Hong Kong activists disrupt rush-hour subway services | DW News

Hong Kong activists disrupt rush-hour subway services | DW News

rush hour and one of the world's most densely populated cities in the subway system commuter chaos activists have blocked the train doors calling for democratic reforms and independence from Beijing's rule the protesters hit where it hurts the daily grind of Hong Kong's economy weight freedom safety and human rights are taken away and that can't wait I'm okay with it a lot of it is okay because I think the government should respond to the demand of these citizens otherwise they'd be allowed carry out these actions the protests began over eight weeks ago against a proposed bill that would allow suspects from Hong Kong to be extradited to mainland China for trial the bill was shelved but demonstrators are now demanding its complete withdrawal they're also calling for Hong Kong leader Kerry limb to step down and for greater autonomy lawmakers in Europe and the US have weighed in many defending the protesters and saying the police have used excessive force the Chinese government said that this was hypocritical what if you asked the u.s. police if there were a similar violent attack on the police in the United States in Washington DC or in New York City how would they respond I think everyone can imagine the scene sounds you never want me Beijing has not addressed the protesters demands for more democracy instead it insists on a return to order in Hong Kong some city lawmakers have taken the side of the movement saying Beijing is out of touch impression of Hong Kong simply fundamentally wrong they've been so far away from Hong Kong people's real with sentiment the demonstrators would most likely agree and they seem willing to continue the near daily disruptions until their message gets through well for now let's talk to our correspondent in Hong Kong Phoebe Kong is standing by pooris there FPV why are the protesters now targeting the public transport system what's their strategy I'm for them this is a kind of seafood disobedience actions which they put it in the non silence way which is pretty I'm different from two days before we have seen their clashes on the streets and now they are taking some rather more peaceful approach to try to disrupt the to disrupt the public transportation system they want to put further pressure on a government by increasing the cost of the governance if they still ignore that amount they are going to do it and this is actually not the first time for them to block the daily metro light and they want to like make their voice heard like by putting the pressure on the government and for them this is isolate something not balanced so they think that this might be less controversial if they'd like to do it in this way now security forces there in Hong Kong used rubber bullets and tear gas against demonstrators over the weekend how are the police dealing with this latest protest action yeah we have seen a Fallon's clashes over the last weekend in Hong Kong both in Hong Kong Island and also in the rural district you know and police had fire I'm thousands if not hundreds of shots of teargas and also rapper bullish also a pepper spray and a petal around to the protesters so apart from like we can see the escalation of the protesters police are the force abused by Hong Kong police they have also intensified the cause they're using also they're using more weapons to to try to disperse the protesters so we can say that both died they both escalated like that they're like actions like to watch each other now Western governments have criticized authorities for their handling of the protests how is this unrest affecting the relationship between China and the West we have her in the LA the past one to two months that the Chinese government they have emphasized and reiterated for various times like they wanted the West the Western government not to intervene in to like Hong Kong issues but as we know a Hong Kong is an international financial hub which affect the interest of the not only the West but also on China right so so that's why there this is also one of the reasons why the West or the world is looking closely to the situation in Hong Kong but as long as if the Hong Kong government and the Beijing government they are not backing down to any other command or making compromise to the protesters it's very likely that the protests in the coming future will escalate and and we may see like the tension between the west and the china governments they will like this to intensify as well and putting them in more embarrassing situation Phoebe thank you very much DW is Phoebe Kong there in Hong Kong

36 thoughts on “Hong Kong activists disrupt rush-hour subway services | DW News

  1. How refreshing! “My work can wait, but human rights – not”. Yes.
    And on a different not, unless one works in an emergency room, artificially created urgency doesn’t lead to efficiency, it’s a recipe for mistakes and burnout and not having time to think things through.

  2. disrupt rush-hour subway service, and you call them activists???
    Nowadays, anything in the name of democracy could be supportive.

  3. Okay with it, yeah, but for how long? Hope you guys got good savings because not everyone can afford not to get to work. Some live paycheck to paycheck so I wonder if they'll block them as well unless they can also cover for them missing work. It'll get more chaotic as this drags on. China will win this in the end though if they just don't take Carrie Lam off and just keep the way it is right now. This can only go as far as peoples pockets allow them to before it hits hard home, no matter the choice for freedom, stomach will not stomach it.

  4. UNITED YOU STAND, DIVIDED YOU FALL. Wish you strength my friends of Hong Kong. Be ready to retaliate if those men come to beat you. Let one of them face you ten. Taiwan men have changed their gender to a neutral one I suppose 😂

  5. If HK govern continues to softly treat protesters, I am afraid HK economy will be collapsing soon.

    1. Their political requirement was already achieved. The Government already stopped extradition treaty.
    So, why they continue to protest? Confusion!

    BTW, could u image there is no extradition treaty between mainland and HK, even they are one country?!
    Until now HK never submit any tax to central government!

    2. The protestors badly impact social order, like blocking metro, etc. Why they could do it? Confusion!
    Policeman are asked not to take violence to move them away.
    So, you could image the scene policeman is discussing with protestors who block the metro system. how pathetic! It will also happen in other countries??? If no, then why it could happen in HK???

    3. Most of protestors take same mask, glass, helmet? Who provides to them? Who collects bricks for them? Who organizes the protest? Why majority western medias display similar scenes, while coincidentally forgetting to display policeman were attacked and other HK protests of supporting HK govern? What the who wants in the chaos? Confusion.

  6. See what the west did When Catalonia demanded freedom and independence, western hypocrite has reached a new high level by interfering chinese business ,meanwhile ,the USA government accused russia interfering their internal affairs.

  7. Hong Kong economy it’s hurting badly already. Soon people will suffer. Tourism drop 20% year on year. Production drop with 14% YOY. Soon this effect come out Plus they have to pay from public money to pay for all that destructions from protesters ….so where all this go ? Will come up to article 14 where PLA will handle Hong Kong unrest situation in a legal way and that’s not good at all for Hong Kong freedoms! Once that happen Hong Kong will be so strict control they can’t imagine even

  8. Exterminate all Hong Kongers protesters. They are Terrorist. In US they would've benn gunned down by the Police for the violence in HK. Let HK economy collapse to 80% and see what will happen.

  9. Hope German protesters can learn the Hongkang counterpart's tactics and wisely apply them to Merkle government oppression.

  10. The more damages these nasty paid protestors did, the easier for the China Central Government to justify and take care of the situation later.

    It will come at the right time and the right place, but not at the time that their Western Handlers has set up the TRAP such as now.

    The China Central Government can wait.

  11. OMG, OMG! The way DW managed to put a positive spin on this is beyond me. "I really need to get to my work and feed my family, but these punks paralyzed the subway system — so who cares about work, let's have democracy". I mean, seriously?

  12. Recently every protest I watched in Hong Kong was like a joke. It was more like an Olympics or a sport for weight loss. People called the youngsters' very brave is also a joke. The reason they looked brave because the weak law and the police were too soft to them.

  13. disrupting social order and making a nuisance of yourself will never gain you any supporters you are not disrupting the HK government you are disrupting the HK people
    and people wonder you the white shirts are beating up the protestors

  14. The protests in Hong Kong is mostly peaceful. Did the Chinese government really look into how the governments handle towards the peaceful protest in the western world? They will listen and respond to what their people demand, especially with massive protests. Yet, both the Hong Kong and the Chinese governments are fail to do in this regard. Both of these governments have their ears shut.

  15. DW as well as most western media purposely do not report the majority of voices of HK: they hate these disruptions and do not support them.

  16. These protesters' demand will not be met as Asia's governance will be different from Western's. These youths are over brainwashed! In time the support will be lesser with constant disruption affecting the lives of others. Central Govt will continue with their hands free and its the ppl of Hkg suffer the most in the end with poverty at high stake for the Govt of Hkg to face! With China as Central Govt, the support given from China is good enough for the Govt of Hkg to stay on! It's like throwing the eggs on the rocks!

  17. It's always easier to say that you're wrong than to seek the cause in yourself. Such violent protest will not give them a happy life and so-called freedom that they want, it'll just make the city less competitive compared to those blooming cities in mainland China. They're just "too young too simple, sometimes naive".

  18. It is because Taiwan has democracy and the life of the people of Taiwan is so happy. This has also become the driving force for Hong Kong’s continued protest! Without democracy, there is no happiness!
    from Yuanlin City, Taiwan

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