reading level and Bernie Sanders was a way up in high school, a sophomore, to be exact Now this isn’t only down to word or syllable choice it’s about sentence construction, too Trump favors simple sentences like we have a real problem
there is a tremendous hatred out there Rarely does he use complex sentences or independent clauses He also favors the second person a lot of the time, addressing listeners directly with commands Look at Paris
Look at what happened in Paris
Look at what happened in Paris
Look at what happened last week in California Or implicating us in what he’s saying as if we’ve already agreed and you watch last night, and you see people talking He’s really good at this, at framing negative response as an over-reaction that was subsequently realized as such if you remember, when I did that a week ago it was like bedlam. All of a sudden – and you watch last, and you see people talking. They said, “Well Trump has a point. We have to get down to the problem.” Maybe the most important technique Trump utilizes and he does this more than anyone I’ve ever heard is ending his sentences with strong punchy words. A lot of times he’ll rearrange the beginning of a sentence awkwardly, so that he can end strong. For example, here, it would probably be more natural to say you can’t solve a problem until you find out what the root cause is but he brings the is forward to end on root cause he does the same here and it looks like he was going to about the same in the end before Kimmel cuts him off these final words are crucial for Trump They’re pointed and taken together sketch the theme of the entire answer harm, dead, die, badly injured, problem, root cause thank you, bedlam, point, problem, service, problem In some sense, it’s these words that audiences remember especially when the rest of the speech is incoherent Like the best salesman, Trump keeps it simple, he repeats a lot we have a real problem, what is the problem we do have a problem, we have to get down to the problem and he uses his favorite words over and over tremendous, tremendous, tremendous service and he always seems to have friends who are part of the group that he’s currently insulting calling him up and thanking him for the privilege many of them called me they said you know Donald, you’re right, we have a problem and look, there is a problem Donald Trump knows when to sound incredulous, or forceful He has good comedic instinct, you can even call him witty but you can’t call him smart or well informed the best salesman could sell you a TV without knowing anything about it because the TV isn’t what matters. What matters, is you. And if you are an American citizen who, for years has listened to politicians sound sophisticated while accomplishing nothing you might just be primed for something that is everything they are not. But the next time you feel like Donald Trump has a point do yourself a favor and look at his words. Hey everybody, thanks for watching. I want to point you in the direction of my friends over at Wisecrack who do some awesome work, some awesome video essays. If you like my stuff, you’re definitely going to like what they do. They talk about books, movies, and my personal favorite is definitely 8-Bit Philosophy, which is like philosophy explained with Nintendo graphics. So well done. I wish I had thought of that. Anyway, go over there, click there, subscribe, watch a video. If you guys want to help me out, as always, you can click right here, pledge a dollar or three dollars or five dollars to my channel. Help me start 2016 right. We’re going to do some awesome stuff in the next year. I can’t wait to see you guys next Wednesday for the next video and I will see you… Well, I just said I’ll see you next Wednesday, so bye!

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  3. He makes things simple because he has a great understanding of the topics he speaks on. Rather than trying to sound sophisticated he just tells it how it is and that's what Americans want. That's why he's in office demonstrating the best presidency in our nation's history and that's why he'll win again in 2020.

  4. Rothschild own 90 % of our Country, including the President’s, and their not in need or want of anything. Even this idiot that Trump is talking too, they are all Satan’s Minions/ demons. “Rise Up Patriots” or we are no more. I am not kidding you at all. Please look up to the Lord Our God in Prayer 🙏 not them, not traditions of man, but believe in God/ his word, not what their saying.

  5. I visited wisecrack outta my love for philosophy, but actually u’ve a way much better channel and a ‘tremendously exciting’ way of putting things simply . I couldn’t stand 2 videos for them, actually they’ve a lotta noise.

  6. I promise you that Trump has been trained in NLP. His speeches are textbook. He's a conman, he knows how to manipulate people

  7. How Trump speaks says far more about the American populace, specifically those that vote, than it does about Trump…

    But what exactly did anyone expect after decades of policies that actively encourage ignorance and survival of the least fit?

  8. I'm BY FAR from a Trump supporter, but this Vid is the BIGGEST Brainwashing hunk of CRAP I've EVER SEEN!!! Maybe he says the word "Problem" so much because their IS a Problem?! Lmao This vid is a perfect example of AGENDA POLITICS trying to use their College English class as a manipulative tactic! Ur an IDIOT!

  9. You know what and who is the root cause of immigration and all the problems HE has created…Just look at The Donald. Everything he says against people is EXACTLY what he does. How about Malania. She's an immigrant and speaks with a foreign accent which he has been against.

  10. A genius Physician who went to a fairly well ranked Med School (very reputable University, just not a prestigious as Johns Hopkins, Harvard, or Mayo for medicine), has a 6th grade learning/reading/speaking level??? Come on people.

  11. he doesn't even answer the question, he justifies what he did without giving a clear reason why it should be justified, he even says at one point 'they didn't come from sweden' which has racist undertones of terrorists being generalised as only from middle eastern countries

  12. Good channel, man but "here's the problem": 6:12 onward, appears a weaponised intertextual simulacrum of a pint of Guinness around your sternum area just to hook the Irish. smh

  13. You can tell this guy doesn’t like trump. I respect you not insulting him for the most part or his supporters though.

  14. This is a terrific video. It's funny as hell. It reminded me of George Carlin's thing about politicians and language. Thanks for this video.

  15. Trump may not know basic algebra, but that doesn't make him dumb. A dumb person wouldn't take $1m and turn it into billions, and even win a presidency. He's a real estate agent, and for years he's been practicing the art of bullshitting. Bullshitting gets you far in life. Negotiating and making friends with other nations are a big + for him and the country, not sure why people have been saying that WW3 would take place, even though he made allies with a crapton of people. It doesn't matter whether he uses 69 syllable words or 1 syllable words, it's the end-product and the message he's trying to convey.

  16. Simpler speech leaves space for people to think for themselves. For conservatives, they just agree to anything he says because it confirms their mindset, and it's opposite for liberals. It is a fact that there are more conservative-like people than liberals, or at least more people in favor of Donald Trump than not in USA. People trying to argue him are talking to a wall because you can't fight back if there are no valid arguments.

  17. Donald never really replies to a question.. he keeps talking and goes off topic and repeats the same sentences, he just rephrased how he says it

  18. Four years on and we can now criticise at least one of the comments here. At 5:35 you state Trump is not “smart” or “well informed”, but now with 4 years of hindsight two things are clear 1) he was smart enough to be elected as POTUS 2) he has made America great again with the lowest unemployment, largest growth in 20+ years, and many more achievements.

  19. Why are we importing violent theocrats into the country? Sorry haven’t heard any one give me a good answer. Do we need more Jew hating hypocrites? Why do we have a lottery? If your a Muslim and your self sufficient and you want to live in America apply wait in line maybe change to a meritocracy and get in sooner.

  20. KISS: KEEP IT SHORT AND SIMPLE(stupid). You Ze Americans taught us that regarding doing sales on a high level. That helped me when i sold investments. Reaching the most people efficiently+understanding. Greetings from Amsterdam at the beach,

  21. Can i please get this software to use against my own politicians?????? What a field day it would be if we could use this to see when and where politicians use it on us to……. In other words blind side us.. To get us to vote for them… The tactic of politics has gotten rotten…. I guess it's time to fix it… And to get the real truth out there..

  22. Trump's speech is nothing special to make him win the election . Its u the Americans who forgot ur value which is America built on . And voted for such an ignorant person to be come ur president.

  23. Waitress: with milk or no milk?
    Trump: you see, this is my coffee. This is my coffee, that I will drink alone. I don't think we're getting to the root of that question yet. We should dig deeper in it.
    Where's the milk coming from? No, don't answer that, you don't need to answer that. We both know the answer already, and it's going to be great. Am I right? It's going to be tremendous. It's a nice hot cup of good coffee.
    Now, if you asked me about sugar, what would I say? Well, my friend, who drinks his coffee black, says: "Donald, you have to try this. It's amazing", that's what he says. But my other friend, who-

  24. "Isn't it wrong to discriminate people based on their religion", grow a pair of balls Kimmel, it's never wrong to keep out people with a violent ideology. If naziism was a religion would that make it okay to follow? Dumb leftist snowflake.

  25. Just read Trump's books. He tells you exactly how to speak to an audience you wish to get a message over to, which is in plain and simple language, using as many simple, one-syllable, well-known words as possible.

    Never talk down to your audiences. Speak up to them. Never talk at your audiences. Speak to them.

    Learn to repeat important points, oftentimes in line after line. He points out the fact that great poets and writers very often repeat over and over the theme or the hook of their pieces, in order to sear it in their readers' and listeners' minds.

    Try going over the Beatles' many lyrics, with rhymes like "he and me and the." The first two lines in "Let it Be" they end with the rhyming words "me" and "be," which are two of the most used up rhyming words in music history. Look at their lyrics and try to forget that three geniuses (George, John, and Paul) wrote the majority of them, and you'll think that some 3rd grader wrote them. Most lyricists would discard them after reading a few lines.

    Notice the first verse of "Hard Days Night."
    "It's been a hard day's night, and I've been working like a dog
    It's been a hard day's night, I should be sleeping like a log
    But when I get home to you I find the things that you do
    Will make me feel alright

    The rhymes are night, night, and alright; the other one is dog and log. I mean no serious writer would use those they are so burned up and childish. But they worked because they were indeed simple, as were the lyrics. Every human can relate to working like a dog and sleeping like a log, although that analogy has been used a million times.

    Remember, Trump declared to his dad in the 1970s that he was going to make himself a "human marketing machine." He told his dad, "We're building some great buildings, but no one knows about them. We have to get the word out, and I'm going to do that in part by using the free advertising the media offer us. I'm going to make the Trump name a worldwide brand, by plastering it on every building we build… etc." All of these things he did. He used much of the same marketing to get elected president, except, of course, excluding Putin's being the one who really put him in office. Ha!

    So the poster of this video, of course, meant to make Trump look stupid, but he's the stupid one for not understanding that this man has thought out his speech and his speech patterns long ago, and they were one of the things that helped get him elected.

  26. Trump is just an insane egomaniac! He's a wanna be dictator who thinks he's better than everyone eles! He is pure Human Scum!

  27. I feel ashamed every time this jackass talks. Why doesn't he try to find the root cause for all the killing in Chicago and Baltimore and other cities with high crime rates ? Instead of talking bad of our cities. He is the prime example of why this country is so screwed up. Mexicans don't come here to kill people like he's making it out to be. Every mess shooting in this country is done by american born people.

  28. With a political class totally detached from what's happening on the streets – I guess a guy with a low-level approach is desperately needed.

  29. I wish he had really meant what the "problem was" and how to solve it instead of throwing a YUGE BEAUTIFUL amount of wood on top of the kindling

  30. . Doesn't matter if he's rambling or not doesn't make him wrong. And apparently, little Jimmy had to cut him off, he had no argument, defending a group of religious racist killer's

  31. You try to blackmail Trump because you don't like him. While he is just himself, others are "playing poilitics".

    Make the same analysis of some other candidate also, and see how far they are from the people. They lift up themseves, as they think they are better or some "elite" ones.

    Wish we will have more wise leaders, not "elite" people who build their own closed mysterious groups, like the Bildenberg or Freemasons, Fema mysterious etc. who orgenized the 9/11

  32. This is what I got from this video. A well spoken crooked politician is not what it takes to make a great president.

  33. You ignore the depth of his actual argument while trying to make him out to be a complete dumbass–that there IS a problem that needs rectified, and he's searching for the solution. This is open ended and shows that he is actively thinking about how to solve it–which is his greatest strength, getting stuff done by finding and pushing solutions/deals. You obfuscate that he's an active thinker with great instincts, and spend 0 time talking about the substance of what he was getting at, which is that he perceives a problem with Muslim immigrants in particular, not because he's a bigot, but because of evidence, which he lays out (the 2 attacks mentioned). He doesn't know the answer, so he explains his thought process, which is open and honest.

  34. You make yourself out to be an idiot. I mean yeah some people have bad vocabulary but that's not the reason why he's president 😂 he's smart in ways that you're not just like you're smart in ways he's not. But in all honesty he's obviously smarter than you because he's a billionaire president and you're a YouTuber making money off of talking out of your ass. Js maybe you should bring up points on how you think that you're candidate is good and stop focusing on how trump is bad because it's annoying asf. I'll get into an argument with someone and I'll try to talk to them normally but they never have any points on how their candidate is better.

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