How Communism Subverted the Church

How Communism Subverted the Church

Today on Declassified we will meet some
of God’s communists. This story by Trevor Loudon, an author, filmmaker and public
speaker from New Zealand who for more than 30 years has researched radical
left, Marxist and terrorist movements and their covert influence on mainstream
politics. The Communist Party USA has a Religion Commission, where socialist
pastors, religious academics and laypeople network to spread Marxist
ideas through their churches, synagogues temples and mosques. The United States is
a deeply religious country; very early on the CPUSA realized that if the United
States was ever to be brought to socialism, religion would have to be
harnessed to the task. As the United States is primarily a Christian country,
the communists began to infiltrate churches, seminaries and theological
colleges even before the Bolshevik Revolution of 1917. In congressional
testimony in July 1953, former CPUSA chairman Ben Gitlow described
how Harry Ward, later a secret party member, established the first communist
front in America. A few days later another
high-ranking communist defector exposed Dr. Ward as a card-carrying communist
and a powerful agent of influence for the communist cause. That defector, Manning Johnson, also went on to reveal how the CPUSA’s
Soviet masters had shifted emphasis from destroying religion to
co-opting it. According to Johnson, the CPUSA
set about infiltrating American Christianity at every level. CPUSA members went back to their
childhood churches; over time many gained positions of influence. Virtue of this
activity ramped up during the Vietnam era; here are some examples: In Utah,
Wayne Holley was a proud member of the Mormon Church and founder of the Joe
Hill Club of the CPUSA. Holly worked for According to the CPUSA
publication People’s World. In Chicago, Bill Hogan a CPUSA
member and Catholic priest joined in the national campaigns to end the US war in
Vietnam, was a leader in Chicago clergy and laity concerned an anti-war group
and according to his obituary. In New York, CPUSA member Reverend Michael
Morford was executive director of the National Council of American-Soviet
Friendship and a leader of the National Mobilization Committee to End the War in
Vietnam. During the Vietnam War era the American communist movement split into
Maoist, Trotskyist and Democratic Socialist factions. The traditional CPUSA
was dramatically reduced in numbers however far-left infiltration of
seminaries and theological schools increased as thousands of young draft
dodgers opted to promote socialism and divinity schools rather than fight the
communists in Vietnam. Today most of the leftist divinity professors and
religious leaders come out of the 1960 Maoist and democratic socialist
movements rather than the CPUSA per se, however the CPUSA did continue to
make considerable progress and black majority churches
since the 1960s when the CPUSA began to more deeply infiltrate the Democratic
Party a larger emphasis was put on recruiting black pastors. These pastors
could be used to promote socialist policies within the Democratic Party and
to keep their congregations loyally voting on the left. In April 2005 the
CPUSA reorganized its Religious Commission
with a conference in Iowa. The CPUSA People’s World newspaper quoted several
participants to give a flavour of the event. Dianna Sowry, a school bus driver
from Ohio said: Let’s take a look at today’s influence. Today CPUSA
is still very active in the church. Here’s a few examples: Edward Carson is
the chairman of the Boston Communist Party and was also an editor for the
Christian Century Then & Now blog. Michael Reale served on the CPUSA
Religious Commission in 2004 to 2005 Reale told the CPUSA newspaper People’s
Weekly World they had a change to People’s World in 2004. in 2010, Pierre Williams was secretary of the
Religion Commission of the CPUSA He received his Master
of Divinity degree from Virginia Union University in Richmond Virginia. He also
completed pastoral residency at Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore Maryland
and served as staff chaplain at Harbor Hospital Baltimore. He is an ordained
minister in the African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church.
Henry Milstein is a practicing Roman Catholic and activist in several
faith-based social justice organizations. He served on the National Committee and
the Religion Commission of the CPUSA. Millstein holds a PhD in Jewish Studies
from the University of California Berkeley and the Graduate Theological
Union with a focus on Jewish-Christian relations and has taught humanities and
history of religion at Stanford UC Berkeley, UC Davis and the Graduate
Theological Union. Millstein is currently programs manager at Islamic Networks
Group in San Jose. His LinkedIn profile States: Reverend James Caldwell is one
of two black pastors in the Houston Communist Party branch. He is a graduate
of Phillis Wheatley high school and Texas Southern University School of
Public Affairs. He also attended Dallas Theological Seminary and has been an
ordained minister for over 30 years Reverend Tammy Yeager was in 2010 a chairperson of the Religion Commission of the CPUSA. He has served on the Standing
Commission on Anglican and International Peace with Justice Concerns and the
Advocacy Center of the Episcopal Church. After a Christian upbringing in Iowa
Yeager went on to study Russian and history at the University of Iowa. The
Vietnam War was raging then and he became involved in the anti-war movement. Yeager said
in a 2015 interview in British local magazine Westcombe News. Yeager also
became chief organizer of the Communist Party in Iowa but was drawn back to
the church by communist pastor Jill Dawes. In 2011 Yeager was ordained as a priest in
the Episcopal Church and in 2010 he took on the responsibility of serving a small
inner city church on the west side of Chicago. He currently serves at a church
in London and is a member of the Communist Party of Britain. Communists
want to be Gods on earth; their main competition for the minds of men is
revered religion. Attempts to brutally suppress Christianity, Judaism and
Islam in the early days of the Soviet Union proved counterproductive.
Infiltrating and twisting religion is far more effective. This tactic has been
applied all over the world and has made huge inroads into the United States. Much
of what is preached in today’s American churches has been influenced – if not
dominated by – communist ideology posing as religion. That’s all we have for today;
thank you very much for watching. Please leave your comments below. What did you
think of this story? Have you experienced this yourself (that is communist
infiltration of churches in America)? From all of us here at Declassified, thank you
for watching, and we’ll see you soon.

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  1. One way, and only one way to heaven. Through Jesus, the only Son of God. So many, with all their degrees and "knowledge" of God, are going to be very surprised when Jesus says to them, "I never knew you"

  2. Just like inside Communist China today Religion has Been subverted to ensure loyalty to the Communist party .
    Early Communists were Extreme Atheists Hellbent on Getting rid of Religion all together that didn't work because if anything religiosity only increased underground under communism
    so they at some point realised if they couldn't get rid of Religion they would subvert it and use it as a tool to serve Communism .

  3. The most insidious, and deadly of all poisons. Communism is utterly antithetical to Christianity. It is the most egregious of all perversions to pollute the spirit of the innocent with deceptive means, and nefarious purpose. You can be a Christian, or you can be a communist, but you cannot be both. They are not miscible. Adding communism to Christianity is tantamount to adding strychnine to mother's milk before the infant drinks.

  4. Gina, yet another beautifully fluid and articulate presentation of more rather ugly truths. Also yet another instance where I am forced to listen more and watch less… due to SOMEONE being so wonderfully distracting and captivating, if not intoxicating. If you are trying not to be so attractive – you are finally failing miserably at something! 🙂 I thank you for your fluid reporting, and for the incredibly thorough work done by The Epoch Times and Declassified, and I especially thank you for making my eyes feel so good. Best of everything to you…

  5. These are not true followers of the teaching of Christ. How can you get communism from the word? It's like the opposite. So even our teacher of the word teaches of the world. As it was written.

  6. Hi Gina!

    All this while the Venezuelan people is starving in the streets and the Maduro government is funding the migrant caravans.

    We in Brazil are fighting of the leftist scum, and we will prevail. After Maduro falls we'll help with the reconstruction in Venezuela, so never more there will be a communist country in South America again.

    Please do the same in the US. Be vigilant. We can help you to defeat those people. We have a good expertise on that.

    God bless US, Brazil and Israel.

    Please do the same

  7. Given the choice of worshiping god vs the state. I'll go with being agnostic and a leap of faith.. We'll never really know if heavens up there until we make that trip.

  8. Damn it, this communist specter has spread to so many places in the world in so many forms… It will take time to expose it and remove it… But we are on our way

  9. This very thing has happened and is happening in Hazlehurst, GA right now. I sense a uncanny hatred from blacks towards whites. I was observed and approached by a black clergyman and questioned about the flag I had on my truck.

  10. Christian Monarchy is better than "Democracy and Communism" …You are still involved in Antichristian divide and conquer politics bringing us closer to MAD destruction…Christ Conquers!

  11. I found this VERY enlightening. I've always felt lack of trust & security in churches I've been to. I didn't feel "God" within any of them. Now I know why, my instincts were at work protecting me & my family. Finally after 54 years of life I understand. Thanks, it was a great piece of work.

  12. Although Ironically America is the Leading Land of full of Authoritarianism, Socialism, Militarism, Extremist Sects, Heresy, and Secular Humanist Delusion, You still feel free and qualified to preach freedom and justice to the whole world! Hilarious!!! REPENT!

  13. In order to rid ourselves of this infringement we must get back to bible study, prayer, and living like Christ would. It will take years to reverse but it is worth the effort. We must guard against being deceived ourselves.

  14. To tell you the truth I never thought about communism infiltrating Christianity or our government here in the USA. I thought it was the Jesuits that infiltrated everything. Everything meaning every aspect of society, government, religion, education system, Etc. I will have to look into it and research it for myself.

  15. The end goal is that you worship the State instead of any of the other pesky gods. The idea of American communism taking a theocratic bend is interesting, but ultimately I think there are enough atheistic communists that it won't be necessary for them to win.

  16. need to jail all dems coms and socialists. better yet send them to work camps would be the first real job they ever had.thanks GINA

  17. Excellent, AS USUAL.

  18. Anyone in the cp is an enemy of God and the people of Texas ! They must be treated as one . Anyone trying trying to take away my freedom is attempting to commit suicide . Communism is a killer of life . Death to anyone pushing that death style . Jesus said chose life . TEXAS TRUMP 2020 +++

  19. In France during the 60's, a nurse was treating a man who was in a car crash. He died within a few hours. He had no identification, only a briefcase. The nurse found a diary of sorts in the briefcase. This diary was so extraordinary that she kept it and decided to publish it in a book, AA-1025 Memoirs of the Communist Infiltration Into the Church. The diary gave details on how this man was a Communist and purposely entered the Catholic priesthood along with many others, with the intent to subvert and destroy the Church from within. I have no doubt the current Pope is a communist. The communists hate Christianity. Look at what China does to the Christian population. In the USSR Catholics were jailed in Siberia and endured horrible torture. In the Podesta emails released by Wikileaks, Podesta wrote that the Catholic church needs a Catholic spring (like the Arab spring) and that currently there is a group that has infiltrated the church to bring it down. We are living in some very dark times.

  20. The Roosevelt family was deeply involved with the Methodist church, and the church is associated with American University. Some will understand this university's significance in the DC area. The Methodist church was founded in DC during the Lincoln admin., during the same time that Karl Marx was popular in Britain, which was when Marx had the support of Clinton Roosevelt and Horace Greeley, some of the first "socialists." Great job again, Gina!

  21. Religion, Ideology, and any other "ism"s are a divide and rule tools of the Roman Empire aka (satan worshipping) Catholic church.
    The top dog on Earth representing the Cabal. Religious folks are going to get their rude awakening very soon when the truth is released with the biggest data dump since Snowden, but 100 times bigger.

  22. Hi Guys, when we first uploaded this video it was working fine. Now it appears to stop at 4 minutes, which is a little odd. We are now uploading a new version it will be ready in 10 minutes.

  23. Be that as it may. This group of financial leaders have led us to the brink of destruction, and human nature being what it is our next system is likely to be very reactionary.

  24. Get this issue fixed. This expose is of ultimate importance and I know fully well it is. I already know this subject well, Gina
    This is exactly where I was going with it when I asked if Epoch Times would consider a story that I would provide all documentation to prove. I only heard four minutes of this but the subject is the Mother of all conspiracies. It is of biblical proportion and by rewriting / mistranslation of these texts is how it was done. Do not believe me? Allow me to prove it to you. This subject is the story that needs to be understood. It explains all.

  25. I guess John Wesley has been spinning in his grave. For those of you who don't know, he and his brother Charles, who wrote many of the old well known hymns, were the founders of the Methodist Church in America. I 'm disappointed to here this. I've been a Methodist going on 65 years. The demons have been working against the Church, as a whole, ever since the beginning.

  26. An examination of the goals of Star Trek follow Communism and also Cloward Piven, where a crisis makes people come together and form a classless society where everyone lives in peace.
    Taking the Biblical Jesus out of Christianity means removing the only thing that makes Christianity "Christian".
    Good one, Gina, keep it up!

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