22 thoughts on “How does the financial system work

  1. Brian: "Well, so what are you gonna do?"
    "Well, now you give me seven-hundred-billion dollars imMEDIATLEY"
    Brian: "….why?"

  2. We pay bank fees for the privilege of providing bankers with capital with which they can make obscene profits.

  3. This is not accurate. Banks do not take deposits. Our so called deposits are “unsecured loans” and they do not lend money. They create money by way of purchasing an agreement created legally by the borrower to pay the principal back + interest. This, along with fractional reserve “lending” is the true crime of fraud the system, aided by the legal system and government perpetuate on the people.

  4. He was one of the better comedy writers, worldwide, in the last 30 years, John Clarke. To do what he did, without personas but just skilful analysis…as a guy who has written a lot of script comedy that was successful…he is miles, miles above my best day.

  5. Thinking that banks just lend out depositor's money, is an old fairytale. Banks actually create money from thin air by creating loans.

  6. It's like watching an episode of Yes minster….

    What I really want to know, who's "Mom" in the real world ?

  7. The worlds money supply is credit. It not a bank deposit or shareholders money
    So who's the idiot lending trillions of $ when all they'll get back in 30 years ( If they're still alive?) is 20-30% interest.

    Real estate has seen huge price rises, over the decades. Why pay for someone else to buy a property when you can buy it yourself.

    Do that to 3 large Melbourne terrace house in the 1970s, you've made 7-8 million $ today.

  8. I miss him…I've watched this no telling how many times. The whole thing is just so eloquently put and exactly true. "We do hop into them a wee bit on the credit rate Brian. We stick the hydraulics under that b/c it's a higher risk strategy"

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