How capital gains tax works – MoneyWeek Investment Tutorials

How capital gains tax works – MoneyWeek Investment Tutorials

37 thoughts on “How capital gains tax works – MoneyWeek Investment Tutorials

  1. Good information but as a secured creditor I just make my notes to the IRS to be stamped and use those with anything cars homes whatever no debt here nor taxes taxation is theft by title 18 sec 8 obligations and 31 USC code 3124 exemption from taxation federal reserve notes are obligations and cannot be taxed, take a 2438 form and a 1099 were they know Instantly that they will get paid and then just cancel the debt if any taxes set it off through the treasury end of story through my exemption account my private side 🤔

  2. mother fuckers should pay me a tax if I lost money in their country. but bitches share profits and non-of loses.

  3. So our house was a rental for 3 years and now we are selling I’m
    Left to pay government. Like 20-30000 from “capital gains” which I think is rediculous because we put a lot of money into the house that’s why it’s worth more now. “Change In title?” I’m told
    If we move in for a year that we will
    Still have to pay that fee. My carpenter says it’s BS and I’m being played.. anyway around this big chunk
    Of money? That was suppose to go onto a new home

  4. OMG this was sooo amazing. We have a debate on capital gains tax and this was so helpful/
    Thank You!

  5. is the amoun of the tax rate on capital gains divided by the number of years since you first acquired the asset? Say I bought a house for $100,000 and 20 years later I sold it, netting a profit of 200,000 and the tax rate is 10% is that then divided my 20? since I had the the house for 20 years. It doesnt seem fair that someone who does the same thing but sells their house after 5 years would owe the same amount in tax.

  6. I'd like to know why capital gains, interest and dividends are called "unearned income" by the IRS, in the same catagory as inheritance and winning the lottery. It may not be earned in the sense of labor but they aren't unearned either. They should be called what they are "investment income". Its makes sense that they are taxed differently than wage and salary but why is interest income lumped in with salary and wage income?

  7. Legalised theft should be a correct name for it. But that’s what you get in socialist country. Reward for laziness and punishment for work.

  8. Do I have to pay CGT on my sole property which I've been living in for the past two years but is currently 'SOLD STC' as I'm looking to upgrade to slightly bigger property. I purchased the property £131000K and agreed the sale on £180000K

  9. this shit it stupid we had a war to stop this…. you got to pay taxes on something a dead family member gave you thats fucking stupid

  10. All the tax I pay so Justin "two nannies" "mr. Dressup" "sorryforeverything" Trudeau and Wynne "cancelled gasplant" "deleted emails" "hydro rate switcheroo" can buy another term in office.

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  13. My apologies if this question has already been asked, but let's say you've held a stock for over a year, but you've continuously bought more & more of that same stock throughout the year. Let's say increasing from 100 to 1,000 shares. Does the IRS still consider that investment a long-term gain or does it "reset the clock" and consider it a short-term gain each time you buy more of the same stock? BTW This is regarding U.S. Tax Laws, Thanks so much!!

  14. Is there anyway of simplifying? What I took out of this is any share profits under £6000 is tax free and anything over is taxed at different rates depending on how much profit is made?

  15. If you fall into the 10% or 15% tax bracket dont you avoid paying the long term capital gains tax as well?

  16. So if I trade Forex (spread betting) for a living as my sole source of income, I DONT have to pay capital gain tax??

  17. What if you transfer your assets in Bitcoin then transfer those bitcoins to the new address (your acquaintance or whoever) and they receive it (avoiding inheritance tax)?

  18. thank you very much great video, i was watching this video to find out how Bitcoin would be taxed, would you happen to know how bitcoin would be taxed if i was to sell it in the UK. Thanks

  19. Great video, well explained.

    Another classic example of the uk government getting their share of ones money to line their pockets.
    Should be abolished !!!

  20. if i bet my daughter that it will snow on easter sunday and if it doesn't, she wins my bungalow and if it does I get to stay in it for another year. will cgt have to be paid because it's a bet?

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