How Does a Nation Become a Terror State to its Own People?

How Does a Nation Become a Terror State to its Own People?

how does the nation beat calm a terrorist state to its own citizens how does it how does a country begin frightening it’s on people if always begins with fear it always begins and usually it’s it’s it’s a fear of
other it’s a fear a fear of different lifestyles fear of
different appearances fear of different ethnicities fear a into fear of the other there’s
this foundational thing i’m convinced that there’s actually a biological reason for this that that
we are wayy ordered it to be basically tribal uh… or a our familial at the very
latest deaden we are wired to as as primates in
and you got him frankly i think you see this probably all mammals to protect kids in can ride to pretty
dull food to watch out for those life out of the actually we know some of
your chemistry s oxy toasted not the drug that rush limbaugh got addicted to that was
oxy cotton but i actually to police in is a hormone that the body produces in response to and it also seems to be associated with uh… sexual arousal and with quote log falling in love and what it does is it actually be by
means people to each other when people are in each other’s presence in their
both they both have high levels of oxygen allison there’s a there’s epub bein mean that
goes on you’ve probably seen her for stories of a read and seen video of you know the baby doc they got hashed
with the geese and the first goose that uh… the first
bird that the doc so i wasn’t was a mother goose and so you know
thoughtful mom and follows them around or the the you know that uh… the dog
it was raised by the cat of the capital’s
raised by the diarrhea we did it is always example and most of that tracks backed up
actually tell isn’t it to this you know there’s actually a chemical thing about
buying the bob osb on into each other so family is the tightest bop bop
binding the tightest bond and there’s an actual chemical
neurological hormonal articles mizoram associate with a measurable definable and in fact i would suggest to goes
beyond immediate family so then beyond family course is extended family which historically i mean you know it
cousins and nephews and nieces and second cousins in third cousins in
fourth cousins in historically that’s been called tribe people who are of relatively closely related and malcolm gladwell in his first book blink was his second and uh… the title of his first book
had something to do things going by role is at work but yankee seay quoted some really
really good research in there they showed that uh… humans are wired to be able to by
up to bond with about a hundred and fifty people and that there’s a difference between
brain size and the ability of bond and our brains and the the you can be
tracked this honest on a scale that that you know a mouse can bond with a certain
number of other mice a dog in bond of a certain number of
dogs you know it chimpanzee can bond with a
certain number of chanson all the way up to humans you can just draw a line and you can see that brain sizes
correlated with social group sites and our social group size a hundred and
fifty that’s how many we can feel bonded to that anyone get a moment our lives now some people have the ability to be to massively expand that number i would
say that’s that somebody like bill clinton somebody who’s just incredibly
socially competent and some people have been a probably a much smaller number
than that hundred and fifty you know people who are very that more
introverted more you keep to themselves but this is biological stuff as when you combine that you know their
fundamental biology with somebody saying all look at them
they’re different than you there are different than ons it triggers something that’s primal
in-house and then when they add to that all look
at them they’re different than ours and they were present is to write to us that triggers something that’s even more
deeply primal fight in flight fight or flight that fight or flight
response the comes out of the olympic brain is something we don’t just share with
mammals we share with lizards are you frighten us make and it will
rear up annie will either fight or it will or it will flee at what it will be
you couldn’t you can see it make bigots calculations we’re talking about really fundamental
stuff yourself it’s a way the on the ability of our conscious mind a
controlled because it’s a wired into us it’s where it into a symbol of a list
below a logic and and so they say of look at their
different than ours now they’re outside our car group our tribe our family the different than ours and they were present a threat to us and
then e-ticket thirty one in there all when not only that their inferior to whites and now well they’re not even fully human and now you set the stage for everything
from six thousand years of slavery in modern
civilization to genocide the destruction of the native americans the holocaust so what’s the message that’s being conveyed by all this is staring all those be afraid be very afraid mrs powerful stuff this is dynamo whether it was the which is what it is
and whether it was you know what happened in europe before world war two or whether it’s what we’ve seen throughout civilization over and over
and over again and please native american the genocide is their americans

15 thoughts on “How Does a Nation Become a Terror State to its Own People?

  1. By virtue of the red/blue political fracture in the US reds see reds as their tribe and blues as the other, blues see blues as their tribe and reds as the other.

    And the entire population is kept in a state of perpetual fear of the "other".

    It's deliberate. The media hammers the red/blue split. Politicians capitalize on it. We are kept divided amongst ourselves because of it. Both sides perform their Orwellian "two minute hates" – many times a day.

    It's very effective crowd control.

  2. so…if you don't like or agree with Obama's policy's you're a racist?? lol wtf.
    what happens if you also didn't like bush? are they anti-social nut jobs? but what if you have a busy social life & you interact & get along with lots of people – many that agree with you..what then??

  3. By hyping up a few individual cases of bad events and making people believe that something is guaranteed to happen to them. A really good example is making people believe that they are going to be killed in a mass shooting if people are able to freely buy firearms, and that the only solution is to repeal the second amendment and turn in your guns so the "good guys"(the state) can protect you from the "bad guys"(You, the average citizen). Exactly what people like you are doing Thom.

  4. IDK, tell us Thom. You have been so good at presenting freedom loving gun owners as somehow inferior and to be feared. Think we don't see your Goebbelsesque leanings?

  5. Thats odd, because I always thought the problem was the media trying to dictate to people what should be relevant in their lives… and trying to get people to react to things that would otherwise have no effect their everyday lives.

    Call me crazy, but I think that is much more of a problem than the oxytocin… but I am sure you would not think so…. as you blab away.

  6. You know I was thinking the samething wile viewing this videos. I have seen Thom do all that he now is preaching that others do, like he does not do the samething.

  7. There are reasonable fear because a saturation of guns pose an actual problem. I don't live in the US and the chances that I get shot is practically zero. Americans mix anger and guns into a dangerous cocktail.

  8. Boy, you're an idiot. A lot of people do feel warmly toward Clinton. People are manipulated to believe that one group of people is superior to another so the so called lesser people can be exploited. Please wake up.

  9. Well seeing that you don't live in the U.S., all you have to form your opinion by is the media. I live here, and have lived in some pretty dangerous areas, and some really safe areas. I've lived in D.C. (where guns are banned), and I've lived in Virginia (having the highest "saturation of guns"), New Hampshire, and Maine (both of which about tie, with high rates of gun ownership). Take a wild guess where I felt (and was) safest at.

  10. Thats odd, because all winter long I only eat because of my gun. Are all knife owners and bat owners nuts to? Is the military and police nuts as well? that I would agree with…

  11. You are so fucking brainwashed its scary. Is that the new definition of CIVILIZED = dependent on state, and corps, and others labor?

    If that is civilized…. I think i will pass.

  12. I live on flat land 20 miles from a major city… I do have lots of woods though.
    I have plenty of friends and family that I am depended on and social with.

    Its hard to take people like you seriously, when everything on your page is politically or media related… it shows the lack of intelligence that you have.

    Only the very stupid, let stuff like that effect their daily lives and thought.

  13. My kind is alive and well, and could give two shits, what politicians or media personalities have to say. By all means… feel free to continue to react to all of the bullshit that is spoon fed to you in order to get desired reaction from your feeble mind.

    But just realize that you advocate the slavery of your fellow man because from birth you have been purposely trained to be dependent, and you know no other way to survive.

  14. Depending on each other has been an essential part of human survival. It's the reason we are here today. We all depend on things, on each other. It's what help insulate us from catastrophe. There's nothing wrong with being dependent as long as you contribute to society.

  15. So don't be conned people about Guns being bad, Guns are good, great for our protection as individual people and right up to people as a whole Country! If you take away our great 2ND AMENDMENT,  we will be easily repressed and controlled by those in power, and our words will be nothing more than laughed at or we will easily be slaughtered for speaking, by those in power who hold all the Gun power. History has proven this time and time again! 

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