How a Crowd Size Fight Would Define President Trump’s Approach | America’s Great Divide | FRONTLINE

How a Crowd Size Fight Would Define President Trump’s Approach | America’s Great Divide | FRONTLINE

>>NARRATOR: On their first day in the White House, press aide Cliff Sims saw Trump’s frustration up close.>>Within the first, you know, five minutes that I’m in the building, there’s this kind of crisis moment. There was a lot of reporting that the inaugural crowds for him were not as big as the inaugural crowds for Obama. That is the equivalent for Donald Trump of a schoolyard fight, so they were really coming after him, hitting him where it hurts.>>And he starts insisting, “That’s not true. We have the biggest crowd ever.” He tells Sean Spicer, his press secretary, “You go out there and tell them that.” And it sets the tone. It sets the tone from the beginning. You know, this is not about healing, this is not about bringing people together.>>Sean, first day on the job, is thinking to himself, “Here’s my chance to kind of show I’m tough. I’m going to punch back ten times harder than they hit us. Let’s figure out how to do that.” I grab a computer, start, you know, pecking out a statement.>>NARRATOR: This was the statement they drafted. Almost every fact about the crowd size was wrong.>>We were so caught up in the moment, and Sean’s trying to impress the president. And I’m being told facts that end up not being true, which we didn’t vet properly. Sean was basically like marching out to his own death there.>>Good evening. Thank you guys for coming.>>At least, his credibility’s death.>>Photographs of the inaugural proceedings were intentionally framed in a way, in one particular tweet, to minimize the enormous support that had gathered on the National Mall.>>And only a fool would have gone out there kind of half-cocked the way that we did. And we were those fools.>>This was the largest audience to ever witness an inauguration, period, both in- person and around the globe. Even “The New York Times”…>>When he goes out and says, “This is the biggest crowd size ever”…>>A misrepresentation of the crowd…>>What he’s saying, in essence, is, “What’s true is what the leader says is true.” The obliteration of the line between truth and the lie is fundamental to grasp because it’s so elemental to a functioning democracy. And the degradation of those institutions is a weakening of our system.>>Did you lie on his behalf?>>No.>>Never?>>No. There were plenty of times when… Look, your, your job… You may not go, go full-on, but I don’t think that that’s… You’re… I think I… The job of the press secretary is to articulate what the principal wants articulated. Not what you want– you’re not there to call balls and strikes and interpret. That’s what you guys should be writing and covering, instead of sowing division about tweets and false narratives. I will see you on Monday. (reporters clamoring)>>Sean?>>Women’s March.>>How about the Obamacare changes? >>What we learned in those first days of the Trump presidency was the degree to which Donald Trump was going to insist on trying to write the history of his presidency the way he wanted to. That if you spoke for Donald Trump, you had a constituency of one, and that was Donald Trump.>>What it… you’re saying it’s a falsehood, and they’re giving– Sean Spicer, our press secretary, gave alternative facts to that. But the point remains…>>Wait a minute– alternative facts? Alternative facts– four of the five facts he uttered…>>Hey, Chuck, why… Hey, Chuck…>>The one thing he got right was Zeke Miller. Four of the five facts he uttered were just not true. Look, “alternative facts” are not facts– they’re falsehoods.>>I mean, the obvious impact is that it’s created a tremendously dangerous, unstable force in American life, where people don’t know what to believe. People have been told they’re right not to believe the things they are told by credible sources. The president of the United States has contributed mightily to an environment where people believe what they want to believe, and that is going to have long-term repercussions.

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  1. When this administration lies about the little things, it's no wonder why the public doesn't trust this administration's handling of the manufactured foreign relations crisis with Iran.

  2. Remember when the media said you were going to go to war with Iran and all the snowflakes got scared overloaded The Selective Service website lol wasn't that funny LOL

  3. I see now. So its not that he lied. Its that he didn't lie and gaslight us as well as the media and other politicians have done and are trying to do. Okay.

  4. By the title of this video, I thought it was about a violent brawl breaking out @ one of his hate rallies because that is reasonable possibility. I cringe when I see parents taking their children to them. It’s a recipe for disaster. Mob brutality is a dangerous reality more so than ever 😢

  5. Information that ended up not being true but the administration double down on. How dumb do you have to be to believe anything from this admin????

  6. Trumps crowd size smaller than Obama? Why does he care, he easily has 10x the people attending his events lol. I wouldn't lie for him? How about ask to everyone who KNEW Obama was spying on everyone, then probably also Trump lol.


  8. Sad that I don't trust Frontline anymore. Just listen to the music in the background setting the tone. No president is perfect, they all make mistakes the fact is I feel for good reason, more optimistic today than ever, while the media hate the president so much that they push a gloomy future.

  9. Any one who plays the game does not get a free pass. All you so called Christians who speak see and say evil shame on yourselves Jesus says get away from me I never knew you.

  10. Anyone else notice how everything Trump does, did, etc., it's always the first in history. (ie: lowest unemployment in the history of our country, the stock market is the highest its ever been, etc.)

  11. This is the peripheral nonsense that American voters don't care about…. ending the occupation, employment, health care and the economy is what the American voter cares about.

  12. Extremely minor compared to the Obama-Hillary lies about the video they claimed was the cause of the Benghazi massacre. And it now turns out the US Benghazi op was about shipping guns to head-choppers in Syria. The whole Libyan intervention was a mistake from which Libya has not recovered. Even if you don't care about all the human misery in general, you'd think there would be concern about the open air slave markets.

  13. Girlfriends, over the years have always laughed that you can spot "small" men by their obsession with size….. they have to have big trucks, homes, guns, boats or bikes….

  14. Obama administration was a complete disaster. Trump is cleaning up his mess. The most scandal free administration is pure BS. IG report, Durham Report are going to lead to him. This clip is typical of the MSM trying to take something petty and blow it out of proportion. Isn't about the economy stupid?

  15. This little story is now 3 years old, and you want us to believe that Trump is causing the divide? Don't you think that 2 years of the Mueller Russian collusion delusion was divisive? Isn't the current impeachment without a crime divisive? Aren't the hundreds of false stories that CNN and MSNBC put out , literally every day, at all divisive? You've been drinking your own kool-aid, and it's not the good kind.

  16. What you didn't know how it works in the capitol?
    I feel the lies are more directed towards infighting at the house and senate level. Partisanship is at a balanced fulcrum though Trump is just really good at rabble-rousing. And turtle is out of focus making his mark without the world knowing.

  17. Well i guess the bashing of trump continues even with this show. Just remember these shows created are owned by the left. If they cant control you on your votes..they will make sure every turn you take has a negative content of our President.
    Trump will be voted in for years to come,to get our country out of the hands of theives. The more they go against trump, the more we want him. They have alot to hide i guess and it will all come out in the open.

  18. Spicer should be in prison for perpetrating a fraud on the American people.
    Trump and his lying mob are a bigger threat to the US than the Soviet Union, ISIS, Al Qaeda and the Nazis combined.

  19. Trump cleaned house and still is gonna drain the swamp parasites are still their….They all pissed off cause he surely pulled their cover's off. And still more too come, might as well break out the popcorn and enjoy the show.😆

  20. SES, Senior Executive Service is the sedition branch of the feral government > Aim4Truth(.)org > ten thousand traitors, includes Mueller, Comey, Sessions, Rosenstein, McCabe, BARR, HOROWITZ, HUBER, WRAY and more

  21. Political facts unfortunately are not always objective truths. I think the evolution of modern governments is going to run head long into a reality that secrecy is a poor government policy and it seems government has dug a very deep secret trench dividing them from the people. I hope I live to see the day where truth stands brilliantly in the divide uniting we the people and government. Today the government is more like a cheating spouse than a protector and defender of community. If we don't value truth we value nothing at all.

  22. U can look at it that way.
    However Trump in the first phase of him as President, brought his New York brawler in business attitude to how he responded to national news reporters..

    Hes grown hes learned the difference.

    He showed it with his restraint on Irans first attacks on his watch.

  23. Almost every thing said about the crowd size wasn't "wrong." It was FAKE, and it was a LIE.

    maga maggot deserve deportation….

  24. I feel bad for Sean lol. I hope the republican party will take care of him. Ruined his creditability, and he has to own it.

  25. The impeachment of Donald Trump , the 45th president of the United States, occurred on December 18, 2019 , when the House of Representatives approved articles of impeachment on charges of abuse of power and obstruction of Congress. The president's impeachment came after a formal House inquiry found that he had solicited foreign interference in the 2020 U.S. presidential election to help his re-election bid, and then obstructed the inquiry itself by telling his administration officials to ignore subpoenas for documents and testimony. The inquiry reported that Trump withheld military aid[a] and an invitation to the White House to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky in order to influence Ukraine to announce an investigation of Trump's political opponent, Joe Biden, and to promote a discredited conspiracy theory that Ukraine, not Russia, was behind interference in the 2016 presidential election.

  26. Trump called it Truthful hyperbole in his book "art of the deal' Knowing if you lie people will forget about the lie…He use to claim his apprentice show was number 1 when it clearly was not…Most people will not check the facts…Sadly when funds start going to people just out to make money and not to improve our lives, America declines…

  27. Here's a deal of a lifetime – this car was only driven once a week to church and back by an old lady and rural america bought it
    I love the poorly educated

  28. Isn't PBS supposed to be neutral between party lines? Trump has a 51% approval rating and is more popular than Obama was at the time into his presidency. So, I do not understand why the left is always lying about everything.

  29. Lolz, we're at something like day 310 without a White House Press Briefing, thank goodness nothing important has been going on.

  30. Please, America. Leave the world alone and just continue destroying yourselves. Please, leave us out of your problems. Keep your money and leave us alone.

  31. Of course Trump isn't telling the truth, he never does. The only thing that does surprise me is that all his supporters didn't all wear their Klan costumes. (The cone-head ghost clown outfits).

  32. As of today this country has been subjected to 1,088 days of the Liar-in-Chief and his lying minions.  From January 20, 2017  to January 3, 2019, the GOP Castrati in Congress shrieked their approval of their Prevaricator-in-Chief to the tune of "Horst-Wessel-Lied," the Nazi German Anthem.

  33. Shawn Spencer is a wannabe who would sell his mother and has evidently sold his country. He has absolutely no credibility because Trump drags everybody down to Trump's level

  34. I'm going to make a point based upon many of your comments. Many people are offended that "truth" was violated by this man. We need to ignore these things as it is quite obvious the man has no regard for such ideas. Integrity, honor, sacrifice… these concepts are nothing to him and to many support him. Let us turn away from him. We do not need to destroy ourselves with his madness; we do not need to ruin our faith. We can vote. Have patience; sanity will return if we allow it. How you destroy this demon is to let him melt in the light of day. Let his ego tear him asunder. Make him irrelevant to our lives. That is the greatest injury to those who seek power – being irrelevant.

  35. Quit condemning the sycophants; they are small people scrambling to have significance and struggling to touch the golden calf of POWER. See these people for how small they are

  36. I remember how terrified the people at pbs were when he won. Since then we've seen how most everyone that was triggered and terrified, at his victory, has been caught in child or human trafficking.
    I want people to start looking into you people. Another trend is both the Hollywood cults and educators of the young being riddled with the grossest of offenders.
    That's the terror that gripped you all. Your exposure.
    Haiti, NXIUM and on and on. Your judgement is coming.

  37. (I didn't lie. I just said what I was told to say. Even if I knew it was a lie, it wasn't my lie. So I didn't lie.) Now isn't that a view into the content of his character? Teach your children well.

  38. "There's a lot of REPORTING on [crowd] size." smh.. I watched, (insanely) hoping that NOBODY would attend. I was disappointed that he had so many supporters, yet managed to Focus on his apocalyptic inaugural speech. Looking back, it's evident that the media noticed his crowd size as well, so They initiated the pettiness by comparing his crowd To OBAMA'S.

    I think Trump is a dangerous sociopath, yet the first seconds of this clip say it all: The media saw MONEY when DT annc'd his bid. CNN cashed in first, & now, sadly, it appears that pbs is following the trend. As a monthly sustaining member, I've seriously been thinking of withdrawing my pledge; pbs won't be needing it if they follow this path..

  39. Sims is a piece of work. He types and vets the false statements and then says Spicer went out and killed his credibility and he giggles about it like a school kid.

  40. If the Cameras, as ABC news reported "stopped" before 11 am & the crowds grew larger after that, are you at Frontline STILL going with that fake story even though history will scour you with it? The feed went down in DC that day. YOU KNOW ABC, CBS etc covered it– so why LIE?

    If the feed was down, NO ONE has crowd numbers & it went down precisely because DEMS DID NOT WANT the world to see numbers.

  41. It couldn’t have been a small crowd! Trump had huge music acts performing. Lee Greenwood & The Piano Guys!! Only the Best!

  42. Any proof of any of this? I mean there was thousands of cameras and microphones. Yet not one clip supporting this lol. Just of bunch of dems lying. PBS is fake news.

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