100 thoughts on “House Impeachment Inquiry Hearing – Ambassador Gordon Sondland Testimony

  1. Biden/Obama threatens to withhold a Billion dollars in aid unless a sovereign Ukraine fires their own prosecutor? How was that okay? All Trump wanted was a fair and transparent investigation into actual corruption before handing them more money? Is there some conflict of interest with that ? I think undoubtedly yes. However, do I think it is illegal or even improper given the facts? No, not even a little bit. It really does appear that the democrats are trying to make a mountain out of a mole hill. to avoid the real severe corruption and blatantly illegal activity.
    They claim they wanted the prosecutor fired because "he was corrupt" and that the Burisma investigation was "dormant". So Biden supposedly did this in an effort to "fight corruption"? However, we now know that Ukrainian officials had raided the home of Burisma CEO and seized his assets just weeks before Joe Biden insisted Ukraine fire the lead prosecutor or else they get no aid! We know this for a fact because Joe Biden told us this himself in no uncertain terms! Then all of a sudden all charges for Burisma are dropped with the new prosecutor and surprise surprise no one is charged with corruption in Ukraine and Biden collects huge sums of money from a well know corrupt company? Nothing to see here right?

    Clearly this is a complete smoke screen to prevent us from seeing the real corruption and highly illegal activities by Biden and Obama. So yes I want this investigated and I want to know exactly what happened there especially if there is a possibility Biden could become POTUS. So no I do not care that Trump was pushing for this to be investigated even if there was Quid Pro Quo and it does POSSIBLY benefit him.

  2. would have liked to seen the man stand up and tell the Democrats to quit trying to put words in his mouth because they done it all day literally putting words in his mouth that he didn't say and when he try to refute it they just running right over he needed to just stand up and tell him to shut their mouths and listen to what he had to say they're corrupt liars and they twisting every way they want it there nothing but traitors to our country and they need to be in prison all of America knows it they're nothing but corrupt liars they're not Democrats they're not liberals they're just liarscommunist socialist liars the same garbage we had to fight in Vietnam these scumbags will be in prison where they belong

  3. Way to go YouTube!!! Everytime I thumb down a psychotic liberals ridiculous comment, you give them a thumb up!!!!!!

    I hope everyone's paying attention!!!!!!!

  4. ASAP Rocky is obviously the key to stability in Ukraine, he should immediately be appointed special envoy for Swag in the region.

  5. It would appear the republicans are under the assumption a crime is only committed if it is announced prior to or during the crime. Dems should just avoid using the term quid pro quo and instead start start using the definition when talking about quid pro quo. This is the only way to enlighten those idiots.

  6. Seems we have found a new daytime sop opera… I hope you are enjoying the ratings. #wemustbebroke I hope it’s covered by insurance.

  7. It's funny that both sides keep saying 'hard earned tax dollars' in relation to this security assistance (aid). NOT true! This money, like all other government programs are financed NOT by tax money at all. It's basically created digitally and accounted for on the government balance sheet. It's the same when we the people go to the bank for a loan. Banks don't use depositors money to loan to lenders; it's created by central bank (e..g. the Fed). Tax is used to take money out of the financial system. In other words you have in-flow (money creation) and out-flow (taxation). To use an analogy of a car: The in-flow is the accelerator, and the out-flow is the brake. If there's too much money in the financial/economic system tax pulls that excess money out. This how governments control inflation/deflation or over heating the economy. Sovereign governments with sovereign currency do not have the same restrictions a that a normal common citizen has with their household budget. Governments and banks literally print or create more money all the time. Sounds crazy, but true! For a more thorough explanation checkout Modern Monetary Theory (MMT).

  8. Listen to me…the Dems have FAILED hugely!!! Schiff has paid people to be in the audience. You people need to get your heads out of your asses!! This TDS is real. Listen to those idiots, "it was my thoughts, it was my, my, my, my…..blah, blah, blah". Excuse me, but where did facts come in?? Such a scam, shame on them for trying so embarrassingly hard to throw this country into the sewer. We need to split this country. Lefties on the left and Righties on the right. See which side sticks together, is patriotic and is more successful. However, on the left, you can shit in the street, marry your favorite gold fish and enjoy a lifetime of never knowing the truth, nor caring. Good luck lefties, you're gonna need it.

  9. IT'S OVER!!!!!

    QUID PRO QUO!!!!

  10. I am REALLY mad I have to watch this whole thing because ABC, NBC, CBS or Fox won't give me an honest reporting. I watch the first half live and during the breaks what I was hearing on ABC wasn't even close to representative of the testimony. Oh, thank you C-Span.

  11. And when I lift the tail of a cow standing on my driveway and see a manure covered asshole I can presume that’s where all piles of cow crap on my driveway came from. And not the sky where my neighbor, Donald Trump, who owns the cow says it came from. Common sense people!

  12. Sondland likely gonna suffer a sudden heart attack or some other life ending event in the near future, non-suspicious of course

  13. That’s why most of those who voted for this unscrupulous “business man”, our country is NOT a business. It’s a Republic! A democracy! You can not run a democracy like a business.

  14. I had to fast forward. Can’t stand listening to him- the American people want that idiot out of the White House! Oh lord your comparing him with Washington! Jajaja
    Nuñez why don’t you defend instead of state cursi idiocies – Russia interfered- no one stated that Trump colluded- this is not far fetched- your an embarrassment- the whole world thinks he’s a joke.

  15. Núñez is not a gentleman he’s a patsy- he even anglicized his last name lest he be confused con un Mexicano- his family emigrated yes.. but from the Azors, si technically he’s a son of immigrants also- but typical of cowardice he won’t acknowledge this: ergo no ñ in Nunes. Which should be pronounced the same- the ñ just is a symbol for a double n. https://www.thoughtco.com/nunez-last-name-meaning-and-origin-1422579

  16. Sondland cut a really sorry figure, looked around no friends in sight, till Rep Hack came along and in his grandpa like manner provided the succor he needed. He looked relieved like he had been rescued from the Lions den. For a successful businessman he was naive. What was he thinking? Did he think for a minute that Volker & Morrison were there to help him. They threw him under the bus the 1st chance they got. They stuck to their lies no matter how incredible. Trump was driving the bus straight for Gordon.& Gordon thought Trump was going to offer him a ride, Ha Ha Ha Ha !!!!!! A MILLION $ RIDE

  17. Once truth is sought out in this, how many will be willing to accept it for what it is? A true test of intellectual integrity and reason. God help us.


  19. Republicans keep harping on the question:  Do you think there is a [potential-appearance] of conflict of interest?  Congressman Elise Stefanik of N.Y. said, when asked-every witness testimony has agreed that there is a potential appearance…Heck, even I agree there was a POTENTIAL-APPEARANCE of of conflict of interest.  But why do so many people understand this to be an "I Gotch ya" moment?  I know there a several three syllable words in that question, so I wouldn't expect republicans to comprehend the question.  Potential-has no DEFINITIVE meaning in this question. Appearance-is a SUBJECTIVE word.  An analogy could be: You see a woman wearing a very short skirt, revealing tight-busted blouse, fishnet hosiery and thigh high boots…Does she have the POTENTIAL-APPEARANCE of being a prostitute. The answer is of coarse yes-people may potentially believe that to be true.  Does she have the appearance of being a prostitute?  According to what [society] has ingrained in our minds-most likely, she would APPEAR to be as such.  And this is purely a SUBJECTIVE perception.  Evangelicals of the red-states would immediately label her a JEZEBEL.  But is this woman indeed a JEZEBEL or simply have bad taste in clothing?

    So indeed, there is a potential-appearance of Hunter Biden's high-paying Ukraine job to be a conflict of interest.  But a accepting a high-paying job in not indicative of corruption.

  20. I was waiting for it. A republican that won't support his republican administration. The US are more divided than ever but no one is above the law or the constitution.

  21. Wow, this Sondland character is not exactly the sharpest pencil in the box. LOl folks on both sides were exasperated with this idiot. So what your saying is… Wait which way is the wind blowing?

  22. A fat nothing-burger from Ambassador G. Sondlund. He admitted, he was presumptuous in his accusation against President Trump. The last I checked, a presumption is not evidence for anything.

  23. D. Nunes was right in front of Sondland as he detailed clear evidence of a quid pro quo! "..the Ukrainians would get a sit-down between their President and President Donald Trump only if they announced an investigation into Joe and Hunter Biden's connections to a Ukrainian natural gas company — and made clear that all sorts of senior officials within the administration were aware of this in real time." How does Nunes respond in questioning Sondland? By spewing debunked conspiracy theories about Ukraine meddling in the election.

    You cannot even feel sorry for the GOP for not having ANYTHING to defend the corrupt mess sitting in the WH.

  24. Democratic or Republican they are all liers!!! And they are all GUILTY, they dont want to TELL the TRUTH, !!! You can see it in their faces!! They don't want to admit the TRUTH and it is sad in America today!! They are afraid they are going to loose there jobs .. & the president Will let them go.. so what it is better to TELL the TRUTH, and give justice and give credit were credit is DUE!! 🤗

  25. Nunes has no leg to stand on.. Republicans need to get on the right side of things.. They are Beat! Get off the stage.. And the Senators including Republican need to remove Trump. He is a disgrace

  26. go ahead nunes, call hunter biden, it won't help. what in the hell do you expect to accomplish beyond getting trump's shrinking followers to believe more lies. this is the most abusive 'president' & administration to their own loyalists. you all keep lying to them & it is disgusting to watch. they trust you to be honest with them & they are believing you. what a self serving bunch you are. everyone you deserve to be removed. you do not serve your most fervent members, let alone the rest of your party. you all have let them down & have driven many out of office. you are a disgrace.

  27. look at sondland laughing at your absurd nonsense. everybody knows what trump did-but like the emperor with no clothes, you sit there & admire them while he stands naked before your eyes. your bs about americans going on trump's side is more lies. 70% of us are fully cognizant that he is standing naked & we want him not only impeached, but out of office & in criminal court being tried, along with his loser family & put in prison where they all belong. it's time to purge the wh of everyone of you willing to be aiders, abetters, & enablers of the most vile subhuman to disgrace our wh. & let's pray this never happens again. & in fact put in place requirements-unmovable-that will indeed prevent that eventuality now that we see how this happened & how easy russia can pull this off.

  28. yep. 5:36:00 – 5:41:13. now what?… someday I'll tell my grand kids the bedtime story, about the the dem who cried wolf.

  29. 5:34:35 I want to tell Rep. Sewell that I do think that the essence of what Giuliani was trying to achieve was accomplished. While US media poo-poo'd the Burisma/Zlochevsky corruption and that corruption infiltrated our government these hearings have motivated many people to ask questions and look back into 2015-2016. Independent voters, people that don't take news at face value are looking into the history of what occurred. That would NOT have happened with out Schiff taking the bait.

  30. ​Trump has been under daily attack since before he got sworn in. Yes before, it is fact. It is also fact that Trump has been able to beat several key promise records despite all. Obama archieved none.

  31. Gordon Sondland tried his best to protect his corrupt and criminal boss POTUS, but it's completely obvious that he's out of his depth as an ambassador of anything. He only got the job by donating $1,000,000. It's also obvious he was either lying at times, or avoiding the truth at best. A body language expert would have a field day his many micro-expressions. It was almost as embarrassing to watch his behavior, as it was to watch the Republican Congressman. Will Hurd is the only Republican that seems to take these hearings seriously, the rest are just clowns. Shakespeare was right; 'The truth will out'. This is only going to get worse for Trump. It's about time.

  32. The whole world is laughing at us… the Republicans need to really look at what or why they are trying to defend this. Sorry, Trump is not our guy. This is so sad.

  33. I was presuming this and that, and I can count 2+2=4, no 2 presumptions + 2 presumptions = 0 Facts! The dreaming Schiff Show is a Fairy Tale being acted out by crisis acting democraps. Well I hope Trump wins in 2020 to keep America out of the hands of these liars.

  34. Just because Trump didn't spell it out, it doesn't mean no crimes were committed. The GOP defense has no base to stand on. If you wanted investigations then go for it, don't withhold military aid that's been approved for distribution.

  35. Does anyone else have a crush on Daniel Goldman? His voice sounds like if Gregory Peck and a blanket of silk had a baby and that baby became the lead democratic counsel for an impeachment inquiry🥰🥰🥰

  36. What congressional district does Sean Patrick Maloney represent in New York, because I want to move there and have him as my bad ass representative in Congress!

  37. They could’ve called this hearing after his opening statement. I feel like Mr. Burns, I wanna say “Excellent” sooooo bad lol

  38. AMERICANS know trump is a lieing thief, a crook, and a poser. Why you, Mr Nunes would give that spiel, knowing that he is bad for our country and the WORLD, as well as the Earth. I will bet you are voted out of office. I can only hope that someone who is going to Honor their Oath to UPHOLD THE CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, takes your place.

  39. Sondland: "Nobody shared the results of the call with me at the time."
    Well, duh, you were working with Rudy so they weren't about to trust you.

  40. November 21,2019. Today we saw the end of the republican party in America. We also saw the end of fox news. Good riddance to them both.

  41. Roger Stone is a classical case of microcephaly, a genuine pinhead; Sondland is clearly a circumcised penis head. Both could star in an old fashioned deep south carnival sideshow, a display of human oddities; e.g., a freak show.

  42. So , To my recognition .
    This is not a joke by the way .
    ASAP ROCKY ligitimitely will have a script in the impeachement of our 45th President of the united states .

  43. It is very clear that Sondland is not intelligent enough to be an ambassador. He demeans the position and endangers the well-being of thousands globally. And he is dishonest. I deserve to have my tax dollars pay for an honest, intelligent, and skilled person to represent me as an ambassador, not a clown like Sondland. All the republicans did was whine, including choosing to not see the truth. Vote the republicans out. They are supporting treason.

  44. The deep state progressives are accusing Trump of doing what they have done since 2008, and, that is Pay to Play. Trump did not do that. EVERYTHING that the deep state has accused Trump of has been unwarranted, baseless, fictional, inappropriate, and, downright wrong. All of this is on public record on the FBI 203 documents, where the deep state members have been tattling on each other, reaching for a life raft. If you dispute this, then, you are in the dark, due to your indoctrination into progressivism, which is not a movement, but, a tool of leftist propaganda used by the socialist-globalist deep state in order to attain nothing but power and wealth, while selling us out to our enemies, and, allowing us to weaken as a nation.

  45. Something stinks to high heaven with Sondland and Vindman and Bill Taylor and Rick Perry ,,, Sondland was not asked about what he knows about nuclear energy in Ukraine , they are all tied in with massive crimes so how come Devon Nunes doesn't know? All Sondland had to offer was his personal opinions which Schiff took as being FACTUAL. Sondland is dirty dirty and Trump needs to know this ASAP.

  46. Republicans created a lot of smoke. But the concluding remarks from Schiff blew them away into the atlantic. The long, loud claps from the audience and the sense of pride it generated on those who were watching make it abundantly clear: Trump gotta go.

  47. Well since the democrats refuse to find out where millions of taxpayers money went during the Obama administration to Ukraine the president is and it’s not illegal

    Also you can not say he was after a political opponent because this happened before joe Biden registered to run for president a big nothing because they don’t want us to know who took the money that’s the only reason why

  48. Its pretty clear the democrat party and deepstate are finished… Now the real show begins the fall of the Old Corrupt Guard…. get your popcorn.

  49. Damn, Nunes has the nerve to give Shiff subpoenas!!!! How many subpoenas has the White House ignored???? 😲🤯😠🙄😑

  50. Love how the Republicans questioning basically make it so the President is the only one at fault, by mentioning the Bidens directly, while the administrative diplomatic machine did things seemingly properly the whole way. (Ignoring the holding of the aid here of course, that remain nebulous as to why it was held back.)

    If the first mention of the Biden was Trump's phone call.. then Trump did it? Also makes sense that all the concern and whistle-blowers, etc came from that phone call and not before.

    Good job Reps.

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