How Dangerous Is The United Nations?

How Dangerous Is The United Nations?

On the 26th June 1945, representatives from
51 countries gathered in San Francisco to sign the United Nations charter. The intention was to prevent a repeat of the
two world wars that had killed an estimated 100 million people. Today, 193 countries have signed the charter
and regularly meet at the headquarters in Manhattan to discuss matters of international
importance. However, this organization, intended to safeguard
our freedoms and rights as laid out in the charter, is by its very nature undemocratic. Which begs the question… What does the United Nations do, and can it,
even unintentionally, harm us? One of the main aims of the United Nations
is to broker peace in warzones and prevent genocide. To facilitate this, a multi-national armed
force was created in 1948 to act as peacekeepers in areas of conflict, such as the Middle East
and Rwanda. As of March 2016 this army has 104,773 uniformed
troops around the world, a larger force than either Canada or Australia can muster. The man in charge of this sizeable force is
the under-secretary-general for peacekeeping operations, Herve Ladsous. A French career diplomat, Ladsous was appointed
by UN Secretary-General Ban ki-Moon. This means that a well-equipped armed force
larger than many nations’ militaries is under the direct control of an unelected official. Where the force is deployed is decided by
the UN Security Council. The council consists of ten non-permanent members, elected every
2 years, as well as five permanent members: the U.S., the U.K., France, China and Russia.
Over 60 UN member states have never been members of the Security Council. This means five nations hold arbitrary influence
over where peacekeepers are deployed, who the next secretary general will be and the
legality of international military actions. The main problem with a multi-national, neutral
peacekeeping force that intervenes in foreign affairs, is that often it is not wanted by
either side of a conflict. This may be why, according to an internal
UN report, peacekeepers only intervened in 20 percent of cases to protect civilians from
harm. In addition to this perceived failure in their
principal mission, UN troops have been accused of misconduct against the people they are
there to protect. For example, between 2013 and 2015, French
UN peacekeepers allegedly sexually assaulted 99 girls in the Central African Republic.
Three of those girls were allegedly forced to have sex with animals by a UN commander. In Bosnia, peacekeepers were accused of helping
traffic young women into sex slavery. Meanwhile, Pakistani peacekeepers have been found guilty
of sexual abuse. With this sort of track record, the U.N. is
finding itself unwanted in warzones, not just because of their lack of ability to end the
chaos, but also due to their potential to escalate it. If the UN appears powerless to stop conflicts,
or is unwilling to do so, what exactly are their intentions? The budget for core UN operations in 2014
to 2015 was set at 5.5 billion dollars. However, this excludes peacekeeping, which costs an
additional $7 billion. This has led to accusations that the UN is
corrupt – that the organization is being used as another plaything by the rich and powerful. There is certainly evidence to suggest corruption
has at least happened in UN history. In 1995, the U.N established an oil-for-food
program with Iraq, ostensibly to provide humanitarian aid to the beleaguered nation in exchange
for Iraqi oil. However, the former head of the program, Benon
Sevan, was found to have “corruptly benefited” from bribes when he was given oil bonds in
return for special favor. At around the same time, UN Secretary-General
Kofi Annan’s son, Kojo, was accused of using his father’s influence to secure a bid on
a UN contract for the company he worked for. With their vast budget and independent military
strength, people like author Michael T. Snyder contend that the United Nations is merely
a front for the establishment of a New World Order. In September 2015 a draft agenda for global
sustainability was passed by the UN. It laid out a framework for humanity for the next
15 years. Michael Snyder alleges that, under the guise
of tackling poverty and the environment, causes that have universal appeal, the UN is planning
to use this popular support to initiate a series of control measures over the general
population. While the initial aims of the United Nations
may have been noble, the realpolitik behind its creation has persisted to this day. It could be argued that the big five who sit
on the Security Council pursue their own agendas, to the detriment of those they claim to represent. Certainly, in the last two decades the U.N.
have proved suspiciously toothless when dealing with international conflicts. And reluctant peacekeepers, imposed on a reluctant
population, can cause more problems than they solve. It my well be that the U.N. isn’t so much
dangerous in intent, but dangerous
in potential.

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  1. WEHRMACHT is TRUE POWER…….It would LIBERATE All Nations from IMF,WTO,WORLD BANKS SLAVERy……..Therefore It has to be FINISHED OFF before it SPREADs.

  2. A backup government is just more government. They are suppoed to service the people but it feels more like the other way around. Doesnt it?

  3. The untied Nations is a fuckin joke! They go on about human rights abuses but are the very same people that commit them! They are sexually abusing and raping kids in war torn countries instead of helping them and allowing them to starve and be slaughtered! They are selling young girls into prostitution and making their lives a living hell and The UN is allowing these people to rape with impunity and is not doing shit to prosecute these animals that need their dick cut off and shoved down their throat for the evil that they are committing against our children and the world turning a blind eye to it! Antonio guteres lying to these people’s faces saying that we don’t tolerate sexual violence but did not prosecute one of his people for committing acts of violence against gods children because of the fucking lying son of a bitch that he is! He don’t give two shits about suffering children what’s so ever!

  4. The United NATIONS has been asked time and time again to join conflicts and war's I can't count how many times and not once EVER HELPED they will never come to America until something massively bad happened when our pants are down 😃

  5. To the world they are threat but we could of wipe them out in minutes. Don't we pay 45% their budget? Stop sending $$ n they'll collapse. We are what keeps in going. We need leave in n kick them out. Give their $$ and property to groups that hel.

  6. I used to not believe in Good and Evil in a spiritual sense. Then I learned more about the UN. Everywhere UN troops go they rape and traffic children and spread cholera. Sounds like something you'd read in many many religious books about evil things. Demons, skin walkers, zombies, orcs. Wow this video actually talks about their abuse thank you Alltime Conspiracies. It's one thing to have someone invade you. It's another thing if they have no virtue or honor.

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  8. actually it is now just an arm of Islam. The real "danger " is the members running out of fresh lobster , stone crab claws, chateaubriand , Dom , Cuovosier and blonde caucasian prostitutes under 25 (18) ……….

  9. It would be VERY dangerous for the UN to try and take our guns here in America!! We know they(the UN ) have an agenda to disarm the United States so that they could bring us into compliance-can you say "Agenda 21 ? " America is sovereign and does not want the UN to meddle in our affairs!!! But if the Useless Numbnuts want to start trouble in the US, feel free to flex and feel free to send your boys back home in body bags!!! The majority of Patriotic Americans know that the UN Troops are SHARIAH LAW compliant and we do not want Shariah Law to rule our land!!! (Yes,we know about Deerborn Michigan and we know just how screwed they are!)

  10. Fuck the UN they came to my country and killed thousands of people from my country. They forced the people into the mountains to take natural resources.

  11. The UN is worse than Nazi Germany and the USSR. Once they grab a hold of you, they won't let go. They are troops of a global evil, restoring "order" and "peace" where no one needs it. Restoring order to a new world. A "new world order."

  12. As a hive mind, pretty dangerous, because they are insane. As a military occupational force? Well, a handful of guerillas took 300 French UN soldiers prisoner. The world collectively calls them Smurfs for a reason… but wasn't it Nostradamus who said the anti Christ will come sportin' a blue turban?

  13. How can the UN be dangerous if all they do if peacekeeping missions? The soldiers can't even shoot back if enemies are shooting them up. There is no "kill or be killed". It's either don't sign up or be lucky and live through it.

  14. ["II understand that Agenda 21 is UN driven – to drive people off the land and into cities where we can be easily controlled."]

  15. I served 20 years in the us army i was a infantry ssg i served the united states in 3 combat tours i am retired now but i will tell you this the UN is USELESS it is a waist of money and your taxes pay for it they do nothing i have watched as the UN sat back and watched people be murdered and do nothing and the crazy thing is there is nothing you can do about it the president must stop it i watched as the UN let women and children get murdered by IRAQ soldiers

  16. If they solidify officially my foundation into its fabric….it will in theory remove all polluted factors from its progress..function and fullest potential….

  17. i have more of a problem with the veto system.
    the fact that all country want some thing but for instance Russia says we dont want this it doesnt happen.
    as for instance with the MH17 disaster.

  18. UN isn't helping Ukraine when Russia despite it's 1994 act and since czar times has been trying to fuck up Ukraine. All they want to do is be a part of the European family which it is and rightfully so deserves with it's rich history, own language, folk traditions etc. Russia has been trying to burn Ukrainian book and literature just like every nation they took as a prisoner to soviet union no one wanted to be a part of. Anyhow SAVE Ukraine, it can save itself but people of Ukraine beseech you all to help Ukraine literally stop Russia by pushing more sanctions so people themselves withdraw Russian military from Ukraine or by giving them lethal weapons to fuck up those greedy bastard commie russkies pseudo brothers. SLAVA UKRAYINI

  19. The UN was once needed. Then, as with all things, someone saw how to profit. Now its a global business and nothing more. The idea of a peace keeper is all good and the world could sure use one but, its not the UN and hasn't been for some time now.

  20. My dad is un security guard in switzerland dont really see him/them dangerous i mean how your gonna call them peacekeepers/dangerous my grandmother worked there now she retired and still alive

  21. UN is just a toy. They are like spectators in games looking for who to win and then hail. They are good only at visiting refugees but They don't have voice to solve problems facing by those refugees. God is watching over u guys.

  22. Like the scripture says…."And a mighty Angel followed saying "Babylon the great is fallen fallen, for she made all nations drink the wine of the wrath of her fornication, and the kings of the earth have lived deliciously with her, and I saw another Angel in the midst of heaven saying, if any man take the mark or the image of the beast in his right hand, or in his forehead, the same shall drink of the wine of the wrath of god,which is poured out without mixture into the cup of his indignation"yes the current financial system will collapse and a new one will rise, but it will be this system…

  23. the UN is not for peace they are for tyranny and will be the ones enforcing the new world order agenda wake the fuck up people…2018 there shouldn't be any excuse for this ignorance

  24. I'm a bit tired of every conspiracy theories being based on the fear of a "new world order". The world is constantly changing, every country is trying to do better, not all succeed, most people try to do better than their parents' generation. In other words, the "world order" is constantly changing wether we like it or not. Of course it is good to be skeptical and critical when it comes to understanding government and world organizations' actions. However, it doesn't mean that everything is a conspiracy and that everyone have bad intentions toward other people. Plenty of people have seen Bill Gates as a way too powerful potential tyran when in facts, he is doing wonderful things to help less fortunate countries with diseases and famine. Sometimes I fear that we suspect powerful people of having bad intentions because we project our own selves on to them and assume that we would act in a selfish destructive way if we were in their places. Yes, greed is a common human trait, but there are also good people with good intentions out there.

  25. What does NATO want in Poland and other eastern euro countries .
    I don't mean the public answers .
    I mean concerning many bases contain psychologists who practice methods of mind control and obviously the damage they do due to corruption. Why are they in Poland ? If anyone has any insight I would be very grateful what are your idea as to what they want from Poland

  26. The UN'S role was never to counter a major power by direct military force. Expecting any global organization to to do that is unrealistic. The UN has a host of political, economic, and military tools it can use to unify most of the world against a bad actor. It is the best we can do to maintain global security. But the UN is not at all a guarantor of world peace. One of the main reasons is that in geopolitics there is hardly ever a clear good guy and bad guy, only state actors pursuing their own national interests

  27. That's right Nancy Pelosi works for the international Bankers Rothschilds United Nations Agenda 21 she wants our gun rights to give it to her International banking friends and leave us helpless when United Nations peacekeepers with their guns come after us if we don't believe in their dictatorship and there criminal Rule and reign

  28. That's right I believe the United Nation hasn't been kicked out yet because our government leaders who are supposed to be protecting us we the people are working not for us but for the international bankers Rothschild Federal Reserve and their dictatorship and their money

  29. International Bankers Rothschilds in their debt slavery money is their God Global nightmare trillions and trillions and trillions and nations in debt to the criminals that make money out of nothing

  30. And here we are in 2019….The United Nations Migrant Pact for orderly & regular mass migration. Ah, the end game.

  31. UN makes international laws thats why counties of the world are becoming the same thing same everything. World domination new world order.

  32. CITIZENS OF USA THE united nations / un is dominated / organized by the
    oic organization of the izlamik conference, cooperation.. END THE un

  33. United nations are terrorists like Nato. Religious leaders are not what they say that they are, all armed forces including rebellious organisations are terrorists as business men and women are, religious leaders speak lies and serve no purpose, neither do the leaders of the world in any way shape or form amen and Alleluia case closed and proven above all reasonable doubt

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  35. The UN is a Luciferian Communist entity founded by Marxist Communist globalist elites. It is the hub for the Luciferian New World Order. It is a world terrorist organization. It should be de-funded, dissolved and kicked out of the U.S.

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  40. Humans are corrupt so anything that is controlled by humans will be corrupted regardless of corporations, religions, governments, etc.

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