Hoi4 MP in a nutshell Full episodes #110(The Japanese Volunteer Corps part 4)

Hoi4 MP in a nutshell Full episodes #110(The Japanese Volunteer Corps part 4)

after you because I've no bullying slots Ron if you can just push yeah you're pushing in here right now just do whatever you do it five days I got a shit on the stuff Ron if you need it like keep in mind my convoys yeah let's turn in syphilis yeah keep you in mind bond hey let's just melt them sure cuz I think the point we have a voice we attack sit down again if only Greg had been here he would have literally been insane I'm murdering so much stuff to hold out because the fort doesn't get damaged but it's it's still glitch that's idiotic now for like a month straight than this yeah I do actually thank you oh thanks to other oh they're leaving now I got the head node oh there there I think they're completely filling out their plot that means they're gonna be focusing on me now or aspirin or just preparing for an instant d-day who knows you already took Singapore yeah we have Singapore right now I just need boys to defend it that's why I wanted to win spread across divisions oh do you bow one second I got you can you can always to just protect all of the right guys guys take the up now go for the other the game's literally broke I can't right now I just okay at least got all the ports to start off with brawn it's blocks are still here I'm here oh I'm literally just a single Mountaineer division as a volunteer we need to run around the coast we can't let them get in if I get that VG to put on the oh my god are they taking it back to taking it back oh we go to sell havoc if lapis is almost not a convoys flavie's is almost not a convoys all I forgot about wait that's his amount of convoys if he no again somebody just put oh they put air up over Burma he didn't even really build any dockyards we can actually come in destination also reach oh shit sorry on earth in disgust all right let's see if they do it broad see if the AI does it the Chad I'm looking forward to this oh hey America just joined by the way I'm only human after all Oh his navies out his navies out time to slam everything in there and come wait I don't have to come acasi yet oh fuck oh that's what are you asking for one all right I'll do that divisions on here boarded – yeah yeah my divisions are justifying our damn what's-his-name turkey Turkey what's his name justify against Russia right I can somebody wants naval invasion of Cyprus they look and multa de pere complete preparing by the way if you don't have any people to make sure it's just ask oh my god I'm sinking 150 American convoys I know he's insane that just was subbed by the way or something like that was just a lot of golden divisions that I just found right there I checked the casualties yeah how much American casualties and we looking at he just joined the whole against me but he hasn't taken any casualties what is this thing is this just betrayed it's just trade like I am blowing his convoys out of the fucking sky I could build eight mills in that one problem Golden's trying to import 126 forever you know I'll put my navy to do the work now fuck that I'm sinking so much shit what just happened oh god there's a massive naval battle going on and I'm losing weight he just lost 40 destroyers oh my god he's losing so much divisions on the border of Istanbul gold news maybe just got sweat I'll put some I'll send it i'll semi for tea with solar I got my sword you wait down there going at the bottom or the are at the street like in the European side I I think I can manage that I got it I just intercepted a hundred ten American convoys Oh God they're all over the place I'm killing all of Golden's convoys cuz he's not protecting its train fighting turkey I am oh my god I just intercepted I am killing so many calling on it right now yeah how many callers this golden have yeah but at this rate if we kill a hundred per fucking minute that's gonna go fucking quick yeah he's already oh my god yeah it's going down now it's already two point five from two point seventy if you don't care you don't realize how fast I'm killing you here ya know like both you just knighted States and click on details you can see his convoys go down oh my god yeah I need more fuel I need fun I got cut off from witness whele I'm just gonna buy from the Soviets fuckin forty factories on fuel from the Soviets right there we just like bana snapped is a convoy yeah yeah okay let's let's attack Turkey I mean oil for me oh my god I just killed no I can't get all wrong you don't have oil you have to wait actually you do have a little oil we'll get all of it there we go that's good all right get them the island on the island I am also by the way I'm swaggin his convoy so much work he smoking I'm not take out turkeys I'm gonna Navy no honestly I feel bad for dress he's gonna attack ever I don't feel bad for dressing dress is gonna die so literally open that front line himself yes such a big front line right now like his oil it's it's too violent literally that's disgusting huh why the fucking silent your own a single piece i got a level 5 for honey would be my boys don't know they're taller tanks already wait while i building ever how am i doing i'm still falling in today's producing 27 oh my god that's a sixty oh my I want one of these problems none of these are fucking cash oh I killed thirty files and Americans there I don't know what that's from low like Spain might kill South Africa right now yeah yeah which one of us camicazi is it the warrior spirit yeah I'm gonna say it you're gonna destroy anything they go through without water that's the plan my scary is already fucking crazy right now holy shit they already fucking veterans how much shit to these things see help me we're naval bombers and fighters I got the whole shebang on them yeah cuz fighters don't attack ships anymore oh oh are you if you got me for my fries no I've got maybe 100 fries if you want to use them are they for our ships I can get the ships I just realized I'm not pretty using naval ballers anymore I gotta research this oh god why is everybody saying you will in oil I know I'm running out in 80 days come on let's calm down thank you very much general that golden stopped doing stuff over here I think he's not importing anymore can anybody check if he's doing that so join this battle by the way oh no my jewelry awful bad experience nevermind yes this one casualty orc yeah but they helped those neighborhood patients from Malta and Cyprus coming along they had divisions I got ride motor my boys go feed Navy's below uh-huh 200 ships excuse me I have more ships than him right now yeah like to you case yes cuz golden didn't go to any dockyards until 1914 holy shit I actually swacked so much I killed at least 50 destroyers by the way in that battle I need more oil take give me the oil here what battle plan when you can just leave them like four tank divisions yeah that's what I'm doing I'm just sending my tank division Sam I think you had it there I'm landing and swimmy now by the way boy have more rubber if you need it by the way no dress I'm actually booted but never mind yeah fucking Singapore I think that's pretty great it's not my province brawn so are we just gonna report it okay guys stop so we can justify on on Russia yes no units on the on the Turkish border we can take the oil fields let's go you want us go get on the border get on the board of a gun I haven't landed me now should we do the the the gentlemanly thing and just you know they're just gonna what a prepare and build-up no fuck yes I wouldn't do that to me it literally wouldn't he literally wouldn't but Romi is is it really worth it to hear him yell about it for the next two hours yes I want to go to bed yeah I'm gonna get some I want to get some dinner stop being a pussy College yeah can you promise me that you'll get me naval superiority in the Maltese I can I promise you what did you do it yesterday I I just want you to promise me so I can do the continuation thing I can't I can't promise either all right I'm just gonna have to is that literally full-on our kid supremacy then all right boys you guys all ready yeah I don't think he will be I could put more units or produce over ants and divisions in the caucuses for a moment we're just gonna like cut off tresses oil wait are you actually just take did he not yeah yeah he's got a shitty unit he's putting how are you know yes five tanks he's gone okay they're his light tanks like that are getting killed by silence like a silent is it a compliment or like I mean they're defeating him now because you're gonna run out or eventually it's on Ursula this division this tank out I'm sad I'm kind of coming with my thing stop I can't Mordor oh my god there's so many takes I got a micro nap I'm so 5 K BT of takes you once I don't have any medium template silent you want though I'll give you two Cape answer for us right now what's up oh you know what oh you make templates out of them I'll make a template for it I mean I'm killing it around his like fun divisions can't even destroy her I'm really sad Russell actually set up a pretty decent defense line but we're just running around oh look we already have Crimea basically oh my god son and she's running wrong but he's gonna get us yeah it's just the front lines not gonna be filled out so we're just gonna get like bringing in more fillers at 24 lines be alright I need Odessa so many of his men oh it's pretty miss tanks around like the only thing Scott you strapped redeploying though like that's not gonna work they don't want infantry over 3 Oh west like Singapore from Siam I probably could but hang on bro I'm not gonna take it yet not yet where's this happening now somebody's found I think I think you're okay bro / me just online but never mind it belongs to triangles are didn't even have to protect that brawling you can fucking have it what are you gonna give Hong Kong's abroad I mean one of those lobbies hasn't give like Newfoundland back to Canada boxer but it's time just just get in here dress dress is already mad let's just make a boat alright they are mine by right i right it's it's pretty much it's it's gonna be really hard for him it's not the only god block see you what do I go Bulgarian mean tanks I mean me motorists yes looted trying to push into Iran or you just saying fuck it yeah we just want to take the call I mean like I said though if I get fucking back by the way I never want to hit hear shit about you know me stacking and forty two you realize the only reason they held what do you notice they still held until forty photo to the Allies held until forty two Dressel and you're saying that yeah like he's claiming that the Allies were bad they held until forty two I looking good I appreciate if you go back an hour we were all fucking sit like I was like saying if I we were all saying that this is gonna be over soon when they were almost encircled you had Dunkirk as well I mean they'll have always triggered rows I'll just go in on them now I'll do it in signal mode oh my god this is you gotta man it's literally over I'm not going to give me one sec I'm homeless the drizzles like why I took our line in Afghanistan and they decided to come into Turkey oh my god I couldn't have foreseen this coming in a thousand years guards what is he telling you I don't know his teeth no these tubes are clearly two stacked we would literally you guys literally had trouble taking fucking because again there was something village with the fort's yeah I know the story was claims that was glitched we would have taken it but we couldn't take forts so the level nine forts were there and we couldn't literally couldn't touch the phone get your land back boxer but don't actually wait you have an airport I'm sending you close air support give me back my land use my command six hundred five minutes at 200 casts I'm gonna go I'm gonna go ahead and say the only reason I haven't already fucking left is because Golden's been telling me not to I've done one to fucking leave since fucking Sultan the check guys broke through the fucking Switzerland like golden was murdering your guys in aircraft and had over just thousands of fucking cast bombers but the Allies just like hurted earth you know we're not just not gonna fucking doing anything right or follow any fucking advice we fucking give up like they just did nothing you stay still held until fucking can't like regardless of the situation held until 42 which means doesn't Gomes air but that still means that I'm a fucking DJ a pussy they they're not gonna G day because Flavius doesn't have a fucking Navy to guard anything why do you think golden have like 300 ships he's not using him gold morning gorgeous navies dawn as well you realize I swacked him in the first naval battle we had hit Golden's Navy's girl has a navy but it's not working Flavius has a Navy Goldie's Navy's coming right with his Navy the only thing Flavius did was build planes and it wasn't even enough planes without gold they were winning by how many planes they were killing like it was like trying to like

30 thoughts on “Hoi4 MP in a nutshell Full episodes #110(The Japanese Volunteer Corps part 4)

  1. dressel literally compromises the whole game (and video) because people didn't bow to his ego, when is he getting sidelined so the community can watch a FULL game?

  2. I kind want to see one where they all play very small nations like Tannu Tuva, Luxembourg, Ireland, Liberia, Bhutan, Somalia, and so on. Just have no one play the major powers. I think that would be a breath of fresh air.

  3. Why is that guy aids in every video? Dude just blames everyone else but not himself. Classic salt boy.

  4. Dressel's such a little bitch and to be honest, from the other video's I've seen he doesn't seem to be fun to play with at all. He's like an energy vampire, sucking out all the fun from the game. Bokoen1 got to be honest with you mate, you have the patience of a saint to keep playing with Dressel I would have given up after one game of his BS.

  5. Dude, fuck Dressel here. Everyone fought hard and did their best, in fact if Anyone fucked up its him first and foremost for taking shit without thinking about the fronts it opens up, and Golden for really fucking up his priorities in terms of build order.
    Brits and France held for a ridiculous amount of time, the fact that the soviets and America still weren't ready is on them.

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