100 thoughts on “House Impeachment Inquiry – Yovanovitch Testimony

  1. Somewhere along the lines the dem party and GOPD was reversed and it seems like everyone has forgot that Abe Lincoln was a republican come on now the dems are about stupid as fuck😂😂 impeach trump on some bogus claims let’s go *DaBaby song starts

  2. Glenn Beck has a video of a certain Ukrainian Prosecutor General that says she dictated a list
    of people he couldn't investigate..and there is also a video of Ukrainians who said they did indeed
    meddle in the 2016 election..As a whistle blower I would like to report this..and would someone be kind enough
    to set me up a Go fund me page…

  3. This whole thing is a complete waste of time and the dems licking the ass of someone was cringy to watch, the president has to commit a crime to be impeached not just do something you didn’t like or agree with or that you feel is improper, btw where is the whistleblower????? How can you have hearings for an investigation without the person that made the claims this whole thing is a sad shit show and honestly everyone that backed this NEEDS to be voted out

  4. She testified she knew about the Biden's involvement in the Ukraine gas industry and did nothing. She is just one of the traitors attempting to overthrow the legitimate government.

  5. When they’re testifying behind closed doors the republicans say “they’re in the basement!”, when they testify in public they say “they’re performing a show!”, it sounds like they just don’t want anyone to testify…

  6. Total waste of time watching a sour grapes fired employee bitch and moan on why her boss who has total authority to get rid of her. Thought this was an impeachment inquiry not a made for TV seminar on why an employee needs to go to HR if they feel they were wrongly terminated. Keep firing these insubordinate cry tit ambassadors President Trump one by one or in the case of Obama fire every ambassador you didn't appoint and sooner the better! Trump 2020 guaranteed

  7. A ambassador has no authority or no power to do anything all they do is give insight to appointed people that the president puts in power over that country they have no more power then muller did that he didn’t have the power to exsonerate the trump in the Russian probe

  8. REP. A. Schiff is so Proffesional!!!!
    This is so educational of our understanding of foreign policy, ambassodors role and meeting them. She is doing an awesome job today and as an ambassador!!!
    So why was she sent home? Feelings are real. If DT wants to tweet his feelings about her @ her, Then let her respond. Feelings is a natural response.

  9. How did we get here?
    Let me get this straight….
    SUPPOSEDLY, you can go to your supervisor, report to him that OTHERS have told you about some perceived wrongdoings, of yet ANOTHER party…..and THAT supervisor DOESN'T look at you like you're crazy? and tell you to "GET BACK TO WORK" immediately? No?…..he takes this "hearsay" rumor, brings it to the BIG BOSS and makes certain to protect the person who brought in the info, with HIS LIFE.
    The supervisor doesn't wonder WHERE the info originates, why THOSE folks didn't bring it to him, THEMSELVES…..NOTHING. It's presumed to be true and that's all, folks.
    We are now OFFICIALLY a Banana Republic.

  10. The executive has the privilege to hire and fire whomever he wants to conduct his foreign policy. The Democrat bureanazis should be ashamed of themselves for conducting this farce of an impeachment show trial.

  11. Yo wannab 'itch- your feelings are hurt because POTUS DJT said you are 'bad news?' (he's never wrong) What would you do if you were called DEPLORABLE ? Name calling started with fatso, creepo Hillary Clinton

  12. This is not our President Donald Trump!! It's about our military and our world war 2 promises!! BRITTAN supported us so did France and Asia! Japan… not China or north Korea there in a Putin territory.. Putin wants RUSSIA to be like Germany.. because of our backing to support RUSSIA not Germany!!!

  13. Early in testimony…no, they never discussed that with me. … Hours later…yes that is correct, they did discuss that with me….🤔

  14. Nothing but democrats pissedoff because they can't buy a billionaire. Expose these people for what they are President Trump. 4 more yrs.

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  16. She will forever NEVER BE TRUSTED by any one. No one will ever want her or the others to work in their organizations. Oh but I forget they will write a book and try to vindicate themselves AINT gonna work tho. They will all be blackballed as snitches.

  17. The funny thing is they say Trump was trying to get help for his re-election campaign but have you seen his rallies I don't think he needs help

  18. She literally had nothing to do with this… like she didn’t directly witness anything. Other than getting offended for being fired

  19. People just don’t understand the Trumpster. Give him a 2nd term to complete the great work he has started. 😮🎵🏆🎶🦄🎼🍄

  20. also interesting that when asked by republicans she correctly points out that she cannot know what is in president trumps mind but when asked by democrats then she knows exactly what trump thinks

  21. Hello,Humans.
    “Don’t tell me you’re innocent. Because it insults my intelligence and makes me very angry.”
    -Al Pacino (The Godfather 1972)


  22. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NTDDNwuZu9g plzz help my sister out she really wants to get to 50 by the end of the year

  23. Can’t name a witness, can’t remember the date, can’t remember the phone call. Fake fake fake news. Absolute waste of time

  24. This Is A Bunch Of Bullshit, Her Name Sounds Like What The Democratic Party Has Been Doing Since That Disgusting Deplorable Cunt Hillary Clinton Lost The Election To Of All People, That Big Bad Mean Ol Orange Man,
    You Wanna Bitch.
    With The Lame Ass Choices That They Are Giving The American People Donald Trump Won't Have To Run For Reelection, He Can Walk!
    They Don't Have The Votes In The Senate And They Don't Have The Guts To Go On Record And Vote For Impeachment Because They Know It Will Be Pointless And It Only Ensure That They Will Not Only Be Able Too Force One Of Their Lame Ass Candidates On Us And They Will Lose The House And More Seats In The Senate.
    Look At The Choices That They Are Giving Us, Creepy Hair Sniffing The Chester The Molester Look Alike Joe Biden, Who By The Way Actually Admitted To Doing What They Are Trying To Accuse The President Of, Crazy Old Communist Bernie Code Blue Sanders, The Great White Pretend D-N Princess And First Female Principle Chief Of The Wannabe A Cherokee Tribe That Lying Disgusting Deplorable Fake Ass N -D -N
    Princess Pokadumbass Warren.
    These Are The Front Runners For The Presidency Of The Greatest Nation On Planet Earth?
    Better Start Stocking Up On Coloring Books , And Crayons For Your Safe Spaces, Oh Yeah Make Sure You Don't Forget To Take All Your Participation Trophies Cuz You Wouldn't Want Anyone To Forget What A Fucking Loser You Are!
    Either Put Up Or Shut Up And Get Back To Work On Something You Can Actually Do Something About, Like Fixing Our Crumbling Infrastructure, Health Care And The Immigration Problems That Are Affecting The Lives Of Real Human Beings That The Democratic Party Is Using As Political Pawns.
    Remember Obama Had Those Cages Built, And Was The First One To Lock Children Up In Them.
    Do Your Fucking Jobs Or Don't Start Crying And Bitching When The American People Who Are Getting Sick Of This Pointless Political Bullshit, Decide To Tell You, Come Election Day
    That Your Fired .

  25. 🙄🙄🙄 Impeachment like seriously he’s almost done anyway just let him finish lol 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  26. To who all see this, bless you:

    Jesus Christ loves you. Believe in His finished work on the cross and be saved by grace through faith. He is coming back soon.

  27. “Do you have any evidence that the President did anything wrong? “

    I just saved you seven hours of stupidity. You’re welcome.

  28. The Clintons and the satanic pedo demoncrap party killed epstein to cover ass…and want evil for the rest of the world …pray Trump wins again

  29. If a Democrat did this …
    Republicans " oh no that's impeachable, get that person out of office now !!! "
    When trump does it
    Republicans and trump supporters " he was investigating the bidens, he was doing his duty "

  30. It is so god damn ironic and sad that the people who scream about fake news non stop literally have a news article, from the media they've trashed, as everything they submit to the record.

  31. No matter if you think Trump should be impeached or not this will be historic. We’re probably going to see a more Clinton type of impeachment where the House impeaches and then the Senate Blocks it. Less like Nixon where both parties in both House of congress voted for impeachment as this impeachment is split along party lines

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  33. I suspect that Yovanovitch was acting as a "MULE", between the previous Ukranian President's corrupt regime and the "Democrat Operatives" in Ukraine and the "Puppetmaster Democrats" in the USA . . . Remember with "Diplomatic Immunity", she would NEVER be SEARCHED or QUESTIONED . . . Trump broke up their clandestine "communications / smuggling" network by firing Yovanovitch !

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