Homeless Man Does Breathtaking Act Social Experiment

Homeless Man Does Breathtaking Act Social Experiment

26 thoughts on “Homeless Man Does Breathtaking Act Social Experiment

  1. HE WAS so SWEET AND GRATEFUL AND YES HOMELESS AND THE POOR PEOPLE ARE THE BEST PEOPLE ON EARTH BECAUSE THEY HAVE FELT THE FEELING OF HAVING NOTHING. GOD BLESS THEM!! GOD BLESS EVERYONE!! i also did cry a little. hit they were tears of joy. my heart melted when he was so thankful and grateful. this melted my heart. ♥️

  2. Love this video I am going to share this with the whole world 🌎 love u guys so much Especially that homeless

  3. such a big big heart wow🥺 how can they be so nice it’s heartbreaking that some rich people never would do this

  4. Can’t believe he gave him $500 dollars that’s so inspirering me to give homeless man more than $20 dollars

  5. They always have the richest heart. Maybe they aren’t the richest but they deep down they really are

  6. A homeless man asked me if I had any change today waking though the town today I had no money on me I felt so bad becaose I normally carry a couple pound spare on me I had to say no he said no problem have a good evening I felt so bad I went to the cash machine and got 100 pound out and went to find him

  7. Please help me. I'm working don't get payed until next week been living in my car just was told today can't stay at the truck spot and have no money at all I need at least $50 to get a hotel please I have PayPal and cash app please comment back this is no joke I need help 😭😭😭

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