38 thoughts on “How Do We Make Society Better? Left vs. Right #5

  1. Patrick Henry said, give me liberty or give me death…. Was this a leftist stance or rightist stance? He was coming against the oppression of Great Britain. Go back and read up on Patrick Henry. Many Slaves and white abolitionist fought against the enslavement of an already freed people by Gods law. There were government laws supported by both the left and the right that kept the black man and his family economically bankrupt for hundreds of years. Where was the internal change for those in power? I feel that the left and right are hypocrites. One points its finger at the other when neither one has a righteous leg to stand on. The two (instead of bickering) need to work together on things they agree on first then sit down create talking points on the things they disagree on and come up with a compromise. Now there are some things you wont be able to compromise on. Those on the left and those on the right are full of pride. You are employed by the American taxpayer.

  2. America will rise or fall depending on the character of those who will push its future through what is right or what their interpretation of right is

  3. Bravo! Become a "crap detector!" Alfred Korzybski, d.1950, (look him up) would support PragerU while cautioning about the high levels of abstraction used by all of us! Confusion of, and about, "levels of abstraction" contributes to much of the misunderstanding inherant in discussions of both culture AND politics.

  4. I believe in pronciples, not just politics, I need to be responsible, not stupid and govt loved, but govt left out

  5. Interesting information:
    Dexterous – from the Latin ‘dexter’ meaning on the “right” – English word ‘dexterous’ meaning: ‘mentally adroit’

    Sinister – from the Latin ‘sinister’ meaning on the “left” – English word ‘sinister’ meaning ‘malicious, underhand’

    There is a reason why political ideologies were named the way they were.

  6. Anyone interested in parenting a kid who turns out to be a great American should honestly consider homeschooling. Parents who homeschool focus a majority of school time on learning how to be a good human.

  7. Leftists: "Waaaa.. The world is like, totes like, like literally like unfair… waaaaa…" 😥 😰😭

    Conservatives: 🙄😏 Grow up..?

  8. The best way to combat society's moral failings is through the battling between the individual and his or her weaknesses.

  9. Religious is the reason for this wars raps racism sexism sectarianism classism. government for organising for orienting not for controlling people life!!!

  10. This is bias, the language he uses shows the script is bias towards the right-wing. He talks of the US being a perfect society.. Left-wing supports do not. He should be saying 'if'. Then it would be unbiased.

  11. Societal change can’t be forced. It can only be influenced by laws. With the laws we create, society will conform NATURALLY. Natural progression under the law is the way to go.

  12. the Freemasons have established the Left/Right paradigm to always keep the people divided……this Prager BS is just playing their part……just constantly keep dividing the people and reminding them they are on a certain "side" to which they identify rather than looking at the whole broken system needs to be changed

  13. I see nothing biased about this video. The man on this was talking about how both the left's AND the right's minds work in our country. And I for one agree on that. Both sides need to settle a lot of differences with one another not force our beliefs and values on different people. EDIT–And that goes for both left and right

  14. Japan has this focus on early character education. Even taking in their social ills such as suicide rate and work pressure, and comparing it with America's social ills, I'd say Japan is doing rather admirably. I wonder how the Left is faring over there.

  15. If lefts believe in social class system (poor,rich) then why they support caste system in INDIA?
    Left = hypocrite

  16. As a moderate-centrist, I quite disagree with this video.

    I do believe that we should improve ourselves and be responsible for our own actions but not to the point of being blind and deaf to the plight/sufferings of other people.

    Racism, sexism, homophobia and xenophobia do exists. But we don't combat them by silencing other people's opinions rather we listen, observe, research, and be critical thinkers….. then that's the only time we fight these evils.

  17. * LEFT = Global Socialism = Equal Outcome & "Diversity" + Censorship + Open Borders + Victimhood/Group blame + Remove Due Process & Evidence

    * RIGHT = National Democracy = Equal Opportunity + Merit + Free Speech + Proper border control + Individual accountability + Due Process & Evidence

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