Homegrown Outcasts: North Koreans in Japan

Homegrown Outcasts: North Koreans in Japan

I like them both. Great. 95 year-old Mr Baik proudly shows us his latest momento: a badge with Kim Il-Sung and Kim Jong-Il, two North Korean leaders vilified as the epitome of evil in the West. We feel very close to them. We are united, they stand united with us. Together, always together with us. But Mr Baik doesn’t live in Pyongyang, for decades he has lived here in Tokyo, Japan a country that has been hostile to Koreans since it occupied their land at the beginning of the 20th century, especially the 150,000 or so who identify with the DPRK. So how is it that new generations of Koreans born in Japan grow up loyal to the most demonised state in the West? This is a song from the DPRK. Along with a few other relics Mr Baik keeps, this is one of the ways he keeps up his connection to his homeland. So you always listen to this? Everyday! Everyday? Everyday! Mr Baik’s life has not been easy here, and for younger Koreans itās not getting easier. Japan is experiencing a resurgence of the extreme right, just like Europe and the US. All foreigners, known as ‘Gaijin’ in Japanese, are increasingly frowned upon. But it’s ‘Joseon’ Koreans, or those who identify with the DPRK, who are in the most danger. Japanese hate Koreans. This, for your information, is from a public survey conducted by the Sankei Shimbun paper. It shows that 90 percent of Japanese respondents say that they donāt like Koreans. It clearly shows the opinion of the Japanese people. Makoto Sakurai is a poster boy of the Japanese far-right. Taking his cues from Donald Trump,
Sakurai launched the Japan First Party in 2016 and quickly became infamous for his xenophobic views
and his scapegoating of Japanās ethnic Korean minority. They say things like “go back to your country” and “you Korean cockroaches”. They says things like “kill all the Koreans, good and bad”. This is Kim, he’s a 24 year-old student activist
and part of Japan’s North Korean community. When we hear this we feel very intimidated
and cannot even use our real Korean names. As a Korean, this creates an inferiority complex
towards being Korean. Modern Japanese racism is inextricably tied to
when Japan was Asia’s foremost imperial power until it was defeated alongside Nazi Germany
at the end of World War II. Japan glorified its bloody colonisation across
the Asia Pacific by demonising its colonial subjects. And right up until today, Japanese society rarely
talks about how during that time hundreds of thousands of Koreans
were forced to work in slave-like conditions in Japanese mines and factories
as the country industrialised at break-neck speed. Or how when Japan was allied to Nazi Germany
against the Allies in WWII Korean men were conscripted in the army and sent to some
of the harshest fronts where they faced probable death. Meanwhile, Japan imposed extreme assimilation policies
on Koreans, forcing Japanese citizenship on them. They even had to change their names to Japanese ones,
while their newspapers and schools were shut down. So kids were unable to learn Korean but they were taught anthems
of Nazi Germany in Japanese schools, which Mr Baik still remembers: Raise the flag! The ranks tightly closed! The SA marches! You know the SA [Hitler’s Storm Detachment]? This is their song We learned this at school.
It was popular among the students. Popular. When the Japanese empire fell in 1945 most Koreans returned home but approximately 600,000 stayed in Japan. The government then stripped ethnic Koreans
of the Japanese citizenship that had been forced on them and years later when they’d be allowed
to get it back, many refused even though it would mean more political rights and freedom to travel. I’ve Never visited the DPRK. I’ve visited South Korea
but I don’t consider South Korea my home, or homeland. That’s definitely where my ancestors came from, that’s the country where my grandma
and grandpa grew up, but I feel still that Japan is the bigger part of me in terms of country. And yet I don’t want to be naturalised, I don’t want to be invisible and I feel like being a Korean with a special permanent residency, I feel like I’m a living evidence of Japan’s colonial past. Koreans who identify with North Korea
refer to themselves as Joseon Koreans. They make up roughly a quarter
of the total Korean population living here. Mr. Ko runs a gaming parlour known as a ‘pachinko’. Pachinkos became the economic bedrock
of the Joseon community. The reason why there are so many Koreans
doing this type of work is because we were unable to work
in regular companies after the war. So Koreans opened these sort of businesses because they were the jobs
that the Japanese didn’t want to do. Today, Joseon Koreans’ pachinko and
restaurant businesses are thriving here and their profits are major contributors
to an organisation called the Chongryon. Founded over 60 years ago, the Chongryon remains
one of two bodies that represents Koreans in Japan. Tied to the DPRK, it has fought for decades
to protect Korean culture and language, a difficult task in a country as ethnocentric as Japan. The DPRK has historically funded the community
and its network of schools. And people here have not forgotten that, which partly explains why political support
for Pyongyang remains strong in the community. But that doesnāt necessarily mean absolute loyalty
to the DPRK for everyone. For some it’s about something much more simple: a stateless people maintaining their identity
in the face of adversity. We don’t have a single right which
was given by Japan to us without our own initiative. We fought and won. We collected signatures, made requests and took it to the ministries
where [political] demands are made. We acquired our rights. There is a history of civil struggle
and the Chongryon directed us in what to do. Mr Kang is also a member of the Chongryon. His family have been in the restaurant business, which supports the organisation financially, for three generations. About 50 years ago my grandmother came to Japan. Most of the restaurants in this street belong to Zainichi Koreans. The owners are the second or third generations of their families working here. This is my big brother’s restaurant. This is the biggest restaurant. Let’s go inside. Hey, we’re going to film in the kitchen. We’re coming in! The Chongryon run around 70 schools, which aim to keep Korean children
connected to their language and community. They’re especially valued because
they offer an alternative to Japanese schools, which teach a glorified version
of the history which is so painful for Koreans. After the war, Germany criticised those who supported Nazism. Japan didn’t do that. When I was growing up I never heard
that Japan was actually a perpetrator country too They feel like they are being personally attacked for the things that happened years
before they were even born. There is no anti-Japanese rhetoric. There is a stance against imperialism,
of invading and taking over other countries. We, as graduates of Korean schools,
don’t agree with imperialism. We absolutely hate it. This scene might look like
the stereotype we constantly see in the West brainwashed North Koreans
who blindly worship the DPRK and its leaders. But that’s not really what I found. I was actually surprised at how much nuance there is amongst Joseon Koreans in their views
towards their homeland. The students are very critical, they actually are exposed to multiple news sources. They don’t only watch Japanese news, but they also watch South Korean news. They also hear what the North Korean government
is saying about particular issues and they think very deeply of what is true,
how truth is kind of fabricated or created by the media. So I think I would definitely say that they are actually existing at the very opposite of being brainwashed. The Japanese media talk about us like we worship Kim Il-Sung, but that’s not how we think. We just feel close to him. To us he’s a friendly figure. We are in Japan, so who’s forcing us to [think like this]? South Korea says that they’ve economically better developed but the South Korean government never sent money
to support Koreans in Japan. They didn’t even send us a single book or notebook. The Chongryon community goes to great lengths
to keep its connection to Korea alive. Here in this museum a vast range of rock,
plant and even animal specimens that the organisation has collected
from the DPRK are on display. It may seem a bit weird, but this community love it. It’s one of the many ways they maintain familiarity
with a country that embraces them as they are, while their Japanese home and its society treats them as outcasts. My hometown is here, in Chungcheongnam-do. Mine is here in Chungcheongbukdo,
in the southern part of the peninsula. Mine is here, in Gyeongsangbukdo. This is my hometown. But the Japanese government doesnāt always take kindly
to momentos brought in from the DPRK. Yesterday students from a Korean school
returned from Pyongyang to Tokyo. Their souvenirs were confiscated at the airport
and Chongryon officials gave us a call today, they want us to attend a press conference
so we’re about to go in and find out what’s going on. There is no doubt that this unjust act
was carried out on the orders of the Japanese government. Japan is harassing these people.
I think that this qualifies as a criminal act internationally. Japan’s authorities also are facing Chongryon students
and teachers in court over discrimination. Their schools are the only ones nationwide
that are excluded from state subsidies, forcing parents to pay high tuition fees. And on the way to school, pupils have to reckon
with the threat of violent far-right groups. Sometimes we receive phone calls telling us
“go home to Korea! If you don’t like Japan, go back to Korea!”. This happens a lot. Pupils are too afraid to even wear their traditional Korean uniforms,
called the “chogori”, to school. Here they are wearing Japanese uniforms. And here, now they are safely through the school gates,
they’ve changed into their chogoris. Before, we used to go to school in our chogori. But now the situation is too tense. I find it heartbreaking. Dr Kyung says it’s exactly this atmosphere
which makes Koreans feel like they have to hide their identity that provokes those born in Japan to cling on
to their roots even more firmly. If you talk about the headscarf, in France for example. When anti-Muslim violence escalated
the number of people who wore scarves rose, you know. When you face discrimination because of who you are, I think you inevitably feel that you need to protect,
you know, who you are. Korean students thrive on adversity. When they’re targeted they fight back. Many of us have grown up in these kinds of circumstances. And so even those ethnic Koreans
who have naturalised as Japanese citizens and are objectively much more Japanese than Korean, the louder anti-Korean voices get,
the closer the Chongryon community comes together. A lot of people have already naturalised as Japanese citizens and they are full members of the society in a political sense. They have a vote, they can vote. And many community members of Chongryon
do not choose that route, intentionally. They have already learned from other people’s struggles
like the civil rights movement in the United States, that citizenship by itself will not guarantee you
to participate in the society fully. In the West, citizenship doesn’t mean much if you’re black, Muslim, Jewish, Roma, or a member
of some other minority which is the punch bag of the day or era. It’s the same for Koreans in Japan. The desire to simply be treated as a human being and not some other label like resident, citizen, immigrant,
asylum seeker, displaced person and so on… That’s not to say the political rights that each generation of Koreans
in Japan have fought so hard for don’t mean something. This is why they’re so determined to keep
the memory of that struggle alive; through the Chongryon and through their schools, so that future generations can avoid repeating
the worst horrors their ancestors lived through, not least war a spectre which continues
to linger over the Korean peninsula. Joseon Koreans wish for two things: that we’re never colonised again like we were by imperial Japan. The second is that we don’t want another war. North or South, rich or poor, it’s no good for anybody.

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  1. Interesting. I was particularly interested that Japan doesn't finance Korean schools. There is a similar situation in France with Breton language education. Unlike the Koreans, Breton is an indigenous language which preceeds the French state.

    The French state will not finance these schools (even though Bretons pay taxes), the French state has also refused to allow parents to register their children's name with the tilde (the squiggle above the letter n, like in Spanish) which is part of the Breton alphabet. See the case of baby Fañch.

    France also refuses that the traditional Breton departement of Nantes (Naoned in Breton) be rejoined with Brittany, even though it was once the capital of the Breton state before Brittany was incorporated into France. The Nazis split Nantes from Brittany during the occupation and the French state continues with that.

    France is, rightly, very proud of its language and will do everything to protect and promote French, but it's hypocritical of if to rile against the dominance of global English when it denies basic educational, statute and media rights to indigenous languages within France like Breton, Basque and Catalan.

  2. This is exactly what is currently happening here in South Africa. The white Afrikaner people are hated and being systematically murdered off..

  3. With all due respect to the one Korean, but West Germany or BRD pardoned many Nazi criminals and gave them jobs (many of them in intelligence agencies and integral parts of NATO). Still, that horrible distortion of history by Japan is shameful (unsurprising though, as they did not change the capitalist relations in their country ).

  4. I Like to see a different programme that shows me interesting and well-made programs Thank you all at Redfish

  5. This piece of video is extremely misinformed and caricatural. Why is it that the only Japanese interviewed are the far right activits that represent a minuscule percent of the Japanese as a whole? Furthermore, what do Japanese think about the Joseon Korean school education? There are good reason why the schools are not subsidised by the state, and their focus on pacifism and anti imperialism is certainly not the source of disagreement with the Japanese school system, one of the most pacifist in the world.

    In the end this video is at best a naive look on an extremely complex socio political phenomenon (looking at it under the simplistic light of 'racism' and the typical 'japanese revisionist tendencies'), and at worst a glorification of pyongyang's infiltration network inside one of the world's leading democracies, boasting the sectarian education of its members.

  6. Not very balanced reporting there. At least find some average Korean and Japanese voices and not some deluded communists or right-wing extremists. Japan is not a racist country. Shame on you for trying to leave such an impression.

  7. A great, and very well researched video, as most of the other works on your channel, fascinating topic and good execution.

    A sub well deserved! Keep up the good work, comrades

  8. Not only for Koreans, the Japanese government is generally against immigration of foreign nationals to their country. Anyone who tries to enter Japan as a migrant is more or less treated like a second class citizen, regardless of racial background. This issue has been pertaining for a long time and I hope the Japanese government will take steps to rectify it, especially since Japan is facing a major labour shortage in these times and is in need of importing labour into the country for economic reasons.

  9. if they don't like japan how they treat them. then they better packed their bags and go to n.korea.

  10. Japanese don't like north Korean missiles over there heads who doesn't I understand why they don't like the leaders of the people

  11. Man, these comment sections are flooded with right wing bots and fake accounts.

    Did somebody post this video on /pol or what?

    Imagine being a right winger and believing in this vile shit, but only being able to make a point by harassing journalists and flooding comment sections like this with a bunch of fake accounts. I mean, i knew right wingers and fascists have no life what so ever, but that takes the take.

  12. Although Chongryon is disguised as a pro-North Korean group, it is actually an extreme pro-Japanese group. For example, Yuk Young-soo who is former President of South Korea Park Chung-hee's wife, was assassinated by a member of Chongryon by Moon Se-gwang a Zainichi Korean at Aug 15, 1974. In addition, there was support from Chongryon in the 1980 massive armed riot in Gwangju Jeolla province who have been doing Anti-Republic of Korea (South Korea) and anti-American and also Pro-North Korea group in South Korea. Whenever Japan need to operate secret mission against Korean peninsular, or Whenever North Korea need to operate against South Korea, both of used Chongryon acts instead. Do not be fooled by their disguise. They are extreme pro-Japanese activist and Anti-American. so in return, they were able to do various profitable business in Japan. If Japan really decided to get rid of the pro-North Korean group, Could they have been alive in the homogeneous Japanese society until now? They are another Kamikaze to be used against Korean peninsular instead Japanese.

  13. No, that doesn't seem right; if you're a political leader, you don't get away with saying "kill all the Koreans", you get ousted.

  14. You dont like living in Japan move back to Korea. Iff you dont like Japanese culture go back you to muslims. Take a good look at all religions they all have done things in the past witch are not good. We are living in a time where you have a choice dont like it just go.
    Baraku are are sad group . Koreans invluance Japanese tv, cambling halls , prostitution . Stop complaining . Japan needs to stay Japanese.

  15. Was interesting right up till the end, "in the west citizenship doesnt mean much" oh is that why london has a muslim mayor, and america has had several high figure black politicians and law enforcement. I admit there are problems facing certain comunities, but you cant lump the entire west and every black.person in the west, into a opprresed group, because that isnt true。

  16. Why don't those DPRK loyalists go to the DPRK? Oh! That's right, the starvation, death camps and inhumane brutality–I almost forgot!

  17. A very interesting detail, at about 2:50, the boy says he can't use his original korean name, just like during the japanese occupation of Korea.

  18. I knew that most of the japanese is racist but they don't show publicly like they show right in the videos,they are not racist against korean only but most of the foreigners maybe they do,racism in japan is still a thing.and i do think it will continue for a several years,for the north koreans whom reside in japan,i think that their hating japan because of the ww its not only the north but the south does too.and i do think they were like "oh these japanese want to make nk sound so bad blala" and i know this sound so rude and insensitive but try send them back to nk see if they like it there or not😶

  19. Japan Empire never demonized anyone, Japan is majority buddhist, and shinto, and believe in a God, or Allah. Korean ancestry people referred to as Chosenji, from the country of neighboring peninsula Joseon, now today called South Korea, and North Korea (DPRK) and many people of Joseon schools in Japan, and people of the peninsula, that is raised or born in Japan, and passed on from generations who live in Japan live financially well, and even better than compared to even Koreans living in South Korea, North (DPRK), Koreans in China, DongPu, and even Koreans living in the United States( North America). Some Joseonji (Chosenji, Korean ancestry) work in Japanese corporations, have their own Joseon or Korean restaurants, Lotte corporation in Shinjuku, and many Joseon or Chosenji ancestry change their names to Japanese to show loyalty to the Empire of Japan. Many native or real Japanese that are nationalists like Makoto Sakurai of Zaitokukai, do not like people of Joseon, Chosenji, (Korean Peninsula ancestry), because they bring crime to Japan, kidnapping of Japanese by North Koreans, money laundering, stealing of Takeshima Island now renamed (Dokdo), Zainichi Pachinko parlours, foreign adult massage parlor women, Korean, Chinese prostitutes, and even South-east Asians like Philippines, Cambodia, and Thailand. Many Japanese do not have financial independence, and must work very hard to earn a living in Japan and its high cost of living. Love motels, pachinko parlors, Yakuza, Korean prostitution, crime really upset the Japanese who love their culture, and Japan country. Also majority of South Koreans allied with the U.S. military, and white supremacy, brainwashed by the colonists U.S., England, European, white supremacy, western colonialism, have a hatred towards Japan, Japanese culture, and the Japanese people, because the Japanese are a upper class East Asian people, and not a peasant, farmer class like the majority of Joseon, or South, and North Korean people who also have a hatred towards their upper class of Yangban hierarchy of Joseon. Many South Koreans, and even North Korea has a deep hatred towards Japan, and the Japanese people, because of a caucasian false system of communism, which was started by Karl Marx, Marxism a caucasian from Austria, and Joseph Stalin, Stalinism, that brainwashed alot of the peasant class of Joseon, and had Kim il Sung, and Kim Jung Il preach this false ideaology of equality, which is a false demonized lie from Esau, the so called whites, really redneck, no melanin. KJV Bible, Malachi Chpt 1, verse 3 God hateth Esau (the so called white man, women, child, caucasians, from the Caucasus Mountains), war is in their heart, spreading lies, wicked from its inception from the womb of the caves, they are neandrathels beasts, not human, the devil that the bible speaks of deceivers. To think that everyone should be equal, when that is a false lie like the christian minister, Jim Jones who killed 10,000 of his followers, who died of drinking cyanide fruit punch, in South America is insane! Koreans even today, like China, Chinese, and some in the U.S. mainly caucasians try to steal money from the Japan government, and Japanese in regards to the comfort women issue, which Korean men pimped the Joseon, Korean women to get money in poverty Joseon, or China, and other racially motivated agendas towards the Empire of Japan by enemy white supremacists allies of U.S. and brainwashed, poor colonized countries like South Korea by the U.S. military, and other poor countries. Long live the Emperor, and the royal tenno heika, and the Empire of Japan, Banzai!

  20. They should be deported to North Korea and if not there then to South Korea where all these young boys would be forced to toil in the ROK army!!!

  21. This is far more interesting than any other videos on Chosen schools in Japan available on youtube though it still left some questions in me. But one thing I like to say is that this is not very fair for Japanese since the racism against Koreans in Japan has been decreasing so much in general compared with 30 years ago. Yes, there is a rise of the extreme right wingers in Japan, but the majority of Japanese have accepted Koreans much more than before. For example, K-pop culture has been gaining popularity since 15 years ago or so, which was unthinkable before that. However, it is true that the discrimination and prejudice still exist, and I hope the media report like this can draw more international attention, and Japanese will make more effort to change this.

  22. Japan did not make Korea colonized.
    But Japan signed an international treaty to rule Korea.
    This is called the Japan-Korea Annexation Treaty.
    Japan-Korea Annexation Treaty is an official diplomatic document signed
    and ratified under the agreement between the Empire of Japan and the Korean Empire.Korean with Korean nationality try to  obtain the same social rights as a Japanese.
    If korean want to get social rights which are same as japanese ,
    they only need to acquire Japanese nationality.
    But they don't.Korean with Korean nationality can learn at japanese school .
    But they don't.
    Japan doesn't need to pay for Koreans ethnic education . And  Korean can back to their country whenever they want,if they hate japanese society.
    But kidnapped japanese people by Korean organization can't back yet.
    Japan doesn't need Korean for our safety.
    This is not discrimination.
    Minorities are not necessarily justice.
    Redfish doesn't know the fact.

  23. Korean residents in Japan who were brainwashed by North Korean anti-Japanese propaganda education,
    They continue to cause violent crimes in Japan.
    So Japanese people dislike Koreans in Japan.

  24. In Japan is Japanese first !
    In England is British first !
    In America is American first !
    In Canada is Canadian first !
    In China must Free Tibet ! Free Uyghur ! Free South Mongolia !
    To keep their nation !

  25. I'm Chinese and I think the ultimate reason why the three East Asian countries can't get along with one another is because of not daring to face past mistakes and not wanting to admit our sins due to being afraid of losing face. Face and honor are two important values deeply rooted in Confucian ideology, and it has influenced all Sinosphere countries. Hence, the problem lies in Confucianism. The CCP did many things wrong, but their stance against Confucianism is something that I support and appreciate. There's nothing positive about Confucianism; it only breeds hatred, segregation, and stagnation.

  26. 4:37 A silly crude lie. Stripping Japanese citizenship from Koreans and Taiwanese was the order by the Allied Force, not any by Japanese government. There was even no Japanese government of sovereign state Japan at that time, Japan had been ruled by the Allied Force, D. MacArthur's GHQ since 1945 until 1952. Their Japanese citizenship were stripped off exactly by yankee people like this redfish woman, you dumb idiots and liars! Japan did never never never never wished to abandon Korean peninsula, Manchuria and Taiwan, they were all FORCED to abandon by the Allied Force USA, and with 2 A-bombs and betrayal by Soviet Japan had to accept Potsdam declaration then had to abandon them, you shameless liars!

    Moreover, they don’t want naturalize to Japanese since they don’t want to lose extraterrestrial rights and the privilege of owning illegal gambling business of pachinko given by yankee man D MacArthur.

  27. Don't get fooled by this crude propaganda and lies. Koreans wished to have Japanese names, no one forced them to have one. It's actually Japanese that established modern Hangul writing and thought Koreans Hangul. Here are the pictures of textbooks during the Japanese period.
    https://www.google.com/search?q=%E3%83%8F%E3%83%B3%E3%82%B0%E3%83%AB+%E6%95%99%E7%A7%91%E6%9B%B8+%E6%9C%9D%E9%AE%AE%E7%B7%8F%E7%9D%A3%E5%BA%9C&tbm=isch&source=univ&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwiMtqCuxoXhAhUNyosBHYdXCqgQsAR6BAgFEAE&biw=1238&bih=651#imgrc=_ It's Japanese that had been teaching them how to write and read Hangul. It's a blatant lie, a distortion Japanese forced them to abandon Hangul.

  28. Japanese don't teach glorified versions of their history. Most Japanese textbooks clearly mention the atrocities committed by the Japanese on their colonial subjects.

  29. Japan does not recognise North Korea as a country and considers South Korea as the sole true Korea. So the fact that North Korean schools exist itself is a miracle. If they were in the US they won't be even allowed to operate.

  30. This video is so biased against Japan. It gives many incorrect facts regarding Japan. Also it is biased against South Korea as well. The Mindan is mentioned not even once and the fact that the Chongryon has been involved in various anti Japanese activities in Japan is also not mentioned. North Korea's agents have also abducted several Japanese citizens as well.

  31. In the immediate postwar period, Koreans said "We are the people of victor country, not the Japanese. So, we do not obey the Japanese laws" and raped a lot of Japanese women and kill Japanese police and public officers. When GHQ try to shut North Korean school down they start riot and storm into the building of Hyogo prefecture and took the governor as hostage and got a memorandum to agree to permit continuing to run their terrorist school. Now they are saying "Japanese government deprived Japanese nationality from Koreans". And we Japanese know that anti-Korean demo that show the placard saying "Kill all Koreans, good and bad" was a Korean hoax. some Koreans sneak into the anti-Korean demo and showed the placard toward their camera in order to air on NHK. Check out this link. It's safe. https://userdisk.webry.biglobe.ne.jp/032/686/44/N000/000/001/155753555927584804178.jpg

  32. Do you know about Korean Air Flight 858? North Korean agents blow up the passenger jet and killed 115 people in 1987. North Korean residents organization in Japan(Chongryon) call it "missing KAL airliner incident" not terrorists attack. They denying North Korea's responsibility for the terrorist attack even though the arrested Korean woman who is a survived terrorist admitted her responsibility for the crime. They are pretending ordinary people but actually they are people of terrorist state.

  33. BTW, a part of Koreans were come from Jeju island after the war. They smuggled themselves into Japan from Jeju island with boats to fled from persecution/red hunt in South Korea. But some of the people who dissatisfied with Japanese life moved to North Korea. According to an UN report, most of them were killed by North Korean regime. I think they are so stupid people. But I think they deserve it.

  34. You would have different opinion if you interview Korean resident in Japan, having South-Korea identity.
    First of all, Japan's annexation of Korea has been done through the treaty by request of Korean emperor in 1910, not invasion. Approx. 2 million Koreans came to Japan independently in such period in order to increase their income. After the Pacific war, most of them once returned to their home land, but came to Japan again as war refugees during Korea war. This civil war in Korea peninsula also divided ideology of Korean residents in Japan, and it led to killing each other. I mean, Korea war happened in Japan too. Korean residents in Japan, having South Korea ideology also built their own organization and schools in Japan against North Koreans groups. Needless to say, there is a difference of education content between their schools. Indeed, there is a discrimination in Japan toward Koreans. But it would converge if they follow Japan's laws and stop illegal political activities under the extreme communism.

  35. Please help them! My doors are always open to the Zainichi people! I got chu! (Americans have your back!)

  36. If his live is not easy in Japan, why does he spend decades in Japan? Why didn't he go back to Korea when Koreans were offered the repatriation?

  37. The Chosonn Soren in modern times is on life support because it’s message is becoming antiquated quickly.

  38. You cannot be Korean and have a Japanese citizen that is impossible. Even if one of your parent is pure Japanese an the other is mixed and you are born in Japan you still cannot be citizen. Both parents has to be pure Japanese meaning your mom and dad has to be a 100% Japanese citizen in order for you to be a Japanese citizen.

  39. Writing from India.

    This is a biased video. It demonises the entire Japanese society while not raising a single finger against DPRK. I suggest you read the book “A River in Darkness : One Man’s Escape from North Korea” by Masaji Ishikawa.

    I have a simple question for the producers of this video: can you shoot a similar video in North Korea? A video that criticises the communist government there?

    This video appears to be nothing short of leftist propaganda video.

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