How can Latin America move beyond populism?

How can Latin America move beyond populism?

One thought on “How can Latin America move beyond populism?

  1. I am an anthropologist too and I found discrepancies with professor Sanchez.

    Europe and the US have populists in their governments and politics too. There is no way of getting out of populism by aspiring to become like the EU or US. Besides many Latin American countries have moved beyond EU and US in terms of liberal politics. For example in many countries of the region we already have: gay marriage, the right of gay couples to adopt, the gradual de-regulation or complete legalization of marijuana, free college and minimum wages.

    We do have populists leader in the region but I don't believe this represents the true aspirations of our people. I think people are just fed up with usual politics.

    I should also mention that it was the "free" de-regulated markets of Europe and the US that led to the biggest financial crisis in history. People lost their pensions and their homes. These are not Latin American ideals nor are they third world countries's. These are "first" world countries policies. But since 2008 the EU and US have done nothing but cut regulations and give tax cuts to the rich. That is why we now have president Trump, Theresa May, Nigel Farage and Beppe Grillo. Not to mention Golden Dawn and the many neo-nazi parties arizing in Europe.

    Latin America has a long way to go but the first world is no example of how to deal with populism.

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