100 thoughts on “House Impeachment Inquiry Hearing – Hill & Holmes Testimony

  1. Shiff and pelosi wanted joe biden's electory victory served on a silver platter. It is adding insult to injury to all hard working men and women in america who voted for trump. Republicans stay vigilant.

  2. Do these people know they're supposed to be representing the best interest of the United States? It sure sounds like they're advocates for the Ukraine. Instead of working on behalf of U.S. agenda, they're criticizing it and working on behalf of Ukrainian Government and their best interest. Crazy mixed up priorities! Somebody please call them out on this! Who are you working for?😳

  3. —- > Devon Nunes should recuse himself. Calling the whistle-blower is a moot issue. Republicans should call for the testimony of Giluiani, Bolton, Pompeo, Mulvaney, Barr, McGann, and others who are defying subpoenas. Trump didn't care if Zelensky was corrupt, he cared if Zelensky would dispute the evidence against himself, his co-conspirators, and Russia using Russian propaganda.
    Google: Indicted Giuliani associate Lev Parnas helped Devin Nunes with investigations in Europe
    Trump, Giuliani, and Manafort: The Ukraine Scheme
    Giuliani Associates Urged Ukraine’s Prior President to Open Biden, Election Probes (wsj)

     Mueller documents show Manafort pushed Ukraine conspiracy theory (theguardian)
    G.O.P. Intelligence Devin Nunes Chairman Apologizes | The New York Times /watch?v=bcHLjopB850
    Jill Wine-Banks On Audio Of Nunes Talking Mueller Probe At Private Event | The Last Word | MSNBC /watch?v=lez_WDObrwM

    ——> IC IG, MIchael Atkinson already stated that the whistle-blower was "biased" but that the information provided was valid. I'm not sure why Atkinson used the term, "biased". According to IG Horowitz, bias is a matter of invalid actions and decisions that have no basis in facts and /or evidence. Political speech is NOT biased, "biased" should not be used to describe a political opinion. Stating facts is not bias.
    Remember: On July 17, 2018, Putin confessed to the interference at the Helsinki summit.
    Lawrence: Vladimir Putin Made A Big Mistake In His Presser With Donald Trump | The Last Word | MSNBC (@ 6: 10- 6: 25) /watch?v=W4inlAokPAQ
    ' .

  4. The trumper woman that called in just amazed me. She was saying that Biden admitted to something or other and it must be true because she saw him say it on a video on tv. So my question is, why don't trumpers believe trump to be truthful when he admits to things on video on tv? Oh no, they cut him all kinds of slack eg: he didn't say it; he didn't mean that; fake news; etc ad nauseum.

  5. Why does no one during these proceedings ever point out that it was the Republican party that commissioned the Steele Dossier, dropped it, then it was picked up by the Clinton campaign? The continual refrain from Nunes is technically "they're corrupt, too!", except left unchallenged it translates to "they're corrupt, not us!" by anyone watching who wasn't paying attention to details that seem to have been conveniently forgotten.

  6. Where in all of this does anyone here what stated directly from the president? Seems to be what they all think but no concrete facts


  8. Looks like I am going to have to pretend to be Canadian when I go abroad. We Americans look completely foolish. What an embarrassment

  9. Hello, Humans.
    “On any given Sunday you’re gonna win or you’re gonna lose. The point is – can you win or lose like a man?” -Al Pacino (Any Given Sunday 1999)


  10. SO….Sondland is in an enterprise to build hotels in Ukraine?? Is that why he paid the million dollars to Trump for the Ambassadorship? Isn’t that illegal? Selling an Ambassadorship?? Or buying one to further one’s business deals? Seems wrong to me. I hope if this is wrong..someone will call them out. And, if wrong, I hope Ukraine doesn’t patronize his businesses.

  11. Man, I just can't stand Jim Jordan! Too bad he wouldn't have put his righteous indignation to use to help the students at the university he worked for. Scum

  12. I’m not saying the state of our country would be any better under Hillary (this country would be a pile of shit most likely), but putting Donald Trump in the big boy chair is one of the worst mistakes this country has ever made. Look at where we are right now. Turning something serious into popcorn-eating entertainment. I’m tired of hearing the bullshit about our economy being better than it’s ever been, the giant walls being built to keep out illegals…it’s nothing to give a pat on the back for. Aren’t we in more debt than we’ve ever been in? And no one gave a single shit about us being the ones to fund this wall, let alone the ample amount of other things we’re probably being taxed for that we have no clue about. Shit, our president’s favorite words are “I don’t even know him”, “there’s no quid pro quo”, “I know nothing”. Come the fuck on. When are the American people, as a whole, going to wake up and see how much of a joke our government is? Putting a gross, cheeto-looking businessman on the throne of America is laughable. His followers are no better. Making America great again? My ass.

  13. These hear say lying democrat puppets looked like fools in this Deep State kangaroo court!! Trump is clean and will win in a Landslide in 2020!!!

  14. Swalwell is a liar. Trump never said there's no quid pro quo. He said I want nothing from Ukraine. I want no quid pro quo. I want salinski to what he was elected to do
    I want him to do the right thing. That's way more than just, there's no quid pro quo? So manipulative with the facts and twisting the truth. It's so terrible.

  15. I will tell you the fake out today. Trump is running game on you guys. He is acting as if he wants a trial. He knows the Republicans have already told him that they would vote to dismiss. They have already given indications as the many votes they had at the congressional hearings. We know they are not trying to get obstructed information from white house. We know there are not any people who love that good ole government check are not going to talk. They know more than we have heard. And the bomb shell will be coming soon. If dismissed there will be a second attempt. But do not be surprised if there is suddenly a secret report that comes out saying the Ukraine people were involved in US elections, they are super great fake liars. Trump told you guys all about this false information thing when he first came in and he he showing you all how it is done.

  16. Both David Holmes and Fiona Hill exemplify the sort of immense intellect and patriotism that has nearly disappeared from the Republican party. The contrast is staggering.

  17. Sondland confirmed that there was a quid pro quo asked of Ukraine in return for a White House visit. He also said that Trump, acting through Giuliani directed the scheme and that other officials including Vice President Mike Pence and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo were all in the loop.
    Other witnesses called by Republicans, including former Ukraine envoy Kurt Volker, did not as Trump's supporters hoped, clear the President.
    Days of hearings also challenged Republican claims that the case is built on hearsay, that Trump never withheld recognition from Kiev and that its new government didn't even realize it.
    The ultimate effect of all the new evidence is to cast Trump's call with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky on July 25, in which he asked for a "favor" in an even more sinister light.
    Fiona Hill's extraordinary answer distills what impeachment is about
    Republicans have managed to land a few blows. They seized for instance on Sondland's admission that Trump never told him directly to use military aid over Ukraine for political leverage — even though he said he presumed that was what was happening.
    Trump and supporters ignored the entirety of the evidence in recent days to seize on that moment — as if an entire court case could be undermined by a si

  18. Wowowowowowo you guys are for real wow world hahaha check this out 2019 you will be surprised https://youtu.be/RxzKmM0PFGo

  19. It’s great to see Fiona Hill. She’s someone I can look up to and try to model myself after. It’s refreshing to see women like this and have some focus on intelligent women like her and less on the wasted values like the Kardashians.

  20. All the repubs want to is throw shade and whine. They have no facts to stand on for any rebuttal of trump and his administration's innocence. Sondland has already bluntly stated that there Was a quid pro quo. Case closed

  21. trump's call to ukraine was pertaining to biden's threats of an economic crisis against that country, these impeachment hearings are the dems / intel community's revenge for trump doing something about that corruption.

  22. OBAMA ADMIN are the ones who withheld aid to Ukraine — NOT TRUMP! GOP: plz start investigation into ALL Ukrainian players re: 2016 election interference, the LOSS of $7Billion of taxpayer funds, the ties to George Soros, Biden and more!! FYI DEM IDIOTS: THE MORE YOU WRONGFULLY ACCUSE TRUMP OF UNLAWFUL ACTS IN UKRAINE THE MORE PATRIOTS WILL DEMAND FULL INVESTIGATION!!! #TRUMP2020

  23. Man both Democrats and Republicans suck ass it's you two idiots that be divided into country so long so much if we're America and where United and s*** why is there still two parties when will there be a unified party to help out both Lake the taxes that we pay pay all you motherfukers a salary shouldn't you be on the people side you motherfuckas live good because of our taxpayer money so f*** the president if this is about somebody making the country look bad is definitely Donald Trump that food is an idiot

  24. Wait. At 4:50:00 did Nunes really go down the path of inquiry about how it is inappropriate to have any foreign agent dig up dirt on their oppionents. And at 5:00:54 they discuss children of government officials being involved.

  25. 7:27:27 A preview of Schiff's closing argument in next January's Senate trial. Republicans will decide to be accomplices in Trump's corruption. But history is on our side. We are the majority.

  26. Yes you can hear some one from 5 feet away. Because I have a brother in law that speaks. Laude in the phone. With my Sister and I can hear hime verry. good. So. I do believe hime. That he herd Trump on the phone. !!!You have to hear to believe. !!!

  27. No matter what party you are. What matters is to. Respect the law and the constitution. And no party is above the law. And are country is. # 1. In all of these our country must move on our safty around the world. Needs us to ne sacure and safty. God bless our country and what it strands

  28. —-> Jordan is lying when he said there was no coordination and no collusion between Russians and the Trump campaign. The only thing Mueller said he couldn't prove about conspiracy was intent… but that given a full FBI investigation that might be different.

  29. I never thought I would see the day that CSPAN coverage was trending on YouTube. Hell, that's the biggest thing Trump has done so far!

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